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YouFoodz - 8 Meals for $48 ($6 Per Meal) or 12 Meals for $66.40 ($5.50 a Meal with 2 Summer Packs)


Yet another Youfoodz promo! I wish they didn't do this and just reduced their pricing.

Min spend $79.60 (before discount).

Happy laziness, my dudes (and dudettes).

Combine two of the summer meal packs and apply the code for a total of $66.40

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      Doesn't sound like a very good business model.

      Also, while i dont support the remarks, people forget that:
      Racist comments, do NOT always equal truly racist people; often just incensitive or immature.

      I know tens of people who will happily use bad racial slurs, or make fun of people who are culturally different; then, next day, meet up with their mate of that same decent and be best mates.

      Is it something we need to change? Hell yes.

      Does someone simply being incensitive or inconsiderate mean they genuinely dislike the race? Nope.

      Just like "bullies in a group" back at schoolyard days can be you best mate, when they're 1:1 with you; same thing applies. Not 'bad people' at heart, just stupid, or easily influenced.

      Common sense; educate, dont villainise. Not until you know they reject the education, at least.

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        Yes people are often insensitive and racist without malice.

        But these muppets followed up their disgusting behavour with an even more disgusting fake hogwash nothing apology.

        That's what showed them up as being certified racist douchebags, not just garden variety idiots

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          Be fair, the media DEMANDS fake hogwash apologies in this day and age.
          I'm constantly shocked at how many "I regret what I did in the old days" apologies I hear!
          Not just that, but I'm shocked how much they're EXPECTED also!

          It's like people are scared to say:
          "It was a sign of the times, Glad we moved on from that". You can acknowledge something as wrong now, still look like a nice guy, but without apologizing for something you clearly aren't sorry for.
          BUT it's expected!….. yayyyy….. media…….woooo

          I mean, if you spend enough tim around a racial group (I'm the 'whitey' in a large Asian group, AND a large Muslim group, also, technically a decent part Maori, despite being white as a sheet), you learn it's not just the majority race (whites) who are guilty, its frucking every group at some point, literally.

          Truth is;
          Hate speech only has power if you mean it; Really mean it, have hate in your heart. It's surprisingly uncommon.
          It's like an unforgivable curse, you're not gonna hurt someone unless you want them hurt.

          I spend a lot of time in the 'car scene'; you can't get much more 'ethnic cliques' than that crowd.
          Everyone is an ass to everyone else, talking crap on each others cars, pointing out stereotypes (often racial), etc etc.
          But when someone wrecks or needs a spanner? the true nature is revealed. You'll have an Asian helping a Lebanese guy out of his flipped car any day; despite the so-called (I say, fake) hate speech.
          And if you lend a 'wog' a spanner? Odds are you'll hear someone yell "Oi, don't steal it eh?" but nobody suddenly sets a tail on the guy or some shiz, to make sure he doesn't pocket the infamous 12mm spanner everyone's missing in their toolbox :P
          It's Aussie's being Aussies, regardless of race.
          Crude but deep down, genuine.

          It's like the old saying;
          "You're not really close mates unless you can call someone a CU (in the) NT, and have them shake your hand in response".

          I understand it's quite different if you're not friends, but the behavioral aspect of it is still based on the same larakin roots.

          As I said, it should change. It would be for the better.
          However, (have you traveled much?) if you've experienced the sickeningly fake forced politeness of the USA, you realise just how horrible and cryptic a "forced polite" society is; people have trained themselves to hide their true self and nobody really trusts a new face to a crowd.
          It's genuinely unpleasant.

          Try not to be a culturally unaware idiot Australia, but at the same time, tread lightly, and be careful what you wish for.

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    Tried these recently. One of the better meal packs out there. Food was good and sizes were fair.

    • +3

      Racist or not this is cheap per meal so its a deal.

    • The food absolutely is bland and tastes cheap. I ordered it twice in bulk and regretted the both times.

      • +1

        Didn't have that issue at all. Macros are good for what you get and tastes alot better than the frozen options, which cost about the same on special. Maybe we just have different tastes or different likes.

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    Racist Company.

    • +2
      Snowflakes on the internet.
    • +28

      If we are going to stop using stuff based on the ethics of the company that produced it we better throw everything we own out. I'm not saying it's right. Just think it's funny how people cherry-pick what they want to stand up against based on the impact it will have on them personally.

      • +1

        ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ THIS.

        No more needs to be said, irrational bandwagon sheep.

      • -3

        I would have thought that opposing racism was a pretty open and shut sort of thing.

        • My point wasn't that we shouldn't oppose racism. It's that people only oppose injustice when the fallout will have little/no impact on their life, but if it's something that will result in a product they like being taken away, then they say nothing.

          • +2

            @stillsinking: This is precisely the point most commentators conveniently miss.

            I remember pointing out the child labour involved clothing, but no one negs fast fashion deals from what I can tell, or what amazon workers deal with(not to mention the poor ESG record), but heaven forbid amazon deals getting negged here coz its a good deal.

            People here are just jumping on the band wagon, feeling good about themselves, they’re standing up for racism and leaving all the inconvenient issues which benefit them slide.

      • +1

        What else are we supposed to do? Nothing?

        I never understood this mentality "You're not actually changing anything, why bother?"

        • You could super glue yourself to the road.

      • What???? Just because people participate in society does not invalidate their criticism? How does any of this discount their racism?

        Classic tu quoque fallacy

    • -1
    • See my above post.

      Tldr; being insensitive does not mean a person actually hates a race.

      Just means they're bloody stupid.

  • +24

    Small serving sizes that don’t fill you up. Company that promotes racism. Anything else I missed?

    • +9

      Freight to WA is $20… also people are too sensitive and fragile these days.

      • +6

        smh isn’t it a shame that people are no longer tolerant of racism these days. Next thing you know they’ll be letting women vote

        • +5

          I'm more disappointed that people do not show forgiveness these days. You can't help to correct bad behaviour by excluding people, that just exacerbates the problem. You need to work with them and be inclusive.

    • -3

      You had me at racism. Could not agree more. Shhhshiing

    • +7

      Portion sizes are right unless you're training hard at the gym, which I doubt.

    • +8

      I heard the CEO said some racist stuff, not on behalf of the company, but just being an idiot.

      How does the company promte racism?

      Can you link these promotions please?

  • They charge 20 buck of delivery. So goes up to 86 aud

    • +2

      Free postage for me…

    • +1

      Postage expensive

      • Yeah free postage kills the deal right!

    • +3

      Only if you live in the outback. Free delivery for me.

  • +10

    Thanks op, another discount for my weekly order :) and good timing too just ordered with your code for delivery tomorrow

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    Don’t support these racists anymore

    • -1

      Doubt you ever did. baaaaah

  • +15

    Taste terrible

    • +1

      I always thought the taste was really good. Only downside is the price(hence only buying with heavy bargains) and portion size(meals are so (profanity) small).

  • +32

    Watched the videos and read the news articles. Being Asian myself, I find the founders behaviour and company's treatment of staff disgusting and deplorable. I will never buy their food.

    • +3

      company's treatment of staff disgusting and deplorable

      What exactly happened with their staff?

    • +11

      and company's treatment of staff disgusting and deplorable

      So are you actually being principled or is it just this one particular instance where the owners were caught joking about it?

      Because many large businesses treat their staff appallingly. Eg Amazon, Nike sweatshop labour.

      Amazon is literally owned by the wealthiest person in the world that we know about. Not only could Bezos afford to pay his workers properly, he could have permanently eradicated poverty in the US. And still had 60 billion left over.

      • +1

        Check out the links above. This stuff should not happen in Oz.

        • +2

          Have you read about amazons treatment of workers in Australia? Or even tried to google it?

          Your link has people denied 10 minute paid breaks, amazon KPIs don’t even allow for a toilet break.

          This neggers remind me of cage eggs, some posts just trigger an emotional button in peoples brains to come out negging.

          • +3

            @cloudy: This is a really lazy argument. It doesn't make sense to say "you aren't opposing every single form if injustice in the world so why are you opposing this injustice?" I don't understand why you'd be so keen to try to dissuade someone from trying to make the world a better place.

            • @drillvoice: If people want to make the world a better place they would stand up for many most obvious abuses as well, but they do not. Why, because it’s easy to bash a company they don’t use or provide them with value in order to feel good about themselves whilst ignoring their clothes are being manufactured in factories that risks burning down or a tonne of other issues.

              The people negging here, and also when cage eggs deals get posted are typically of do good when it’s convenient to, but turn a blind eye so long as I get a (the smallest of) benefit.

        • +1

          So it should happen elsewhere? Wow.

      • +1

        You could probably let a homeless person sleep on your couch for free too, but you shouldn't be forced to.

      • +1

        Most poor people are incredibly irresponsible. Throwing money at them won't help…

      • Bezos just bought a US $165 million dollar house. That’s a quarter billion in aud almost…

  • +8

    20 bucks for delivery lol. OP is high

    • Only if you're off the grid

  • Quantity not enough.

    • +9

      Compared to what? Other companies charge double for the same quantity.

  • +5

    Fresh and delicious meals. The clean meals are good for losing weight. Makes it less boring and easier.

  • +9

    Can't support a company that promotes racism

    • +6

      Did they 'promote' it or did you make that up?

      • +2

        I think we know that it's ethical bandwagon jumping.

        • Yeah, but the only way people often learn anything is to make them admit it themselves.

          Trying to rebut an argument on the internet is often just cause for the accuser to clam up and go into attack or troll mode.
          Forcing them to reflect on what they accused is the only god damn way anymore, online.
          Frustrating as that is…..

      • +1

        I have better things to do than make things up. This is my interpretation of the events, similar to a lot of others here.

    • +3

      Can you link the promotion they ran?

    • +2

      Agree. This is one company i will never purchase from again.

    • -1

      You're ok with Apple and any other company that supports near slavery in their manufacturing plants?

    • Maybe if you post this again, that cute girl with dreads will finally touch you because of how woke you are on the internet.

  • +5

    No vegie options in any of the packs. Do they hate animals and certain races?

        • +7

          or you can learn to move on from one particular issue, and stop making false statements about the company to justify this "anti-racism" bandwagon on every YouFoodz thread.

          • +11

            @payton: The world would be a much better place if those most vocal about virtue and doing good actually demonstrated it themselves. You do not need to excuse bad acts, call it out, but at least allow the path for those that fail and demonstrate poor judgement the opportunity to grow and be redeemed. Reason, perspective, and reflection appear to be traits lost on a lot of people.

          • +3

            @payton: How am I making false statements. It's been reported in western media as being true

        • +13

          You like to throw the word "bogan" around as if it's derogatory, how are you any better than the people you claim to be racist?

          • -3

            @Godric: Racist bogan!

          • +2

            @Godric: A company whose all white founders promote and disseminate racist views and attitudes could only survive among the bogans of Australia. And even here they obviously running into serious financial issues judging by their constant need to create ever greater bargains to offload their stock.

      • +2

        So just because I am speaking up against racism in this country, I should be banned?

        • +8

          Yes because your a troll. You have had you say, and every time a Youfoodz deal is posted you blurt out your stance another 10 times. YAWN

          • @Repstar: And here you are trolling me 10 times, what are you a stalker?

            • +6

              @xinyi: No because I'm using the website correctly, and up-voting a BARGAIN. Your here trolling. I'd be very careful If I were you. This is a public forum, and your constant biased stance is bordering on the lines of defamation. Google it.

              • +1

                @Repstar: Last I checked, defamation only applies if the statements are false. Which part of his comments are you claiming is false?

                • @TheBooleanOne: Being trolled 10 times, I count less.

                • @TheBooleanOne: Have you bothered reading the past 100 comments?

                • +1

                  @TheBooleanOne: @e-Sassin

                  Last I checked, defamation only applies if the statements are false. Which part of his comments are you claiming is false?

                  Ahh the naivety in trusting whats right is what will happen, Youfoodz can sue even if the statements are true & not defamation.
                  you then need to pay lawyers to defend yourself, and they will drag it along as slowly and expensively as possible.

  • -1

    Great food: ✓
    Cheap prices ✓
    Great Aussie company ✓
    Thanks op

    • +23

      Great food: ❎
      Cheap prices 🚫
      Great Aussie company❎❎❎❎

    • +2

      Agree with cheap, disagree with great food / great aussie company - they've been blasted several times for messing with their staff's pay

      I've worked for one of their suppliers and they (profanity) us around and took 180 days to pay us (on 30 day terms). Had to send them several notices and call them up many times, their number was always "busy"

  • +2

    I'm horrified woolworths are stocking their protein bars….. Shameful.

    • +3

      Boycott all there outlets and hopefully we get some cheaper prices .
      BTW sick of whingers about WA postage too . Get a reality check on actual costs .

    • Aldis sells their actual meals, just saw them today at my local Aldi

      • Thats funny at my Aldi, Youfoodz is always discounted as been close to use by date because it never gets sold.

        • +14

          Why are you shopping at Aldi if they support Youfoodz? Doesn't make sense considering your obnoxious constant stance. Are you a hypocrite?

    • +3

      Horrified? Sure mate.

  • Try code "pangolin" for a dose of la cerveza mas fina

  • +10

    Nice, keep the YF deals coming!

  • +3

    Meal quality has been declining, in my opinion. Portions shrinking and flavour has become bland. A company that survives on their name without having the quality anymore.

    • +2

      Totally agree. Meals used to be great when the first started up but I can barely eat them now they're so bad.

  • +34

    Im Asian and couldn’t care less if they were racist. Bargain is a bargain. Neg me snowflakes

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