[Hack] $1 off KeepCups When You Order and Assemble from Replacement Parts


Apologies for the unusual post - not sure if this is within guidelines. but they didn't seem to suggest otherwise.

If you order all components of a Keepcup individually in their spare parts section, you can knock a whopping $1 off the price. For example:

  • 6 Oz Lid - for glass: $6.00
  • 6 Oz Plug: $3.00
  • 6 Oz Glass Cup: $12.00
  • 6 Oz Cork Band Cork Band: $7.00

Subtotal: $28

Full price for this is normally $29: https://au.keepcup.com/nitro-brew-cork

I'm sure there are other combos that are more workwhile, particularly the Thermal ones.

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