1 Month Free on nbn 25/5, 50/20,100/20 Unlimited Plans and Fixed Wireless (New Customers Only) @ Aussie Broadband


AussieBroadband 1 Month Free on nbn 25/5, 50/20,100/20 and Fixed Wireless (New Customers Only)

(Update: This code only works for unlimited plans)

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  • How long before you're counted as a "fixed customer".

    Looking to move back from superloop. Loads of drop outs..

    • Some say it’s 6 months, others report 12 months since closing the account.

      • I am now with Optus NBN 50/20. Last 2 weeks it has been quite slow at peak hours. Should I switch to Aussie BB?

        • For what it's worth, my internet (HFC 100/40) has been exemplary since the day it was installed. Only recently have I started to feel the congestion.

          People are working from home and can't leave the house for leisure. Not only are our lines going to get congested, but so are global servers around the world.

          I don't think it's worth the hassle of switching now if your internet was fine in the past.

    • How recent are these dropouts? Are you experiencing them currently or was this back when they were having BNG issues?

      Every ISP has growing pains unfortunately. ABB had complete outages that ran for days and a completely broken international transit network during theirs.

      Thankfully both ISPs have moved past their issues.

      • Fairly recently. Might even be a router problem, idk.

        Seems like when new devices connect, sometimes internet drops. But not always. Sometimes it's just random.

        Was meant to say new customer btw, but most people got what I meant lol.

        • Do you have a netgear nighthawk? If so that can be why.

          • @Darkvolcos: I do. Is this a common issue?

            • @0lllllll0: If it's the netgear nighthawk d7000 it has a well known issue of the wifi name still working but no actual internet being sent out. It's as if it bricks itself. Apparently it's due to a poorly designed cooling system and it overheats. Been struggling with it myself for the past 2 years, even with 2 replacements from netgear.

          • @Darkvolcos: Keen to find out more/why to as i have a netgear nighthawk. My internet is not as good as it used to be with Telstra now im on Aussie BB. Never thought id say Telstra was a better experience.

    • +3 votes

      You can come back to us anytime :) But if you wish to use a promo code, you have to wait 6 months.

      Cheers, Nicole

      • Nicole,
        I phoned yesterday and spoke with a lady in sales who told me 100% that you are not eligible to use a free month promotion code if you have ever been a customer in the past. I told her when i disconnected and churns to Superloop 7 months ago the retention team invited me to come back in 6 months+ as i would be eligible for new customer benefits, such as free months (if that promotion was running). The lady told me this is 100% untrue. That she had worked there for several years and that this has never been a policy and that the other person was wrong. Can you please private message me so I can clear this up? Also some of your sales team might need additional training. She came across quite rude and insistent that I didn't have a clue what I was walking about, didn't even pause for a moment to seek confirmation from a colleague or manager.

      • Hi, I want to sign up with you guys. Do you have a coupon for $10 off a month for 6 months?

        • Hi there,

          Unfortunately we don't have a $10 off for 6 months deal currently running for a Residential service. Sorry about that.

          Cheers, Nicole

        • A free month works out to be a better saving than $10 off for 6 months.

        • WHISTLE10EOFY

          but i do agree A free month works out to be a better saving than $10 off for 6 months.

  • Switching from these guys as 6 months is over and their connection has one down the drain of late… Lots of stability issues.

  • Remember that you can use the code THANKSMOM to get a free modem if you dont have one. (Codes dont stack, so it's either a free $149 modem or a free month)

  • If I'm currently on Telstra Cable and FTTC NBN is being provisioned for my house, can I get an NBN connection through Aussie Broadband and retain the cable connection? Since NBN touched the phone line and not the cable connection I assume the cable will continue to work in the immediate future, but is there some sort of lookup/check that gets performed that will automatically terminate the non-NBN connection at some point?

    • Oh that's a good question. As long as you're not porting any numbers and you're establishing an entirely new connection, I don't think the cable connection would be shut off. The cable however will be shut off eventually as the NBN is now available, you're expected to make the move but that will be months away.

    • Yep you can have Telstra cable and NBN at the same time.

      Find your Telstra cable disconnection information here

  • Hello,

    I recently moved house and previously had NBN fibre to the premises premium speed with Telstra, very stable.

    I had the landline connected at my new premises with ADSL max 10mbps and 1mps in the hopes of moving to NBN which was just actioned 27/3, a week and a half after moving.

    However, Telstra isn't doing NBN connections at the moment. My account is in dispute with Telstra as many things have gone wrong and poor service. I have received great financial compensation though.

    I don't know whether to bite the bullet and get Aussie Broadband to connect NBN. I have spoken to the salespeople at Aussie and they seem desperate to make the transition. However, when I question them, it all sounds too easy. I don't know whether all ISP's are affected by COVID 19 or not. I have a Telstra modem ready for NBN but I don't know with the configurations of modem whether its straightforward to switch. Telstra is virtually impossible to communicate with.

    Feedback is appreciated, thanks

    • Obviously not sure of the magnitude of difficulty you've had with Telstra and whether you can just leave their service without payouts, etc. As for the Telstra modem/router, it should work with ABB, but definitely chat to them over the phone, they can guide you step by step to get the settings correct and you'll be ready to go!

    • I signed up to Aussie on Monday, they have a NBN tech booked for this Monday, and have configured and dispatched the modem, seems to be business as usual so far.

    • I’m in the same boat. Last week, I moved from a house with cable and my new house has ADSL. NBN is available but requires the connector box installed. Telstra customer support has been completely absent for over a week now. I requested my internet to be moved to my new address and received no communication from Telstra.

      How did you receive compensation? I would like to know who to call at Telstra. I called Telstra and their bot told me to use the mobile app before hanging up on me - their app provided no assistance.

      • Hi Edathor,

        Firstly I will preface this by saying once Telstra is up and running for me it's usually consistent. It's just getting to that point.

        I knew that the move would be problematic so I kept a log of calls and people I spoke to. As usual, I got the call center merry go around, ferried to different departments, was told blatant lies, not following up, etc. So I lodged a complaint and had it escalated. But I had to really push, push and push and call them constantly. This was a week before full lockdown and I managed to get a case manager assigned and got reasonable credit.

        My last email to the complaints manager four days ago went unanswered. I am just waiting for the financial compensation to show on my account. Then I will probably move to Aussie Broadband as I can't get connected to NBN also through Telstra (although they promised it would be escalated to Level 2).

        I hope this helps. The problem is that it is virtually impossible to contact them now and they are so backlogged.

        All the best.

  • Had NBN HFC installed by aussie broadband this week and was very impressed. Continuous updates via email and SMS, all went smoothly. From sign up to internet in 6 business days!

  • so noticing comments saying Aussie Broadband has lost its capacity atm: who else is getting slow speeds?
    can i still hold them to their evening averages?? or should i look elsewhere?


  • I connected with them last week. Had some problems because a contractor cut the lines. Thankfully got connected last Monday with ABB.

    Got an email from Telstra saying something on they have paused NBN connections in my area.

    So just give ABB a ring before porting you service just in case you can't connect.

    Oh and if you can connect to ABB, they are a fantastic company with call centres in Australia operating now and they call you back if the wait times are more then 10 minutes.

  • Does this stack with referals?


    What's the cancellation policy? Is it equivalent to a free 1 month trial?

    Asking as I've tried a couple providers so far and really was SUPER SLOW, not better than using a wireless dongle!

    • You'll end up paying the second month as you have to call to cancel which will run into the next month.

      They're very good though, couldn't be happier.

  • This code is no longer working

  • Where do you enter the code?

  • Just a word of warning. I signed up on Saturday night and used the code AUSSIEFREE as FIVESTAR wasn't working.

    AUSSIEFREE added fine and it said free first month added

    The changeover from Telstra to Aussie was really fast and took about an hour all up from start to finish

    Received invoice with no mention of free first month so I emailed support who said they can't see any code added so there'd be no discount.

    I replied back immediately saying i definitely added the code and it even said free first month added however they are not replying to me.

  • Invalid promo/referral code provided

  • Can anyone confirm whether there is still one month free with ABB?
    If not, is there any good deal with Superloop or other NBN provider?

    I have a landline number with optus NBN, can I port it to ABB? Do I need to buy a new ATA?
    I am using NBN HFC.

    Many thanks for help.

  • does anyone know how long it will take porting from TPG to ABB?

  • Code still working. For those that it isn't working, were you customers <6 months ago?

  • Whats the best router to get for FTTP premises?

  • thanks code still works

  • code not working. never been a customer

  • Can someone clarify if i will be charged upfront for the first month if i use the code? If not then, will cancelling after the first free month incur any charges?

  • Code not working

  • Thanks OP - Made the switch from Belong. First month free. Saved $89. :)

    • Quick follow up - New connection occurred within 24 hours and everything has been working perfectly with much better speeds ever since. Very happy.

  • Says invalid code for me.

  • when does this promo finish? found it! lol

  • Was about to jump to this from Superloop but I seem to be on a grandfathered 100/40 plan with Superloop for $89.95. I’d say I wont be able to return to that plan as they no longer offer it on their website, so looks like I’ll be staying put with Superloop.

    Just an FYI to others out there to double check their plans if they were part of the 6 month $20 discount with Superloop that started from around November last year as they might already be on a good deal without the need to move to ABB.

  • Was about to jump to this from Superloop but I seem to be on a grandfathered 100/40 plan with Superloop for $89.95. I’d say I wont be able to return to that plan as they no longer offer it on their website, so looks like I’ll be staying put with Superloop.

    Just an FYI to others out there to double check their plans if they were part of the 6 month $20 discount with Superloop that started from around November last year as they might already be on a good deal without the need to move to ABB.

    • was on the 100/20 $60 for 6 months but it has gone up now still cheaper than ABB with discount

  • If I want to trial this for a month and not get charged for the second month, what is the best process. Does the start date count for the day I get connectivity or the day I apply? What what sort of bill cycle do they use, connection date of start of the month?

    • I am interested in knowing this too. Any advice?

    • Hopefully you'll reap the benefit of their great network, tools, transparency and support and you'll continue with them after the first month instead of just jumping ship. But if you must change just port before your free month is up and you won't be charged 'if the code works' (others here have said it doesn't). From my experience it's when you get connectivity. It's a monthly bill cycle from your connection date.

    • Book connection for earliest next business day, ring as soon as connected to cancel.

  • Just want to chime in, I submitted my application yesterday arvo to churn from Telstra to ABB and I'm already connected. Quite impressed as I always thought switching providers was a tedious process. No change in speeds so far which is great. This really is FIVESTAR.

  • Anyone know how long this code is active? Will it still work after July 1st?

  • Just received a notification from my current Telstra HFC provider that my existing connection will be terminated in Oct 2020, so time to move to NBN.

    According to various sites, I'll be on FTTC and I'm leaning towards ABB based on some quick research.

    My question is whether I should go for their $149 modem, or get something on my own? I have been thinking of some sort of mesh wifi router setup at some point (eg. Deco), so that's an option as well right?

    I've also got an old TP-Link Archer D9 (ADSL modem router) or the current NETGEAR Telstra Gateway Max C6300, are they usable to start me off, or will their supplied $149 Netcomm have some better features?

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