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Bauhn 65" 4K Ultra HD TV $529 @ ALDI


Just saw this deal in the Aldi brochure. Very good price for a 65" TV and, of course, Aldi's generous returns policy if you don't like it.

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    • Thank you for the update.

      Then is it safe to assume that the model sold at TGG is the the older model?

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        The Aldi model number is only used on the Aldi Braun product. It is just for their & supplier Tempo systems.

        As the TGG Linsar TV is from the same supplier Tempo, it is likely the same product.

        The supplier usually lands stock in Australia just in time for sale date. As the manufacturing & supply of product from China is disrupted, this stock may be drawn from existing stock here… the Linsar TVs.

        As commented the manuals appear the same
        Likely TGG would say it's a different TV (branding) for price matching.

        TGG site has 31 reviews. Last review was confirmed purchase a month ago. Mainly happy buyers for the price.

        The advantage in buying from Aldi is the easy 90 day returns policy & $70 saving😉

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          Thank you for the clarification.

          In your previous post you say "This model hasn't been released yet" so did you mean that this was not released yet in Australia or was not released by Aldi yet?

          As you might have already guessed, I would be even more happier to get a "newer model" for $70 less than TGG and with 90 days return policy :)

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            @utsc: Meant the Bauhn model hasn't yet been released by Aldi - in response to discussions of previous Bauhn models.
            The Linsar is effectively a different TV.

            I updated the above comment related to Tempo's usual supply process to Aldi. (Tempo has discussed this with me.) It would be disrupted, so these may be stock that was shipped before the virus started or already here - possibly the TGG Linsar TVs.

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          Oops… 9060day returns

    • Probably true but my experience with an older model was that I returned 3 of them, finally to get a refund from the manufacturer or whoever. First one had a bad pixel. Second one got a bad pixel after a month or so. Third one got a whole line of bad pixels across the screen. Refund and bought a 'cheap' Hisense which is very good and still almost perfectly operating after 2 or so years. The only upside of the Bauhn was the viewing angle was amazing. Hisense (and most expensive brands) are all poor.

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        I never said anything about the quality of Bauhn TVs. Just that previous experience is not a good indication for a current unreleased model.

        Some are posting their experiences with different models made by different manufactures, branded as Bauhn.

        In my experience, the focus by the supplier & Aldi buyers is on number of features for the price, not quality.

        I used to review Aldi Bauhn electronics. I recommended buying 2, in case 1 failed during the 60 returns period. Had 2 early Bauhn TVs for review - both quickly failed.

  • I've had one of the Bahun 65" 4k tv's for about 3 years now and can't recommend it highly enough, works great for TV/Movies and for the Xbox. No issues and would buy another one in a heartbeat based off my experience.

  • Any thoughts on the quality difference between Linsar vs Hisense

    Is it true that Hisense build quality is significantly better than Linsar

    • Have a Bauhn 65 inch from a couple of years ago that like this is a dumb tv. Just get a Vodafone tv box or game console. Also have as 108 sound bar which works well. You can right off SD channels they look crap. However you really don't get consistency with Bauhn / tempo. Some products will be ok and some bad.

      • Would Hisense be significantly better ?

        Who is the panel manufacturer and is the quality of the Panel similar to that of Hisense or much worse.
        I think all the low end TV's source the panels from the same manufacturer but not sure if this is ultra low end panel

        I am primarily looking for a Display Panel as I use streaming services (IPTV, FireStick 4K & Chromecast 4K).

        My budget is $1000 so there is room to move up but prefer to buy a cheaper panel for now and eventually replace it with an OLED panel when the prices drops significantly as lot of panel manufacturers have retooled their factories to manufacture OLED panels

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    Have had this TV for a few years (upgraded last month to a LG C9 65").

    The TV build and picture quality are OK for what you pay but nothing special at all.

    The TV takes a very long time to load up. The remote is terrible - it's painful having push buttons hard enough so that the TV registers it. Tried multiple universal remotes and searches online for codes with no success, so was stuck with it. The sound quality is abysmal, perhaps the worst part of this TV. You will require a soundbar or speaker system for sure. Also the Smart TV hub is slow, outdated and a pain to use.

    I personally wouldn't recommend it, even if it was half this price I wouldn't buy it.

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      You've had this TV for a couple of years??
      Strange! This model hasn't even been released!

  • Question is how to get this home?
    Can you lay TV's down flat these days?

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      Nooo! Don't risk laying a large screen TV down flat - there's nothing to support the centre of the LCD panel if you lay it down flat, so if you hit a bump or something it can result in the screen breaking. You'd ideally need to find someone with a trailer / van / ute etc.

    • I laid my 60" Aldi flat with no ill effects. Just don't go rally driving on the way home.

      • Yeah I've brought home 65" (on an angle) in a hatch no probs.

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    Can I use Uber to transport this TV home?

    • UberVan

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    Support small Australian brands and get a Palsonic instead.

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      Palsonic isn't Australian made. Your money still goes overseas.

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        TVs haven't been manufactured here for many decades. All are imported.

    • Palsonic is an Australian brand but I wouldn't support it as it had a bad reputation in the past. They were the joke of the industry.

      Importation, service & support is about all Australian TV businesses do.

      This TV is imported by a small Australian business - Tempo who rebadge imported cheap TVs. From my understanding, Firmware is developed here.

  • Does it have a VESA mount so you can use a vesa bracket if you don't want to use the provided stand ? Asking to figure out if that might make it easier to mount two of them side by side.. (using VESA brackets..)

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      Specs page says yes

      VESA Wall Mounting
      400 x 200mm

  • Wait so what kind of panel is this?

  • Average decent 65" TV starts at $1500+

    Aldi sell for < $600

    Come on people. Don't even begin to think about buying this trash.

    • Well this TV is priced at $1,555.99 WAS $2,520.99 elsewhere!!
      So must be very good😉

      (Same TV is rebadged by Tempo, sold by different resellers under different brands. As discussed above.)

      Price isn't necessarily a determinant of quality.
      Although this TV won't be high quality. Return for refund within 60days if not suitable.

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    i rather wait for one of their qled deals but in 65" form factor, they had one for 58 inches few weeks back that got some really good reviews from the users here.

    • Yes - some happy buyers of the first $699 Bauhn 58" qled - especially about picture & sound quality. Those are the areas most complained about in Bauhn TVs. But the menu system seems to have the usual issues.

      Will have to wait for shipping from China to resume before we see any more.

      • I saw 2 x of those 58in AndroidTvs at an Aldi near my work. They are now $599.

        Better buy?

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          According to comments - I'd say so, if you don't mind smaller size.

        • I saw 2 units in my local store as well. still $699. a quick search shows someone on whirpool forum had a bad review

  • Long time lurker, pretty interested as I've been looking for some time recently at the LG 55UM7400PTA around $700-800. Questions I have for this one:

    1. How well do these sell, do I have to be at ALDI first thing Saturday morning?

    2. Seems like there's some significant menu settings that can be changed to up the picture quality; is there any guides/presets that can be recommended for doing so well?

    • I'm considering heading over ready for opening. However if it's crazy I'm not going to sacrifice social distancing for a mad scramble to grab one.

      Also slightly concerned about transporting home … Probably going to need to use the roof rack but I know flat isn't ideal. It's only a 10min drive though so I'm sure it will be okay

      • Just got back from my local store. There were about 15 people on queue, half of which headed straight for the TVs. There were about 8 on a pallet and everyone got one. Saw a delivery going towards store, so maybe there will be more shipment throughout the day.

        • Yeah similar, more were there for the Thermomix actually haha.

          Playing switch on it now … Pretty nice

          • @chimaera: how is the input delay on it? was considering using one for PC gaming. I don't play fast twitch games myself. more strategy games.

  • Can I cast from my windows 10 device to this TV?

  • Got one, tested earlier. I rate it.

  • Guys I can 100% confirm that this is not a smart tv , not wifi enabled , and not as described on the Bauhn website . Just purchased 1. Little disappointed as I sold my previous 65 inch Aldi to buy one of these . I had the one from 3 years ago . And this tv is the same .

    • Lol must be the wrong model you bought… Got a pic of the box?

      • Yeah I have the box here , not sure how to upload a photo tho . It’s the atv65uhd0420

        • not sure how to upload a photo tho

          Click here to go to your files section

  • I’m wondering if perhaps Aldi is selling more than one model of 65 inch TV today. From everyone purchasing this morning, has anyone actually manage to find a 65 inch Smart model that is Internet enabled?

    • Pretty sure it was confirmed above that it's not a smart TV … ?

  • is there a way to track stock?

  • Managed to pick one up from the second store we went to. So far so good

  • Yeah was just confirming again that it’s not a smart tv . I think there will be some disappointed buyers , as the Bauhn website certainly touted this as being a wifi tv.

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    I purchased this morning (ATV65UHD-0420) 65” Bauhn TV. The packaging info mirrors the product features on the Aldi catalogue website (ie. no mention of “smart” or “wifi”.
    The Bauhn website however states this model has wifi as an additional feature. But there is no mention of wifi in the manual. So I’m also thinking this information is incorrect. I’ve not unpacked it yet as still considering returning as I’m reading these forum comments.

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      Yep, you're right on all points.

      Use it with a pc/laptop/media centre, game console or chrome cast/equivalent.
      Any TV's inbuilt Operating system is trash and can never compete with a dedicated system.

  • We get 60 days to to return it anyway ,

  • There is no mention of WIFI or smart TV on the 65", "but" the 32" is a smart TV.

    65" 4K Ultra HD TV
    32" HD Smart TV

    Just get a Vodafone TV for $72 delivered to make your 65" TV smart : https://www.vodafone.com.au/vodafone-tv

    • Vodafone TV any good? Compared to other TV boxes?

      • +1

        I have one of the original nvidia shields, and needed something for the 2nd TV.

        I saw people recommending the Vodafone TV.
        It basically does everything my Shield can do (netflix, youtube, kodi, ABC)

        The only real issue I have is there seems to be bluetooth lag on audio. I can't seem to find a fix, and its like watching the lips be out of sync.

        • Thanks heaps! (Thumbs up)

        • Omg same audio lag on Netflix I connected my Samsung ear buds and u watch Netflix and I get out of sync Audio, this is only if I use Bluetooth hesdphones, no issues with tv speaker coz obviously it’s not using Bluetooth lol, anyways so many people got tv and not one ozbsrgianer 100% confirmed if his has built in wifi, Jesus Christ.. cmon y’all who ever bought it give us a mini review ffs

  • These sold out in seconds at my local Aldi. I am sure most people don't know about its lack of smart features.

  • The manual confirms this TV is distributed by Tempo. Does this mean it is a Linsar TV? Or do Tempo distribute other brands in Australia??

  • +1

    Got one today, size is great, definitely recommend adjusting the colours as out of the box my colours were blueish.

    That said has anyone gotten the Service Menu open? Previous models you would press Menu > 1147 to access extra settings but I can't seem to get that to work

    • Was wondering the same

  • 4 at Magill's store in SA. None at Newton

  • +1

    Got one in Perth - sold out in seconds.

    Look, even if it was a smart TV - anything sub 1k will be AWFUL as a smart tv - slow, laggy, compression will be unreliable, etc. Go on gumtree and search for a cheap laptop for $50 and use it as your TV box. Nothing better.

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    About to take it out of box. I heard people have had better picture quality results tweaking the settings. Any setting recommendations? Thanks!

  • +1

    Bought mine this morning, tried it with the Xbox, definitely an upgrade from my Kogan! Barely managed to fit it in the car, ended up driving home with the boot open haha..

    • yea this is way better than my kogan out of the box and even better than it when setup right with proper colour & sound settings

  • Went to my local there wasn't any left probably a good thing😀

  • So mine only came with the display and legs… MISSING SCREWS AND REMOTES LOL. Anyone else experience this issue?

  • +7

    Hey fellas I have watched this TV for half hour (youtube on Chromecast Ultra). went to 3 local stores finally got one.


    1. Sound volume is surprisingly loud. No external speaker is required if you don't mind the sound quality.
    2. Picture quality is good for the money. 4K is sharp, 1080 up-scaling is smooth. The screen is bright
    3. 2 remotes are included. One full remote and one simplified remote.
    4. Light weight. I did it all by myself. No help needed (you might need a chair to place it when installing the feet)

    1. It's not a smart TV. there is no apps and wifi. I don't mind it because ChromeCast does the job.
    2. They used plastic tape directly on the screen for packaging. When I peeled it off I can see the pixels turning black. This is quite silly I reckon.
    3. The backlight is not quite uniformed. some area around the edge is darker.
    4. Poor dark details. The bright scenes are sharp and clear but dark scenes are muddy. Common issue with low-end panels. Colour production is not as vivid as the big brands.
    5. Menu options are limited especially for picture adjustments.
    6. Glossy plastic frame looks cheap.

    It's only $529 so it met my expectation. just hope it would last.

    • Thanks for the mini review, looks like it has its short comings as u said darker colours around the edges and shitty blacks, I really think it would be a better idea to go for 50 inch hisense r7 deal that’s going for 618 delivered. At least hisense uled technology will definitely give you a way better picture quality at the expense of a slightly smaller screen, I think it’s the smarter purchase if you use Netflix and love a great picture quality

  • +3

    My housemate managed to pick up the "last" one from Ashfield NSW - someone returned one when they realised it wasn't a smart TV.

    Set it up and we're very happy with it. Got the colour grading to our liking by setting it to Cool to bring down the saturation and then messing with the "Personal" mode settings. I wish there were some more options for the picture settings though.

    We have an existing Samsung 5.1 sound system and a Chromecast so the deficits of having mediocre speakers and it being a dumb TV isn't an issue for us.

  • -1

    From worst to best based on price this is how it goes:
    Hisense (really thinking about the 50” deal $618 delivered)
    Samsung lg sony

    If anyone can give a proper review on the hisense r7 specially the uled and the blacks, I can’t really find reviews on it on YouTube it’s named differently in each country..

    • Hisense, make sure you can pick up from the store because of the 2 days DOA warranty counts from the date of purchase.

  • Got the TV this morning. Its very impressive for the price. =) Thin Bezels and no issues so far.. haha.

  • +1

    Wow so false advertising on the bauhn website indicating that it has wifi and even showing an Android TV interface in one of the pics.

    Apologies for my previous comments saying it was smart and the same as the linsar. Actually going through the pdf manual, it doesn't have any mention of apps, nor are there dedicated buttons on the remote. The manual is just formatted very similar to the linsar one. Basically it's just a dumb version of the linsar.

    • That's why speculation needs to wait until Bauhn products are released. Unfortunately by the time people post reviews of the actual unit - it's sold out!

      The specs can change by the time they land here. Not the first time their site had wrong specs!
      [I helped in the design of a complex consumer electronic device for the supplier, but time constraints or economics meant a different product was substituted - a complete lemon.]

      Yes - comments from those who bought indicate this is a similar TV to the linsar, but with features removed - likely to bring it in at a lower price.

      Possibly the smart features of the linsar were on a separate info sheet, as those details are most likely to change. Early Tempo manuals came with alterations glued over text in the manual!!

      As there were complains about those features - I wonder if they have just disabled them on this model. A firmware update from the linsar may restore them?? Or it may be a completely different TV.

    • The linsar @TGG is a smart model (the SM in the model number). Unfortunately it's price seems to have gone up from $595 to $699!

      Stream 4K resolution films and TV shows with a Netflix subscription or watch the latest trending You Tube videos on this 65-inch Linsar 4K smart television LS65UHDSM20. With the included remote control, you can gain instant access to these popular apps thanks to the dedicated Netflix and You Tube hot-keys.

      • Unfortunately it's price seems to have gone up from $595 to $699!

        Regularly goes down to <$600 :) The best deal was when that stacked with 10/15% off @ TGG eBay for $510/540

      • +1

        The linsar is back to $595, bang on schedule! ;)

  • bought one of this yesterday, I feel like the picture quality could be better. Anyone got any picture settings they would recommend for this 2020 Tv.

    • +2

      There’s an app called THX tune-up that can help with the settings but I found these work well for me.

      Brightness - 48
      Contrast - 58
      Sharpness - 33
      Saturation - 50
      Noise reduction - off

      If anyone knows how to access the advanced menu, please share.

      Generally quite happy with the picture/value but then again, I don’t watch tv that much. I would add a Vodafone tv to it to make it “smart”

      • Are you talking about the model released yesterday or an older model?

  • Does anyone know there is stock in WA? Thanks

  • +2

    Anyone know how to access the service menu on these I have tried menu 1147 doesn't seem to work on this model any help will be appreciated

    • Same issue here. Tried different variations of the code as well, but no luck. Help anyone?

  • Bought it yesterday.
    OK, but: shadows in the corners, and, the most annoying, can't make White looks actually white, it is either blueish, reddish or yellowish.
    If anyone can share their settings for a white balance, would be great!
    Otherwise will probably return it and find something else

  • -1

    i bought it yesterday , i was bummed to find out that its not a smart tv, am i able to return it al aldi?

    • It's very easy within 60 days. Getting it back to the store is the hardest part.

      Just have your receipt & box it up. Tell them it's not what was shown on the Bauhn site - if they need an excuse.

      • thanks @infidel, i just went to ALDI to return it and they took it no questions asked, i was surprised that they did not even open the package to check the contents. e

        • Yes, easy returns. Sometimes they do check. Wouldn't be surprised they may get someone's dead TV in the Bauhn box.