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$10 off nbn Plans (for 6 Months) @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers)

Found this on Facebook

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Join Australia’s best nbn™️ broadband provider today and save $10/month for 6 months!*

Are you ready to work from home? Make sure your internet is up to the task!

With amazing speed, reliability & amazing customer service, you don't need to worry about your connection with Aussie Broadband.

Join Australia’s best broadband provider today!

*Promotion available for new customers only. Service not available at all premises. This offer is only available until June 30, 2020. For full terms and conditions see aussiebroadband.com.au

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  • +3

    the free modem offer was way better

    • -5

      A modem costs less than $60 though.

      • +2


        • -2

          What? I have bought many for $30 or so from Office Works.

          • +2

            @G3ck0: Those would be routers, not modems.

            • +3

              @stephendt: They're modem routers, which is all you need. Buy a super cheap modem + router and bridge it, bam, you have a modem.

              • @G3ck0: sorry, i'm a bit of a newbie. and i think some of the others here are too.
                can you please recommend a good modem and router combination off Officeworks or so for NBN which is much cheaper than the supplied modem from the company ($165 delivered).


                • @dddddog: Are you on FTTN or FTTB or something else?

                  Find out here

                  • @Twix: (FTTC)

                    • @dddddog: NBN provide you with a FTTC network connection device. For FTTC what you need to provide is a router and not a VDSL2 modem/router combination.

                      From Officeworks under $165 is the Tenda Nova MW5s for $120.

                      From MSY & Amazon under $165 is the TP-Link Deco E3 (2-pack) AC1200 Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System for $99.

                      • +1

                        @Twix: Twix, thanks for your help.

                        OK - so they will provide me with the FTTC network connection device modem when the grid is online (sometime next month). That is the white box that you connect to the phone line, which you run the modem off, isn't it?

                        Just another question - looking at the TP-Link Deco e3 2 pack on Aamazon for $99. Is that an NBN modem + an extender set? or is it not a modem.
                        I think it looks good as my house is concrete and needs help extending to all rooms. Also, the price is very good.

                        • @dddddog: Yeah that's how it works.

                          TP-Link Deco E3 (2-pack) AC1200 Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System is a mesh router system. It's like an extender but with better speed performance. It's not a modem.

                          Are the walls concrete?

      • +3

        Where do I find the $60 modem? Aussie Broadband is quoting me $149.00 + shipping for the modem.

        • Ummm, so I’m with belong with a belong supplied modem… if I switch to another provider do I need another isp supplied modem ? Or can I use the one from belong?

          Many thanks in advance…

          • +1

            @Veedub: Depends.
            If you have fttn your modem should be fitted to the wall.
            A lot of the time the ISP use the term modem when they mean router.
            And no, modems aren't locked to a provider

            • +2

              @Apoca89: I think you mean fttp. If you have fttp you purely need a router, no modem needed. If you have fttn there is no modular changeover so you need a modem or modem/router that has VDSL2 capability. Which is was fttn uses.
              Hope this helps :)
              P.S Some modems isps provide are service locked so they can remote into it and make changes when needed. If you move it to another company there's no guarantee it will work. Hit and miss.

          • +1

            @Veedub: You should be able to use the old modem, at least I have been able to do this with a Belong modem before. What's the model number?

            • @stephendt: Im with Belong NBN connected via HFC
              using their supplied Belong Branded Sagemcomm Wifi Modem, Model 4353

            • @stephendt: hi! I have similar situation. going to join Launtel . i have a belong Router [email protected] 4315 modem. my connection is FTTC. Will i able to use this? Thanks.

          • +1

            @Veedub: Which modem is it?
            I’m using my Belong modem with Aussie NBN

    • -2

      I think you mean "free router," despite Aussie stupidly calling it a modem.

    • Used that one. Even got an upgrade. Working really well.

      • +1

        yea i scored the upgrade too! it came 2 weeks late tho

    • The promotional code still working. Maybe for new customer.

  • Username checks out

  • +5

    First month free - NBN100MONTHFREE

    • That expired already!

      • Yeah nah, works fine

        • +1

          No it does not just tried it.

          Ok so doesn't work in Chrome but in Mozilla code works

          • +4

            @chuneeperformance: Try 'ÀUSSIEFREE' was still working last weekend 👍

            • @urbancartel: I signed up with AUSSIEFREE about a week ago so that one def works.

            • +1

              @urbancartel: Still works Just signed up Thanks

              • @phakawi: Where does it say that the code has been accepted? I used the code but unsure if it has gone through

                • @ninnypoop: It was just above the voucher box it had" free month with aussiefree" but it only popped up when I returned to the page when I wanted to change the date of commencement.

        • In another thread, I read the code works but it doesn’t apply the discount to the bill. Accounts support won’t honour it either.

          • @JoeBaskin: Applied to my account fine 👍

          • @JoeBaskin: From their Facebook page.

            *Promotion available for new customers only. Service not available at all premises. This offer is only available until June 30, 2020. For full terms and conditions see aussiebroadband.com.au

  • +1

    Devostated. I signed up on Friday without a coupon code. Very fast changeover process for anyone wondering though.

  • How long till I'm 'new' customer again?

    • +3

      6 months

  • +12

    Just holding tight for $20 off/month.

    • -3

      I agree, since they used to offer $20 per month quite regularly, is this a bargain? Considering we have Superloop, Tangerine etc at cheaper prices and or greater discount than this?

      • +28

        How dare you criticize Aussie Broadband in this forum? Didn't you know you will be voted down ?

      • +1

        Their cheaper sure. You get what you pay for.

        • +5

          Moved to Tangerine from ABB.

          Abb lied about what they offered, aknowledged that they promised something in their recording, and said "what you claim is correct, we're still not going to honor it" . Well Fluck you then!

          They also then sent someone elses details to me; I had to call the other person and let them know their details were leaked to me… not cool, it should have been ABB who told them.

          Moved to Tangerine;
          Cheaper, faster at peak, direct mobile number for the local tech (txt only, but still, thats service!) And their call centre goes direct to engineers, not log-n-flog phone answerers.

          You're right, you get what you pay for. I want a streamlined service with no frills. Not pretentious lies.

        • What a stupid comment, if you truely believe that, you by definition don’t believe in a bargain.

          • @cloudy: Depends on what it is obviously. "what a stupid comment"

            • @RandomFox: Remember, it doesn't matter if it doesn't work, what matters is that you saved 10 cents…

              • @mickeyjuiceman: What are you on about, using discount codes? I'm happy to use discount codes any day even if it is only 10c lol

            • @RandomFox: Why does the saying you get what you pay for depend on what it is "obviously" and what does that even mean?

              If you believe you get what you pay for, you therefore think anything that's discounted or cheap is inferior and therefore not a bargain.

              And paying a premium yields a premium product (also can not be defined as a bargain, as you are getting what you pay for)

              • @cloudy: No but okay. No point in me explaining.

                • @RandomFox: lol, No answer. Expected

                  • @cloudy: No point explaining the obvious and no point in you randomly trying to pick fights. Guess the isolation got to you. You be gone now. Go try pick fights with someone else. :)

                    • @RandomFox: Well the isolation has given me time to attempt to stamp out stupidity as much as I can.

                      Funny how a random fox doesn't want random replies to his random comments.

      • +2

        Superloop sucks balls, but hey they finally replied to my ticket after 5 weeks 🤦‍♂️

        • What was the problem?

          I went from Aussie to Superloop to belong and it's being exactly the same.
          I'm on hfc but really close to the exchange.

          Seems most Isps are the same but it's layer 1 that's the problem

          If only someone had thought about the infrastructure.

          Sure hope the dude who set up the nbn got fired… out of a cannon.

          • +1


            Sure hope the dude who set up the nbn got fired… out of a cannon.

            Nah I think instead of using the back of a napkin, he's now a Professor at Peking University and has joined the International Monetary Fund

          • @iamhurtin: Into the sun.

            Gotta finish the quote man!

      • -2

        If you think they are better providers then why not just go for the cheaper ones.

        The neg on a company's discount to attract new customers seems odd and definitely unnecessary

      • Superloop was cheaper when I signed up my grandparents. With my house and my parents already with Aussie, I thought might give them a go. Aussie at both properties have close to 100 (97ish) even at peak. Both are HFC.

        Superloop customer service at 7pm: 1hr wait (or just under)
        Aussie wait at 7pm: 7min

        Not the cheapest, but if you have time to kill when something happens, I suggest MyRepublic or Superloop. 1hr of my life is worth more than $10

        Oh and that 7min wait plus 5 min was all it took to swap my grandparents over to Aussie with the free month deal
        My grandparents now happily on 50mbps with downloads above 45 peak hours in Richmond Vic

        • +1

          You called sales for ABB so probably quicker partly due to that.

          A month ago as a new customer I had to call service twice in two nights 6PM with problems setting up a new NBN connection. Both had 20+ queue and I convinced myself once it went from 20 to 21 haha. These calls took around half hour to get someone, when I did the service was A+.

          I think the time vs cost is only useful depending on likelihood of having to call them. Yesterday, first time, I got a notification from them saying my service was down, 10 minutes later got another saying it was fixed. I am happy with this.

          A friend from work has had a nightmare with Telechoice which can easily be attributed to her attempt at saving money. Even if I valued her time @ $10 I'd have a free month of internet compared to her experience.

          I have no idea where superloop or MyRepublic sit on that service spectrum but I have already found initial confidence in ABB

          Also you ought to be ashamed using your Grandparents as ISP guinea pigs :p

  • +2

    Considering making the switch from 100/40 for $89 on Superloop, wanting to try 50/20 but now everyone seems to have got rid of 100/40 makes me a sad panda if I wanna switch back

    • mine expires at 4th next month, considering switch to mates….

      • May i ask why?

    • Aussie Broadband and Superloop offer both NBN 100/20 and 100/40 speed tiers.

      • +1

        They do indeed I realised last night, but with the addition of the 100/20 plans the 100/40 ones were bumped up by $10 to $99 so would be shooting myself in the foot if i found the 50/20 wasn't enough for me.

        I could probably just put bandwidth limits on everything in my router for a couple days though :D

  • +21

    Pretty sick of the discounts offered to attract new customers, but never throwing a bone to the loyal customers they already have.

    I'm pretty tempted to port out for 6 months just to be considered a new customer again.

    • +7

      Do it, I did. So follow through instead of posting on here about it.

    • +8

      Nothing to gain by staying

      • Lots to lose tho! I ported to superloop and I can't wait to port back… The dropouts :(

        • +3

          It’s strange that there are dropouts considering you’ll mostly be on the same equipment when switching from Superloop to Aussie? Not to say the dropouts themself are strange just I would be concerned they would follow you across.

          • @MBix: I'm honestly unsure why, but before I ported I had no issues. But since January when I ported I've been getting disconnected at least once a day. Could be the router messing up coincidentally.

            • @0lllllll0: Hopefully it gets fixed up either way! I was in a similar position and had endless dropouts with Aussie but they followed me over to Superloop. Took 3 different tech appointments to finally fix it up, and getting those tech appointments were hell. They never did tell me what was wrong but the dropouts only happen ever so rarely now so wasn’t gonna poke the bear

    • +3

      I mean, it's a promotion to try get new customers. Find a cheaper plan with similar service and switch to it…

      • fully agree, been very loyal for a long time and offered little, best support i admit and have specific settings so makes it hard to change, most providers are same with new sign deals, won't take much to make me jump though :(

    • Do it. You'll gain something worth while for the time it takes. NBN swap is quite seamless.

    • Yeah if it's an hfc churn it's less than 3 mins downtime lol

    • I ported out from Aussie to Exetel and never noticed the difference apart from my bill being lower .

    • Will I be a new customer if I didn't pay 2/3 months of my bill?

    • Just be careful, 100/40 unlimited is around $99 now as oppose to $89 then. Coincidentally the one on offer for $89 is 100/20 unlimited.

      Very cheeky

  • +3

    Such a great company with top class support. Speed has been maintained day and night. Very happy Aussie BB customer here and I've tried several!

    • Are they still doing changes on Friday/Saturday nights?
      Ridiculous that any company could think that's acceptable

  • +5

    I used 'AUSSIEFREE' for a free 1st month last weekend - works out at a better discount than this code 👍

    • I used this one and it worked too! So that's great but the reason I switched was because I wanted to go up to 100/40. Turns out my lines top speed is about 36/12. :(

      • Try being on 28/11 … makes no sense to pay for a 50 connection but 25 is 10% less then my max achievable. Sigh.

      • May I know how to find out if your line could only support 36/12?

        • +1

          I had to sign up to discover that limiation…

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