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Komplement Box $1.00, LADDA Rechargeable Battery 4pk: 900mAh AAA $2.99, 2450mAh AA $4.99 Click and Collect @ IKEA


Code is generic as tested on two accounts that I signed up with!

So using this code, I managed to make 2 separate 'guest' online purchases on Saturday to be clicked and collected at the same store, and successfully picked up just now. I waited until I actually got the items in hand before posting this to ensure it's all above board.

However, I didn't go for one of the highly sought after OzB currencies in such as the LADDA's, I needed to make use of same smaller items from the PAX Solutions which is currently 15% off - Current IKEA 15% off Sale incl PAX and STUVA storage solutions

Credits go first to the following:

  1. doweyy - LADDA Rechargeable LSD Batteries 4pk: 900mAh AAA $2.99, 2450mAh AA $4.99 - Click & Collect @ IKEA - Expired
  2. NaughtSpent - $10 Voucher (Min Spend $10) When Joining Free IKEA Family Membership - Long running deal for in store welcome $10 voucher, doweyy's post inspired me to see if another generic online code can be produced
  3. alexshel - $10 off in-Store ($10 Minimum Spend) @ IKEA - Did my head in attempting to use online, however no problem in store with one of my legit accounts that I've spent >$100 in a quarter

Secondly, I'm putting up a disclaimer… YMMV with regard to how many times you can actually purchase online (if you're cheeky and attempting multiple times)!!!

I encountered the following error on my 3rd attempt, and tried with various devices and networks in case it was cookies/cache or IP address related - Status quo. I guess it was good in a way to stop me from going too crazy, as I've noticed many people get cancellations in previous posts when they've gone full retard!

Something has gone wrong, and your payment has not been successful. Please check your card details and try again. For help with Verfied by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode please click the help links in the payment field. Note we currently only accept payments made within Australia, apologies for any inconvenience. For any additional support please see www.ikea.com.au/faq

Also, don't try to purchase anything <$10 as you'll find that you still need to input credit card details and after submitting it'll take you to a page that errors out!

Try not going full retard on this, as it'll end up being something along the lines of, this is why we can't have nice things… GLHF!

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  • "Try not going full retard on this, as it'll end up being something along the lines of, this is why we can't have nice things… GLHF!"
    Of course people are going to go nuts with this.

  • Don't know why a Mod has edited the code, it's not the correct one I used.

    Correct is IFW3814

    • It's either that, or your post gets removed as a duplicate, and both codes get put in the 1 deal post, completely undoing the work you've put in

      • Thanks for the insight… To be honest not fussed if it does get copied into the other post. Just wanted to share the love with a new code that worked for me!

        • The mod edit to remove mention of the coupon from the title, and just the items will leave the deal post up

          Maybe scrim just needs to put both codes in the other deal post

          • @spackbace: Codes added now, thanks for the update.

            IF84Pk7u appears to have eligiblity requirements ($100 spend in a quarter). My orders were cancelled on the basis that it was used improperly.

    • This code works - the one that is on the deal is the code I received in an email that does not work. Strange!

      Thanks for posting.

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    Did someone from the Mortal Kombat dev team join IKEA?

  • Here we go again!

  • Do we have to pick up order within 24 hours after receiving SMS as they say on the checkout? Or can we leave it not collected for weeks/months?

    • I read somewhere, I think it was the t&c's that if you don't pick up within 7 days or something like that, they'll cancel the order and refund you.

      Still, if it were me I would go and pick up asap to eliminate a factor of them cancelling for any other reasons. Click and collect for me was great as it was delivered straight to my car, didn't even need to go out (although I did need to end up going inside to grab another item using in store voucher).

      • thanks for that, its fair bit of drive for me but would love to grab the batteries. I wonder if I drive to Ikea, would that be considered essential :D

      • Can't say whether or not it's in their policy to cancel and refund if not picked up with 7 days, but the last time I ordered I picked it up 2 weeks after I received a confirmation and it was fine.

  • Thanks, bought a pack of AA LADDA'S

  • Getting this when i select richmond for C&C. is it just me?
    Due to unprecedented demand we are currently unable to offer delivery or click and collect from this store or postcode, please check again in 12 hours.

  • $1? They might have as well made it komplement-ary 😏

  • The Richmond (VIC) store is giving me this error… anyone else?
    Due to unprecedented demand we are currently unable to offer delivery or click and collect from this store or postcode, please check again in 12 hours.
    Can't lodge an order…

  • Doesn't work for me any more. Was fun while it lasted!

  • Anyone else having issues with both IFW3814 and IF84Pk7u codes?

  • Finally got it. Thanks OP

  • Step 4, wear a disguise so ikea staff don't recognise you in the future.

  • anybody got the discount in shopping bag page but not in checkout?

  • It shows "Discount entered is invalid"

  • thanks, bought it.

  • Ikea Perth seems to have turned off click and collect and delivery, we broke them…

  • Ah goddamit. Just bought a bunch of Ladda batteries… still a good price at Ikea retail

  • Deal marked as 'expired' but I just tried IFW3814 and it appears to work: AA price is down to 4.99

  • If I shop in store, is there somewhere I can put the code in screen? Unfortunately for all Sydney IKEAs pick up seems to be unavailable

    • That's where you'll need to actually sign up with a new email address using the long running deal, as noted in my credits in the OP!

      You have to scan your membership barcode and then the QR code in the welcome email you get.

    • I did it twice on 2 different membership cards. You have to get the attendant to swipe their card so that the barcode scanner reads the numbers properly upon payment. Not sure if you can use the code twice on the same membership card though.

  • Fails at checkout. Only loads in the shopping cart page.

  • codes dont work

  • Expired.

    Doesn't flow to checkout/payment step.

  • For the last part in the OP, I think it's because the system recognize your card detail or something, use another card and it would still work. At least that's what happens last time with me

    • Thanks for the heads up, will note this for the ‘next’ time 😂

      I think it may also be due to recognised personal details as I reused some of it, such as phone number and email address 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I hear ikea has been a nightmare. Queues a mile long because only so many people can go in at once.

  • Hi my cheapskate friends. Anyone know why these awesome Ladda Batteries went from $10 (and randomly on family and friends special to $8) a pkt, to $15. Talk about a price hike FFS.

  • I went to Ikea springvale today, waited 40 minutes for a C&C, unfortunately they cancelled my order.

    Reason as below
    Due to incorrect use of an IKEA Family discount code, your order has been cancelled as per the Terms and
    Conditions the code was issued under.
    Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the email the code was issued to you, or on IKEA.com.au/terms.
    Please resubmit your order without using the discount code.

    • Did you receive a pick up ready text from them prior to going to collecting your order?

      • No I didn't receive that.
        But I did book today pick up and no one contact me before 3pm I went there.

  • The komplement trouser hangers are reduced significantly too:

    $25 50x58cm
    $30 75x58cm
    $35 100x58cm

    all down to $5!


  • Price for Komplement Box has been increased.

  • Is this still working or expired? It accepts the code on the first step but when proceeding to payment it says code invalid and back to the pre-discounted price.


    Just got a refund email.

    • Has anyone picked up their order successfully?… other than OP

      I've little hope that mine will be fulfilled :(

  • Got my text yesterday and picked up today, take that IKEA I win this round.