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WD 12TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive $362.95 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Good drive to shuck and good price considering the state of the AUD

Fast data transfers
High-capacity add-on storage
Plug-and-play ready for Windows PCs
Western Digital quality inside and out
2-Year manufacturer's limited warranty

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Not behd

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        Nope, behd is spelt exactly that way.

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      gud size

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        You mean Gud seihZ

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    No SMR issues with this capacity. Good to go.

  • What kind of drive would be inside this?

    • a slightly slower WD RED

      • +8

        More likely WD EMAZ (white) than EFAX (red) actually.

    • +45

      a hard one

      • +12

        This guy disks.

        • Tres comas

      • +1

        Is it a good hard disk though? It's pretty big, but I want to know how good the hard disk is. No use getting a big disk that will end prematurely, you know?

    • +1

      A spinning one!

  • +5

    This is a shucking good deal!

  • Really good deal for shucking but alas I have no need for 12TB…

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    Is this a helium drive like the 10TB??
    What's the difference between them?

    • +24

      this one has 2TB more

  • +4

    Hurts, ordered a 24tb locally but paid with discounted gift cards, first time I tried that.

    16tb was almost full as my cold backup.

    Good price though. Just remember if you ask WD nicely they'll send you an Aussie power cable free of charge. Beats adapters anytime.

    Hope it's out of stock quickly before I so something stupid.

    • -3

      do something, not so something

    • What method do you use to contact WD to get a power cable for this?

      • From memory register the device and you'll see some contact options there. Unsure if it's gonna be impacted with current situations but they are exceptional otherwise

  • Got the 10TB of this in my NAS from the last dea humming a long nicely. WD White (aka RED) drives. Recommended.

    • Is this one of the drives you need to mod after shucking? I've shucked 8tb Reds before (I believe actual Reds).

      • +2

        possibly depending on your setup

        only a bit of tape over a few pins

        • Also a molex to sata power adapter will do the same thing.

      • I have a Syno box and it's just worked.

  • +5

    Was $350 two days ago, still more expensive than the lowest that’s why I didn’t post it

  • +2

    Shit.. still not out of stocks …. I am sure i'll be end up with buying this,..

  • Thanks bought one :)

  • -1

    This might be a good alternative if you don't need the 12GB - 8GB for $250:

    (please don't hate me if there's a reason these aren't good for the shucking)

    • +5

      8GB for $250.

      This hard disc drive is gold foiled?

    • This one in particular doesn't come with AU plug. If you select one with AU plug the price jumps a lot.

      • you can request one from WD, and they'll send you one

        • Yeah, but it says you need the device first, so you wait till it arrives mid next month, then wait another month for WD to send a plug to you. Could be fine for some, but for others they might want their storage sooner.

  • DOH!

    Just bought the last 2 last week at $380.10/each

  • +2

    I think $25 per tb is a good deal this is $30.

  • Is this good to shuck?

  • It's a decent product, just not a big fan of Amazon au

    • +11

      Well it's from Amazon US so you have nothing to worry about.

  • That’s heaps! What do you put in it? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Wonder if they would send 128 Tb lol

    • +2

      looks like they made a mistake. it seems to be 12 tb and not 128 according to the title.

      • 128TB is a future dream. 12TB is correct

    • +1

      12TB actually. I wish it's 128TB.

    • this can't be right can it?

  • I just bought one but I'll buy another. Sometimes have trouble streaming off a drive while other stuff is downloading to it, so two drives will balance the load. YOLO so it's better to have more TB while still alive.

  • Getting to the point, where if the hard drive fails, so does your heart. Great deal, maybe another year and I'll buy 2 and be safe.

    • +1

      When your 12TB shucked drive that you bought overseas fails then it is a good time to find a new god.

      • Yup. Data and cash gone. Sounds like the things nightmares are made of

      • -1

        I thought amazon honoured the warranty of items sent from amazon us?

  • +2

    If anyone does shuck it - please do some thorough testing BEFORE you start the shuck.

    I usually follow the steps outlined here:

    If anyone has any other alternatives then let me know.

    • I test them in Unraid

    • I didn't do this with my last one, but it's a good idea. Should at the very least plug it in and make sure it works before shucking. I just tore into my last one and crossed my fingers.

    • If anyone has any other alternatives then let me know.

      I normally just sacrifice a goat to the gods, then shuck away.

  • +1

    12TB on one disk, that's a lot of data to lose in one go!

    • +4

      that's why you get 2

    • The "R" in RAID mitigates that problem a bit.

  • +1

    I just want something to store my data for a long period of time (not looking for a lots of read/write setup for private cloud, etc..). Is it overkill ?

    • +4

      That depends how much data you have. Keep in mind, drives fail. Do not put all your data on a single drive, and expect it to last forever.

      You need backups. Data needs to be stored in multiple places. How far you go, depends on how important the data is.

      • Hmm you're right. I need to do more research then…🤔

  • +1

    With 25USD shipping this one is actually a little cheaper https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1532285-REG/wd_wdbwlg...

    • or 25.55 express shipping even

    • No

      • +2

        I order paper from bhpv and they are always reliable. They are kind of like Amazon except they only sell anything related to photo or video production.

        • +2

          Didn't know B&H delivered here, that's good to know. But with exchange rate, shipping and import taxes, it makes this drive over $400.

          Subtotal:USD $209.99
          Shipping starting from USD $25.50
          Duties & Taxes USD $23.55
          Total USD $259.04
          Est. AUD $401.82

  • +1

    The price seems to go up to $375.76 + $19.04 Delivery now…

    • +2

      Great. Dodged a bullet.

      • Yea gone up to $375 but still free delivery for prime

  • When i see Hard drives this big i think "All the eggs in one basket"

    • You realise you can have multiple right?

    • If you have a NAS you can shuck these and run multiple drives and enable redundancy (mirror or raid)

    • Just means you 1 for the data, 1 for raid and 1 for another separate/offsite backup hahahhaa :(

  • That’s a lot of data to lose if that one drive fails

    • Like I said, if you value anything why wouldn't you have 2?

  • Anyone know if the 6TB the smallest with the WD White inside?

    EDIT: Looks like 8TB is the smallest with Whites.

  • ffs. Missed out again. I really need to start making it a habit to open ozbargin up every morning and at least twice a day so I don't miss out.

    • +1

      Create a email alert. Search WD elements at the top of this site and click create alert in below the search bar 🙂

    • +1

      You can still order, it's only gone up by $9 !

    • $369 today again

  • Anyone got a delay notification from amazon?

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