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Xiaomi Dreame V9 Handheld Vacuum $239.95 | Combo with Carpet Head $299.95 | Power Bank 3 $29.71 Delivered @ oz_accessory eBay


Greetings everyone, this excellent price is back for this very popular handheld vacuum for those interested :)

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner Two Head Combo include Soft Roll Head and Carpet Roll Head AU version $299.95 Delivered.

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction $239.95 Delivered.

Also Available:

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 10000mAh PLM13ZM Dual USB 18W Fast Charging for $29.71 Delivered

Note: This is sold on the oz_accessory eBay store, however it is run by Gearbite, so you'll be able to still receive the same great warranty and service as if buying through the Gearbite / Shopro stores.

Reviews from Prior Deals to Assist:



Brand Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power 400W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction 20,000Pa
Filter Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash One Button to release
Operation Manual English
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee
Warranty 12 Months
Plug AU Plug

Have a great day and stay safe everyone :)

Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • +1

    Thanks OP, pulled the trigger on this one

  • +7

    big fan so far, I bought one a couple weeks ago and haven't looked back

    • +3

      So are you saying that the vacuum sucks or doesn't suck? 🤔

      • +2

        big fan so far

        It blows!

        • -1

          I guess that depends on which side you are.

      • +1

        it does a really good job of collecting dust

  • Thought our old Dyson dc44 animal motor had finally packed it in at the weekend and was ready to buy one of these to replace it… But alas I got it going again, the Dyson lives for another day.

    Though for those who have one of these vacuums - how's it go on hardwood floors?

    • +4

      I use it on Speed 1 works a dream(e)

    • Very good.

    • dysons battery is the worst

  • +8

    How is this compare to dyson?

    • -11
      • Sorry Mrs.

        My dog ate my homework.

    • I used mine for the first time this morning after buying it last week from another deal. It blows my old Dyson V6 out of the water, and all reviews online indicate that it sits somewhere between the V8 and V10 for performance. For the $299 price point with the extra carpet head, its a no brainer in terms of bang for buck.

      After only about 10 minutes of use this morning doing most of the house in a quick and non-thorough manner, the dust bin, which is bigger than the V6 and V8 was almost full! It probably speaks more about the dustiness of my house and the greater suction over my V6 than anything else.

      Either way, I highly recommend it and am one happy customer so far. Test of time will be how long it will last, my V6 has lasted a good 6 years and is still going.

  • Still waiting for my one to arrive since ordering on the 3rd of April. Seems to be stuck with Australia post.

    • +1

      Who did u order from?

      • Sorry, didn't realise this is a different seller. It was from Shopro.

        • Just as an FYI; mine was shipped on the 3rd and delivered to Perth on the 24th (I'm pretty sure, currently working away). Might be worth trying to chase up with AusPost and telling shoppro.

    • Same here

    • What state are you in?

      I ordered one from the Shopro deal too and it arrived last week (to WA) after being stuck for 2 weeks in Victoria. Maybe try following up with Shopro.

      • I ordered it from the same deal from shopro and it was delivered to me in Mel just about a week back.

        To me, it feels like, all these stores are owned by one company only. Other day, when there was a deal from gearbyte rep, I asked him for the spare part link and he forwarded me the link from shopro. I am assuming they are internally one company producing deal under different sellers.

        • I made the same order with Shopro and my one arrived about a week later. (Metro Sydney)

      • WA and it arrived today

  • +12

    my review

    Happy to answer questions after reading review

    • Thx.
      How is it with corners and getting under things e.g. beds?

      • +4

        The highest point on the vacuum head is 57mm from the floor, however you wont be able to hold the pole exactly flush with the ground, so you'll eventually get the pole caught on the bottom of the bed. As far as sliding the head under i havnt had an issue.

        I can get very sharp turns. When flipped, the rollers are around 20-21mm from the sides. but have found it picks up well in the corners, much better than my robot. If i was focusing on corners, id change the the crevice tool.

        • That's a grievance of mine.

          I would add that you can remove the internal gray coloured part by inserting an attachment (or hand) and twisting.

        • Thx

    • +2

      Mad review thanks.

    • Nice review. Bug removal head? Did it actually pick up bugs from your mattress?

      • +1

        i believe it picked up dust/old fibres, It looked "drier" than what the vacuum regularly picks up (IMO a little rounder/it produced more dust balls, than just a dust carpet in the bottom of the cyclone). But what disturbed me was that i vacuumed it VERY thoroughly a week or two prior. Spent at least an hour running over it with different heads, different directions etc.

    • What exactly came out when you used the bug removal head?

      • Bugs

    • I too would like to know what came out when you used the bug removal head!!!

    • I see a sponge as a pre-filter, dysons don't have it, my cheapy big one used to have it and my wired electolux have it, this is pain in arse, you need to wash it, dry it for few days and because it can fail and get dust further to motor, motor can fail (happened to us) and THAT is not covered by warranty, it is "not following instructions".

      So I am avoiding washable sponge filters as much as I can, is this one same experience?

      • I found one in the HEPA filter. No idea how long it will last. If it means a lot to you maybe just replace it all?

        • well, initially it last for a while (month or two, depending how much dust you suck in), then you wash it but it last way less then new, so you might end up washing it every 2-4 weeks. New set of filters for electrolux cost ~$40 (https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/electrolux-ultraflex-starter-...). Wonder how much it cost for this one..

          I mean replacing filter every 2-3 month is a bit expensive..

    • Is it good for the car?

      • that will be one of my main uses. Nozzle will be good, dust/bug rotating head works "ok" on the seats.

        Not sure it will be ideal as when cleaning a car you generally use a flexible hose and a nozzle

        • V10 has a flexible nozzle but its 100$ more expensive

          • @nikoris: fair enough. i'm happy with using it for the car as a one off, but if i was a car detailer, id want a shopvac and flex nozzle. (you cant charge and operate the v9 either)

  • Is this comparable to the Dyson V7 ?

    • +2

      I think this is usually compared up against the Dyson V8

    • +2

      It looks like a copy of the Dyson V7 which can be had for $399. I'd say its the closest comparison.

      Personally I'd rather spend an extra $100 and get the real thing.

      • +1

        Actually, many manufacturer 'copied' the look of dyson, but that's not a matter coz look does not counted as a copyright. For me, I would say this one obviously worthier than v7 coz better performance and much better battery life. But this one is worse than v8. Meanwhile the price of v8 is 2 times of this one.

      • Actually, most reviews and comparisons has this performing better than the V8 and under the V10. I was tossing up between upgrading between this or the V10, and after using it for the first time today, I'm glad i didnt spend close to 1k for something only marginally better. This is a no brainer bang for your buck portable vacuum. It blows my V6 out of the water.

        • I've got an old Dyson DC29 and I'm sick of lugging it around and looking to go cordless. Would the Dreame V9 be a suitable replacement or is it more a hand held dust buster by comparison?

  • +2

    Any carpet heads on its own deal?

    I bought it without the head last deal and kinda regret it despite not having unboxed it yet.

    • +2

      Open it up, see if you won the lucky dip and there's one in the box.

  • How much are replacement filters?

    • Dunno but you can take off the top and give it a slight clean of the loose bits.

  • Purchased one :) Hopefully it is as good as what most people said on web.

    • This one performance is pretty good, better than v7 and like 90% of v8. The biggest difference of this one and D brand is performace decay period, like u may use D-machine for 5 years long but ths one 3 to 4 years.

  • +2

    Dont judge, but the V9 is brilliant as bugs catcher. Used it to trap creepy crawlers so much that it is considered a bug trap instead of vacuum.

  • Is the carpet head worth the extra money ?

    • +1


    • yes.

    • What if you don't have any carpet?

  • Which of the dyson it equals in term of suction power?

  • Does it come with a wall mount?

    • Yes

  • Good timing, My Dyson v6 Absolute's battery just packed in, only last three mins now. apparently a common fault?

    I shall see how this compares then.

    • +2

      Just get new from ebay. $60, problem sorted for next 2 years (hopefully).

      bought that at $50 in sept, still no issues, says 5 years warranty O_o

      Apparently runs longer then original.

      • wowowowo thanks for that!

      • Damn, is it too late to cancel my order?

      • Does it actually run longer than the original??

        • honestly, I did not measure either, but since I got that one I have never ran out of power.. original one become an issue in ~1 year and was replaced just before warranty ran out in 2 years, that replaced one died in 3 months..

  • +2

    Got one of these previously. It sucks.

    • Jokes aside, are you saying it's good or bad?

      • They're good but I don't have a dyson to compare with, had a corded vacuum.

        Battery goes for a while on the low setting and works well at my place (no carpet except for a rug).

  • +7

    any Xiaomi Roborock S50 deal?

  • I wanted to always purchase this since it is way cheaper than the Dyson v10, how much more power is this compared?

    • As I read above, this model is about 90% the V8, so it will be weaker than the V10.

  • I'm thinking of getting the v10 but I can't seem to find any carpet roll head + soft roll head combo. Can I just buy the accessories here instead and can they be used on the v10?

  • In dilemma. I don't need cordless option and have budget of 400$. Should I get this or get bagless Miele CX1. Instead of paying for cordless feature, may be I get more power if I choose bagless Miele CX1. Miele also has good reviews. Any thoughts?.

    • Where have you seen the CX1 for $400?

      • From previous sales 329$ was lowest in November, 399$ recently. Waiting for similar deal.

        • I'm in the same dilemma. If you have alot of carpet or live in a bigger house, i think the CX1 is the go.

  • Anyone getting "code can't be applied to your order"?

    • Same to me.

      • :/

        I've no idea why

        • You have to register Ebay Plus to get this deal.

  • I have tried to order the $239.95 on Ebay, but I couldn't apply the code POTENT15.
    Does anyone have the same problem with me?

    • I think we may have the same problem. I'm trying to apply the code of POTENT15 to the RRP of 282.29 but I get the message of "code can't be applied to your order" and I have no idea why….

      • I've just figured it out - it's only for ebay plus members.

        • Thank you

        • +3

          It's not for eBay plus only, if you're having issues with the code it's best to just contact eBay live chat as they'll be able to fix your account :)

          Or just check out as a guest, that'll work also.

          • @doweyy: Thanks for the help mate. Code is now working after chatting to Ebay Chat.

    • +2

      Please see my comment above :)

  • Thanks op got the carpet combo. Mothers day sorted l.

  • +1

    How does this go with pet hair. I have a husky which can shed hair to make another 50 huskies.

    On a serious note I can fill a black garbage bag full of hair.

  • Can anyone here comment on the Xiaomi Power Bank 3? Wondering if it's a good upgrade from the 2.

    • +1

      i have both 2 and 3.
      3 is quite heavy but it packs more charges than 2, and most of all, it's convenient that it supports USB C. I charge the powerbank with my MacBook Pro charger and it charges up much quicker.

      • Cheers. I'll go ahead and buy this one seeing as it supports USB-C.

    • I looked into that as well interesting observation:

      Mi Power Bank 3 seems to list rated capacity at 5600mah for the 10000mah (PLM12ZM)

      Mi Power Bank 2s seems to list rated capacity at 6500mah for the 10000mah (PLM09ZM)

      Mi Power Bank 2 seems to list rated capacity at 6700mah for the 10000mah (PLM02ZM)

      I've got the Mi Power Bank Pro 10000mah (PLM01ZM) and its by far the slimmest at 11.9mm from my measurements. The others above are around 14.1-14.2mm. Also seems to have an actual rated capacity of 10000mah (38.5Wh) But its also a lot more expensive.

      • How can they get away with a blatant lie?

        Thanks though, i wont be picking it up.

  • Any carpet heads on sale by itself?

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