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MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT MECH OC 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $598 + Delivery @ ShoppingExpress


Seems to be the cheapest decent 5700XT at the moment. All others are $700+ which means this is a good 15% off.

HardwareUnboxed Review

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  • whats the concensus of this vs say a GTX 1660 super at around the $500 mark?

    • You're getting ripped off if you're paying $500 for a 1660 Super.

      The 5700 XT competes with the 2070 Super, so it's a fair bit faster.

      • That's market alignment. The 5700xt with the power limit set to what it should have been released with (but AMD didn't want to be teased by the low power / silent crew on youtube) it's on par with 2080 in a lot of games. Especially now with last month's driver update.

        • So you need to tweak the power limit or is it fixed with latest update? What settings you running

          • @Stahh: version 20.4.1 (20.4.2 is available but haven't installed it, i only just noticed it was there)

            Performance -> Tuning -> Power Tuning -> Powerlimit(%) set to 50%

            I'm using the Powercolor Red Devil.

            It hits max boost far more often and doesn't hit the thermal limits of 100C edge and 110C hotspot (remember they're measured differently to nvidia).

            • @drew442: I am having lot of issues with my MSI gaming x 5700XT along with mob having similar chipset. Tried many drivers and reinstalled windows.

              • @Gaggy: What do you mean Mob running similar chipset?

                Similar to mine? X370?

                • @drew442: like 5700 or 5700xt.

                  • @Gaggy: I have a hard time getting it to crash. I don't play many games though. Just Doom Eternal, BF V and MW. I had the stutter bug a few months ago but it's good now. Other than that I've had no problems.

                    I'm running:
                    R5 3600, -0.0125v, PBO @ +200mhz with power limit and scalar raised (hits 4.4ghz all core boost)
                    5700xt red devil
                    Prime X370-Pro with modded bios
                    16G HyperX Predator @ 3400C14 (X370 limitation I think), UCLK:FCLK 1:1

                    Make sure if you're running AMD you use the Ryzen DRAM calculator instead of XMP unless your RAM has 'For Ryzen' written on the side. It's far more stable. Also make sure your Chipset drivers are up to date (intel call it INF update? sorry, it's been a while).

                    • @drew442: I am using MSI gaming X 5700xt with Asus Gaming AMD x470 chipset and Ryzen 2700x processor .
                      G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory

                      All standard and no OC.
                      If PC stays on for long or come back from sleep, screen starts shattering.
                      Video play in onling games like BF5, COD is not smooth and shutter. Game in general is fine.

                      Once you restart shuttering stops or if you keep using the windows for few minutes. All drivers are latest ( BIOS, Graphic card, etc)
                      When going to news.com.au and at times when videos start on that page, I get black screen. Sometimes in Microsoft Teams when someone starts the video. I have to restart.

                      Shuttering 2 times got bad to a stage when I could not use the system. Had to reinstall windows 10. Tried leaving PC running for long and same shuttering issue. Now I am using the Enterprise driver which is a bit stable, but issues remain.

        • The 5700xt is already heavily overclocked out of the box so that AMD could launch it in the same price tier as the 2070 super, so you can't really compare it to a stock 2070 super/2080, which have a lot more overclocking room.

      • ok thanks for that, looks like a fair price difference between the 2 so the 5700 would be the pick between them

        • You can get the Gigabyte GTX 1660S for $412 on Amazon; I finally decided on RTX 2060 for 25% more in cost to upgrade my GTX 750Ti, with a new Asus 144Hz/1440p monitor.

          • @viirgon: cheers yeah im aiming for something at about the $500 Mark, that sounds pretty good to me

            • @perfectlydark: If $500 is your budget, you are better off going for the RTX 2060 or AMD equivalent; just ordered my 2060 for $537 from Amazon. But have to wait for Amazon stocks to come back as it comes and goes. Or get from Newegg (no experience with them though) which seems to have similar prices to Amazon.

    • well this faster then a GTX2070 and almost as fast as a GTX2070 Super so umm yeah the 1660 is a ripp off.

    • 5700xt can run stuff like d2 at around 1440p 144hz (from experience). A 1660s certainly can not.

      Dunno where you're finding 1660supers for that though, that's more like what a 2060 and 5700 should be going for.

    • Pretty sure the 5700XT is the best price/performance card out there. It's almost as good as the 2070S and outperforms the 1660 super

    • https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/wMh6dm
      Just finished buying my parts today, i chose 5600xt cuz it's $499 and performance is similar/exceeding 2060

  • Good price.. but everyone needs to keep in mind that in 3-4 months the NEW AMD RDNA2 and Nvidia Empere cards will be out and will be just as fast but use half as much power and cost less.

    • Its a bad cycle of waiting lol

      RDNA2, Ampere, Comet Lake, Zen3, DDR5….

      • 7nm RDNA1 has horrid power leakage and that's why they use more power then older Nvidia cards
        7nm RDNA2 has resolved the power leakage issue and is 50% more efficient.. RDNA2 is whats in the PS5 and Xbox Series X

        Im waiting for the power usage lone! and HEAT :)
        Oh and AMD Ray tracing on RDNA2 is a bonus

        • If games are still playable with ray tracing and RDNA2 instead of 30fps like on RTX that will be a game changer.

          If it's playable on mainstream Ampere that'll be a game changer.

          My guess is it won't be playable with less than $1500 into a gpu.

      • DDR5 is coming out with Zen 4 in late 2021 /2022 lol .. why would you include that

        the rest all come out mid this year

      • I wouldn't wait for zen 3, it'll be better - but 5 - 10% better ffor most users use.

        RDNA2 and Ampere should be massive bumps over RDNA (navi) and Turing though. Especiallyray tracing wise. WWorth the waut goven there will be consoles with rt this year, likely see wider adaption of it thanks to that.

        • whens next gen release and availability roughly?

        • Look at the reviews for the 3100 vs 3300X for the preview of one of the benefits of the upcoming Zen3 architecture over Zen2 - latency.

          In production benchmarks at the same clocks it is meh, in games the latency diff is huge at same clocks, but with Zen2 4c8t is the max CCX with 2x CCX per CCD (or chiplet) as in the 3300X, whereas Zen3 is CCX=CCD so 8c16t will have that latency fix plus all the other new stuff.

          Zen3 vs 10th Gen iX (hyper-threading all the way down) is gonna be real interesting for gaming.

    • and cost less.

      Citation needed.

  • Good price in current tech climate

  • While anecdotal at best I feel as though I read posts aplenty regarding the terrible build quality and QA of the MSI 5700 XT Mech OC which is a shame considering how good the Gaming X model is

    • Plastic back plate? :( to trap all that heat in
      in that hardware unboxed review the mech OC is very noisy

      • Have a look at reviews on youtube, I think it could be something about bad placement of thermal compounds on memory units.
        I have the Gigabyte 5700XT and the performance is great.

    • nothing 5 minutes work can't fix. They were revised and I doubt this is a v1 card. It's possible though

  • Just thought I would throw my hat in. I bought the 5700 a month ago for a brand new build and the driver issues are still there. Bsods, no post, black screens you name it. Tried every combination of driver possible.

    Had to return and refund. Bought a 2060super instead and issues were all resolved.

    Your mileage may vary and it might have been a faulty card but I didn't want to risk more headaches. What's worse is the ozbargain community warned me when I posted the 5700 deal and I promptly ignored them haha.

    • Got a Sapphire RX 5500 XT 4GB .. running rock solid for a while now.
      5700 series hasn't turned out to be super reliable but the 5500 is fine.

      The RX5700 series pretty much was a consumer beta testing product for RDNA2 so the play station 5 and Xbox series X are rock solid.

      • Mech OC 5600 XT here, no bios issues for me.

        A great card so far for me, 5700 seems to be the weak link in that series…

        • Hi I was hoping you could help me make a decision on purchasing a 5600 Xt.
          Does the new BIOS update 'unlock' 14 Gbps or is it still at 12? TIA!

    • I've never had any driver issues with AMD GPUs (HD 7850 -> R9 380 -> RX 570) but we'll see how it goes with the 5700 XT.

    • Okay here goes. I've always been curious what all the fuss is about. I'm putting my money where my mouth is so either it is the best investment I've ever made or the worst. I guess will find out soon enough.

    • I was the same. Purchased an ASUS RX 5700 XT with the reference cooler as an upgrade from a MSI RX Vega 56 (also with the reference cooler). It was loud, hot, and very unstable. It would crash whilst using a web browser if hardware acceleration was enabled, and it would stutter and/or lose signal (i.e. black screen) whilst gaming. I tried every driver version available at the time (running DDU in safe mode between each installation) and even clean installed Windows 10. Nothing worked. Reverting to the MSI RX Vega 56 regained system stability, as did upgrading to a Gigabyte RTX 2070 (which was the same price at the time).

      This was several months ago, so it's disappointing to hear AMD still hasn't resolved the issues (although, AMD fanboys that frequent communities such as reddit.com/r/amd haven't helped the situation by trying to censor and dismiss users that report experiencing issues). Unfortunately, this seems to be the theme with being an early adopter of AMD's products. It takes months until stability is achieved through driver and/or firmware updates. That being said, I think they've done an amazing job with the Ryzen processors and I'm very happy with the Ryzen 9 3900X (even with the advertised boost frequencies still being unobtainable, even with water cooling).

      • They actually fixed most of the issues in the latest driver release, not to mention a reference version is bad enough as it is.

        • That's good to hear and I hope it is actually the case. If AMD can launch their RDNA2 video cards with stable drivers at launch, I'll happily switch back. If they can't, well I guess I'll be selling one of my kidneys to pay for Nvidia's (no doubt overpriced) Ampere flagship.

    • Wtf I have EXACTLY same issues with my 5600 XT, I just sent it back via Aussie Post to Umart. It was driving me insane!!!!!

    • Must be a bad card. I have an Asus 5700 and I really can't fault it.

    • You're just unlucky af. I have a 5700 no issues. Just 1 black screen in a whole month, and all I had to do was disconnect and reconnect HDMI and it's back.

  • Good price considering current GPU prices, just be aware the card is actually louder than an AMD reference 5700 XT.

    And good link for Hardware Unboxed's review.

  • Was about to get a Sapphire Pulse 5600xt for $540. Should i wait for a while or go with team green due to driver issues?

    • This 5700XT is a good deal for the performance on offer today, the waiting game often never ends. Personally I wouldn't be going with the 5700XT for the driver issues mentioned, lack of tweak-ability and a few other niggling reasons where I find AMD cards to be a touch inferior.

    • Drivers have been rock solid since Jan for me, on Reference 5700xt. Bought in August and regular black screen issues, less and less so by Xmas 2019.

  • This will be my 8gb rx580 replacement in a year or two :)

  • So hard not to pull the trigger but I’m waiting for the new cards

    • Me too. Hoping for better driver stability and significant price drops in the 5700xt when the new ones get released. Although will be interesting to see the price point the new cards will be released at.

  • Just bought this last friday for $689 from one of Shopping Express's eBay stores, anybody know if I'd be eligible for a refund in the difference.

  • I have this card. I'm no PC gaming expert so can't give an in depth review (probably refer to hardware unboxed for that) but seems to run pretty much everything I throw at in 1440p. Only thing that bugs me a bit is that it's loud as hell and seems to run pretty hot (which I've read is not uncommon for AMD cards).

    • It looks like the default fan curve is really aggressive, but if you set up a fan curve that maxes out at 60% it should be a fair bit quieter.


      You can also do the 1 click auto undervolt in AMD drivers which should also help with temperatures and noise.

      • The hardwareunboxed review mentioned that reducing fan speed on the MECH OC would reduce sound db, but increase thermals too much. Your pic shows 65-69c which is fairly reasonable, so what are they talking about?

        • We'll see when mine gets here :)

        • I just got the 5700XT and it definitely is noisy out of the box. I setup a fan curve in MSI AB and undervolted it and the noise is much better. I can still hear it a bit when I'm wearing headphones but while gaming it's not that noticeable.

          I'm waiting on my thermal paste to come so I can put on my existing G12 and H55 which should help with noise and temps.

  • Good price but i wont buy another AMD card till they get there drivers sorted

  • they dont know pepperspraylaugh

  • The only thing stopping me from jumping on this is owning a Nvidia Shield and not being sure if gamestream to it would work anymore with an AMD gpu… Damn Nvidia shield…

    • AMD Link is an app to do that, mixed reports when it first released over a year ago, might be better now.

  • Not sure why there is such a huge difference in price between this and the 5700 XT Gaming X. What are the thermals of these 2 compared?

  • This card vs RTX 2060 Super: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45Q8TVmzHI8 (13 Apr 2020 video)
    This card vs RTX 2070 Super: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK_Ue4d9CpE (18 Apr 2020 video)

    Should help some people if unsure this is a good deal or not (it is), or unsure if AMD is a good fit for them.

  • Damn, Just bought the Asus tuf 5700xt for the same price.

  • Add to cart and it becomes $698. Is it just me?

  • Good price for the minute - but its thermals and power usage werent the best

  • I just bought a 2060 super off shopping express for 689 last Saturday. this is upsetting ahah

  • the price is $689. How Can I get it $598?

  • Possible pricing error?

  • Don't think its a price error.. purchased in March for 505 inclduing shipping

  • Good price if you can get it, I got my red dragon 5700xt from PCCG for 629 back in feb.

  • I have an R9 290+ Sapphire.

    I was just in the process of completely renewing my rig when COVID hit and was saving my GPU until last… Prices went up way too much for me to justify spending so much for a card.

    My question is do cards drop that much in price when new ones are released?