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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128GB $599 / Huawei P30 $0 Upfront on Telstra $65/Mth 60GB 12 Mth Plan (EXP) @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-In Req)


Greetings everyone, JB Hi-Fi are running a promotion where you can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128gb for $599 Upfront when you take out a $65 Per Month 60gb Telstra Plan.

Consider that the plan has a $390 ETC, you could technically get this phone for $989 total outright if you broke contract, that's cheaper than the samsung EPP price :)

Huawei P30 is also $0 upfront with the same plan and ETC, thanks to aspirepranesh.

From what I understand, the Samsung galaxy deal is essentially a $750 gift card used to offset from the phone cost. So I think you might be able to get a different higher specced Samsung using this gift card for a higher price if you talk to the representative in store.

Alternatively, still seems like pretty good value either way!

As always, enjoy :)

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      Most of the comments I've read are that you need be off the Telstra system for a calendar month's worth or 30 days.

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      30 days not on telstra.

      Do it now and wait for their next deal in a month

  • Can you cancel and get the S20 for $599 as well? Confused about the comments around the gift card…

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      You can cancel but there ETC are $390 as per comments above

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      plus ETC

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      What an odd neg, this works out to be $989, which is cheaper. Not everyone has access to EPP.

  • Samsung in Australia uses the Exynos processor and its significantly worse than everywhere else that uses snapdragon.

    • Keen to know how significant it is, can you notice it from use?

    • +2

      Raw Speed yes, however can you measure how much more productivity does it provide you by having that Snapdragon processor?
      That's the problem, one person says it then the entire Ozbargain somebody has to post the Exynos vs Snapdragon.

      Practicality vs Synthetic Benchmarks. For 90% of the world it wont matter, for the remaining 10% they will always be complainers.

      • This shouldn't be negged?

        It's legit a big gap this year which sucks cos it would make a great buy instead of a overpriced OnePlus 8 pro…

        Watch this for further info


        Edit: why is this negged? Lol I didn't want to come across as a Karen 😂 peace ozbros

      • Battery life as well

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    Telstra's live chat seems to be run by people who have given up. shocking behaviour by them

    • +2

      Yeah I find myself correcting them ALOT

      • I ported to Optus from Telstra 24th March. Tried changing to this deal today and can't because the stupid staff still have not cancelled my plan besides being with another provider for 2 months. And they "fixed" the issue a month ago by crediting my plan and cancelling it. Still has not been done. Truthfully I think ATM thay have like 6 untrained monkeys working for them. First Lady wouldn't even let me talk to somebody

    • Feels like you're talking to a 17 year old still in bed.

  • Are you sure it is only $390 ETC?

    I thought that was for the $45/month plan.

    From memory the $65 has a $590 ETC but hopefully you are correct and I am wrong ha ha ha….

  • A question, I have a pixel 4, love the mobile but have to keep it on recharge constantly.

    Is the Hua camera better than the pixel 4?

    • I have both, camera is pretty similar, but battery is much better on Huawei

  • If i pay the etc will it also be unlocked?
    Or do i have to pay another fee?

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      The phone is unlocked from the get go.

  • I just discussed this deal at my local JB (Armadale, WA) and was informed that the number you wish to port in has to have been activated for > 30 days. Is anyone else being told the same?

    FYI, this deal finishes on May 20th for anyone wondering.

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      Nope, I took advantage of the last deal and ported into Telstra the same day I activated the Optus sim. I don't think there's any way for them to check how long your service has been active for.

      • I can confirm I went to another store today (Cannington, WA) and had no issue taking advantage of the offer with a burner SIM I only activated today.

        Not sure why the previous store wasn't willing.

        • I think the >30 days is the case with existing numbers (ie. people that had been with Boost or Telstra within 30 days not entitled to the offer).

          New sims (new number) would be fine to take up this offer.

  • I have a mate 20 pro.

    Is the camera on the p30 better? $390 is an excellent price and im looking to upgrade the wifes pixel 2 xl.

    she just wants an excellent camera to capture memories of our little one.

    • No, the mate 20 pro utilised the same camera setup as the p30 pro. Minus the periscope zoom. Better than the P 30 camera. They will also ask you to pay out the rest of the phones value to JB hi-fi, because they have now put another clause in the last page of the contract that is designed to avoid just this early exit for a cheap phone exploit.

      • +1

        Does that mean we can't get the P30 for $390 anymore?

        • any update pls?

        • I think that JB want you to pay the difference out to cover the phone cost. That's what my contract last paragraph states.

  • anyone know if the 400 gift card is still included with this deal?

    • Nevermind, didnt see the fine print at the bottom of the deal

  • +5

    I got the p30 deal 2 weeks ago as an upgrade from the pixel 2xl from the deal couple of years ago.

    Very happy with the p30, very fast, excellent battery and screen (no more ghosting/smudging) and actually handles deep blacks well. Can confirm only cost is the $390 cancellation fee plus any pro rata monthly charge from when you activate to when you cancel. Went to aldi for a $5 prepaid, then to jb an hour later and all done, super easy and just put my existing circles life Sim card in ($28m for 100gb).

    Would recommend and do again, just download pixel launcher as a replacement for the Huawei launcher and spend some time to change setting/default keyboards etc and best of all worlds - just my 2 cents for those on the fence about it

    • Just confirming, you signed up to Telstra in jbhifi. Took phone home, then go on live chat with Telstra to cancel your plan on the same day?

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        Cancelled a couple of days later but that's just because I couldnt wait around for the Telstra chat person to come online. But yes confirmed, no cash spent on the day, mobile in hand, final bill comes in the mail with the payout amount so you have about a month before you even have to pay anything. Forgot to mention phone comes with clear silicone case and preapplied screen protector in the box from Huawei as well

        • +1

          Haha funny story about that. I hadn't bought a glass screen protector by the time I got the phone so was stuck with the factory screen protector but I wasn't aware that there's a temporary clear film which is obviously less permanent that you can/should remove.

          I was walking around for about a week with this fluff-filled looking screen as I kept trying to reapply to ensure no damage until I got my ebay glass protector. Finally the day comes when I get the glass protector in the mail, remove the temporary clear film and find there's already a nice preapplied screen protector already on it!

          • @andyman1908: Is that a tempered glass screen protector?

            • @jopiter69: You mean the one that's preapplied? I'm not sure 100% but I doubt it.

              Seems very thin compared to previous tempered glass screen protectors I've had so I'd assume its a plastic one but its well applied (which I could never do right with plastic ones).

              • @andyman1908: Yea I assumed it would be plastic but it should do the job till you get a glass one.

          • @andyman1908: How does the tempered protector still read the screen fingerprint OK on the P30?

            Got mine a couple of weeks ago in same deal but haven't put protector on yet

            • @Whatisthatvelvet: I haven't applied it either still using the preapplied one

              • @andyman1908: Yeah same. I had the factory one on my Mate 10 for just over 2 years and had no issues with that. Just wasn't sure about the tempered ones

            • @Whatisthatvelvet:

              How does the tempered protector still read the screen fingerprint OK on the P30?

              Works fine.

        • How did you cancel in the end? I signed up yesterday, want to cancel today. Reached out to "my Telstra", and the bot said someone will contact me soon.

          Would rather cancel sooner than wait for them to get back to me.

          • @starburstyellow: Hi @starburstyellow, Has someone contacted you yet? If so how long did it take for them to contact you?


            • +1

              @apwee1: Hey! actually yes. After originally trying on the app earlier, the "bot" said someone will contact me, and they did.

              Got a message in the app 1 hour ago. I requested that I wanted to cancel and if she can tell me the ETC. She said it will be $391.22. I said go on ahead, and ive now got an email saying:

              As you've requested, the disconnection of your service is underway

              Hi starburstyellow,

              Attached is some useful information regarding your request.

              Your order estimate includes any applicable charges associated to your service disconnection and confirms the date your service will no longer work.

              We recommend keeping this email in case you have any questions about your charges in the future.

              If you've changed your mind, please call us on 13 2200, visit a Telstra store or go online.

  • Bugger I've just ported my number from Telstra to Optus from the previous 12 month Pixel deal - ended 2 months early.

    Looks like I'll have to wait a month before I can swing back to Telstra judging by the comments? Shall struggle on with a battered and bruised Pixel 3 with terrible battery life for now 👎

    • +1

      If you have no interest in the Telstra plan and are just looking at cancelling to get a cheap handset, get a $5 aldi Sim card with a new number and just use that to port over and get the offer, then just play on with your existing Sim in the new phone

  • Are we able to have 2 plans under the one name?
    Missus has a s10 on this deal under my name and I am interested in replacing my oppo with the p30.

    • Its fine to have 2 plans under one name. Im in the same situation where missus has an s10 under my name and i was able to get the p30 under my name as well. Only difference is i replaced my iphone with the p30.

  • Would anyone know if it counts as port out if you're coming from boost?

    Edit: just read the fine print, boost is excluded from this promo

  • can I just buy a $2 Sim from Optus or Telstra to port in?

    • Not Telstra obviously. Optus may need $10 recharge. Based on an earlier comment, $2 Coles SIM is best as it activates without requiring to recharge.

  • -1

    $65 a month doesn't grab me! I use roll over data (Belong) & buy extra "never expire data" on eBay or Facebook market place. It costs generally $10 for 20GB blocks & as I said it NEVER expires. I have at present 75GB.

    • The plan might not grab you, but most people are keen on this for the subsidized phone.

      • Ahhh… Lol why do u want it to grab U?

  • Guys, who owns P30, what is your latest security update there?
    Just worried that Huawei may be slow with updates now since they are banned.

    • +4

      Android 10, latest android security patch March 2020

      • Yep same here.

  • I picked up one yesterday and had no issues. ported out from optus and number was swapped over instantly. s20+ seems good so far, hopefully it can stand up to my good experiences with the pixel 2 xl.

  • So tempted to move from Optus (i am on an old plan with 80G for $35pm). Thinking to get the p30 and sell it to cover monthly phone plans.

    • What's the selling value on Gumtree?

      • I don't know may be i could be able to sell with $500 at least.

  • For anyone who bought the P30 how much was the gift card value?

    • +1

      $899 for mine

      • Thanks Craze

      • Do you get a JB invoice showing the value of the phone as $899 or $0?

        • Phone is listed as $899 on invoice that's paid in full with the gift card

  • In theory, as they give you a $899 gift card to pay for the p30 with is there anything stopping you from signing up then returning the phone if it's unopened?

    • That's a really good question!
      Anybody from JB staff here who could shed a light?

      • Or as I mentioned in my earlier post, not cashing in the $900 gift card and just walking out of the store without the phone..In my case I could have done that.

        • So you could have gotten $900 JB GC for $390+. Really?

    • You can't return for a gift card. the receipt have the Telstra Plan (number) attached to it. At least, it was for my case in the past.

    • I can confirm both myself and my dad returned the phone and had 0 issues or questions. So signed up to the plan and got a $899 gift card after returning the phone.

      • Which store and what reason did you provide to return the phones?

        • Returned it to eastgardens, said we thought they were waterproof but they were not.

          • @rmmm7410: And still have to pay the $390 termination fee? Still up $500.

            • @Whatisthatvelvet: Not terminating the contract. If I cancel the contract still have to find another plan. A plan needs to be under $32.50 for 60gb to make it value cancelling.

              • @rmmm7410: Wow thats really good , so the $899 gift card that you got back can be use on anything?

  • Finally convinced myself to pull the trigger but the jb HiFi in the strand had the s20+ for $939. Anyone else saw similar in other stores?

  • -2

    Hi Guys

    Just to confirm and correct me if im wrong I go to JB and sign for the S20+ and then port my existing activated new voda phone number to telstra then who and how do i contact to cancel it and once i cancel it how much do i pay for cancellation as its 12 months plan with telstra or how does it work and and can then i use my optus sim in the S20+ phone, its not network locked or anything please advise.

    • +6

      please use more comma at least,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • -1

    This deal total $989
    If buy from EPP cost $999.3 after $50 off from subscribing. Currently $1049.30
    I prefer to pay $10 extra and less work to go to jb sign up/port and then call to cancel.
    note: it is a good deal if you don't have EPP though.

    Sorry, just notice there is $750 to $900 gift card with huawei.

    Can I understand correctly?

    So sign up the deal/port.
    Sign up $599 for samsung $65 plan
    Get the gift card $750.
    Use it to pay $599 so you still have $156 in the gift card.
    Then after 1 day cancel and pay $390 to end the contract.
    So end up out of pocket $390 with $156 gift card?

    Pay $599 and $390.
    Then $750 gift card to buy an outright phone or tv etc?

    Please let me know. Thanks

    • +3

      Have you read any of the posts?

    • I'm still unsure with the gift card part. Appreciate your help and time if you are free to answer. Thanks

      ah..never mind. I've got it now.
      The actual phone Samsung s20+ $1349 and use $750 gift card hence pay $599

      For Huawei P30 $899 and get gift card $900 to use hence $0.

      Both pay ETC $390

  • +1

    Just went and did this in WA for the P30
    Purchased an Amaysim sim card, activated on line on the discounted $10 plan ($5 at the moment)
    Cancelled auto renewal on the Amaysim card
    Went to JB
    Ported number in and picked up the phone
    Called Telstra on 13 22 00 and followed prompts to terminate account, put through to a person, informed them I was terminating due to personal reasons
    They said ETC is $390 plus pro rata usage
    Job done

    Thanks for this

    • So on top of the $390, do you still have $900 gift card?
      You get this $900 gift card to pay for the phone p30 hence $0 for the phone.
      Only pay ETC $390

      Please let me know. Thanks

      I've understood now. No need to answer.

  • Will be going in tomorrow for a P30, did anyone ask the JB salesperson if they could see the $390 ETC charge in the contract? Want to make sure it's not something else and I usually hear different things from different salespeople

    • Read the comments above

    • There's no issue with asking about the T&Cs of a contract, but to avoid appearing like dodgy time waster and JB/Telstra closing these awesome deals, put some creativity when asking about the ETC so it doesnt sound like you're going to cancel asap.

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