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30% off Sitewide at New Era Cap AU


Just got this email, 30% off Sitewide until Friday morning when clickfrenzy starts.
It appears you can't order something you ordered before and you can't double up with a voucher code!
Also for when this sale ends there's a code WELCOME25 for 25% off!

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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    Great if you're a Yankees or Dodgers 'fan'


      Hey whitlam,

      We've seen this feedback by our fans and we've been working towards having a wider range across teams this year.

      Currently, every MLB, NFL, NBA and AFL team is represented with product on our site, along with our motorsport, rugby and EPL partners.

      Hopefully later this year we'll have even more styles available for all fans that love our product.


        All good, as a Blue Jays fan unless you go to Toronto you don't see a lot of BJ merchandise and you never the low rise/crown 59Fifty.

        Also collect Minor League hats which I just buy in bulk every few years from the States.


        Agree with the other commenter— if you could stock the 59FIFTY LOWS, that would be great.

        Have also been wanting to replace my twenty year old, long worn wool fitted cap too, but previously found it impossible to get the genuine limited stuff sent to AU.

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      Pretty sure 9/10 people that rock an LA dodger hat don't even know it's a baseball team…


    Thanks OP picked up a couple of caps and some socks.


    Free shipping on orders over $60 as well!

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    I also need to mention they offer free returns, so if your not 100% sure of a size/style it's pretty risk free esp if your purchase is over $60(free shipping)
    You just create a return label from the website for AusPost to scan & send it back in original box!
    Hopefully you won't need to but it's nice to know


    Had a look but there’s a pretty dud selection compared to the US site.
    For someone who doesn’t just want sports theme, the entertainment category is VERY limited.
    Pretty disappointing.

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      Thanks for the feedback, we're growing our entertainment category so please stay posted while we bring more in later this year. What would you like to see available locally?


    I would love to see the 9fifty trucker caps! Specifically NY in all black but if you had them in Hawthorn Hawks also all black I would buy!
    I've had a few conversations with friends who have said similar either in standard colours/black or black/dark Camo colours! There's my 2c I'd be interested to know what others think also? I find the European NewEra stores have the best varieties that I'm interested in personally.
    Nice to have a rep on here tbh :)


      Thanks for the feedback. All of the countries work on creating product that suits their region and complements the global range. We do bring in truckers to Australia but mostly of the 9Forty silhouette, I've passed your feedback to our team to consider in the future. Thanks for the support!


    I would love to see the CHICAGO CUBS 1979 COOPERSTOWN WOOL 59FIFTY FITTED available here. I've been on the hunt for one of these caps but can't find it anywhere in Australia.

    This is a link to the US New Era site: https://www.neweracap.com/Sports/MLB/COOPERSTOWN-COLLECTION/...

    Can you get these?!?!?!

    Thank you :)


    I found the cap Essendon sent me last year was of horrific quality e.g. light, flimsy and poorly constucted.

    Are the Essendon caps you sell better quality?


      Hi Skramit,

      We're the premium hatmaker for all the big leagues globally and our quality and craftsmanship is something we're very proud of. Any AFL hat made by New Era is constructed with the highest standards, if you have a chance to experience our product there's really no comparison to others in the market. You won't be disappointed with our Essendon FC headwear!


    do you offer returns??


    I'd love to know the difference between all the models, as I really fancy getting a few baseball hats, but my brain was sore after trying to work out the differences. :(

    Which ones are the authentic versions the MLB players wear during a game?



      Hi there,

      We have a silhouette education page here:


      Our Official MLB "Authentic Collection" can be found here: https://bit.ly/3e3fOwt

      Happy to help if you need any more info.


      New Era Australia


        Thanks for this. As I've been trying to buy a New Era hat for a while, but I'm so good at getting overwhelmed with choice I end up getting nothing!

        I’ll have a read and try and work it out, appreciate you offering help here.

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      In basic terms 59fifty are the fitted on-field style hats & 9fifty are similar with snapback adjustable sizing!


        Thanks, this helps.

        As I like snapback.

        However, I see some 9fifty hats are curved and some are straight? And some over words chucked in like FLEX.



          Hi soundwave182,

          Yes our large variety of styles is sometimes daunting for new fans, but our large range is what makes us the premium cap brand in the world. We have something to fit everyone!

          To answer your question, pre-curved or flat visor is purely a personal preference. Some people like the curved visor, some light it dead straight - it's all about your own style! Some people even like to get the flat visor and curve it themselves to give it a personal touch.

          Lastly, our 9Fiftys have a "stretch" option too that was introduced recently that gives a stretchable, modern fit to the classic 9Fifty snapback for extra comfort.

          My personal favourite is a pre-curved 9Fifty Snapback, that's the classic baseball cap design that's timeless.

          Hope this helps! And feel free to get in touch with me if you have any other questions.


          New Era Australia


            @cashmerethoughts: Thanks. But yes, I'm having massive amounts of decision anxiety, as I'm certain that with so many choices I'm guaranteed to pick the wrong thing.

            Anyway, I found a 9Fifty at Rebel and tried it on. I liked it, yet I would like it curved, and perhaps not so tall on my head? What version would that be?

            Also, I like the snapback as well, but I thought the classic baseball cap design is the 59Fifty?


              @soundwave182: For a lower profile snapback, I would go for the 9Forty with the contoured crown.


              Yes the original baseball is the fitted 59Fifty, but the 9Fifty is the adjustable version of that if you want the snapback.


              @soundwave182: For me I find the original fit 9fifty after about 2weeks breaking it in and getting the curve right is much nicer than pre-curve! I've worn a 9fifty for a the last few years and definitely find it fits me better doing it myself! Also be aware the stretch ones are a different fabric than the wool/polyester ones you most commonly see! I really don't like it but again it's personal preference.


                @Clarky77: Thanks for this. I just have no idea how to curve the hat myself.

                What else do you shake though other than the brim?


                  @soundwave182: There's not really much to it, just shape the brim slightly and wear the hat as tight as you feel comfortable for the first couple weeks. The wool hats seem to mould especially well & getting caught in the rain actually speeds up the process of moulding the hat shape! There are quite a few YouTube videos and websites that offer differing opinions/advice but for me 2weeks wearing and re-curving the brim(it has a tendency to wanna straighten) works best. I also prefer the look myself rather than the pre-curv! Just my 2c you can get original fit that have a lower profile crown which I'm sure you've seen!
                  Good luck,I had to buy/try quite a few different styles/shapes before I was happy.

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