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Apple iPhone XS 256GB - Gold $1149 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display with HDR1
IP68 dust and water resistance (maximum depth of 2 metres for up to 30 minutes)2
12-megapixel dual cameras with dual optical image stabilisation and 7-megapixel TrueDepth front camera — Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting, Depth Control and Smart HDR
Face ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay
A12 Bionic with next-generation Neural Engine
Wireless charging — works with Qi chargers3
iOS 12 with Memoji, Screen Time, Siri Shortcuts and Group FaceTime4

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Not too sure how much of a deal this is however considering JB HiFi had an advertised price of $849 for the 64GB model a few months ago, and that it is almost two years old in a few months. Different product, but same principle.
    Despite that, iPhone Xs is still an amazing phone.

    • Considering 256 GB versions of current iPhones are priced about $250 more than their 64GB counterparts, I would say this deal is pretty decent. Especially if somebody is after 256 GB storage option, this is a really good price even for last gen iPhone

    • When was it ever $849? I thought it was $999 for the 64gb model?

  • Yes it's with Optus, but if you bundle it with their $65/mth for 12 month and get $400 credit it's worth considering IMO.

    • I think I saw on the TV adverts last night that they're offering 700$ gift cards. Maybe then I could afford something from Harvey Norman.


        yeah, If you do the $65 sim for 24mths, its $700 GC

        • Ah ok. Didn't realise it was a 24 month deal, thought it was a bit sus as to how they're able to offer such a large gift card.

          Seems like the 400$ credit is better value then. But you can also find $500 gift card deals at JB from time to time.

          • @NatoTomato: Just want to point out number wise the 12 month deal is not much to right home about. Price in the headphone and credit equals 110.75 per month for 12 months. While the 24 month deal end up only cost $75.

            In English, you spend $420 to buy your way out of the second year of the 24 month contract.

            As crap as the 12 month deal is, it is still better that Optus' own plans… I have nothing to say……

        • mate the head phone deal still on?

  • You can get extra $57.45 eBay voucher with Best Price Guarantee if you purchase from eBay

  • Showing decent stock in Melbourne (e.g. Chadstone, Nunawading, Fountain Gate). Nothing near 2122 in Sydney lel.

  • I got the XS 512 for $599 on 12 month telstra jb hifi plan about 3 weeks ago. was like $1350 off the phone on $65 telstra plan.

    • Yeah me too

      • What are the monthly repayments or plan fee and contract length on top of the $599 up front?

        • $65/ month for 12 months? $599 Outright for the phone. It's all there lol

          • @WoodenSpoon: Nice work! Is it still available or was a time limited deal

            • @reece8: I'm not the OP, I was just answering your question lol.

            • @reece8: As far as I know it wasn't advertised or anything, was just across JB but staff knew. I was just in there to buy an iPad pro cause the wife busting my balls, told her wasn't very ozbargain to buy another iPad, then having to spend another $200 on a pencil and $300 on a keyboard.

              Lucky jb didn't have anything but the iPad in stock, whilst the jb guy was serving me his other mate comes past and goes to me: 'You're here for the last iPhone xs aren't you?' his other buddy was like nah man he's not, (trying to do it hushly lol)(I'm Asian glasses, young, very stereotype, he probably thought i was here for the bargain lol). Obviously, I'm like hey man what iPhone is he on about, and from there began a beautiful love story.

              TLDNR: limited stock deal + they had it on the xs max too but that was all gone. luckyi didn't get it, i find the xs way too heavy compared to my old iPhone 8. i still prefer the lightness of the 8 but screen, when kids with $200 huaweis getting a better picture….

  • Was able to get 2 LG V50s for almost the same price as this. Blows my mind the price of apple products. Are they really that much better?

    • Than an LG V50? Yes.

    • LG V50 is awesome for the price.
      But can’t convince my other family members to leave iOS.

    • It's just what happens when you get stuck in the apple ecosystem.

    • yeah it's much better since Andriod devices get 2-3 years of software updates, while Apple gives 5 years.
      Also the performance is much better.

    • I have a $400 android phone. My wife has an iphone 11.

      There's no way the 11 is worth the extra $800 it cost in my view. Its certainly a good phone and the camera is a bit better than mine (but not massively so). For 99% of what we use them for it makes no difference as far as I can see, and mine works better with Chromecast!

    • In normal circumstances, you are purchasing a phone that you will be using for 2 years, or even for the yearly switchers, at least 1 year. It is something the buyer uses every day for a couple of hours. For these types of things, price does not matter, rather user preference matters.

      Sure, you think you saved a lot of money by getting two LG V50s, they might have a mind-blowing spec sheet, but to answer your question if they are better, like others said it depends on the user.

      But consider this;

      Apple products have an amazing resale value. The unaware non-ozbargainer iPhone fanatic would happily buy a used iPhone, just takes some time on gumtree/facebook marketplace. If you don't have time for gumtree or something, take your iPhone to any place that buys phones and you will still get a considerable amount. People hesitate to buy used Samsung flagship phones, which means they will not even look at LG phones.

      This goes back to the argument of iPhone's being 'overpriced.' Mate, if you like IOS and want to use a device you feel comfortable with, go ahead and buy it, you will always be able to sell it as long as you don't drop the phone and damage it beyong repair or something. Don't be fooled with the considerably lower prices of LG and other android companies struggling to stay afloat.

      Sincerely a Samsung Galaxy user who cannot stand IOS but admires Apple's marketing strategy and ability to sell way more smartphones of a particular model at the price they sell at than other companies.

    • switched to the old iphone se from a sony z3 compact a few years ago.
      iphones arent better, worse in many ways. but their trick is that things either work pretty well or not at all, no in between. androids can be way better, but people dont like setting things up themselves

      so you end up with weird things like people spruiking imessage and facetime, not because they are better, but because other apps are locked out of the phone and made harder to use.
      eg voice control for spotify came very recently, but apple music has had it for years

      id have probably picked up an apple watch ages ago if whatsapp calls worked with it, not just facetime which ive never used

  • I forgot it's a oled, gas guzzling screen of 2688×1242 on a 2,658mAh battery with Lg's patented oled technology.

    But seriously the supported internal 2,658mAh battery should be 4800mah, or atleast 5000mah.

    You can get some killer phones on the market, maybe killer isn't the word maybe star wars death destroyer.

    • I thought they were using Samsung screens on OLED iPhone's ?

      • Only in the X's and max series they are using of, apart fr that it was Samsung.

        I stand corrected


        Well LG owns the TV sector market via a patent, and Samsung and lg really hate each other on a business level. As normal south Koreans they love each other.

        • Google says they were used as a "secondary supplier" - which suggests pot luck which panel you got but primarily Samsung screens were used. Apart from that your statement makes no sense.

          • @BargainKen: Whose Google, and what's a library.

            And with those key factors of 2688×1242 on a 2,658mAh battery.

            It's way beyond not worth the price.

    • OLED is absolutely worth it. After having a X from release and currently using an XS max I could not go back to any other type of screen.

      • The battery doesn't justify the cost, I can it see value in the os for those scared branching out,and for those not to techy, tech wise no.

    • You forget iOS doesn't allow for third party apps to multitask in background (for more than 5mins after changing app focus) and it hibernates all apps not in foreground so at end of day it doesn't need a big battery and lasts all day. I have a XS Max and it indeed lasts a day easily, Same as my Note 9 but that needs root and I had to disable quite a few services and apps.

      Each to their own but the battery life in iPhones isn't a issue unless you have a iPhone SE Gen 2

  • BIGGER, MORE STORAGE and CHEAPER with Vodafone before

    Also been cheaper on other OZB deal but….

    If the Beat headphone deal still on, this could make a good compliant with the Harvey $700 gift card deal.

    • Don't think that deal worked for anyone. Vodafone were already out of stock before the deal was posted. Did you get the phone?

      • I was just compareing deal to deal. I am an Android guy now :)

        Just want to point out that it isnt that great a deal. JB has the same price at the beginning of the year.

  • damn this is cheap, might drop by tomorrow.
    hope they dont run out of stocks

  • any shopback with harvey norman?

  • Apple battery life compared to other versions: bases on dollar to ratio.


    Specs compared a random phone


  • It's a year and a bit old, and is a little more than what I paid for my s10+ 9 months ago but will have about 4 years more support. Good deal.

  • im burning i missed out on the $600 oppo reno 5g deal
    took me 2 days to think about it.. on the 3rd it was gone
    now we're back to looking for deals around the $1000 mark for quality phones

    • JB still have that deal as of today.

      Just not sure if you want to wait for a better 5G phone though

  • Is this superior to the standard iPhone 11?

    • No way, If I was hunting an iphone and had 1K+ budget, I would sure go for an Iphone 11 128G. From reports around, the A13 is leaps ahead and a wide angle lens is more useful compare to a telephoto. Just these two factor is worth paying $100 more.

      • Good point. iPhone 11 is very good however LCD display only. I had the X with OLED then went to the XR with LCD and will never go back to LCD. Once you've had OLED no going back. If you've never had OLED display on your phone then the 11 is better!

      • I have a 11 pro rarely use wide angle use telephoto all the time, 11 lcd screen is not even as good the 8 plus too.

  • If you can do with 64gb and iCloud, JB has the XS max for $100 more $1249 or the 256 for $1399.

  • +1 vote

    I jumped on the deal when the XS 64GB was $199 on Telstra $65/12 months plan at TGG a while ago, thanks to OB. Although the battery is not great :( I do not regret it and haven't seen any better iPhone offers until now.

  • Will wait for similar prices for 11 Pro in next 6 months and then upgrade.

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