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American Express Shop Small - Spend $10 or More & Get $5 Back (up to 10 Times)


American Express Shop Small June 2020

10/6: Registrations now open.
26/6: No longer targeted, manual enrollment link added. Discussion.

Much longer than usual period this time around. Yes, this is also out of the usual cycle.

Login to your American Express account between 10 June 2020 and 31 August 2020 and click “Save to Card” on the Shop Small Amex Offer. Spend at different participating small businesses to redeem $5 on a $10 spend, up to 10 times.

Offer is limited to a maximum $50 credit per Card and $5 credit per participating Shop Small business.

You must spend on the Card to which the offer is saved in-store or online at a participating Shop Small business:
For participating in-store businesses click https://maps.americanexpress.com/en-AU/?intlink=au-en-au-ss-.... Participating businesses will be highlighted with a Shop Small logo.
For participating online businesses click https://www.americanexpress.com/au/shop-small/online-busines.... Excludes gift card purchases.

Transactions processed through a third party are not eligible for the offer. For example, transactions through Food Delivery services, some online payment capabilities and marketplaces and payment processors that use card readers or QR codes.

Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.

Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.

Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.

Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded.

Full Offer Terms available

AmEx Shop Small OzBargain Guide
Amex Shop Small Map
AmEx Shop Small Online
Myki Shop Small Google Map - Opal Shop Small Google Map

For easy access, this AmEx Shop Small deal link is available from the 'Pages' menu on OzBargain.

Mod 26/6: Manual Link added as the deal link, no longer targeted. Discussion.

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Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

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                  • @truetypezk: My personal experience, I used a matched last name for the supplementary application. I was asked for ID verification.

                    • @Purple: It might just be random. I was told so but didn't believe it. My dad has the same surname and I was still asked for ID verification.

                  • @truetypezk: No I didn't. They were for my mum and dad. Have you cancelled? I wonder if they would leave notes in your account and if you apply again in the future you would required to provide ID.

                    Sorry replied to wrong person. Don't know how to fix it.

                    • @apple0604: I think you meant to reply to me. I haven't cancelled yet. Was thinking of just letting it sit for a month or two and then cancelling so that it doesn't seem as suspicious. I think if I apply again though it'll have to be in a verifiable identity.

                      • @daanish: Yes, I meant to reply to you. It is a good idea to let it sit for a month or two. I think it might also depends on who process your application. BTW, it was a few years ago when I applied for supp cards for my mum and dad. Not recent.

                  • @truetypezk: Nope - used the same surname for all my applications. I think it might just a random thing or a case of AmEx responding to the crackdowns in shonky lending that have come out recently.

                    They said they want to check the applicant for gambling history as a protection my (primary cardholder) security.

        • I have 4 supps each for 2 AMEX cards never asked for any id. Going back maybe 2 years. Same surnames.

    • +1

      NewsXpress Greenslopes (Greenslopes News)
      Shop 19, Greenslopes Shopping Mall, Greenslopes (Near Coles)

      Not happy with split payments across multiple cards because he will need to pay 5 times the surcharge. But still allowed, No surcharges applied.

      Moorooka News & Lotto
      186 Beaudesert Rd, Moorooka

      20c surcharge for each $10 transaction

      Nightowl Westend
      158 Boundary Rd, Westend
      Do not accept Amex even though it's on shop small map

      Holland Park News
      105 Seville Rd, Holland Park
      Do not accept Amex even though it's on shop small map

      • Did you report the ones that didn't accept to Amex?

        • yes, but they just said "try another store":(

  • +3

    Strange enough, I got credit back with ozgameshop even if its not listed on Amex online website.
    Note, this is a UK website even if its called OZ gameshop.

    • The UK currently has a SS offer as well. Spend 10 pounds and get 5 pounds back. Perhaps that explains why?

  • +2

    Daiso is actually on this, nice. But not on the map though, Amex SS map still sucks I see.

    • did you receive the cashback?

      • +1


    • Which Daiso did you go to? I suppose it might not be for all of them.

      • Central park

    • Just shopped at Daiso in Chatswood - no email received.

      • And no credit either.

        • Daiso is not in the shop small map.

  • Was able to do Opal top up with no surcharge at both City Mart (George St cinemas) and Allied Mart (crn Liverpool and Pitt).

    • Allied Mart charge $1 last year.

      Are they allowed to use multiple cards?

      • Not sure, I didn't try that. I think it would probably depending on who was working the counter at the time.

  • With Tong-li in Chatswood in Sydney not part of SS, are they any other Chinese supermarkets in Sydney that are part of SS this year?

    • +1

      Zetciti in Wentworth Point. Not listed but received email…

    • +2

      Now the map is back to normal, Hurstville has a bunch if you want to run wild: Jia Le Fu, Welcome Asian supermarket/ Hai Long x2 (both participating), Le Gou, Wellmay Asian Market, Inzone supermarket, and Aukelong (small shop at the bottom of Highpoint apartments)

  • Just wondering if anyone else has experience with other places that allow $10 split for opal top-ups other than Wu?

  • There is a chrome extension here to make looking at the map easier…

    You may have to press refresh first if the "see all shops" link doesn't work the first time.

    • +1

      Created by you, niknah? Is it virus-free? :)

  • +1

    Did anyone notice quite several previously eligible/Shop Small merchants suddenly no longer on the SS map?

    • Yeah, a small restaurant near me is no longer on there. I have no idea why as they accept AmEx and they aren't a chain or anything.

      • Just realised the much popular Wu's Pharmacy is no longer on the map too.

        I wonder if Amex has a cap on how many SS transactions each business can have.

        • Not something I remember seeing previously. The one near me certainly wouldn't have had too many transactions, on AmEx map it was listed as it's business name which was a family trust that had nothing to do with the restaurant name.

        • Sht havent paid a visit to Mr Wu yet. I wonder if it will still work..

          • +1

            @OzFrugie: please report back after you visited Mr Wu. I noticed a few of the shops I visited previously, they are no longer in the map too.

            • +1

              @Purple: went to Mr Wu yesterday. Got the email confirmation, so I assume still works.

              some places though said not possible to split $20 to 2 different cards, which is disappointing.
              e.g. Lucky Charm in Westfield CBD
              EzyMart in Pitt St (near Bridge St)
              Convenience store on Kent St (in front of InSki)
              189 Kent St (no surcharge I think)

              AlliedMart cnr Liverpool and Pitt not doing Opal top up anymore.

              The surcharge is up to 3% at some places.

    • Yes I just did today! Previously had a local fruit shop on there, now it's gone. Didn't want to try it in case it there was no offer so went elsewhere. (My world has gotten a lot smaller since lockdown…)

    • Yes. My local fruit and veg shop has disappeared from the map. They were on there at the start of the current promotion. I purchased on one card on the 2nd of July and got the credit. I used my other card yesterday and am waiting to see if I get the $5 credit on that one.

      I'm hoping the map isn't right. If it is, it would mean that none of the places I usually take advantage of this offer are eligible anymore.

      • When you used the other card yesterday, did you receive a confirmation email from Amex?

        I have called Amex this morning to raise a case regarding Merchants were in the maps at the start of the shopsmall promotion, now they are not longer in the map.
        I provided Amex examples of 10 Merchant's business name including Wu Pharmacy. Amex give me a case number and said she will forward to marketing for investigation.

        • I received the email (looking for it now, I realised I shopped on Tuesday, not yesterday) and the transaction has posted in the Amex app. No sign of the credit as yet, but going by the others they're usually not same day.

          • @Steempy: Thanks for the reply. I think you will get your credit back because your have received the confirmation email from Amex. Please report back.
            I am a bit skeptical about using it if the merchants are on longer the map.

            • @Purple: Confirmed - I've now received the credit for the purchase made on Tuesday

              • +1

                @Steempy: Thanks Steempy.
                I have made some purchased today on those merchants that no longer on the map (it was on previously). I have received confirmation emails from Amex.

          • @Steempy: Was the merchant already off the map on Tuesday? But you still got the email? Because I only noticed a lot of them disappeared on Wednesday. We also made several purchases on Tuesday and received emails for them, but those merchants were not on the map anymore when we checked on Wednesday. I’m not sure if they were there on Tuesday as I didn’t think to check then.

            • +1

              @magwri: Not 100% sure, unfortunately. I looked on Monday or Tuesday night and noticed some other stores that I expected to be on the map weren't, but I didn't notice if the fruit and veg store was there at the time. I went back to the map last night thinking there may have been a glitch, that's when I noticed the fruit and veg shop was missing.

  • If you buy online from a participating in-store business, assume no credit applies?

    The only thing good about this lockdown business is that it's cramping the usual damage SS does to my amexes.

    • No, its not a good thing. I am missing out on this promotion and usually save hundreds on normal purchases.

  • +6

    There are so many shops that are on the list suddenly disappear on shopsmall map? Is this a glitch on the system or they purposely remove them, it feels weird that some random shop like butcher shop or fruit shop or newsagency or supermarket not on there, I can't figure out why they are necessarily need to remove them if you compare to other more popular shops

    • +3

      Yep, just saw about five retail businesses in my local area vanish from the map. Shop Small is always a mess in some way. Tiresome.

    • +2

      Went to a grocery shop today, was on the shop small map before, then vanished this week. However, it stills shows Amex logo on the door and accept amex payment. I received email notification instantly after spent $10 there.

      • Yes have to 2 shops that were listed. Now not.. have the email for the transaction

  • +1

    Yes the shops i was going to visit are no longer listed. Few new ones are

    Hopeless amex

  • just shopped at somewhere not even listed and got a credit…

  • +5

    Hey All,

    I've also raised this issue with AMEX with certain shops going missing around mid last week.

    The consultant was great and was updating me everyday. Looks like they were doing system work behind the scenes which made some shops go offline.

    They should all be back up and running now.


    • Not yet, at least my local fruit shop, butcher, chemists (3 or 4 different ones) are still not shown on the map.

    • Yes a few are back but not all

  • +2

    Thanks. I just checked a few of my local shops which vanished last week , now they are back on the map.
    They still have not fix up the issue, eg, Wu's pharmacy, still vanished on the map.

  • +3

    Just noticed all the shops that has disappeared from my locals are back. Wu’s pharmacy is also back on the map! :D There weren’t there when I checked this morning

  • did 4x on the same day (last Saturday) but so far only received 2x $5. Should I be worried or its normal?

    • Was that 4 at the same retailer with 4 different cards or 4 at different retailers with 1 card? Really depends what the breakdown of transactions is. Saturday is still pretty normal. I wouldn't be panicking yet.

  • +1

    Any places in Sydney that are included in this deal and sell Google Play giftcards?

  • +3

    Just got credited $5 from a restaurant I ate at in mid-June that wasn’t on the list for Shop Small; score! Wonder if if’ll happen again …

    • +1

      I just got a credit back from a purchase I made on day 1 of Shop Small 2020.

  • +1

    Received a credit on 21/07 for spend on 14/06.

  • We have about 6 cards between us and have been tracking all the purchases. I realised yesterday that I've hit 10 purchases on my main card so told myself to start using one of the other cards. Anyway this morning went to grab food and mistakenly used the main card but still got the shop small email. Wondering if the credit will come through.

    • From my experience no. I did that once, like you by accident, and it activated the email but no credit. Of course, this was 5 years ago, and your mileage may vary.

  • Opal top up has been nightmare due to $20 minimum reload. Most of news-agencies or shops don't like splitting the payment so have to spend $20 to get $5 cashback.

    What a pain!

    • +3

      Yep, such a pain to only save 25%!

    • Top up on a kids opal?

  • I still receive the credit even though I have spent more than 10 times. Does this happen to you too?

    • Struggling to spend in Vic. What are you spending on?

    • Interesting. How many extra transactions did you get credit for?

  • Opal top up ok with no surcharge at Gifts and News, Top Ryde , Ryde NSW. Couldn't see it on the map this year but got email notification straight away. Didn't mind multiple cards.

    • cool. did they get annoy when you ask to split a payment of $20 opal top up by two amex cards?

      • Actually I didn't split $20. I had multiple Opal cards and the same number of Amex.

  • Anyone had any success with finding eligible Petrol stations in Sydney? Preferably northern area?

    • Edit: I've tried the Metro's in Forestville/Killarney Heights, Budget Fuel in Harbord, Westside Petroleum in Harbord, none triggered an email or credit.

  • +1

    In case anyone else was wondering, it's not possible to use all 10 Shop Small credits on a particular card and request for a lost card replacement (which comes with a new card number) then try and register the new card via manual enrolment.

    The enrolment page returned a message that my account was already registered for this offer however the offer is not currently showing in my Saved to Card offers tab.

    • As far as I understand lost card replacement still carries the same account number although new card has a new card number. The system identifies the same account. This is my experience with Westpac cards (2) and 28 degrees card.

      • I'd imagine you're right and that's what's happened.

        I honestly would've been very surprised if it worked but I needed a replacement card anyway since mine has gotten a bit banged up so I figured I'd try my luck.

        • I had Westpac Altitude Platinum card in the past and Westpac waived fees for life. Then Westpac upgraded the card and wanted us to sign up for Westpac Black with much higher annual card fee. But in our case account would be identified as the same account and everything else (ie card number, card type from VISA to MC, etc) changed. We were never charged annual card fee.

          • +1

            @apple0604: You can't have the same card number and transfer from Visa to Mastercard. Visa cards start with 4, Mastercard cards start with 5163 for Westpac issued cards

            • @kerfuffle: They're saying that everything including card type and number changed except the account number.

              • +2

                @daanish: The account number being your customer number, most likely.

                • @kerfuffle: No, account number is not the same as your customer number.

            • @kerfuffle: Yes, I know. Also had to replace the same card.

  • +1

    I don't know if it's because of lockdown, but I'm finding shop small uninspiring in Melbourne.

    Has anyone done a multiple card myki top up this year? I'm guessing most of the places are in the city…

    Managed to use up 6 offers on my main card by getting daily lunch/coffee at work

    Guess i could order loads of Indian food and roll out of 2020 lol

    • +1

      Plenty of little grocery stores (mainly asian) and butchers in the eastern suburbs. Doing my annual stock up of instant noodles.

    • South eastern suburbs; I'm getting a number of good shops over here.

      Asian grocery stores, specialty chicken butcher, fish and chips, Ferguson Plarre (cakes), new local pastry place, etc

      Even 2 KFC before they discontinued the Amex at my local.

  • Head's up for anyone thinking of going to Spar, Shop 6, 7-9 Gibbons Street, Redfern NSW for Opal top ups:

    It appears this is no longer a Spar and has changed its name to Redfern Foodhall. They allow split payment for Opal top up (ie, using 2 Amex cards for a $20 top up) but they are checking ID. I received statement credits for June transactions that show up as "Spar", but not for last week's transactions which show up as "Redfern Foodhall". I submitted a name update on Shop Small map and also had online chat with Amex. They said they have escalated it to their marketing team to confirm if it's still eligible for Shop Small.

    • FYI still paying out even after the name change.

      • Any chance you can confirm that credits still show up even now that spar (or the new name) isn’t showing up on the shop small map?


  • +1

    Getting generic emails again 'thanking you for supporting'. Business name not mentioned.

    • Can confirm I also got a generic email today. Used a supplementary card today and got the same. Said card was never used at the shop previously.

  • Tapped my Amex at a listed shop small place before they said "ah sorry no Amex" and pointed to a handwritten bit of paper on the POS machine which I couldn't see while they were holding it. Transaction approved anyway and got the email.

    They didn't have any card surcharge - does the "no Amex" thing this just mean that they don't want to cop a higher processing fee for Amex, or it genuinely shouldn't work?

    • +3

      Likely the former

    • Just merchants being a tightarse and not wanting to pay the higher fee.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if using my card at a shop with multiple franchise would give multiple credits? For e.g. Cannings in different suburbs

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