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TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh Wi-Fi Router (3 Pack) $223.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


TP-Link Deco Whole Home Mesh WiFi System (3-Pack) for $223.20 at Amazon, down from $273.

Note there is also a promo of 2x free T3U adapters that ends on 30th June: https://www.tp-link.com/au/promotion/deco-t3u/. Terms and conditions indicate 'participating stores' so I presume a purchase from Amazon is eligible.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    If you are keen to get this you can price beast at Officeworks


    Would come to $212.04 with free shipping.

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      You legend , this is what Ozbargain is all about !

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      Love a good price beast 😀

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      Is it possible to price beat on the Officeworks online store? I thought it was instore only (so you can't get 'free shipping')?

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        Can price beat over the phone - for free delivery!

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          Awesome, thanks, I didn't know this! :)

  • What is T3U adapter?

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    10% Pricebeat at Bunnings

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        not showing for me for some reason. goes straight to bunno home page.

        • Link is working for me and my local store has stock. mmmm…. Maybe a birthday present for the family coming up.

    • How does Bunnings do the price matching ? Are they that savy they will match a US based Amazon price ?


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    I have these and they work good at developing a fast, stable mesh. Couple of points for those thinking about buying:

    • You can purchase and add individual Deco units to extend the mesh. You can use M5's, M9's, M3's all together as well.
    • There is no dedicated backhaul channel so you do lose some bandwidth the more points you go from the central router unit. However even over 3 hops i still get >100mbps at the furthest end in my set-up so unless you are a real high bandwidth user i don't think this is a problem.
    • Network management is via phone app only. The app is relatively limited compared to a traditional router web-interface. Very limited advanced user functionality.
    • Yeah the Deco are set and forget. A great replacement for parents and friends who use ISP routers. If you want advanced GUI stick with your Ubiquiti, ASUS and so on.

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      I have the M5s already. If I were to purchase a single M9 Plus unit and use it as the "primary" which is linked to the modem, would I see an increase in network performance?

      Thanks for the write up btw!

      Edit: I guess my question is: with the above setup, will I be able to leverage the dedicated backhaul feature of the M9 Plus or do I need multiple M9s to achieve this?

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      best case for these IMO is to use them as AP only and put a customized router in front as half the features cannot be tweaked if used in router mode.

      • Can you plug the three "nodes" into the router via ethernet and they use that as the backhaul?
        I have a building I'm helping a friend mesh up and it's got ethernet to the rooms, all linked to a central router. I'm guessing I need to setup one of the nodes as "master" for the mesh wifi, but they will just use the ethernet connection to talk to eachother?

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          M5 doesn't have any dedicated mesh channel , so best case scenario is connecting them via Ethernet backhaul. (M9 has wifi mesh channel but still i'd go for Ethernet backhaul while faster)

          From what I understood , here is how your solution would work , I've somehow similar in my own place too: (Technically all decos connect to a switch)

          Router (Running DHCP)<===> Switch-1 <===> Main Deco
          Switch-1 <===> Deco #2
          Switch-1 <===> Deco #3

          **If your router has enough ports to connect all decos then you can omit the switch , mine didn't have. yours would look like below
          Router (Running DHCP) <===> Main deco , Deco#1 , Deco#2

          What i have done in my place considering place is old and no ethernet port in other rooms is , I bring Deco#2 with powerline back to where the switch is . If you have ethernet ports in rooms which all connect back to a switch would make life much easier.

          When completed , you should be able to see deco#2&3 are connected via ethernet in the App.If the app shows 2.4Ghz it means wired backhaul not working. (sometime take a bit of time or a reboot but concept wise it should work)

          Hope it helps.

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    It's my first time looking into this, but it might be the solution I need. Will this be an effective wifi extension solution if my old man has a granny flat ~10m away from the main house?

    • Should be fit for purpose. I set up a 3 pack for my neighbour and she gets coverage well over 10m away from the main unit (as I expected given it's a mesh system).

    • I got a 2 pack of the M4 version a couple of weeks ago and it’s been fantastic. Worth a look because it’s a bit cheaper than this model.

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    is this good enough? or should I wait for a Orbi50 deal?

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      Keen on this question too….. not sure if I should wait.
      Tho the review of no dedicated channel for backhaul is abit of a bummer…

    • Wait for a ASUS Zenwifi CT8 deal. The specs on that bit of equipment is insane for the price. Currently just over $500 for two nodes.

  • Thank you for posting this and I have just ordered one.

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      I hope from office works or Bunnings using price beat?

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    How does the performance of these compare to the Tenda Nova MW6 mesh 3 pack?

    • Keen to know about Tends Nova as really liked Tenda app.Also waiting for a suitable deal for it for Long

    • I use the Tenda mw3 3 packs, it’s pretty good and is easy to setup.

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      Can't help with the performance question as don't have both.
      My Tenda MW3 (100mbps vs MW6 1000mbps ports) 2 pack has been working flawlessly for the past 3 months. Got it for around $A40 when in China. Set and forget, and seamless transition between the two nodes. Phone App is simple to use, but definitely not for a power user. Only time I needed to use the APP was to limit the spectrum to 2.4G to set up the smart Arlec light bulbs and adapters. I have Bose Speaker 300 and Google mini, chromecast, macs, pcs, android and Apple devices and they all work no dramas.

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      I've got the MW3 3 pack and they are amazing. Easy to set up and really reliable.

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        I have the MW3 4 pack and it was amazing to give the whole house wifi. However we have a lot of Wifi smart devices which has filled up its capacity. I was driving home one night and the garage wouldnt open because the network had reached device capacity. But for a non-power user that doesnt mind a 100mbit bottleneck, great bit of kit.

        • I have about 20-25 devcices, how many did you find was the max on the MW3?

          • @unco: I have about 30 to 35 at any one time. (Smart plugs, smart lights, etc plus all my normal devices).

            I may have just maxed out the capacity on one node (maybe the main node) and it didnt rebalance the network. But considering I have another 30 lights to make smart plus two sets of curtains and anything else I can make smart, MW3 is no longer fit for my purposes.

        • Did you try the App setting for networks with more than 30 devices? I'm curious to see if it does anything. Personally I haven't hit the limit, yet.

          • @assailantsky: Yep, turned on capacity mode.

            • @nedski: And the problem remain? What's the hard limit on number of devices??

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                @assailantsky: It hasnt happened often but once was enough for me to want to upgrade my network. I dont want to have to wait for the nodes to redistribute devices to lesser used nodes.

    • I have the mw6 3 pack and i set the folks up with the mw3 3 pack. Easy to set up, haven’t had any issues with them. Can’t help with comparison as I haven’t had the deco though.

  • Does this increase the range for5ghz and will the speed be the same

    • Yeah!

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    I'm getting 1000/50mbps on ABB. Could these handle it?

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      You won’t get 1000Mbps, the theoretical max this can do is 867Mbps if you connect to the base station. Since the satellites don’t have a dedicated backhaul your bandwidth should go down significantly if you connect via a satellite.

      • Is this true even if the satellites are connected to the router via ethernet? I have a few ETH points scattered throughout the house and was hoping to maximise the speed over wifi. If it cannot do this then my 2-router setup will do.

    • This guy was hitting 865 Mbps download / 952 Mbps upload wired.

      This reveiw got a maximum of 387 Mbps download / 449 Mbps upload over wifi.

  • Looking for recommendations on extending wifi? I visit the relatives on a rural property regularly and stay in a self contained offgrid demountable about 300m away from the main house. Cellular is not good.

    • Deco is for indoors only. For outdoors there are external mounted solutions from Ubiqiuti.

  • And it’s gone
    Was literally on page to buy but no more stock at that price

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    dammit and I was actually looking for this too!

  • Has anyone got a screenshot by any chance… Just got to Officeworks and the deal is gone on amazon

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      They won't price match on screenshots. Every time I got them to match anything they either independently verified it or refreshed the browser on my phone and checked the URL/website.

      • The lady at the counter asked me to email through a screenshot of the price with the date

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        • You're kidding right?

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          Thanks to kamoi for uploading the screenshoot and thanks to the op for the post.

          Lady at officeworks asked for a screenshot of the price to price match.

          Receipt is here for anyone who wants to try and price match with officeworks


          • @KH41: Glad you were able to score that. But that's against their policy since it needs to be a stocked item. Maybe she has the hots for you? :)

            • +2

              @Cusack: haha… I actually asked if she could just check on the website, she told me that they now ask for a print out or screenshot of the price with the date, url address to confirm AU site and they will price match. Not sure if its just that specific store that i went to. I emailed the store with screenshot provided by kamoi and her manager confirmed that the email had come through and approved the sale. Maybe just got lucky?

          • @KH41: What are the chances if I show this receipt to my local Officeworks, they'll give me the same price?

            • @plal: They should honor it. Really depends who you get.

            • @plal: I think it depends who you get also, my mate tried to use the same receipt on the same day at a different store and they advised it was against company policy to price match a receipt.

              • @KH41: Guess i'll try my luck, thanks guys!

    • Snooze - loose

    • Don't think that works, they check it at the time you request it. At least they did that to me.

  • bought the Google Wifi 3 pack a few months back which has been great during lockdown in a double brick house. Allows the residents to space out a lot more easily with no connectivity issues anywhere.

    Personally might look at upgrading to the Nest Wifi at some point in the next few years.

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      Nest wifi is backwards compatible. You can swap out or add Nest wifi to your existing Google wifi setup.

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        great to hear! thanks

  • Damn while i was quickly checking that this would do what i wanted it sold out. Good deal for me, i have ethernet through the house so no dual channel wasn't a deal breaker and 3 half decent mesh points for ~200 seems quite good.

  • Silly question, how would this compare to a Netgear R7000 AC Router?

    • +1

      I had a R7000 but it doesn't cover my double storey house entirely and I got complaints from my wife and son all the time. Put in the M5 3 pack and I haven't heard any complaint for a year now. The theoretic speed on AC is obviously slower in the M5, but there is small price to pay.

      • Do you run the Deco M5's in AP mode?

      • So is a mesh system better for a big property than a good router (r7000) and a repeater?

        • Access points or mesh is the way to go.

  • Are these able to be run via ethernet so it negates the lack of dedicated backhaul channel?

    My house is wired up for ethernet, but there are some patchy areas with the Netgear R7000 (although it does it pretty commendable job).

    • +1

      Yeah you can hook them up together via ethernet. There are not many advanced settings on the Deco. If your into that sort of thing look elsewhere.

      • +1

        Most of my personal devices are connected via ethernet, it's more just for phones, laptops, tablets which I'm not too fussed about setting up advanced features for.

  • Great package for eliminating WiFi dead zones.

  • Are these good enough to support local 4K streaming from NAS? Use case is a 3bedroom solid wall house where 1 person might be streaming 4K REMUX from NAS whilst another person streams 4K Netflix or other IPTV. At the moment i'm thinking waiting for a deal on Netgear RBK50 for higher max speed and dedicated back channel… but i really have not researched this thoroughly.

  • Go for the Kogan mesh setup $150 for 3 units

    • +1

      Aren’t these rebranded tenda? If so isn’t tenda cheaper?

  • Price now has gone up to $252

  • Out of stock now :(

  • +1

    What a steal! Bought these when around 280 when we started WFH. Best purchase ever.

  • +3

    I bought these from Harvey Norman for $290 back back in April - HN was the only folk in Brissy to have them in stock.

    They are excellent units - I am a professional dev with a long house and TPG NBN HFC 50down/20up coming in at one end of the house in the bedroom.

    No dropout any more anywhere in the house or in the yard, and they are still going as I walk down the road.

    No bandwidth loss over the 3 units from one end to the other.

    Good choice for TPG as they support VLAN tagging. Google wifi does not. This means I was able to remove my existing router and just put this straight into the Arris NBN modem - a tidy and elegant solution.

    Best tech purchase this year. Set and forget for me, still impressed, I was well over the crappy powerline solution with dual wireless units I was attempting. Far superior.

    Now obsolete as TP-Link have superseded with a Wifi 6 model, but at 2x the price. So stuck with these.

    A bargain even at the non discounted price.

  • I've been using the 3 pack M5 pack for over a year and find them excellent, especially in the area of parental controls - setting time limits, blocking categories or individual sites as well as built in A/V.

    Can manage these through a browser not just the app. Management through the app is easy over the internet.

    Great price.

  • Missed this, can I control individual bandwidth with this?

  • +1

    Missed too 😔

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