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[eBay Plus] Apple Watch S5 $399, AirPods Pro $249, Galaxy Tab A 10.1 $199, Galaxy A70 $299, Slow Cooker $29, Thermometer $49


Upcoming ebay plus sales have been announced -


June 20 4pm:

Note: the list of products above come from DailyMail.co.uk, not from eBay. It is possible that eBay may update the list of items (as well as prices) sometime in the future.

Mod: June 17 Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Case $99, June 18 Nintendo Switch Neon with Animal Crossing $449, June 25 Sodastream, June 23, 28, 29, 30

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    Whats the promo code for airpod pro

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      Airpod pro Promo code: PMMOP86

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  • If the Apple Watch is US stock, does it come with the extra heart rate monitor pre-installed?

    • Yes you can use a workround to get it but only with US stock

      someone else posted the think to how to already


    • The watch needs to have firmware with ECG, so models intended for countries with ECG enabled, which the US model would.

      You do need to use a work around, it's not difficult but quite a faff. The country check is done against cell towers, so it can also be enabled if you pair the watch in a country with ECG and it will persist until you either reset the phone or watch I believe.

      If travel wasn't restricted, I'd just pair the watch when in Singapore

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      I got it working with the work around. It took a while, had to reset the phone as well, but didn't need to manually set the phone up so it's just a lot of waiting. TBH it's cool but more of a gimmic since it can't be used medically in Australia.

      • Did you use the redmondpie link above or by another method? It seems like we have to pay for the iMazing app to be able to restore a backup?

        • I posted the link before, lol. The redmondpie article is based off this (https://www.reddit.com/r/AppleWatch/comments/dhsbft/tutorial...) or vice versa. I follow the reddit thread and the linked github comments.

          To do the restore, you can copy the modified backup to where iTunes stores its backups and restore from there. I found I had to do a fresh restore (i.e reset to factory then setup the phone from backup).

          • @Poppin: Any tips on how to copy the modified backup to where itunes stores its backups? Can't find anything specific in the github comments or reddit threat.

            • @ozbargain2019: Are you on windows or macos? You can right click and select open folder location in iMaze, and you can google the backup folder location for itunes depending on your OS

              • @Poppin: I managed to get it working after a hard factory reset (meaning I could go into the ECG part in the health app) - but was unable to find the ECG app on the apple watch. Did you experience something similar?

                • @ozbargain2019: Are you on the latest watch OS 6.2.6?

                  • @Poppin: Yes I was! Un-pairing and repairing twice seemed to do the trick though. Thanks.

  • Got one! Airpods pro

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    I think it went live a few seconds late but managed to get one.

    • Yeah it was about 10:00:20 instead of 10:00:01 like normal.

    • It did go live a bit later than usual. Also managed to score one too

    • yep, I even went back to the Ebay Plus page after 10 seconds of no updates, to double check its the same seller and code, and still got one :D

  • Yeah got one. Had in cart since last deal and finally gone through.

    • Did you keep clicking "Confirm and pay" until it stopped saying "The seller doesn't have that many left"? It doesn't actually appear in my cart on the website but I can still try to pay for it on that screen!

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        Yes, keep clicking on confirm and pay until it went through.

  • Refreshed and it was gone!

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    apple watch 5 40mm in us rrp is us$399 = au$575

    yet listing price au$649 which is standard apple au price

    wth this is sneaky. obviously we thought it's an au model just based on price alone.

    where can we report this?

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      you forgot to add aussie tax (10% gst)

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    Got em!

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  • missed it already

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    I'd say this eBay sale is a win for me. Got the A70, AirPods 2nd Gen, AirPods Pro and the Watch.

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      no offence, unless you had plans to buy them, how is spending money a win?

      • I'm selling the AirPods and Watch to friends, and I needed a new phone so the A70 was decent.

    • I just need the AirPods Pro to catch up to you.

  • Looks like the toaster went live with the white one then switched to the black.

    • you can get both. they're different codes.

      • Sorry yes - see that now. I think they're sold out.

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      $19 toaster is cheaper than target own brand lol

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        I can't believe it has a RRP $219

  • Are you lucky ones using the app or browser? Have one in my cart in the app, but it never ended up being in stock.

    • I used browser. It went live a bit late, maybe 30 secs after 10..

    • I've been using a browser. I have the code copied and pasted ready to go, then I have the item page open and am hitting refresh from one minute before it goes live, then press buy it now once it shows as in stock again.

      • So you’re not worrying about keeping it in the cart?

        • it doesn't matter, cuz if you 'buy now', you can use the same link (the checkout page) for the next drop

          edit: for browser only

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            @skido: If you click buy now does it still let you apply the code?

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              @Hargain Bunter: Yes, hitting 'buy it now' takes you directly to the check out page, so you can still check / change mailing / billing address, enter coupons and codes etc.

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                @Gnilgorf: `And the good thing is makes you 'Commit to buy' which reserves the item for you? Is it correct

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                  @capslock janitor: Nope.

                  As far as i'm aware, an item can still run out of stock until you press the 'Confirm & Pay' button. Happened with me at the 99c kids clothes. The biggest benefit is skipping the 'Proceed to Checkout' / 'Checkout 1 item' window which would normally pop up if one was to 'Add to Cart'. Saves a few precious seconds.

                  'Commit to Buy' is a whole other thing. The only one of these sales which has had it was the Rain Protector 99c deal.

        • Nope I haven't been keeping it in the cart.

    • I've used both browser and app, with both being successful. Using the Buy it Now, Not adding to cart.

      With that being said, it is much quicker on browser with two screens open (one to get the code, the other to make the purchase).

      Only sale i've gone after and missed out on was the 99c kids clothes, but was because the size ran out whilst my partner n I were discussing how old her cuz's kid was.

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    first time getting one after 6 tries, never doing this again

  • yay got some AirPods Pros! … interestingly if I look at the list of last sold I'm not shown in the last 100.. must have been fast this time :)

  • :sadface:

  • how many airpod pros they've sold now … luck of the draw… didn't get one.

  • Are $249 Airpods Pro worth it over $99 Airpods? I still find paying $249 for wireless headphones obscene :(

    • Yes it does

    • Yea if you want ANC and work in noisy environments its a godsend. Not as good as the WH1000-XM3s but way less bulky. Downside here is maintaining situational awareness can be an issue. You can of course turn off ANC or use transparency mode (enables mics to let in sound) however may as well use the cheaper model if you'll be using them for that purpose predominantly.

    • Thanks for the replies. I just checked the compatibility list and Airpods have a lot more supported devices than Airpods Pro. I think i'll save my money :)

    • In terms of value for money $99 airpods are more worth it since the % discount is higher.

      Not sure what you'll enjoy more but that's my take

    • The Pros will be getting new surround sound feature later this year.

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    Back to the trickle feeding. Prefer 900 drop to stop new accounts

    • When they did the big single drop for the other AirPods it seemed like the payment system couldn't handle it

    • ebay just cannot handle 900 transactions at the same time…

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        Yeh the were a few people unhappy and you would have heard from on this forum. But it worked for most people

        • But it worked for most people

          Judging by the fact that hundreds were sold 5 minutes after the release I see no evidence of this. There were a few people posting saying they got them but many more having their order fail.

  • Soooo.. im an idiot and accidentally bought without the code applied..
    I feel like i've read that happen to other people and they're happy to cancel..
    Can someone please reassure this idiot T.T

    • Perhaps just ask their livechat and ask if the code can be applied for you? Of course you can cancel but better to get the "discount"

    • I put in the code, but an error popped up saying "code could not be applied". But was in such a rush I pressed buy now and I'm now in the same situation. Are they able to apply the code now? Or do I just ahve to cancel my order?

      • Did you use that make good code to purchase the AirPods? Same happened to me.

        • what's the "make good code"? If you mean the code to buy the $99 airpods via the email they gave us, then no I didn't haha

          • @18: Yes the code they sent for those AirPods order they have cancelled.

      • Did you buy the airpods pro with a code last time?

        • No, this would be my first pair of airpod pros

    • I did that last year with the watch and they couldn't do anything about it but only to cancel the order. You can always try and finger cross. Good luck.

  • Probably a silly question… I have an iPhone. Would you guys say is the Sony wf-1000xm3 or AirPods / AirPods Pro better?

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      Sound is better with the Sony but for the experience and ecosystem definitely get the AirPods. And I'd suggest going for the Pros given that they have Noise Cancellation :)

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      Better experience with Airpods/Pro

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      Do you value sound quality or overall user experience?

      I have both and I find the Sonys have better sound quality and are more immersive, ended up giving them to my GF since I would only use them in situations where I could use the WH-1000XM3. The AirPod Pros are better usability-wise, especially if you have a MacBook as well (can't wait for automatic handoff between devices). Also works well enough on a plane so I don't have to carry the WH-1000XM3 on domestic trips. AirPods I would only use for phone calls or if you don't want to spend as much.

      • I’m currently using Sony, but scored the AirPods last week and am trying to decide. I find the Sony already pair up with my iPhone pretty easily. I rarely listen to music and use it for phone calls 70% of the time, but the Sony are unusable when I’m walking. People on the other side simply cannot hear me. It’s good inside though
        Nice sound quality is a bonus, but I hear people say AirPods are good with iPhones but the only advantage I’ve read is that it can check battery level?

        • Keep the Airpods then. For phone calls the AirPods are the best for microphone quality, followed by the AirPods Pros.

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      I have all of them so probably my opinion would be helpful in a way -_-

      Sound quality wise WF1000xm3 > AirPods Pro > AirPod (I mainly listen to trance/progressive trance) so bass is more important to me

      Connectivity wise, defs the AirPods given that you are an iphone user

      but Sony app will give you more customisable features.

      • What advantages does AirPods gives over the Sony one? I’ve done some research but the only benefit I found is that I can easily check battery level… the Sony seems to pair quite easily already

        I scored the Sony from previous deal. Managed to get the AirPods from last week. Just trying to decide if I should open the AirPods and give the Sony to my brother

        • I scored the Sony deal from the previous sale as well, but only had it for a week then decided to return. the earbuds were way too bulky for me and wasn't comfortable, maybe i have small ears. and also the Bluetooth connection kept dropping out on my pc, sometimes the Sony just didn't pick up and i had to remove the device and re-pair it again.

          so to me the apple is easy to use especially during the current climate everyone wfh, great for conference calls, lightweight and small size easy to carry around. however my comparison is based on Wf1000xm3 VS AirPods Pro (as they are in-ear with ANC). AirPods is on ear and doesn't have ANC. so back to your question, if this is the only headphone for you, i'd say to keep the Sony.

        • If you have multiple devices the Sony can get really annoying because you have to disconnect from your previous device and connect again on your current device. But the Airpods will handover from one Apple device to another without problems.

        • +1

          AirPods are much easier on multiple Apple devices compared to Sony. On iPad, the Sony app isn't optimised for the full screen. Switching between iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro is much easier with AirPods. Also, AirPods 2/Pro do consistently connect more seamlessly than the Sony on Apple devices. Sony does occasionally have minor glitches which can take a few seconds to connect. Doesn't happen very often, but does happen.

          Sound / music listening wise, there is no contest between AirPods 2 and the Sony, the Sony is better. Sony also has noise cancellation and transparency mode. The thing with AirPods 2 is that you don't really need transparency mode. AirPods 2 doesn't block out outside noise completely, but in general use, it is actually a good thing (I found). When I use it for online video conference, I can hear a bit about what I said (compared to most in ear based headsets), it feels more natural, comfortable. But, obviously, for music listening, I would prefer the Sony.

          I have both, and because I have multiple Apple devices, AirPods 2 get a lot more uses than Sony. While AirPods Pro are probably the most comfortable to wear, between AirPods 2 and Sony, AirPods 2 is more comfortable for me. Sony has the best sound quality.

    • I think the Sony ones have better sound and battery life, but the Airpods Pro have a better design (it has a much more compact charging case, is waterproof, and hopping between different devices when pairing is way more convenient).

    • I bought the sony one and sold it, extremely uncomfortable for me, its too big for my ear, the airpods feels better

  • +3

    FYI, I had been unsuccessful every time in trying to grab a pair of the Airpods Pro from these eBay Plus Month deals so I actually just gave up on the hassle and just ponied up extra for a pair from another listing for $320.00 (they offered a promo code for a $80 discount off RRP).

    Granted I would have preferred to get this one for $249 but it's probably the best price one could find outside of these deals.

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    Hey guys, does anyone know which store / user is listing the airpods pro? cheers!

  • Dammit I gave up too early, didn't know it was up till about 20 sec in thought I already missed the chance :'(

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      look at the sold number … if that jumps up then you have missed it otherwise they are being slow. doesn't happen much but does happen.

      • thanks for pro tip ahaha

  • Just received the Apple Watch. Model #: MWV82LL/A. Anyone know if this is the AU version? If not I'm just gonna return it.

    • It's not, the AU version ends in X/A.

      • welp, time to get my $$$ back

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          More accurately, they are the same mode (A2092), but have different firmware.

        • Why? with the GPS version theres not really much reason to. you can still get 12 months apple warranty - only thing is potential replacements will need to be shipped in from Apple USA.

    • See if that model has ECG, I am actually looking into buying non AU version (but cellular) from NZ or US to get the ECG functionality
      AU version is a rip off, just good in terms of warranty

      • I thought non-AU models with Cellular you run into problems with the LTE frequencies etc and its locked to the other countries cell towers