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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT GAMING OC $619.20 Delivered @ Shopping-Express eBay


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While contemplating buying the same product from this deal I noticed the price was upped $60…

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  • Good model at a good price.
    Review: https://youtu.be/lLHP_ubnjfQ

  • -3

    Roll up, roll up, get your last ever non-raytracing GPU?

    • +12

      Most people care about frames rather than raytracing.
      I'd bet that most people that have a raytracing capable GPU probably run with raytracing off in almost every game.

      • +3

        You can run ray tracing with DLSS which negates the performance lost.

      • +3

        Ray tracing makes games look amazing, why would anyone do that.

        • +6

          Because as of April there are only 14 games on the market that support ray tracing.

        • +1

          From side by side comparisons all I see are more reflections. Hardly worth half the performance imo. While 14 games support RT very few support DLSS 2.0.

          • -2

            @Void: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/cyberpunk-2077-ray...

            Ray traced ambient occlusion, shadows and diffuse illumination. Also has DLSS 2.0 support. Hopefully people didn't buy a rx5700xt to play cyberpunk.

            • +1

              @mordinhoz: When it costs 100-200 more for an nvidia card thats on similar spec to an rx 5700 xt, I couldn’t less of a shit about raytracing or dlss in cyberpunk, im not going to spend that extra money just for some fancy lighting.

              • @chepsk8: I would.

                • @mordinhoz: Me too, waiting for the new releases in a few months… Still plodding along with an r9 290. I can't believe how well it still works

            • +2

              @mordinhoz: Not everyone gives a shit about Cyberpunk 2077, we didn't buy gaming PCs just for that.

              • +1

                @Void: Yeah I guess. I bought an rtx card for the driver stability. The ray tracing, rtx voice and DLSS were just a few good side additions ;)

                • +1

                  @mordinhoz: Definitely. It's what justifies the extra $100 for some, but to me I just want something that plays my games and does it well.

                  • @Void: $300… after being on r/buildapcforme so much I am pretty much an American lol.

      • +1

        Something something next-gen in 3 months.

  • duplicated

  • +1

    Great first post OP. Thanks :)

  • +6

    Just a word of warning to anyone hoping to claim a free SSD from this promotion: https://au.aorus.com/event-detail.php?i=1470
    Unfortunately all the SSDs have been claimed.

    • :(

      It all got claimed while I waited for mine in the mail

    • That's so bad… How did you confirm it's ended?

      • If you login to the promotion and click on the 5700XT claim link. It will show “remaining redemption codes: 0”

    • That’s so crap.

      Surely it’s false advertising to continue exclaiming “free SSD!!” after their artificially limited allotment has run out.

      I picked up a GB 5700XT late last year with the SSD promotion, and I’d be hella peeved if I discovered after the order the SSDs were out.

    • For those interested in the free SSD, you still have a chance to claim it based on following grounds:

      1. Gigabyte failed to timely inform/acknowledge buyers the free SSDs are gone at the time of your purchase.

      2. Gigabyte is obligated to provide reasonable quantity of the gifts (SSD) to support the sales until expiry date 10 July. However, this ground is arguable as whether end of June is too early for runout. And I wouldn’t use this ground if my purchase is made somewhere in early July.

      Write them an email including above points and its highly likely you will receive the entitled free SSD. At least from my experience it worked pretty well. These points are accepted by ACCC as well.

      Apologize for my English, an international here.

      Disclaimer: The recommendation above is based on my personal experience including a few cases escalated to ACCC. I am not a lawyer so please take it as your own risk before purchasing. You will need to spend a few hours on it so take that into consideration as well.

      • Thanks, worth a try!

      • Its in the terms and conditions of the promo - while stocks last and they are able to end the promotion early:

        "Promotion eligible time: Purchase during June 1st 2020 to July 10th 2020, or while supplies last."
        "2. This promotion is valid on new purchases from eligible resellers of GIGABYTE / AORUS AMD RX 5700 XT / RX 5600 XT series made during the promotion period from June 1st 2020 to July 10th 2020, or while supplies last. GIGABYTE considers the invoice date as the purchase date."
        "4. Gifts are limited in quantity; if promotion stock runs out then GIGABYTE have the right to end the promotion early. All the redeem application need to be submitted by July 10th. Any application or request for the reward after this date will not be taken."

        Surprised they didnt offer the bigger SSD's, the Nvidia promotion was 1tb ssd and smaller based on which card you get.
        Had to wait a few months after the promotion to receive it, so expect a major delay - I ordered in November and did the application and only received the SSD in March/April

        • Point 4 is not sufficient to waive seller's obligation to provide reasonable quantity to support the sales period according to ACCC.

  • This or 2060 for VR (Alyx) and Cyberpunk 2077?

    • +2

      Performance of this card beats RTX2060 and RTX2060 Super.

      The competitor for this card is the RTX2070 Super, and under performs by about 10% but is cheaper by about 25%.

      If you can fork out an extra $150-$200 for a 10% increase in FPS, I'd go for the RTX2070 Super.

      • Cheers!

  • +1

    sad, missed it before it cleared out

  • +1

    I received mine today - just a heads up about BIOS versions.

    Out of the box came with this BIOS, and the gigabyte support page updated it to this BIOS.

    The BIOS version number is identical, but there a few changes:

    • Power Limit:
      Total: 190 W
      GPU: 170 A
    • Fan Speed:
      Acoustic Target: 1950 RPM
      Acoustic Limit: 1950 RPM
    • Power Limit:
      Total: 200 W
      GPU: 174 A
    • Fan Speed:
      Acoustic Target: 2400 RPM
      Acoustic Limit: 2400 RPM

    My card also wouldn't negotiate past PCIe x 8 3.0 before the update, but is now happy at PCIe x 16 3.0.