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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz 6 Cores AM4 CPU $275, BX500 1TB SSD @ $129, RTX 2060 Super $549, Seagate 2TB HDD $89 + Del @ Shopping Ex

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    They're gonna be sold out in a matter of seconds. $549 for a 2060S?!

    • You can get it a for a little more on Ebay

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        2060 Super? Where?

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          They should be regularly going for around the low $500 mark once the 3000 series gets closer to release.

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          9 months ago that's where!
          (hugs build)

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            @bender000: I dunno why but I just imagined some like cartoon character with a really wholesome voice (you know, right?) hugging their PC until it burst.

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        Check Their clearance page on eBay. It was 585 yesterday but increased. Other deal here;


    • Seems like most of the stuff are discounted to only pre-COVID prices. Hopefully a sign of manufacturers and supply chains getting back to normal operations.

      • Wasn't it like $649 pre-COVID though?

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          PCPP shows $599 @ shopping express, but it was released in May. I was referring more to the 3600, Seagate hardrive, etc.

          • @saboofa: Ah yeah, those are definitely pre-COVID.

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    2060 super showing as $638

    • The deal isn't active yet. Click on "Go to deal" and you will see their prices during their respective hours.

      • Post description states starts 8pm, needs to be modified.

    • look under section "11pm - 26th June" , @Rajeh might want to update the time above

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        Damn my comment must have sounded so OP-ish that you thought I was OP lol.

  • is this a cheap price for the ssd?

    • They're $12 cheaper than ebay plus.

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      Just Bought a BX500 1TB

      In my case, pickup from Umart will $139ish, Centrecom including shipping is $158, MYS is $157 pickup, other retailers are in a similar bucket. So $140.34 including shipping is not much but still a bargain.

  • Thanks, just grabbed a BX500 1TB, plus surcharge and shipping the total is $140.34

    Not much but still a save.

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    Got a BX500. Thanks OP.

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    1660 Super for $349 is also a decent deal - could make a good ~$800 gaming PC with a 3300X.

    • I got the Galax 1650 Super for $260 with the 3300X from their ebay store.

  • low end 2060super galax?

    was considering a local pickup $530 5600 sapphire….decisions now

    • You can always underclock the 2060 Super if it runs hot ;) But Galax aren't actually too bad.

      • apparently this model is the 2x 90mm fans and shorter tha nthe ex version. any good?

        • Ask others who have it.

    • +1

      was considering a local pickup $530 5600 sapphire….decisions now

      The 2060 Super is far better than the 5600 XT, which is comparable to the 2060.

      • Uhh you are comparing 2 cards at 2 different price points, the 5700xt is closer in price to the 2060 super idk why you are comparing a much cheaper 5600xt with it

        • Because the 2060 Super here is $549?

          • +1

            @Void: not anymore, sold out
            which is what i mean, i am not talking about the sale price but rather the normal price of each item, both are normally in the 600s
            the 5700xt has also gone on sale for around $550, the 2060 super and the 5700xt are the competitors in the same price point

          • @Void: Also it looks like they'll have the gigabyte 5600XT for 449 soon in their schedule.

            • @wackedupwacko: That's a pretty nice price, similar to the 1660 Super but more powerful. I just hear too many horror stories about 5600 XT issues though, like more so than the 5700s. It's always some atixxxxx.dll thingy that gives everyone BSODs, some have fixed it others have not. I'm a 5700 owner and have had zero issues since March driver, but it seems the 5600 XT is doing worse.

        • Uhh you are comparing 2 cards at 2 different price points, the 5700xt is closer in price to the 2060 super idk why you are comparing a much cheaper 5600xt with it

          I wasn't the one making the comparison - the original comment said 2060S, which was $549, or 5600XT, which is supposedly $530 (according to the comment). Obviously at that price, you would go with the 2060S.

          The original comment wasn't discussing the 5700 XT.

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    cheers op, needed another 2060 super.. maybe…kinda… new ryzen 3900 build lol

  • would 1660 super be fine with the ryzen 3600

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      Yeah, but a 2060 KO and 3300X would be a better pair for simply gaming and regular computer stuff.

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    lozl ozbargained 2060 super

  • Finally a decent EOFY sale. I was getting sick of the one item advertisement sales here.

  • darn missed it … 2060 deal that is.

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    BX500 now showing as ‘Out of Stock’.

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    549 for a mid range Nvidia, sad that that's considered a bargain these days. I paid like 220 for a GTX 660 in 2012.

    • +1

      Yep paying top dollar for near EoL for a product, in an era where people are fighting over toilet paper its no surprise.

      Mini rant - not a fan on this seller who just price-jacked most their cards on eBay by at least $100 in the last day or so (e.g. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/546967) presumably to cash in on weekend sales.

      • +1

        Lol, you two got negged for telling the truth. These GPU's even on discount are overpriced especially on eBay with the price jackers like FutuOnline.

        RTX is not much more powerful than 1660 Super without the RTX on.

        I was looking at my old PCCaseGear reciepts and in 2014 an HD7850 which was a year old GPU cost me $179, which today was equivalent to RX 5600 xt and 1660 ti which are north of $500.

        • +1

          Ah the days xx80 Ti cards were under $1.2K and the xx60s were in the $300s. Now they cost that much in USD.

        • +1

          The truth hurts :)

      • I also paid about $160 for a GTX 560 in 2012 as well, but that was just shortly before the 660 was released. When I found out, I quickly sold it and got a 660. I'd love to see what you can get for under $200 today.

    • +2

      549 for a mid range Nvidia, sad that that's considered a bargain these days. I paid like 220 for a GTX 660 in 2012.

      Well back then $1 AUD bought $1.1 USD, these days $1 AUD buys around $0.7 USD, so your $220 in 2012 is $345 in 2020 in terms of purchasing power parity with the USD (which is the currency all major manufacturers hedge). Guess what's $350 today, that's right, the 1660 Super, which is today's mid-range card.

      The 2060S is no longer a mid-range card. It's really a *70 series card. Back in the day, the 670 was around $350, in terms of PPP is around where the 2060S is today.

      Yes, there has been price inflation at the high end, e.g. with the 2080 Ti, but that's because AMD has not been competitive at the top end for many generations and Nvidia has had a monopoly. In the mid-range where there's been strong competition from both AMD and Nvidia, prices have largely stayed very similar to previous generations.

      • +1

        "Guess what's $350 today, that's right, the 1660 Super, which is today's mid-range card."

        Where is a 1660S $350? I see at least $100 more than that from MSY. Anyway, your argument regarding the exchange rate doesn't hold up, because in late 2002 I bought another mid-range card - a Geforce Ti4200, for well under $200 (I think it was about $170-$180). And guess what the exchange rate was at the time? About $0.55!! Much worse than today's rate. I also got a 9800GT in 2nd half of 2008 for $180 (exchange rate then was similar to now), but to be fair, the GTX260 successor had just launched.

  • That GPU only has 3 video outputs with one being DVI

  • Anyone want to part with the game pass code for the cpu? Let me know :)

    • I have a game pass code for my 5700 which I haven't used, and I don't intend to. DM me and I'll send it.

  • Anyone has thoughts on if the $449 for the Gigabyte 5600xt gaming oc is a good deal? With $10 shipping? And apparently the SSD promotion has run out too, but I haven't explicitly checked.

    Was originally going with the sapphire pulse model for a similar price but my order got cancelled.

    Edit: $10 shipping

  • I was able to order the Galax GeForce RTX 2060 Super today. Am I likely to actually get it? According to posts above it got "ozbargained" straight away.
    I already cancelled my Scorptec Zotac 2060 order that was the same price. It's for my son's birthday next week.

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