Free BINGE Subscription 3/6/9/12 Months for Telstra Postpaid Customers


To get 12 months when you are eligible for a shorter period follow the link to signup via your Telstra account to the Binge site, then remove the existing code and add "BGETLSLG12ONUS"

3 months BINGE Standard subscription available to Telstra customers with a consumer post-paid mobile or home internet plan. Redeem by 18 Jan 2021 through or on a Telstra TV.

Telstra Plus bonus months: In addition to the BINGE Base Offer available to you, Telstra Plus Members are eligible for an additional 3 months.

Silver Tier members are eligible for an additional 6 months

Gold Tier members are eligible for an additional 9 months.

BINGE Standard monthly fees (currently $14/mth) apply after offer period ends unless you change or cancel. Offer can be applied to: BINGE Premium (for $4/mth during offer period) or BINGE Basic (for $0/mth during offer period). After offer period, standard monthly prices apply (currently BINGE Premium $18/mth, BINGE Basic $10/mth), unless you change your pack or cancel before the end of your offer period. Billing: Not compatible with any other BINGE offers. Not compatible with some third party billing platforms. Telstra billing not available for existing BINGE subscribers on another payment method. One redemption per customer account. Requires internet & compatible device and sign up to BINGE Terms of Service. Data charges apply. TELSTRA PLUS: Must be 18+ with an active service. Excludes enterprise and corporate accounts.

What's on Binge?

Discover how Binge really is totally unturnoffable, with thousands of titles across movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

Wanting to search a specific Movie, Show or Doco? Simply use our search function on

Find new favourites, revisit your old ones or catch up on those great shows and movies you missed first time around. Whatever you’re in the mood for, simply sit back and let Binge entertain you.

Movies: Binge gives you access to a huge catalogue of films. New titles are added every week to make sure you’ve always got something to watch. Binge is home to the biggest Hollywood and British blockbusters and classics, quirky art-house flicks from around the globe, as well as an extensive selection of award-winning films. With loads of movies for kids, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy.

TV Series: Love drama? We’ve got you covered. Find a massive selection of the world’s most talked-about shows all in one place. Binge on the best series direct from the US and UK as well as a host of top local productions and European crime shows. Prefer to keep it light? We have hundreds of seasons of top quality TV comedy, including award-winning sitcoms, talk and panel shows and stand-up.

Reality and Lifestyle: Reality TV fans, we know what you like. Find the hottest reality stars right here on Binge. You can also go behind the scenes of some of the world’s most obscure and dangerous jobs or be a spectator to some of TV’s best competition shows. Binge also has a huge range of lifestyle programming, such as home and garden, travel, cooking, arts and culture and more, for those who like to be edu-tained.

Documentaries: Watch breathtaking nature docos, get into the mind of a serial killer, peek behind closed doors of alternative lifestyles. We’ve got aviation, business, culture, film and TV, food, health, history, medical, motoring, music, nature, politics, pop culture, retail, religion, royals, sex, travel, true crime, war… the list goes on. Whatever it is, Binge will help fascinate, educate or entertain you.

As you can see, when it comes to unturnoffable entertainment, Binge has it all.

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  • Damn mine said this voucher is not valid for your Telstra account when trying to use the 12 month code.

    • I was having the same issue, I fixed it by pressing where the voucher text box is (this allows you to edit the code) and adding G12 after LSL.

  • Thanks OP! Great find…

    I'm unable to go further than code verification, verification failing by asking me to sign in using the Kayo login (subscription expired) and when I do, it is saying its only eligible for active Telstra Account users only. But, I can see this in my offers…

    Going in a loop, tried quite a few times, how did you guys get past this as it is driving me crazy! Any tips would be greatly appreciated…

  • Recieved following email today,
    Looks like I need to change my payment method to credit card,

    "We’ve hit a snag with your payment
    There’s been a problem processing your Binge subscription payment via Pay with Telstra. When this happens, it means that payment method is no longer available to you for this subscription.
    Don’t miss your favourite shows

    So there’s no interruption to what you're watching, you’ll need to set up a new way to pay directly through Binge. It’s important to arrange this within 2 days otherwise your subscription will be cancelled.
    For help with Pay with Telstra visit https ://

    • I got this too…. What gives.

    • Did you use the 12 month code as well?
      I'm wondering if it is because Binge has it recorded as a 12 month subscription however when I check Telstra Hub it is only a 6 month subscription?

      • Yes, I have updated my payment method to credit card and it looks fine, wait and see what happens next.

  • It seems they are on to us at Binge and code "BGETLSLG12ONUS" is no longer working :-(

    I just got my standard 6 months …. Also wont allow my to immediately cancel my subscription till an invoice is issued, which by the looks of things is the next day after signing up ….

  • It won't accept the 12mth code for me, I tried changing it to the 12 month code but it tells me it's not available on my Telstra account. I think they must've caught on to what people are doing.

    Thanks for the post though! I never would've known it's available.

  • Thanks, worked fine for me. I removed the code on the page and added the gold code. Used Telstra account as payment.

  • Can confirm, works if using C/C payment rather than Telstra account..

    12mth code is good also…

    Cheers OP..

    • Yup just tried it then, all working here for me too, awesome, thanks. (if only they would add subtitles to the service though :|)

  • It doesn’t come up for me when I click link

  • doesn't appear to work, just get a message that is only for Telstra customers

  • CC wouldn't work for me. Switched to Pay with Telstra and seems all good now. Hopefully stays this way.

    Had the spinning wheel of death a few times, so a bit nervous about it.

  • My Telstra account says I have redeemed, but everytime I try to login it keeps wanting me to sign up!

  • Wait… can I just use the voucher on the 'user voucher' section? it says it took the voucher?

  • Worked for me cheers

  • Looks like they are definitely onto it now:

    "This voucher is not available on your Telstra account."

    Doesn't work with credit card or Telstra payment.

    • told my coworker to sign up 30mins ago and she got the same exact error….

      prolly noticed too many people have redeemed the Gold 12 months free

    • I just successfully did it.

      Not sure if it's necessary but I upgraded to Telstra Plus first. Then went to offers and selected Binge. Offer was 9 months free sub. That redirects to Binge where you remove the 9 months voucher and add in the 12 month voucher. Submit. Then it asks for payment options. Select Telstra even if you already have CC details for Kayo or something. If you don't the page just hangs indefinitely when you confirm. SUCCESS! You can probably change the Binge payment to CC after this if you want.

      • Good for you!

        We did the same exact thing but when we tried to process the payment via Telstra billing it came up with the error.

        Since i did mine yesterday, i got the 12months instead of 9months

        • Don't know why it works for some and not others. Just hocus pokus I reckon ;) Took about 10 goes to get the right combination for the Binge 12 months offer to work. I went through similar hoops getting the Kayo free trial and then the $15pm for 12 months deal. Maybe they just want you to give up trying the bonus offers and select full price???

          • @mikeb: Yeh maybe …. oh well, 9 months free is still pretty good. My coworker’s not too fussed about it anyaways as she didnt even know theres an offer for telstra customers

  • I tried to signup and it stuck on the checkout screen. Been there for hours. Currently Telstra gold due to historical payments. Mobiles now with Optus or cheap telstra prepaid so will lose Gold Status some time soon but still says i am gold so should still apply.

    • Changed to payment by Telstra account and it let me setup account. Have now edited payment to credit card.

      Now have Stan 6 months, Kayo 3 months and Binge 12 months for free thanks to Telstra. Thanks Telstra.

  • "This voucher is not available on your Telstra account." Using the 12 month code

  • Damn, no love for prepaid?

  • This voucher is not available on your Telstra account.

    Tried using credit card and using the 12 month code on my account which has the 6 months free trial.. I guess they've picked up on this and have disabled the code for members who aren't eligible for the 12 months.

    • Strange. Worked for me. I loaded the page, changed the code, set payment through Telstra, then changed it to credit card after.

  • no subtitles or SDH

  • Just got an email stating my binge subscription has been cancelled and I will still have access until 02/08

    • Same. Then when I logged in a pop up said I'm not eligible because I already have a Streamotion account (I have Kayo).

      • I had issues as when I initially signed up with Pay with Telstra, I got an email saying my Kayo account couldn’t use the payment method and I had to update my stream motion account. I updated my payment details to my credit card on stream motion (which was already against my Kayo account), looked like it had all gone through fine. Then now it’s saying my binge account has been cancelled but still has access for another month.

        • So I just logged back in again to binge and got the below message

          “ Unfortunately, as you already have an account with Streamotion this offer isn't available for you. If you'd like, check out the options available for you below”

          Seems like they might be cancelling people with Kayo subscriptions?

    • Same email …

    • Same, and I didn't use the 12 month method (just got my legit 6 months). What a POS process this is.

    • Same. My account had the 6 month offer, which is what I redeemed. It seems to be because of the payment issue. I ignored that and didn't update the payment within 2 days, then got this email. What on earth.. hope they fix this.

  • Tried 12 months voucher, but then said not available for this account.. 6 months worked fine.

  • Looks like we all just got cancelled with no way to use our original voucher codes. Oh well, seemed to suck anyway compared to all the other companies. Binge won't get the chance to prove itself now unless it's going to let everybody reapply their (proper) codes.

  • Thanks OP. Scored 12m free.

  • They cancelled my service

  • They cancelled my service too, even though I was eligible for the 12mths Telstra plus gold reward. And I didn't do any offer code trickery.

    Hang tight, I think they've probably screwed something up and surely will be fixing it.

    • Hope you're right. Was going to use another account on my mother's plan but I can't see how to redeem the offer on her number.

    • do you have or have you had a kayo account?

    • Update on mine.

      After about 10 back and forth emails with multiple screenshots I have gotten mine fixed. Binge now correctly shows "12 months of BINGE for Telstra plus gold members"

  • Confirming mine got cancelled too.

    Says my subscription is still valid til 1/1/2021 though:

    Your subscriptions
    Start date: 01/07/2020
    End date: 01/01/2021

    But I can't login…

  • Mine also got cancelled :(

  • So I can't sign up any longer - oddly though, according to my Telstra hub offers, it says I have 3 months remaining on my offer.

  • Can't seem to play now, borked as.

  • I messaged binge about it and they are looking into the cancellation from Telstra

    • Doesn’t appear to be from Telstra, the deal is showing active in my Telstra account, but binge cancelled

    • I have been going back and forth with the Binge support staff and their scripted responses and wowsers, they are shockingly bad. Three emails in and even with extreme detail provided explaining what has happened they literally have no clue what I am talking about. Might just be playing dumb.

  • I'm still watching so these comments are scaring me

  • They've cancelled mine too and says vaild till end of the month. It said another streamotion account is acitve even though my kayo was cancelled months ago

  • Haven't been canceled yet.

  • I emailed support and got this non-answer:

    Hi Munki,

    Thanks for reaching out. The email you've received about your billing via Telstra was sent in error. Please disregard this email, you will continue to have access to your account as normal. We apologize for any confusion caused.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


    Your Support Crew

    I still can't access Binge…

    • All you had to do was activate the damn account, CJ!

    • Think ill just wait it out and see if Binge reactivate the accounts while monitoring here. I'm hesitant to follow up with them as im using the 2nd of my Beteasy 3 free months on my kayo account and dont want to draw attention to my account. You an clearly see in my Kayo payment history ive had an active account for 8 months and paid a total of $2.50 through sign up promos and Beteasy.

      Im not too fussed about the content on binge as i can easily get some linux distros to cover the need. Kayo on the other hand i use every day…

  • Mine is still working and got 13 months free, expires Aug 2021 ????

    • Mine wasn’t working but now it’s fine and free until July 2021. Just took a screenshot

  • Oh well I am a prepaid customer. Not on my telstra plus app.

  • Yay my account seems to have been restored and working again on the 12 month trial, woohoo!

  • Ok so ive just logged back in and can confirm my account is now working again and is showing expires July 2021 - Seems it was a mistake by Telstra/binge to disable some accounts for a short while?

  • My account has been reactivated and confirmed 12 months still applied. Happy days.

  • Hey guys
    I'm just a Telstra basic member. It had a link through straight from the Membership area for 6 months with the code BGETLSL6ONUS, and it worked.

  • Thanks OP

  • It seems like the 12 month gold subscription loophole has been fixed.

    Instead I was offered 6 months which worked of course.

  • Thanks OP, 12 months worked fine for me.

    Does anyone know of any decent Kayo deals going now that AFL is back on?

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