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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 12GB/256GB Dual Sim - Aura Glow/Black $1199 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just found this deal today. Hope it will be helpful for others.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Really no point paying over $1000 for an Android phone with last year CPU…

    • Note 20 announcement in early August 2020… https://www.techradar.com/au/news/samsung-galaxy-note-11#:~:....

      • Also read rumours that the Note20+ will use a SD865+ SoC. Hopefully thats true for all varients, and not just the US and Korea.

        • I doubt about it though, if note series use Snapdragon it will be the best android phone for sure, with that 2k 120hz display

          • @ozvictor: Qualcomm is really greedy, I read that were charging $250 for the SN875.

            Apple is smart by going in-house for their cpu needs.

            • @Caped Baldy: That's like saying the phone manufacturers using Kirin or Mediatek are smart…
              Samsung even have the Exynos line and still use SD in their very best phones for a reason.

              • @jkim: I respectfully disagree. A few big differences are that Apple has significant resources at their disposal, a wide product range and a loyal customer base that will buy.

              • @jkim:

                Samsung even have the Exynos line and still use SD in their very best phones for a reason.

                They use Exynos or SD for the same phones. The chip they use depends on the country the phone is sold in.

                • @spaceflight: They're not the same phone - only the names are the same. Their best phones carry the SD - period. They have no reason to use the SD other than it's simply better than their Exynos and they need that little advantage in certain markets to compete.

                  • @jkim:

                    They're not the same phone - only the names are the same. Their best phones carry the SD - period. They have no reason to use the SD other than it's simply better than their Exynos and they need that little advantage in certain markets to compete.

                    Incorrect. They use the Qualcomm's in the US and some markets to comply with an IP claim from Qualcomm. By all accounts they are similar with the Exynos having an advantage in single threaded tasks and the Snapdragons edge slightly ahead on multi-threaded tasks as well as battery life.

                    Your claim that they use the Qualcomm chips in certain markets to compete is completely unbased. What are they competing with that's only available in the US and not in other markets?

                    • @serideth: Are you joking?
                      SD comes with Adreno, and Exynos comes with Mali… that right there is what… 80% performance difference?
                      The SD is simply better than the Exynos. It's not a matter of opinion.

                      And I assume you're also serious about your question in what is available in the US and not other markets?

                      • @jkim: Are you suggesting that the Snapdragons are better in every aspect?

                        I assume you're quoting benchmarks scores, which is all well and good. Except in actual usage how much are you going to notice any difference. The way you are phrasing it makes it seem like the Exynos variants are literally trash and incapable devices. When in actuality for normal people it's no factor. I even run my Note 10+ at 1080p which is the factory default, sure the display is WQHD but I'd rather have a few hours more battery life.

                        So in sum, is the Snapdragons better than the Exynos phones? Yes. In everything? No. Are the graphics better? Yes? Would you notice it day to day? Doubt it. Are both good phones. Yes.

                        My other comment is simply questioning your statement that the only reason the Snapdragons are available in the US market to compete against some special device that seems to only be available there and nowhere else in the world.

                        • @serideth: Yes, I am saying that the SD are better than the Exynos outright (for the current generation at-least). No, I am not saying that the Exynos is "trash", given it's better than both Kirin and Mediatek, and probably on par with Apple.

                          I suggest you scroll up to see where this whole argument started… i.e. with "Apple being smart for manufacturing their own CPUs because SD are a rip off", since you seem to be getting your argument mixed up and adding words I've never said (i.e. Exynos being trash).

                          i.e. The apple chip and Exynos are equivalent - SoCs designed and manufactured by device manufacturers rather than chip manufacturers. In the desktop world, you may consider Apple (pre-2009), Sun (Sparc), Ibm (Power) as Apple/Samsung equivalent, and Intel/AMD as Qualcomm/Mediatek equivalent. The argument that SD are a rip off because it is $250 and Apple are smart for producing their own SoC is just plain outright stupid.

                          I also did not say they needed it to compete against some "special device". It is more the market demographics and market conditions (i.e. US get pretty much every device manufactured under the Sun, which is unlike any other market on the planet… they also have sufficient population for varied demographics).

                  • @jkim:

                    They're not the same phone

                    Yes they are. The only difference is the chip.

                    Their best phones carry the SD - period

                    No because the SD phones are not better in all areas.
                    Both chip variants have pros and cons

                    • @spaceflight: Has there ever been an Exynos chip with dual sim? Cos it seems like the single sim carrier variants are all Exynos here in Australia. Are the dual sim non-carrier variants always SD?

                      • @CVonC:

                        Has there ever been an Exynos chip with dual sim?


                        Cos it seems like the single sim carrier variants are all Exynos here in Australia.

                        That's because Australia gets single SIM versions. Not because Exynos doesn't do dial Sim.

                        Are the dual sim non-carrier variants always SD?


                        • @spaceflight:


                          I meant oz local stock. But thanks for clearing the rest up. They were legit questions to whoever negged lmao.

                          • @CVonC:

                            I meant oz local stock.

                            I think the S10 and s20 are dual SIM (SIM plus eSIM) but none of the others have been.

                            But thanks for clearing the rest up.

                            You are welcome

                            They were legit questions to whoever negged lmao.

                            Not me, but I gave you a plus

                    • @spaceflight: Lol, that's like saying the S10 and S10plus are the same phone (i.e. "the screen size is different but they're still the same"). The SoC being different is pretty f'n significant… they are not the same phone. (Note SoC means "System" on Chip, you know? pretty significant).

                      And yes, the SD is just simply superior to the Exynos - it's not a matter of opinion. The edge cases where the Exynos outperforms the SD don't really matter. i.e. when is single threaded performance important? for example, although it is important in gaming software, their shit graphical performance negates any gains made and actually makes them lag behind.

    • Considering how the price fell for note 9 after note 10, it's worth waiting for few more months.

      • Yes, the best time to buy a Note is around Christmas or next year in March/April just before S series is announced.

    • considering note 20 might cost $1800+…

      • Samsung education store often offer 30 - 35% discount on new phones. I remember both note 10 and S20 series were 35% off like one month after release. So you should be able to get a note 20 for around 1300 after discount I guess.

    • Why people pay $2000+ for iPhone when last year's better android flagship (hardware) should be <1/2 price?
      Because after the OS stops updating, the APPs keep updating & is still good value (was $1700 - AKG headphones if you had the money for preorder). The iOS update cannot upgrade the hardware, so Androids are better.
      The real reason against 10+ is the lack of 5G. Get 10+ 5G or even cheaper Note 9.

      • The real reason against 10+ is the lack of 5G. Get 10+ 5G or even cheaper Note 9.

        How many of us really need 5G? 1080P YouTube videos load fast enough on my Nexus 6P, and given the fact that 5G is not wide spread across the Greater Sydney metropolitan area which in turn affects your 5G phones battery life (with the constant switching between 4G and 5G signals), why pay the premium that the likes of Telstra etc want to charge for it? Financially and operationally it makes zero sense. However I agree, best to get last years flagship or even a Note 9 which is still a great phone and more than capable device for another couple of years at least.

  • wait for note 20. Camera will a big upgrade.

  • got a bit of ram there

  • Note 10+ has been overpriced since launch, this is what these phones should cost at launch, as they once did, not when the new model is about to be launched. Once upon a time I would upgrade every iteration, now I wait until I need to and look for the best value for money, at the moment I'm still using a Note 8 that I got for under $1,000 just after it launched on cyber weekend.

    • Another note 8 user here, phone is still going strong since 2017 and not showing any signs of age in terms of software or battery life

      • The battery of my Note8, which i bought on 2017 Nov black Friday sale, is half dead. The phone wouldn't last more than 2 hours screen on. But it is indeed still blazing fast and joyful to use.

        • My note 8 going great minus the battery… At $897 from hardly normal ($987 minus amex cash back lol) this has been the best and most expensive modern smart phone(i say modern because i used to use early windows ones like the O2 etc which cost 1k like 15 yrs ago lol) i ever purchased and ive even owned an iphone in my smartphone history loll

          Sigh these prices totally depress me…. Ill be coming to an upgrade in next 6 months id say…

          • +3 votes

            @scud70: Install Accubatery & keep between 20-80%. The less stress 0-100% the longer the battery. The ideal would be 40-60% if you can recharge (on wireless) while working :)
            I was lucky that after a year free screen crack fix (preorder) also replaced the battery. Now my wife is not disciplined after I upgraded to 10+ & still 95% (3147/3300mAh, based on 236 sessions for 384,760mAh total). Estimate at 95% power is 27+hours.

        • I bought mine at the same time as you @scud70 . Checked the battery stats just now and I'm at 44% remaining with 1.5 hours of screen on time, 10h 22m on battery. I guess my habits really are conducive to longevity, as I don't use fast charging unless I really have to (very rarely) and its pretty much always plugged in when I'm home.

      • Im also a previous Note8 user but have moved to Note10+. The improvement in photo quality, wide angle, front facing finger scanner and stereo speakers made the jump worth while.

      • Spewing they ditched the alcantara case

  • I got for ~1300 from the education portal not long after release. TBH it was about right I think. But retail was like $1600 or something outrageous.

  • Large 68" QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display

    For a 68" display, this is one hell of a bargain. Nice!

  • Should I get this or an iPhone?

  • Still 4 in stock after 2 hours.
    No one is buying

  • Mind you, Note 20 will be $2000 and SD855 is still not very old. Not a bad deal if you like to doodle A LOT.

    Edit: Probably not SD855, but the same generation Exynos.

  • Cashback via Cashrewards also, no?

  • I don't trust Samsung not to place ads, which is a pity because I like my Galaxy 8+

  • Got mine at launch in half price staff offer, smashed screen in 2 weeks (cc insurance paid to fix it). Great phone but should be under 1000 by now in any normal year, Covid and shortages have led to no decent phone bargains this year. Will keep for another year, still super fast, battery lasts all day and camera good and there's isn't much happening so far in the phone market in 2020 to want to switch.

  • Good phone… Not a good price though cuz this was $1039 around Sep 2019 from the education store.

  • The Note 10+ 256gb was this price on the Samsung EPP and Edu store at launch in 2019.

    I remember this because I'd bought mine at $1359 at launch, thinking it was a ripper deal (RRP $1699), only to see it at $11xx a few weeks later.

    Learnt my lesson with that one. Wait for new flagship. Don't buy at launch. /2cents

    • mate that worked with a certain telco had an online 15 min course with samsung and got a 50% off rrp for the note10…
      got mine for $850 on launch.

      • How .. what.. more details plz.

        • That was a Telstra EPP deal. Only Telstra employees can get that deal. They do need to be brainwashed first by Samsung (aka "training") before they get sent a discount voucher.

          I've seen many S10's on Gumtree after that EPP deal was posted. People just cashed-in on the offer.