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G.Skill Aegis 16GB 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 RAM $98 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Was looking to upgrade my RAM, came across this and thought it was a good deal.


Capacity: 16GB
RAM Clock Speed: 3200MHz
CL Timing: 16-18-18-38
Voltage: 1.35V
Memory Type: DDR4

EDIT: Formatting

Mod: Appears to be 1 X 16GB (not 2 x 8GB), comments.

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    For those looking for more RAM, see G.Skill RipJaw V 32GB Kit for $199 + Shipping

    actually, I half suspect OP's link is actually a single DIMM and not a dual channel kit. But not much info on SE's website.

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      AAHAHAHA! RRP $699 what a meme @shoppingexpress.

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        Shopping Express: RRP $1,000,000

        Nobody: WOW WHAT A SAVING 99% off!!

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      Same timing and speed, same manufacturer. $3 price difference. I wonder if there's any difference beyond the design.

      Edit: Looked it up. Ripjaws has a heatsink. Aegis doesn't.

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        Heatsinks are gimmicks on RAM though, they are not very effective as they are not designed well with minimal surface area. Not to mention that some are even just glued to the flash rather than actually using thermal interface material! Overclocking bare PCB RAM was a breeze for me. So if you're going for looks definitely get the Ripjaws, but it's not going to serve a function.

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      Yes, it's worth the extra for the $3 for the heatsinks. Anyone looking at the above should look at this instead.

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      Hijacking the top comment again! Samsung C-die based on timings. 3200CL15, 3400CL16, 3600CL17 and 3800CL18 are possible on this model at 1.34V. It is recommended not to go above 1.35V despite DRAM calculator recommending higher. It often comes up as Samsung B-die in the SPD, which is incorrect. The best way to validate is to look at the DIMMs themselves and if 10C is at the end of the lot code it is C-die. To calculate it you use the "Samsung OEM" die in DRAM calculator. This is a good resource with a list of community OC's but may need translation. I'm also a resource, DM if help is needed, I have a kit right now running 3733CL18!

      • How important are these for an average customer though?

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          Average consumer probably not much, but I like to think OzBargainers are better than that. I mean the point is to get the most out of your money right?

          • @Void: True, but I guess it also creates an impression that getting a different chip based memory is bad luck or end of the world for some folks.

            But anyway, since you seem to know about the subject; what are your thoughts on 3200MHz CL16 memory from g.skill trident z and corsair rgb pro on a ryzen system?

            Should I get 3200 and oc myself or dish out extra for 3600MHz

            • @nsuinteger: Usually DRAM calculator can just get you to 3600 with ease on most ICs, except for of course C-die as it does not calculate above 3466. Though both Corsair and G.Skill have been using C-die recently, and 3200CL16 is a perfect candidate for it. C-die seems to always be able to hit 3600 as long as the CPU is up to the task. 1.34V should get you to 3600CL18 minimum and 3600CL17 likely. Depends whether you'll recoup the cost by working in the time you'd've spent overclocking. Usually takes 4-6 hours straight to finalize subtimings.

    • I currently have this in my PC

      Would I be able to mix what you've posted - that G.Skill RipJaw V 32GB - with my current G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB?

      Trident Z is 3000mhz, CL16-18-18-38-2N and 1.35V
      RipJaw V is 3200mhz, CL16-18-18-38 and 1.35V

    • Based on the SKU it does indeed seem to be 1x16GB (not 2x8GB): https://www.gskill.com/product/165/185/1567584071/F4-3200C16S-16GISAegis-DDR4DDR4-3200MHz-CL16-18-18-38-1.35V16GB-(1x16GB)

      The "S" after the latency seems to mean single stick / single channel for the G.Skill Aegis line (with "D" for dual and "Q" for quad) https://www.gskill.com/products/1/165/185/Aegis-DDR4

  • What did you upgrade from?

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      2400mhz Kingston Valueram

  • Worth upgrading to this from 2x 8gb G.skill 2666Mhz?

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      I think this is a 16GB single DIMM, you may want to buy a 2x8GB Kit for dual channel. Or two of these.

    • Doubt it. At the least you'll lose the benefit of dual-channel, this is a single stick. Depending on your system, 3200 is probably an overclock speed - you need to overclock your system to reach that speed.

    • No.

      If this is a single dimm, you'll lose dual channel, resulting in a significant performance hit.

      If not, the performance gains would have been pretty insignificant anyway.

    • Techfast? I overclocked it to 3733CL18 being Samsung C-die.

      • What were the original timings at 2666? Mine was from techfast as well, started at 2666CL19 but didn't seem to boot at 3200CL19.
        Also what applications do you notice benefit from memory tuning? Basically just doing it for fun lol but would be cool to get a performance bump too.

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          2666 19-19-19-43. A surefire way to see if it's the same is to look at the stickers on the DIMMs to see the model number. As G.Skill have also used Hynix MFR with those timings. If it's F4-2666C19S-8GNT (Samsung C-die, Thaiphoon is wrong) you have the same ones. You should manually input 1.35V (0.156V offset close enough), and set your timings to 16-18-18-34. Set tRFC to 530 as well and you should post 3200CL16. If you don't with the same model number, try forcing FCLK to 1600 with memory at 2133. If that doesn't post you need to fumble around with VDDG. On the B45M2 you will find it in Advanced -> AMD CBS -> NBIO RAS Common Options -> XFR Enhancement. For me decreasing it from 950 does the trick, for others it's increasing that does it. If FCLK 1600 posts then you have to play around with SOC and VDDP. I'd set SOC to 1.1V, or a 0.04V offset regardless. VDDP shouldn't need to be touched but it's a last resort.

          Geekbench 5 went from 5400 to 6000, because the Infinity Fabric got a bump from the fast memory. Speaking of which, if you can't get your memory to 3200 you can just set FCLK to the highest it goes without crackling audio when running Prime95 with Small FFTs. VDDG will help stabilise 1800+. This should get you gains without relying on the RAM. Some games saw some 0.1% Low gains, so less microstutter. 2666CL19 to 3733CL18 is massive.

          • @Void: Thanks so much for a very detailed response!
            Mine was a team group set and iirc thaiphoon listed it as micron-something, so (unless thaiphoon isn't accurate) I guess it's not the same memory, just started at the same spec. I saw on a forum people reckon Samsung has more OC headroom, so not expecting any miracles lol, but will give it another shot with this new info.
            Super impressive what you were able to achieve, seems incredible that manufacturers sell the memory at so much lower spec than what it's capable of.

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              @jp1011: Yeah I dunno how it got binned so low. I guess 1 timing can send it to the bottom of the barrel. Well it probably is Micron, Samsung C-die is the only one I'm aware of which is mistaken in the SPD on the RAM. If it's Micron E-die or Rev.E, you're very lucky because that's second to B-die. It takes very well to frequency and can do stuff like 3800CL16.

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    F4-3200C16S-16GIS is a single dimm part number. Make sure you buy two and only if you're looking for 32G.

  • OK to use this with AMD?

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      check your motherboard QVL list :)

      • G.Skill Flare X 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 Desktop Memory Kit F4-3200C16D-16GFX

        Not bad

    • Of course.

    • I have this exact same kit, running stable OC at 3600mhz 16-19-19-39 @ 1.4V on B450M mortar.

      • Same. 4.25ghz on a 3600x

      • Hi Kingduytan, are you running the G.Skill Flare X 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 Desktop Memory Kit F4-3200C16D-16GFX or the original posters ram? And what cpu? Thanks

        • I use 2 of the OP RAM with 3700X. I think when I bought it last year I couldn't run any of the "memory try it!" presets, but now it's running stable with said preset (too lazy to learn and manually tune RAMs). Probably the various bios updates over the year have improved stability.

    • Yes, but tRFC is quite high on this particular IC (Samsung C-die) so there is 2-3% more performance to be had with something like CJR, Rev.E or B-die.

  • Guys I question

    Currently have 2x8gb aegis 2400 ram. Was looking to buy this since it's faster ram.

    Now, I understand if I use this RAM in conjunction with my existing 2400 RAM, the new RAM will be throttled down to 2400.

    Is it better to have 32gb of RAM running at 2400 or 16gb running at 3200?

    Edit: Ryzen 2600 if it matters

    • Overclock it. Don't waste! 16GB running 3200 is better than 32GB at 2400 unless you will use the 32GB if you're not as bored in quarantine or don't give a crap about overclocking.

      • Is it possible to overclock only the 2400 to 3200 then pair it up with this deal running at 3200 stock?

        • +1

          Yes, you will need to use the loosest timings. Mixing ICs is very strange. Then you've also got a situation of 3 sticks. I recommend just sticking with the 2400 and overclocking it, you won't need more than 16GB unless you have a special use case. Definitely possible to OC 2400 to 3200 and beyond, I got my 2666 to 3733 with lower CL.

          • +1

            @Void: Thanks mate, will spend the 98$ on KFC instead and overclock my existing to 3200.

  • Nice, no RGB. Hate flashing my juicy RAMs.

  • Anyone know the cheapest place to get 32gb DDR3?

    I pulled my old Windows 7 desktop out of storage not that long ago, put a 780ti in it and now want to upgrade the ram.

    • Have a look on eBay. 8gb for $40.

  • -2

    DDR5 memory is coming

    • +1


    • Not within the next 2 years…

  • Is there a noticeable performance increase going from DDR3 to DDR4?

    • They are not interchangeable, so it depends on your motherboard.

      That said, DDR4 is an improvement.

      • I meant the question for those who have upgraded to DDR4, not necessarily on the same motherboard…

        • DDR3 memory is not used by any modern processor in the last 3 years, even the first gen Ryzen was not compatible with DDR3

          If you are upgrading from a platform from the DDR3 era most likely the cpu you are using is already fairly old. Maybe older or as old as Intel Skylake or AMD AM3.

          a leap to Zen 2 or 9th /10th Gen Intel would be a huge performance increase in almost every area. Not just ram.

        • A good comparison would be Skylake with DDR3L vs DDR4.

  • i literally just bought ssd and ram yesterday from newegg….the bargains always come at unexpected times!

  • Any deals on the 2x8gb?

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