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Citi Rewards Mastercard: 75K Bonus flybuys pts, $100 Kmart eGift Card (Requires $3K Spend in 90 Days; $49 Annual Fee First Year)


Collect 75,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS and a $100 Kmart eGift card when you spend $3,000 in the first 90 days from approval.

I've had a good experience with CitiBank, Points received after a month of spending the criteria back in this 2019 deal & easy online closure of credit card account.

Similar to this deal in terms of $$, if you don't mind Flybuys pts + Kmart vs Qantas pts.

Points earn rate: 1 CitiRward Point per dollar spent on eligible purchases (capped at $10k per statement)
Annual card fee: $49 First Year
Minimum credit limit: $6,000
Minimum income required: $35,000

Offer valid Fri 10 Jul to Wed 30 Sep 2020

*Annual fee of just $49 in the first year, reverting to $149 in subsequent years.

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  • +2

    Citi are OK. It took me 5 mins to close off my premier credit card yesterday as I no longer need it.

    • +14

      Every bank is required to offer online credit card closure, fallout of the banking royal commission.

      • -2

        Yeah Anz still doesn’t.

        • +1

          it does if you send a secure message via your online account

          • @centurylegend: legend!
            I might finally close my Rewards Platinum card. I always miss the anniversary and get dragged along for another year.

            • @alterego13: Happened to me once too…I now set up a calendar invite or a reminder in my TickTick app, so that I don't forget.

              ANZ can be very frustrating but nothing like NAB they don't listen to their customers!!

        • I just closed my ANZ credit card on the internet through internet banking, it has been removed and closed from everywhere however they said they are still going to send the formal closure note through in the post after 7 days.
          Worst bank i've dealt with

        • try AMP and get the feeling of a real vacuum!

      • +3

        It has always stumped me as to why this is such a big deal. I have called up to close probably 30 or so credit cards, and none have taken longer than 15 minutes. Usually much quicker. Are people really that terrified to have to go and speak to a real person these days?

        • +1

          15 minutes is about 14min and 30sec longer than I would like to spend to close a credit card. And yes, I'd prefer to not speak to anyone.

      • Thanks fantastic news, and a huge turn around for Citibank. It took years and eventually an aggressive phone call in the past - assertive just didn't cut it with those people.

    • +3

      When I last tried to close my credit card over the phone, they offered me $60 credit to offset the annual fee. Then after I month, I spent the $60 and called to cancel again, they again offered another $60 to stay. When I called a third time to cancel it, they did it without offering me anything. So well worth calling through in case you can get some free money.

      • must have been a while ago, they are no longer allowed to do this.

      • +3

        The new rules that came into effect in 2019

        So, for example, if the cardholder says, ‘I wish to close my card,’ then the provider must reasonably assist in doing this, meaning that they cannot proactively offer bonus points to retain the cardholder’s business.

        However, if the cardholder says, ‘I’m thinking about closing my card, but would like to explore if you have any offers available to me before I decide to close,’ then a bonus retention offer is still OK.

        • Ooh they need a button for that second option in their apps. Preferably an orange button.

  • Correct me if i'm wrong but there doesn't seem to be the usual 12 month exclusion period for previous rewards cards?

    • Thats what I was wondering. Would be nice to get some clarity on this.

      • same here

        • +1

          Just got off Citi chat and it seems as long as you're approved you'll get the points, have a screenshot of the convo to back it up. I cancelled my card less than a month ago and they indicated that it was fine.

          • @Drakesy: What if I still have another Citi credit card? Will I get the points if I apply for a new card?

      • Have emailed Citibank, lets see what they say

    • also can't seen anything about exclusions which seems weird?

    • yeah it doesn't have that limit and we can take a screenshot to keep it as proof in case of issues.

      done: https://web.archive.org/web/20200710025536/https://www1.citi...

    • I also couldn't find it as mine was closed Oct 2019 and I can apply. I contacted them on live chat an this is what they said:

      Credit card offers varies. Regardless of the promotion attached to the card you want to apply we will be particular with minimum 9 months of a previous card closure to allow customers to apply. They will get whatever the promotion on that card as long as they are eligible to apply and their application got approved.

      • I'd say just to be safe take a screenshot of the T&C and use that as evidence if they don't credit you the points.

      • +2

        Just got off Citi chat and it seems as long as you're approved you'll get the points, have a screenshot of the convo to back it up. I cancelled my card less than a month ago and they indicated that it was fine.

  • +3

    Very good deal with $100 Kmart + $375 flybuys dollars.

    • +2

      Ditto. Net profit $425 after first year fee

      • Happy days :)

      • +1

        Not to be a Debbie Downer but I'd say net $400 given the $475 credit at Coles/KMART is worth 5% less given gift card discounts available.

  • 75k Flybuys not great for airlines miles anymore I gather? Not sure what's happening with Virgin yet.

    • you can convert to velocity with 20% bonus until end of July. virgin has been bought by americans and they want to buy velocity too and make it part of virgin.

      • +4

        Sale isn't completed yet, so hold your horses on converting things to velocity.

      • you can convert to velocity with 20% bonus until end of July.

        It is not a blanket 20% bonus. Only 20% if transferring >100,000 flybuys. Otherwise 15%.

        Not many people would consider transferring >100,000 given the dual circumstances of travel restrictions plus uncertainty about VA's future direction.

        And even if you got this card and made the spend requirement tomorrow, don't expect to receive the 75,000 bonus points by the end of July.

        We will request your flybuys membership number from you via email within 8 weeks of meeting the spend criteria. The flybuys points will be credited to your flybuys account within 6 weeks from the date we receive your flybuys membership number.

        • Can confirm they take their time (i.e. in the past I've had to wait the full 8 weeks).

      • they want to buy velocity too and make it part of virgin

        Virgin resumed full ownership of Velocity last year, having sold a 35% stake to Affinity Equity Partners for $335 million in 2014, and buying it back for $700 million in September 2019. Virgin and Velocity are separate but obviously related companies.

        Bain Capital said "One thing we would love to explore is whether there could be a closer brand relationship between Virgin and Velocity. We come at that from the customer experience, having those tied up a little closer could be a more seamless experience from both the web and app perspective for customers."

  • offer looks good..if like me your sole purpose was to accumulate airline miles then flybuys to velocity is not the best space to be in atm..otherwise FWIW - its a good deal..very tempted to apply..

  • Still have this card when they had no annual fee. This is a good deal

  • can the kmart giftcard be used in target/coles/coles express?

    • I've never seen Kmart only gift card. Do they exist? But if they do, I assume it'd really be Kmart only. Unlike Wish/Woolworths group, they're pretty strict

      • They do exist yeah. Unless the card they are giving is. Coles Myer gift card, then it's likely to only be usable in Kmart.

      • +1

        Yes, there are Kmart only gift/egift cards. And you are correct in that coles group splits them so most can only be used at the individual stores.

        So in this case:

        KMart $100 only at KMart,

        The ~$375 (you redeem in lots of $10) of flybuys dollars can be used at target or coles as well as kmart.

        • +1

          And you can get some petrol at Shell Coles Express.

        • +1

          Can also redeem for Coles gift cards I think, so you don't have to do the drip feed $10…

          • +1

            @Ozbargainasaurus: You can load them onto your flybuys card as 'flybuys dollars' which then get used like a gift card. Just swipe like a credit card and put in the pin you set up.

            I have just converted all my flybuys points and used all the $. Convenient as you can use as coles, target, kmart without having to worry. You do need your physical flybuys card which is an annoyance, but I could balance check how much was left on the app which was nice.

  • +1

    Don't forget this card also comes with a Diners Club card that gives you 2 points per dollar spent. Coverage is limited but it's fully accepted at Colesworth.

    • Used to be good when Diners Club offered lounge access at airport.

      • The Citi Diners card linked to this card doesn't come with lounge access anyway, but does have 0% international transaction fees which is pretty decent.

        • Yeah but Diners is very limited especially with online shopping.

        • 0% international transaction fees which is pretty decent.


      • they still do offer lounge access - just not with this card

    • +2

      Diners Club card is accepted in almost all shops in Japan. I was using Citibank Diners Club card last year when I was in Japan. Never had issues and there is no international transaction fees.

  • Does anyone know the points transfer ratio for flybuys? I can't seem to find it in the FAQs.

    • What do you mean? When Applying for this card you need to provide your Flybuys number which then gets credit straight in at 75k points.

      • I mean converting CitiReward Points to Flybuys points.

        • +1

          Here it is: https://www.citirewards.com/tygr-web/partnerProgramsListing.htm?sourceCode=GRCB&cmp=nav&lid=sub-nav|travel|points-transfer

    • +1


      1.33 Citi = 1 Flybuys, or 0.75 Flybuys per dollar spent.

  • +1

    Even though it states government spend doesn't accrue points but does anyone know if this is true?

    • It won't accrue points on the dollars paid, but paying an ATO bill will count towards your $3000 spend target for the card.

      Paid mums ATO bill on my last card which was $500 shy of the $3k target, card closed the month later.

      • Nice! This should be an easy target to reach then.

  • Min $6k limit minimum earn $35k 🤔

    • +3

      Can't get one on JobSeeker but JobKeeper should be fine.

      • Wait do these credit card company approve you when you’re on JobKeeper payments?

        • +2

          pls don't apply for credit whilst on job keeper.

        • If your employer gives you a payslip every 2 weeks and it doesn't say JobKeeper.

          I wouldn't think lenders would approve for those on JobKeeper but then are they allowed to discriminate?

          • +2

            @netjock: They won’t tell you the real reason for being rejected,

            I tried 3x to get Citibank CC to no avail eventhough my income is above the requirement.

  • Does the balance transfer count as the 3k?

    • If only,
      But no otherwise everyone would be abusing the system.

  • Does anyone know if my wife and I can apply for separate Citibank cards and then apply the combined 150K points we earn to the same Flybuys account or do we need to use separate Flybuys accounts? I read through the terms and conditions but could not find anything that explicitly addressed this.

    • What's the benefit of doing that if you're going to convert them to flybuys dollars.

      • +1

        We only have one Flybuys account which we share and can't be stuffed creating another unless necessary. I'm lazy, okay?!? Do you need to make me feel any worse about that? Do you want to reduce me to tears?

        • You can apply additional FB card for wife. The new card comes with a different number.
          The points from additional card and primary card are pooled together.

          • @KangarooOz: Don’t forget to link the additional card(s) so the points are pooled together.

            • +1

              @muncan: The only disadvantage of that is you can accrue bonus points for stuff like Coles Gift Mastercard and other product bonuses that are usually only once per household.

        • +2

          You can’t be stuffed getting a second flybuys yet you can be stuffed applying for two cc? Takes more effort to do the latter than it is the former.

  • +1

    does anyone know if there is a 12 month window between applying again ? I got one of these last year, got the points and cancelled.

    • +3

      my experience with Citibank, Macquarie & HSBC is that they only marry virgins . Even if you have a very high or even excellent credit score they don't like card churners like the big 4.

      • Yeah that sums it up. They are the worst of the bigger banks.

      • I would agree with Macquarie and HSBC but not citibank. On average I cycle through a citibank backed credit card every 2-3 months (Qantas Money, Virign Money, Coles, Citibank itself).

    • I replied to another comment. It’s a 9 month window.

  • I was excited to get a good deal but they doesn't accept my application.
    Anyone knows their calculation method of spends / income?

    • I don't know their calculation method, but I would expect that they would want spending to be less than income. The greater the difference, the better.

      For example, if you're earning $4,000 per month & spending $3,950 per month, then their system will be concerned that you won't be able to service any additional debt. If you can show that you're earning $4,000 per month & spending something like $3,500 then their system will raise less red flags.

      • From what we've seen in the past, Citibank will happily deny someone earning $300k with no debt and minimal expenses.

        • Thanks, mate. It cures me :)

  • I've got 2 emails from Citi that my application has been received and nothing… manual verification process? Who knows how long it will take for their decision?

  • Just wondering does it matter if you've recently had a citibank visa card, that was closed a week ago. And now I'm applying this. Will it forfeit my application to not get the bonus if you have/had an existing citibank product?

  • Wonder if other cards underwritten by Citibank will void this deal, if taken within 12 months. I just closed my Kogan card a month ago.

    • Yeah, that's my question too.

      I've got a Qantas Premier card, where the actual behind-the-scenes lender is Citibank. Could this void the deal?

  • I had Citibank Qantas Premier creditcard cancelled in Jan 2020.
    I’ll apply this credit card and let you know if I get approved.
    Hopefully 12 months waiting period doesn’t apply.

    • I think you will get approved, that's not the concern. I am more concerned about the points and the gift card.

      • Mine has been approved so NO 12 mths waiting period is needed.

  • Would having a credit card affect my credit score? asking because I might apply for home loan in near future

    • Yes mate, even if you’re not going to be approved, they will check your credit report and it will go down as what happened with me long time ago.

    • it will but no need to worry… worst case the lender will ask you to get rid of cards before approving the loan.

      unless you got bad debts then it completely different story

      i just refinanced and had to sacrifice 4 of 5 lounge accessible cards. Still bleeding tears here.

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