Extra 50% Status Credit for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One Frequent Flyer Members @ QANTAS


Just saw this in the QANTAS news room.

Tier Bonus Status Credits
Silver 125
Gold 300
Platinum 600
Platinum One 1800

Extra Status Credits: To help our most frequent flyers maintain their benefits throughout travel restrictions, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One members will automatically receive 50 per cent of the Status Credits they need annually to keep their tier. Members most impacted, such as those whose membership year started at the peak of travel restrictions, will also be eligible for additional monthly Status Credits support. Loyalty Bonus’[i] for members will now also count towards reaching or retaining Platinum One until 31 December 2021.

Better value on accommodation: The number of points required for Points Plus Pay Qantas Hotels bookings will decrease by 20 per cent effective immediately[ii]. For a limited time only members will also receive 5,000 points back when they book a minimum of 3 nights and on selected Qantas Luxury offers earn up to 125 bonus Status Credits when they book before Monday 31 August 2020.

Greater flexibility: To enable members to plan their holidays with more confidence, bookings made using points on Qantas Group flights will have any change or cancellation fees waived until 31 October 2020[iii].

More info.

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  • That's great, I wonder how it'll work once I have to start flying again for work.

    • You mean "if".
      I think after all this WFH and in general costs to company bottom lines, unless you run the place or "know the right people" expect purse strings to be tightened imo.

      • From what I'm seeing, for the type of work it is, WFH has worked to a degree but these types of projects need interaction in person to work in the long term.

        And I'm not one of those people pushing to go back into the office. I'm quite enjoying life at home.

        Edit: The only thing stopping us flying right now are the restrictions in place.

      • Good assumption. However some people travel to complete work and not just for meetings that can be replaced with VCs.

  • Good luck with that. People are going to have to fly like every 2-3rd day to rack up SC domestically. Given also WA is still locked out, there is no real long distance destinations where one can easily accumulate SCs.

  • Virgin Australia gave 1 year extension of status! Much better.

    • +2 votes

      Qantas did as well. Great for me as there was no way I was going to extend my platinum this year anyway.

      • I didn't because my status anniversary was 1 April. Even still, I'd struggle to make the 300 status points I need to retain gold by then considering how little flying will happen this year.

        • is this for Qantas or Virgin? My status expiry is 30 March and Qantas did it for me. I had to ring and ask though, it'd be worth calling them now and asking. Also I thought it was 500 to retain gold?

          • @b2dz: Sorry my bad, 600 to retain - 300 bonus.

          • @b2dz: Had you already qualified? Maybe I just didn't notice because I was already qualified. Problem is for me I probably wont qualify this year as I doubt I'll be travelling this year all. Maybe that will change next year as it would only take 3 work trips to qualify but it's all a bit in the air right now.

            • @SirFlibbled: Nope. I was only sitting at 300 status credits, and my status ticked over on March 30. My four years in a row of platinum was sure to come to an end. However they extended my platinum status for another 12 months. Apparently they did it automatically for some people, I had to call up and ask for mine.

              I will also not be travelling this year. I hope they come to the table with another offer, but if not, at least i will be downgraded to Gold for 12 months from next year, rather than silver.

              • @b2dz: I'll just make work pay for my Qantas club. I fly a lot to remote Australia and can take 3 flights and up to 12 hours. The lounge is a bloody necessity for me and the only reason I care about keeping my Gold.

                • @SirFlibbled: Fair enough. Having a shower and a beer in between flights really makes the experience so much better. I love my platinum status, I'll be annoyed once it drops off.

                  Still though I think one of the best perks is priority check-in which is Silver. I hate waiting in line for so long, especially for international flights.

    • Not sure if you realise, but qantas already did this(before virgin did if I recall correctly). This is in addition to that 1 year extension.

    • Qantas did the same…. its all pointless though, airports are horrible places atm.

  • Yeah I don't see the value in this, why would you even try and maintain status at present?

    • Unless you're FIFO, it'd be Elitism. You only need to follow flying groups to see the attitudes. It's why I left all but one of them.

    • There is next to no value in status points now and for at least the next 12 months +.

      • There are some pro's. No lounge makes it all pretty garbage though. I'm only Platinum and I get the front seat in nearly every single flight (if that's your thing). Priority lines etc also but nearly everyone still flying is rocking at least a gold meaning that line is usually longer!

  • Wonder if they will offer a Velocity status match…

  • Hahahahaha nice try Qantas

  • I wonder what the "additional monthly Status Credits support" means? My Gold Membership was 'extended' for a year even though I had already qualified which was pointless. I have continued to fly (FIFO) during the pandemic so this should assist with attaining Platnium.

  • Nice, but unless you're a domestic sky warrior maintaining/earning status for any tier is going to be very difficult. Even then, most of the heavy domestic travelers would be severely grounded with all the border closures.

    Maybe the 2-3 people in Australia taking within-state business class trips every week? Even then, within-state planes are usually the single class turbo-props, or have had their regular two-class planes grounded (e.g SYD-CBR is now virtually turboprop only).

    I'm Plat-one and my expiry was extended to the middle of 2021, but without international flights, I wouldn't even qualify for gold before then. The status extension is nice, but ultimately useless without flights to take and I can't see international travel opening up until the end of 2021 at the absolute earliest.

  • Qantas already comped me another year of status when i didn't reach the credits because of COVID. Why don't they just do it for everyone for the next 12 months. Nice and simple.

    This 50% discount thing and 'additional monthly credit support' is just complicated crap.

  • Maybe I missed something, but how is this a deal?

  • Wooohooo ! If Qantas thinks I will will keep chasing status because I love the domestic Qantas Pubs so much they better think again. Since there is zero international travel, guess there won't be any access to flaghship first class lounge in Sydney, or some of the better OW First Class lounges like CX's The Wing or QR's lounge .

    • What would interest me in spending some of my points - and undoubtedly benefit Qantas in keeping people employed and utilising their excellent facilities - is enabling people to redeem points for access to the food and beverage within the First Class lounges in Melbourne and Sydney (and the Day Spa in Sydney).

      Let's say for 10,000 points ($160-$200 equivalent at a conservative redemption rate), you could spend an afternoon or evening in the Sydney Flounge, have a nice meal some drinks… I think the significant other and I would spend a relaxing afternoon there every couple of months if it was available.

      Sure there would be some issues that need to be resolved with Border Force, but I've seen plenty of non-travellers access these facilities for functions in the past.

      • Given the first class lounges are airside and past immigration, I dont think it would be possible but I do love your idea. We have enjoyed the QF F lounge many times over the years. At 10,000 points for a 3 course meal plus glass of wine, we would be tempted to give it a go; just to feel like we are travelling, plus enjoying a nice lounge.

        We checked into the Park Hyatt Sydney yesterday for a staycation and instead of handing over my licence, I gave them my passport … felt like checking into a hotel overseas ;)

  • I always booked Qantas where I could to maintain my frequent flyer status.
    I will lose my status this year due to Covid so unless they extend it again I will book the cheapest flight options available when Australia eventually opens up. Hopefully Virgin will survive.

  • Sounds great and all but at this point I think my status will expire before I can fly for work again. 300 points is too much travelling on my own coins for personal needs, and I'm not going to chase status. I'll just make work pay for my Qantas club membership instead (lots of outback flying takes 3 flights to get there so lounge is a must for me).

  • Does it count towards lifetime status? They don't seem to say.

    • Yes it does.

      • Source?

        • Qantas website.

          The Status Credit Boost will contribute towards reaching and keeping Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One and to further show our appreciation it will also contribute towards reaching Lifetime Silver, Lifetime Gold and Lifetime Platinum status.

  • To be honest, they should have just put a freeze on all status credits for the amount of time everybody was unable to fly, and then the people who were close to getting silver etc would be able to try and pick up where they left and try to get to the next level on the new timeline. Instead most of us who were close to silver have to start again, whilst everybody else gets a helping hand.

  • Nice, ive just started flying again for work locally so this should be a quick way to build up status to try and jump into another bracket.

  • To be honest, the tourism industry should not be asking the government for help. They need to ask Qantas and Rex for help and stopping killing them.
    With no domestic flights, even the inter/intra-state flights are getting ridiculous. It used to be several flights a day to large rural centers, now you are lucky to have 2 flights a week.

    Those that loses out at people who live in remote centers. I know some fly-in fly out doctors resort to driving to rural centers and others simply stopped going. The flight schedule are ridiculous and cannot fit in a normal schedule unless you sacrifice a day or two of work on either end. And who knows how long these doctors can keep driving those long distances on a regular basis. (These are usually specialist that go to the centers once a month or so…)

    • The airlines aren't charities. If they thought they had a chance to fill enough seats to make the flights break even then they would. They have huge sunk and fixed costs they'd love to have any revenue to offset these.

      The problem is that so few people want to (or can) fly.

  • i just spent my points before this came out, what happens for me? bit confused on all these point systems

    • Status is different to Frequent Flyer points. Your status dictates which level you're on for perks like extra luggage and access to the lounges - ie bronze, Silver, gold etc.

      So instead of 300 status points for you to get to silver, you only need 150. A typical flight Sydney to Melbourne will earn you 10 status points.

  • I was so close to getting back to silver - only 25 shy and Yet all credits were nuked. Not frequent / special enough to Be given any extension or gratis at bronze level 😂