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Google Store Now Price Matches 6 Australian Retailers


As spotted by Android Police, the Google Store’s price match policy now applies to 23 countries in total. It was previously only available in the US from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. There 23 new countries (and territory) are as follows:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom

The following conditions apply:

  • Your request must be made within the buyer’s remorse period.
  • Online pricing must be in the same currency as the currency used to purchase the qualifying product on Google Store.
  • The advertised price must be for the same model (same colour and memory, if applicable).
  • The advertised price must still be in effect when the adjustment is requested (no rain checks if Google Store is out of stock).
  • You must provide a live link to the promo or webpage that verifies the price. PDFs, screenshots, pictures, or individual price quotes are not accepted.
  • For phones, price match is available for Unlocked models only; we’re unable to match pricing for carrier models.
  • Excludes: Contract mobile phones or financing deals; special daily or hourly deals; pre-order or trade-in offers; wholesale or educational pricing; mail-in, coupon, or gift card offers; pricing errors; product bundles or free items; bundled services or support; clearance, open box, refurbished, or pre-owned items; products shipped or sold by third-party sellers on competitor’s website.
  • Google reserves the right to decline a price match if we suspect fraud or unauthorized reseller activity.
  • Only 2 per customer per model.

Find a qualifying retailer:

  • Bunnings
  • Harvey Norman
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Kogan.com
  • Officeworks
  • The Good Guys

What qualifies under our price protection policy?

  • If the price of the item you purchased on Google Store decreased within 15 calendar days of purchase, you might be eligible for price protection.

Requesting a price adjustment

  • Contact us to request a price match or price adjustment.

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  • Odd that Kogan would be on the list. They're full of imports

  • Typically they are overpriced everywhere though

    • As opposed to Apple?

      • As opposed to the rest of Android….. At least apple has good hardware and support so you can see where your money is going.

        • Yes, into the over inflated coffers of shareholders, rather than into the pockets of the people working long hours in the manufacturing process. Apple didn't get rich by being generous nor by charging reasonable prices for their hardware.

          • @Trishool: Same goes for Google.

            • @onlinepred: No it doesnt.
              Apple really charges too much

              • @nikoris: Having been buying smartphones since windows CE, yes they charge a lot, but you get what you pay for. Far better build, better integrations, better support. There is no arguing that. Apple charges extra for hardware, Google is a marketing company so doesn't need to make as much or care as much about their phones

                • @onlinepred:

                  but you get what you pay for

                  No you LITERALLY dont. I paid $1200 for iphone 11 and i have a phone with a 5w charger, an ips lcd 720p screen and only 64gb of non-expandable storage. My BT is locked, i cant easily transfer files from/to my phone.

                  Αpple is being treated differently than Google, they allow her to shamelessly promote her hardware and software by limiting anything else.
                  Google maps are harder to use with carplay, Google assistant should be allowed to be default instead of siri, my android watch is literally useless with Apple as they only allow their watches to perfectly communicate with an iphone etc

                  There is no arguing that

                  I can literally spend half the money and get better charging/amoled/storage options etc Apple is obviously holding out on those and releasing tech in stages just because it sells

                  • @nikoris: And you will literally get max 1.5 to 2 years of updates, plastic phone, questionable reliability and questionable support. Android doesn't have a single watch that matches apple in terms of features and integration.

                    There's all pros and cons mate. I have an s10e and galaxy watch active 2, and a work iPhone 11 pro FYI.

                    • @onlinepred:

                      There's all pros and cons mate

                      Very simplistic approach that has no real meaning.

                      plastic phone

                      You clearly dont know what you are saying, you dont get plastic phones unless really low price

                      questionable reliability
                      questionable support

                      lol what?

                      Android doesn't have a single watch that matches apple in terms of features and integration.

                      Explain to me why no android watch plays well with iphone.
                      Also why a $1200 phone doesnt have a fast charger, doesnt have amoled, doesnt have AT LEAST minimum 128gb storage

                      • @nikoris: I don't think I need to explain anything to you. Your are clearly very emotional that you bought the wrong phone for yourself. Please let me know if a steel Android phone with an the features or better than an iPhone 11 pro that's cheaper than $1600, also you will need to but another Android in 2 years when it no longer gets updates, then another one in 2 years. So 3 Android phones on 5 years, so hopefully you will find 3 great Android phones over 5 years that in total cost less than $1600, so around the $520 mark.

        • Good support as in the dumb bar that will rip you off?

        • Good support by a bunch of Apples Geniuses that advocate for buying a new Macbook if your notebook has a malfunctioning chip somewhere.

          • @Jojo-Ma: Never had that, had nothing but awesome service for my ancient MacBook air and pro. It's why I bought new Mac laptops to replace them.

          • @Jojo-Ma: Except that’s not what happens, and it’s not how the staff are trained either.

              • @kale chips suck: Except that guy was a third party repairer, not an Apple store. And he seems to have an unreasonable amount of hate for Apple.

                • @whatgift: He deals with their "rejects", and his hate is based on how Apple f$%k their customers and then do everything in their power to stop him - and others - fixing what Apple claim is not fixable.

                  Frequently, it is fixable. They just don't want it fixed.

                  Like the time the elderly Norwegian bushwalker died alone on a hiking trip. By the time the rescue services found his body his iPad was water damaged. Wouldn't turn on.

                  Apple repeatedly told the family the unit was unfixable. They told the Norwegian police the unit was unfixable. They understood the families motivation, and DNGAF.

                  That bloke, the third party repairer, fixed it. And they got the photos and that their now-dead father/husband had left for them on the not actually irreparably broken at all iPad.

                  He's also not a fan of Apple's rabid attack on the right to repair movement. Which is odd, given they claim to make no profit from repairs, and actually lose money.

                  • @kale chips suck: Yeah fair enough, they’re not perfect, it’s the sweeping generalisations that the stories on the internet are the norm that I disagree with, and have experience to the contrary.
                    I agree on the right to repair though, but it’s not just Apple fighting that though is it?

                    • @whatgift: No, I agree it's not just Apple with the RtR, but they're by far the largest and likely the most influential… and the company in question here. FWIW I would also not buy anything from John Holland either, for the same reason.

                      And, whilst I'm not an Apple person and don't have any Apple gear (so I don't have a lot of personal experience) I have been asked twice by friends to look @ their Apple computers.

                      Both times the issues were physical defects and both times no effort was made by Apple to fix them. I realise that's not a comprehensive sample, but in my direct experience the stories on the internet are the norm. Because if they had (back in the day) bought PCs from my shop there's no way in hell I'd just tell them that a failed component = a throwaway system and then tell them their data was gone and then upsell them on the next Apple timebomb.

                      Have a look at that guys channel; there's vast numbers of stories of unfixable things being easy to fix, and Apple getting in the way of others doing what they won't. It's just not correct to state that Apple have good service. They don't.

                      Finally, I have no skin in this game. I'm not anti-Apple and pro M$. I loathe M$ and their spyware OS. Buy/use what works for you. I'm not even in the industry and haven't been for a long time. But I do think that the marketing bollox from Apple needs to be addressed. Their support is great, when it suits their agenda. Otherwise, you're outta luck and they'll not only not help you, they will actively work to stop you reviving their dead hardware.

                      • @kale chips suck: All good points, and I guess Apple gets the most scrutiny because they are a massive company, and they should be held to account.
                        They do seem to have this contradictory set of philosophies that can help and hinder their customers.
                        And even though I don’t agree with everything, I appreciate your reasonable stating of arguments 😊

  • +8 votes

    I'd probably go with officeworks. Their cs is usually a lot better than the other retailers and they price beat.

  • Thanks for the heads up this will come in handy

  • +1 vote

    Google's service pre-COVID19 was pretty good - I had a Pixel 3 sorted that way - but now if you have an issue, you must submit via email, and are warned of delays because of the pandemic. Obviously like many call centres based in Asia, they don't have a WFH option for staff. Until the pandemic passes or they outfit their staff with tech at home, I would buy local.

  • Gee it’s a tough price match. The price needs to be live (eg a live link) at the time of requesting a price beat. No screenshots etc.

    You’d hope they respond in a timely manner or you’re wasting your time.