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TP-Link Archer C5400X MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming Router $299 + Shipping @ Computer Alliance


By far the cheapest price for this router i can find online, can't even find a no name router with this speeds for a similar price.

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  • man the 8 port in built switch on the back is awesome. Too bad they are not PoE

  • that is an amazing price - if only this was available 3 weeks ago

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    Looks like a stadium

    • It's not the prettiest one but the cheapest at these speeds. Need something fast for my gigabit internet

      • How does this compare to the Google Hub router that Aussie recommends for their gigabit plan?

        • Ethernet is basically the same delivering over 920Mbps.

          Wifi throughput is heavily dependent on what your device is capable of delivering and how far away you are from the router. I have seen reports of this TP-Link again over 920Mbps and Nest wifi topping out at around 720Mbps over wifi.

          Range wise Nest wifi wins and doesn't look like a upside down spider.

      • So needs to be placed in a cupboard if purchased.

    • Bloody hell I dont think this has enough antennas!

  • Have an old netgear D7000. FTTN.

    I’d like to run a VPN at router level. Will this be ok? My netgear doesn’t do it from what I’ve seen.

    • The D7000 does have VPN. Even on my Netgear D7000 v2 it definitely does have the VPN option at router level. It's under Advanced, Advanced Setup and VPN service on my D7000 v2.

      Oh yes the original D7000 definitely has VPN just the same. Look up page 268 of the D7000 user manual. It shows how to setup a VPN service on it. This is for the original D7000. But it seems even for the D7000 v2 is the same. For what it looks it uses OpenVPN.


      So i guess you now have no need to buy a new modem router. Saved you a few bucks there.

      • FYI the official Netgear firmware only allows for a VPN SERVER on the router, not the router to act as a VPN client.

        The former (server) is useful if you want to connect to your home network, or use your home network's internet connection abroad; the latter (client) is useful if you'd like your external VPN service (say, Private Internet Access or NordVPN) to run automatically, for all devices on your network.

        To achieve the latter (VPN client on router), you can do this on a Netgear router (router only, not with a built-in modem), so you'd need to replace your D7000 (with VSDL modem) with any old VDSL modem (sub-$100) and a Netgear R7000 (router only), flashed with custom firmware. I recommend Merlin-XWRT for the R7000; AdvancedTomato is old (hasn't been updated in 2 yrs) but still works well, and DD-WRT also allows for this but I never felt it was ready for prime-time on the R7000.

    • Surprised yours is still working. I had to toss mine after it developed a random disconnect problem and they refused to acknowledge it.

      • Same, my D6220 is less than a year old and would randomly disconnect and refused to reconnect to my NBN internet for several hours/days at a time. Netgear support has been an absolute shitshow; I lodged a hardware warranty claim over a month ago, raised god knows how many support tickets, spent a collective more than 10 hours on the phone (mostly on hold), and had multiple "escalations" promised, and am still no closer to getting a replacement. I will NEVER buy another Netgear product ever again…what a joke.

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    How fast can it run when its upside down.

  • What do people think about this?? Is this any good?

    • It won't impress whoever decorated your home. Unless your home already looks like a Star Trek miniature prop warehouse.

      • My house is basically Death Star so it should fit nicely :) show them the true power of wifi

  • I've been waiting for a deal on the Asus RT-AC86U to use as a dedicated VPN router while using my current AC68U as the regular router so I can get faster VPN speeds. Obviously I'll miss out on AiMesh but will this otherwise do a similar job? Not sure what I need to look for in the specs…

    • Seems like it is the SoC with hardware accelerated AES that gives the AC86U its VPN performance. The C5400X uses the same SoC (BCM4908) so the VPN performance should be the same.

      • Thanks! I have no idea what that means, but I've pulled the trigger :)
        Am I the only one who loves how it looks? Looks awesome!

  • sweet drone prices have really come down

  • Alexa, call triple zero! The router is running towards me

    • "I am having trouble connecting to the internet. Take a look at the help section in your Alexa app"

  • Jokes aside, is this compatible with NBN? I guess I could keep my current modem and just connect them but would rather the 1 device. Any guidance appreciated.

  • Can I use this one to connect to my nbn black box HFC or nbn white box FTTC?
    or do I still need a modem router before connect to this?

  • This is no good. Not enough antennas to support WiFi.

  • Probably sun-setting this to replace with the 'ax' WiFi 6 range.
    Not sure if it's ugly or awesome?

  • I am more concerned about the 1 year warranty. My Archer VR2800 is still under 3 year warranty.

  • for the first time I am seeing a router so excited to meet its users!

  • Again not on their ebay store ! What is the point of having a store on ebay.com.au if you dont want to flog your stuff to all channels CA ? The old golden days of CA of 2018 and 2019 are no more unfortunately !

  • Damn good price

  • Has this TP-Link Archer C5400X ever been close to this price before?

    I see Ebgames well it for $579 wow

    Also anyone know how many wireless devices can it handle at once?

  • This or Deco M5, if my issue is regarding WiFi coverage and speed when I have several devices streaming or online surfing at the same time?

  • Website states it is out of stock :-(


    I'm over here with my $60 Netgear AC750 and have never had any drop out issues and ping is flat. It just seems like an excuse to charge more for something. Maybe the letter sequence: G A M I N G costs a lot of money to print.

    • It is not just about drop outs. What am i supposed to do with an AC750 router if i have a 1 gbit plan?

      • Gaming does not care for bandwidth, you can get a non-GAMING router with high bandwidth, my point is that GAMING is a stupid term when my cheapy router manages a consistent connection.

    • It depends on how many people are connected to it right?

      • Definitely, QoS and MU-MIMO are what you're looking for when you want a consistent connection with multiple users.

  • Called them up, they stated that they had 5 in stock only and had over 17 orders, he was doubtful they'll be getting any more in too. So expect some cancellation orders.

    • I got this:
      Thanks for your order with Computer Alliance. We currently do not have enough stock of the TP-Link Archer C5400X MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming Router that you have ordered.

      Once it arrives in stock, you will be sent another email about the status of your order.

      Hope this wasn't just an automated reply despite not having plans to restock :S

    • My order got confirmed

      Hi xxx,

      Thanks for your order, it has now been processed and is awaiting dispatch from our warehouse.

      Please note that to minimise the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus, all deliveries will no longer require a signature for delivery. If no one is at the premises, the courier will still leave a card as per normal for you to arrange pickup or re-delivery.

      • Ahh that's lucky, what time did you place the order? I just got notified it'll be refunded :(

        • Tue 28/07/2020 1:45 PM

        • Im same with dosada. I ordered 2.20pm Adelaide time. Waiting for it to be shipped Cant wait to try it. Hopefully its better than Google nest 3 pack i got as I’m not happy with the speeds.

  • says out of stock =/ anyone have an indicator on restock times?

  • Hasn't got enough antennas.

  • Just pulled the trigger myself. $318.15 delivered (to Melbourne) inclusive of Paypal/CC surcharge. I'd had my eye on the Asus GT-5300, so hope it's a goodie!

  • Anyone know much about these? Would like to ask a question but don't want to block up the forums if I can discuss here.

    NBN, FTTC, currently have a TP Link AC1600. Working from home at the opposite end of the house from the modem and on a different floor, internet is super slow and inconsistent. Can't get the PowerLine style extenders as it's on a different circuit, can't easily move the router from its current location.

    Is a better modem the solution? What one do I need?

    Cheers in advance and please disregard if ya can't help :)

    • NBN connection device acts as the modem and what you have to purchase is a router.

      Hook up a Deco M5 to the NBN connection device and put another Deco M5 near your workstation.

      • Is this right? I don't really understand how that works in that case. If you have one of those Deco M5s near your workstation, is it not picking up a weak signal and relaying it? It can't increase the strength of the signal that it picks up, no?

        My issue isn't that I can't connect at the workstation, it's just that the signal has to go through floors and walls and quite a distance and loses its potency (as is my understanding… happy to be corrected).

        • Nope the Deco M5 is not like a wifi extender. Deco M5 is a router replacement and creates a strong signal mesh network.

  • Same old jokes about its appearance.

  • Each antenna is actually a stick of DDR4 G.Skill Ripjaws memory to support the fast downloading of additional RAM.

  • Damn, I underestimated its size until I saw the size of the network ports on the back if it. This thing is definitely big.

  • You're better to spend your money on a Ubiquiti WAP and router instead. Likely better performance and doesn't look ridiculous.

  • If 8 antennas is not enough I’ve found a 10 antennas model.


  • Turn it upside down and it reminds me a bit of a replicator from Stargate!

  • So it's not an upside-down squid from Minecraft, then?

  • This has got to be one of the most ugliest routers I have seen.

    Here is a better deal.
    $97.75 including delivery. Enjoy. I have the non pro version myself for $75.

    Huawei AX3 /AX3 PRO Wireless Router Wifi 6 + 3000mbps 2.4G and 5G Quad Core Wi-Fi Smart Home Router

    This is why the americans don’t like them. Huawei make a technically superior product for 1/10th the price of a netgear router, 1/3 the price of the TP-Link and a much slimmer and better looking product with less power consumption. (24w ax3 vs 60w C5400X).

    Here is the same router for $92
    Product information

    You can buy multiple and create a mesh network.
    Doubt you’ll find a better router at this price.
    Plugs into the back of any model, adsl, hfc, fibre, etc.

    • the suspicion is more than "technical superiority for 1/10th of the price".
      it's about backdoor access into society and a population.
      it's the suspicion or the idea that one day in the future, a switch could be turned on, and your dependent infrastructure is taken over by another country.

      there's a technological race, and probably they have the Yanks beaten,
      because yes….decent products, with affordable prices…which would mean widespread adoption,
      but also that fear of a backdoor access is real, because this has happened before with Juniper firewalls, Cisco routers, etc.

    • geez, that Huawei AX3 really is a worthy purchase, for 802.11ax.
      i have had the Asus GT-AX11000 for the past year now, and it's a beast for home WiFi,
      but i could sell my Asus and get on board some cheaper wired mesh-setup…and this Huawei looks decent, from price-perspective.

      is the configuration via the web? or an app?
      ( i wonder if the firmware sends your DHCP requests, etc…back to the 'home country' ! )

      • It is both, ios/andriod app and web based.

        If you are using any type of windows 7-10, windows already sends data back to the "home" country.

        I'd rather pay $75 instead of $700+ for the same product.

        Better to spread my risk than to be forced to buy my soybeans from somewhere.

        I also think you wont need multiple routers or boosters when you get this AX3. I was going to invest in a mesh network myself but after purchasing 1 of these items it was enough.
        802.11ax/ac/n/a 2 x 2 & 802.11ax/n/b/g 2 x 2, MU-MIMO

        • i didn't buy the GT-AX11000 for $700,….
          … if so, i'd have to hand in my OzB badge! :-P

          it was closer to half-price, but that's another story.

          in any case, i disabled Windows telemetry, but yes…it does send some data back.
          it does not send it back to a country that is (yet) to extradite me,
          and i also have reservations for using any App or web-based way to configure a routing device.

          that's also the reason why those home automation people don't use the Xiaomi apps,
          or other apps, to configure their smart power-sockets or light-bulbs….and look for more non-cloud ways of usiing your own equipment.

          anyway, thanks for pointing towards that Huawei AX3.

          i would only be looking at a wired mesh setup and i was angling towards Ubiquiti,
          because of the nice GUI and data visualization, but it's still quite expensive
          and there are other problems for me, if that set up encountered a power outage,
          so bringing my own controllers up will be complicated for the lay-person if i was not around.

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