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WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD 1TB $217.11 + Delivery ($0 with Prime), 500GB $108.55 + $7.42 Delivery (Back Order) @ Amazon US via AU


Price has dropped once again on these drives. 500gb back in stock on August 29 if you don't mind waiting (actually just changed from August 17 as I was about to post this), available here: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07MH2P5ZD/ref=ox_sc_ac...

And of course, don't forget cashback.

EDIT 1: 500gb deal has expired, but I've just discovered the deal on the 500gb Evo Plus (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/553542) which works out to be ~$123 delivered after Samsung cashback.

EDIT 2: 500gb deal is back.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Good price for a crazy fast 1TB NVMe SSD.

  • +2

    Boot time is under 5 seconds with this thing, slowest part is the motherboard posting.

    • Lol same with my B350 board, takes it about 10 seconds just for the screen to pop up, then it spends another 5 seconds initializing drives and BIOSes then it finally gets to the boot drive.

  • Should i get one with heat-sink or without heat-sink is good enough?
    I am not sure. any body?

    • +2

      Depends how you intend to use it but for more use cases it unnecessary.

      • +1

        I want it as c drive(will install some games), I have another sata ssd in my system for games only but its almost full so you know.
        I just want to replace the OEM 128gb xpg nvme, my c drive gets full or gets under 20gb if i dont check every now and then, and it create problem when i am trying to open large winrar files or install games.
        No video processing/editing or something like that.

        • "No video processing/editing or something like that"

          Then the heat sink is not needed.
          If you have good cooling in your case you also dont need a heatsink even if video editing.

          Heatsinks are only good if you have a PC that runs very hot or max out your nvme often.

          • @vid_ghost: Yep agreed.

          • @vid_ghost: It depends on where the M2 mount is. My rig runs cool with 6 Noctua fans. My mobo z370f has 2 M2 mounts and I initially installed the M2 drive on the slot above the GPU - temps was reaching 80 degrees under full load and throttling. GPU is a Strix 1080ti and barely breaks 70c.

            I moved to the slot under the GPU, where it had its own cover+heatsink, and barely breaks 50c

            I'm thinking about getting this 1tb with heatsink and putting it above the GPU slot. Hopefully it stays cool.

            • @f0x13: 1080ti :) ..

              not really something many people have.
              I'm still running an RX470 and will be upgrading it to a RX6700 or whatever mid range 150w TDP RDNA2 will be called in a few months time when released

              • @vid_ghost: It's been a great card! Had x2 initially in SLI but mgpu is such a pain to deal with, and not to mention excess heat+noise with air cooling THICC cards, so i sold one back in April. They still fetch a good price!

                I'll be selling this 1080ti once the new GPU's comes out. Like you i'm looking closely at RDNA2 but with Big Navi. Hopefully AMD powers through like they did with Ryzen!

                • +1

                  @f0x13: Nvidia will have their new stuff out too so heres hoping we get low prices from both companies.. and if desktop RDNA2 is anything like the consol ones then its going to be beastly

    • Without, can always add one later.

      • thanks

    • Depends on your case and your motherboard tbh. If there's sufficient airflow to wherever your m.2 slot is then no.

      • It doesn't hurt to have a HS on. It will improved cooling and extend lifetime of the device.

    • Does your motherboard have a heatsink?

    • No real need. I've had a faster samsung drive for years and it's still going fine. Unless you're constantly working on 4k videos and its going wild all day long, bit of a waste to pay $30 aud extra.

  • It's $129 from Amazon AU, It's only around $12 more if you have prime and is local stock

    • You talking about the 1TB or 500gb?

      • +1

        500GB I'd assume.

        • yes , i just ordered one

    • Could you provide a link plz?

  • Great price, just copped one. Keen to replace this SSD 😁

  • If I'm not editing or copying large files and just using it as a normal SSD. Would Kingston A2000 be enough?

    • Yeah.

    • +2

      Sure would.

      In fact, for most purposes (fast booting, snappier loading of applications) a SATA III SSD is usually enough.

      But video encoding and heavier file transfer users, look for higher transfer speeds which is what NVME brings

    • You wouldn't really notice much of a real world difference between NVMe and SATA either then.

      • +1

        haha yea, but just that 1TB A2000 can be bought at similar price or cheaper than most 1TB Sata SSD (M.2 or 2.5'')

    • Yes, perfectly fine.

    • thanks all :)

  • Could this drive be installed into this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/541372 recent laptop deal?

  • If I am doing 4K video editing (non-professionally, just occasionally) would this be a good alternative to Samsung 970 EVO Plus? Or am I better off with the Samsung? Looking at getting 2 x 1TB (one for OS and apps and the other for files).

    • +2

      I would only go with Samsung due to the reliability. Got bad experience with WD before, not really confident with its quality assurance. after cash back, the Samsung 970 evo plus is only 30 bucks more than wd, it’s worth the extra with much better reliability

      • What bad experience did you have?

        • Two WD drives dead in couple of months when used as backup for sever. Went to Seagate and Samsung, not a issue for years. Don’t like sandisk for as cards as well. Die in couple of months when used in DVR

          • @luce2339: Fair enough, but I doubt that has any bearing on the reliability of their SSD controllers.

            That being said Samsung is definitely reliable.

  • Great drives, have 2 of the 1Tb's in my new build.

  • With samy cashback, 1TB WD black, or 1TB Samsung Evo970 ? Not mich difference in $$$.

    What is the difference in tech or performance ?

    • +1

      On par. Could also get a Kingston a2000 1tb for 160 which imo beats this deal.

      • Could you provide link to $160 please?

      • The a2000 is not on par though.

        You would be better served with a 2.5" SSD if "max theoretical speed" is not a concern.

      • How would the Kingston A2000 go with occasional 4K video editing?

  • Looks like the 500GB model went back up to $158

    • yep.. that was quick :( hopefully comes back soon

  • Currently, nothing beats the crucial p1 1TB as the most value for money m.2 nvme ssd at approximately $AUD170 at Amazon Au. I mean, you can buy the 1TB 970 EVO plus or SX8200 pro or SN750 or intel 660 or 760, but they are all around $AUD220-280 for basically unnoticeable, if not slightly slower, differences in random write speed (1 thread - normal every day tasks). But for random write speed (8 thread — demanding tasks), the p1 is 2x slower than the SN750/EVO plus (but still on par with Intel 660/760p which are excellent).

    • I have the Crucial P1, it's a good value drive, but it's not in the same league as the 970 Evo Plus, SN750 or SX8200 Pro. It's somewhat comparable to the Intel 660p, which is a similar price.

      I agree that the Crucial P1 is a good choice for the majority of users and 99% of workloads will not benefit in any way from higher performing drives, but it's not really just about read/write speeds. All of these drives have two layers of write cache - DRAM and then SLC NAND, which will mask the relative weaknesses of the underlying NAND. Ultimately, the Crucial P1 and Intel 660p are QLC drives with relatively good provisioning that make them more than excellent for everyday use. However, in certain write-heavy scenarios, they just cannot compare to the better drives.

      If you need an example, just copy a 150GB file and you'll separate out the drives relatively quickly. Just as an example, my 860 EVO writes faster for large files than my Crucial P1 despite being a SATA SSD because it maintains 500+ MB/s, whereas the Crucial P1 starts out over 1 GB/s, but falls to around 200 MB/s around 15% of the way through.

      • How about Kingston A2000 1TB? Should be better than Crucial P1

  • I have this one, 3.5GB sequential Read, 3.1GB sequential Write as advertised.

  • Good price, more as a result of a stronger AUD then anything. I'd say this is perfect as a boot drive, not data.

    • Why not data?

      • I’d probably go 2tb for a data drive.

  • Worth the extra $30 over the Kingston A2000? Using for basic computing and gaming.

    • Probably no as I’m using the A2000 as a boot drive, you can’t see the difference when it’s all NVME.

    • +1

      Think of this as a car that is way faster than you need, and the A2000 is a car that's faster than you need.

      Is the way faster car worth the upgrade over the faster than you need car?

      Only you can answer that. :)

      • +1

        Good analogy! The real sped increase only comes when its upgrading from a ssd from a traditional hard drive. That’s a huge improvement.

        • Yes, going from a HDD to SSD is like going from walking to a car. Going from a SATA SSD to an NVME is like going from a Corolla to an AMG.

      • But I want to flex my new fast car. Speed irrelevant lols

      • Which one gets the girls though?!?

        • +1

          All of them.

          The problem is your girls are 2D.

  • I'm seeing $109 for the 500GB on my phone's Amazon app.

    Deal is back?

    • +1

      Sure is!

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