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Dell 27" QHD 144Hz (165Hz on DP) IPS Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $507.93 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Greetings everyone, I went on a big hunt this morning to find another coupon code for Dell which may make this monitor cheaper and finally found one, makes this to be an awesome price for this monitor :)

Use both "AUAFFILIATES15%OFF" and "ECU5" to get the price in title :)

Device Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz
Pixel Pitch: 0.2331 mm
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 1 ms (grey-to-grey)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors: 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Display Position Adjustments: Pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 61.16 cm x 20.03 cm x 39.39 cm
Compliant Standards: RoHS, BFR-free, DisplayPort 1.4, PVC-free, Mercury-free
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

No harm in trying cashback also, although the coupons aren't listed so they might not pay out. See the comment by Tightarse regarding this.

As always, enjoy :)

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Thanks for the post <3
    Changing from Acer X34P" to 3 x 27"
    single screens suck.

  • Glad I waited for this extra code. Have made the purchase!

  • +1

    This or U2719DC for office work ?

  • +2

    The guilt….just spent over $17k on renovating the house. And just bought this….

  • need help resisting. i visit this page for bargains but I leave with my wallet lighter every time.

  • Thanks OP, i'm in for two. Almost pulled the trigger last night but decided to sleep on it, secretly hoping the deal would disapear overnight and i'd miss out. This pushed me over the line.

    Going to switch from a single 34" ultrawide back to dual monitors.

    • +1

      would you mind asking the reason?

      • Yeah sure, who would you like me to ask?

        …Honestly, I went from 2x27's (3 for a brief period) a few years ago, to a single 34" ultrawide. While the ultrawide was an interesting and "good" experience, it just doesn't match the productivity I felt i had with dual (and triple) monitors in the past. I'm a very, very casual gamer (really not very often) so going from my old 27's @60Hz to my current 34" at 120Hz was a big upgrade at the time that I appreciated. Seems with a pair of these 27's I get the bost of both worlds (high refresh for the occasional game I play, and the additional productivity from the dual monitors). Worth adding that I use fancyzones in MS powertoys to maximise my productivity on the 34" ultrawide and it works fairly well, but it's still just not quite enough space for me.

        • +1

          Why single 34” ultrawide though? (Particularly since you were running 3x 27” at one point)

          I see lots of people upgrade from 2x 24” or 27” to a single ultrawide. I went from 2x 24” to one 34” ultrawide and one 24”, usually in portrait (ie. I replaced one of my 24” with the ultrawide, but kept the other one).

          Why not keep one 27” and use 34” & 27”? What did you do with the other monitors?

          In some ways, dual monitors are better than a single ultrawide, sure. But dual monitors WITH an ultrawide is even better! :)

          • @caprimulgus: Good (fair) question. I guess at he time I was hoping downsizing to the single monitor would work for me. For the most part, it has, for the last 18 months or so. But it came with other hardware upgrades.

            I guess, it was more the situation I was in… the previous 27's I had were all apple thunderbolt displays, because i used an iMac and Macbook Pro with them. Switched to the single 34 ultrawide when I switch back to windows machine.

            Always sold previous monitors and bought into the newer setup. I moved on the thunderbolt displays before they weren't worth anything. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the 34" ultrawide, but feel for the balance of work I do, i'll be better of back onthe dual 27's

            …I completely agree, a 27 (or even a 24) in portrait beside the ultrawide would probably have been a good option for me. Perhaps this will be something i'll check out before I try to sell my ultrawide :D

            • @DisabledUser107490: Ah right, fair enough.

              But yeah, I suggest grabbing a 27” and keeping the ultrawide - it’s great! :)

  • I’m a bit late to the party but can any of these 27” monitors do this simultaneously, without swapping cables every time:

    1. USB C with everything to 16” MacBook Pro (60Hz is fine)
    2. 144HZ to PC with USB Upstream

    At the moment I have speakers (3.5mm), microphone and webcam plugged into the monitor.

    Keyboard and mouse are wireless and can swap devices that way.

    I have the 2719DC and I have to swap the USB C cable to use either device.


    • +1

      You will need a kvm switch to make swapping at the click of button between two devices

      • So none of these models do video over USB C/Thunderbolt? Then the PC can do video over DP/HDMI.

  • -2

    I've got one of the previous versions (S2719DGF), it's great value considering nearly all of the good bargain IPS monitors with this resolution and refresh rate aren't available here. Of course, this is a TN panel, however the only real issue I've had is a bit of colour banding in dark scenes, the colours were decent out the box and can be tweaked to be better to the point where it can be just as good as some IPS monitors.

  • +1

    Suprised it hasnt sold out yet. Both posts must have got a combined 7k+ clicks.
    Edit: Its actually closed to 15k+ clicks now

    • 3-4 month delivery incoming…

      • +2

        My eta is Thursday. Hope that doesn’t change …

    • +1

      I mentioned the same in the other thread but not only that, but it sells for $569.99 USD on the USA Dell store and listed on articles as that as well. This could be a massive pricing error and/or stock issue.

  • I'm not up to date with the technologies, can anybody tell me if this is worthwhile/useful (higher refresh rates) if you have nvidia graphics?

    • +1

      If you have a 10 series or newer Nvidia GPU you'll be able to use Freesync just fine (it just might show up as not Gsync Compatible but it will work anyway)

      • Hey, so why do you think it'll show up as not gsync compatible? It does have "nVidia G-SYNC" branding on the product image.

        Along with the text; "Undistorted gameplay: NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Technology and AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro technology adds another layer of seamless, low latency HDR gaming by eliminating screen tearing and stuttering."

        So there should be no concern over g-sync compatability right?

  • purchased!!! hope there is no regret…

  • +1

    If anyone is FOMO-ing over this deal compared to $534 yesterday. Remember if you used cash back, you get $14.58 back which brings it down to $520ish and you can't combo it with the second discount code. This is an exceptional deal considering other monitors in it's class are $600+. Be happy :).

    • +2

      Cash back is not guaranteed as the codes are not listed on the Cashrewards website.

  • Finally found what I've been looking for!

    Thank you OP.

  • Thanks OP, bought!

  • -1

    Ok I couldn't resist and bought one to compliment my (older) UltraSharp U2715H. They seem to have the exact same physical dimensions, which is why I chose this over the ViewSonic one. So what I need now is a decent dual monitor stand for these two 27" monitors. Any suggestions?

    In addition, with Microsoft Flight Simulator coming out and to fully utilise the higher refresh rates of this monitor, I need an upgrade of my video card. Currently using a Strix GTX970 which exactly fits at 40mm and dual slot wide PCIE config. I've got a 10Gbe PCIE card in the 4th slot, so I am looking for probably an RX5600XT or RX5700XT which is no wider than 40mm. Most cards I have seen are 2.5 slot wide or more. Anyone got any experience and is aware one that is available in Australia that would fit and comes at a reasonable price? Thx

  • Weird, buying 2 only gives the same discount value for ECU5 code

    Ordered 2 yesterday without the code, missed out on an additional $27… meh

  • Bought one! Thanks op!

  • Anyone know if this monitor supports 1:1 pixel mapping? Or if Dell monitors usually do? Hoping to use it with a PS4 that runs at 1080p but don't want it look horrible and upscaled.

  • No, this deal beats by far any other 27" IPS panel for price. Thanks OP, just bought another one!

  • +14

    Seeing those green 200 + votes for some reason bothers you psychologically, making you think you are missing out on something..

    • +1

      Same here

  • Does this have internal speakers that I don't need to plug external speakers into the headphone jack etc?

    • No internal speakers.

  • Would I notice a significant performance decrease if I were to run two of these monitors while gaming, One for gaming and the other for browsing/discord etc. Setup is: (ryzen 3700x with 2080 super). Thanks

    • +1

      Yes, you need Ryzen 3950X with 64GB RAM and the upcoming 3090 graphics card.

      Jokes aside… Should be fine with your current PC. It's only 1440p, not 4K.

      • Thanks mate, I was just checking because two of these monitor is so tempting.

        • i've ran 4 monitors off a 2070 strix. did not notice a performance hit.

    • +1

      I have the exact same specs as you. Apparently if you do have flicekring between the two you have to turn on GPU Schdle it helps with it in the new windows update. I have the viewsonic and this will arrive on thursday (eta 06.08.2020).

      ill report back when i have the monitor to test.

  • Uh oh… been waiting for AOC 24G2/27G2 to go down in prices, but this monitor at this price point, I can't resist…

    I'm weak at my knees..

    Thanks OP!

  • +6

    Thank you very much OP! I've been a lurker on Ozbargain for years and have bought many good deals, particularly the 12 and 14TB HGST external white label shuckables of recent times. But your deal and the time you put in finding those coupons - I joined so I could thank you mate. Just bought one of these excellent Dells. Thanks again!

    • +17

      You're welcome matey, comments like this are why I dedicate so much time to this site and bargain hunting to help others out, thank you for the kind words and have a great day.

  • +2

    Monitor brothers, is this a good deal if you just want a 27inch 1440p monitor but NOT interested in gaming? or is it just the gaming angle that makes this a good buy for the price?

    • +2

      I would say it's not worth the cost if you're not doing any gaming, you're paying extra for the high refresh rate.

    • +2

      It depends on what you feel about low end 27 inch IPS 1440p 60Hz monitors and whether you can get one at a good price. One big issue is most of those monitors are no longer being sold. Even if you can get one, it is most certainly without a VESA stand (so no height adjustment). Other than high refresh rate, this monitor offers features which are enticing:

      • VESA stand included
      • HDR400 (even if it isn't true HDR, it is better than no HDR I guess)
      • USB 3 hub

      Essentially, the price is good for this package, assuming you don't run into Dell's QA issue. I used to really like Dell UltraSharp monitors. However, my luck is generally bad with Dell monitors. 40% getting a Dell with a dead pixel (or a cluster of dead pixels) so far. Furthermore, the Dell return policy can be inconsistent and any return is annoying. Also, people are guessing this would be an AUO IPS panel. Question is that is this the better grade one? Because the low grade 1440p ones aren't good to be honest.

      1440p is a good resolution for 27 inch, but as majority of my devices are 4K capable, this does feel like some degree of compromise. The lack of USB-C/Alt-mode+PD support is also not ideal (though it is really nitpick, because at 1440p, you don't run into subpar USB-C to HDMI/DisplayPort converter issue.

      In short, price is quite good right now and with no viable low end 1440p monitors on special so if you are really into a 1440p, it is a good choice right now. It is unfortunate that right now, monitors makers are pushing 1440p gaming monitors and are not offering cheap 1440p for general use.

      • You seem to know your way around a monitor. I'm in a similar position to the above commenter. Don't need the Hz for gaming or the extra features, any specific budget monitors you would recommend? Something like the viewsonic 27 or AOC 27 for budget 27" 1440p?

        • +1

          I cannot recommend low end Viewsonic 27 inch IPS 1440p monitors. The panel used is subpar for an IPS. The quality control is bad (panel uniformity is bad). I cannot comment on AOC as I have no experience on them.

          At work, we have some UltraSharp 27 inch monitors (but work is slowly moving people to 4K monitors because of the type of work we do, we need to). Dell UltraSharp 27 are good (but pricey). My work mate bought an Asus 60Hz one. He is happy with that. We both get to use an Apple monitors at work and despite it being an old 2K monitor, they are really good.

          If you want a 27 inch and don't want to go for Ultrasharp 27 or equivalent series, you are pretty much left with AUO panels. The VESA stand, USB 3 hub and HDR are all handy. It's not worthwhile saving $100 or $150. Your eyes are worth more than that.

          • @netsurfer: Thank you very much for your indepth analysis of it all. Appreciate it. My eyes are definitely something I value. Maybe I will wait for a 1440p general use monitor to come cheap. The ultrasharp's definitely something I would like but seems it has a lot of extras in it so may not be worthwhile for me at the moment.

      • Can you elaborate a bit more about the return process?

        • +1

          Dell will issue you a return label and arrange someone to pick it up. But you need Dell support agree to pay for the return postage.

          What frustrated me was on one occasion, Dell was fine with it (dead pixels). On another occasion, Dell support was trying to avoid it by quoting their policies on dead pixels (I think there was (maybe still is) a minimum number) and bright pixel policy does not apply to dead pixels (but that's shrewd because they know bright pixels are unlikely, dead pixels can happen). That monitor didn't have the minimum number of dead pixels required. However, it made no sense to me to get a new Ultrasharp monitor with dead pixels right away, so I elected to use the 14 day return policy. On that occasion, Dell support wanted me to pay for the return postage.

          There was another occasion where I opted for a replacement, and the replacement had dead pixels. It is due to that, from then on, any time I have a Dell monitor with dead pixels, I would opt for refund. I know the panels were made by LG.

          Unfortunately, I have experience an AUO panel with a deal pixel. So, basically, with IPS panels, there is always a risk on dead pixels. It is not isolated to Dell either. I had multiple Apple iPads with dead pixels before.

          • @netsurfer: Thanks for the detailed reply.

            I bought a 32" VA Dell monitor approx 5 weeks ago but only unboxed it the other day. It's come with a 2x dead pixels in the centre of the screen which is very difficult to ignore. It's also got some horrendous backlight bleeding which I'm told is 'normal' (https://imgur.com/guuztJe)

            Dell initially refused to initiate a return so I'm a bit stuck as to what to do.

            Kinda not regretting going 2x 27" monitors as opposed to 1x 32" as well!!

            • @tryonthis: VA monitor. I did purchase one many years ago. My understanding is VA monitors tend not to have dead pixels, but my one from Samsung did come with 2 stuck pixels initially (at lower middle part of the screen). I cannot recall whether they appeared black or had a different colour. However, I used a soft cloth and massaged the two pixels carefully and they started working normally (didn't take long from memory). After that, they never got stuck again. Maybe give that a try, but be careful though.

              Backlight bleeding, yeah, that's also luck of the draw. It's disappointing Dell's quality control is just as bad as before.

    • +2

      After using a 144Hz monitor as my daily display for study and work I could never go back to 60Hz. It looks choppy and laggy moving the mouse and scrolling through web pages or documents at 60Hz. The general use is vastly improved by 144Hz so I say go for it.

  • How does this compare to the Dell U2721DE 27" QHD IPS 2560x1440 for $650 odd? The specs seem better (brightness, colour support etc..)

    • That Dell Ultrasharp entices you with USB-C/Alt-mode+Power Delivery support. For people with Macbook/Pros or Dell or newer laptops with USB-C, that is an attractive feature. And, to those owners, the extra $100 isn't an issue.

      Another guess would be it is possibly using an LG panel and at the time of sourcing, 1440p with "HDR400" (honestly, not really true HDR) panels cost more. Now, there is competition and you would expect AUO to undercut LG on price.

      • So if I don't need the usbC/alt power mode extras of the ultrasharp they will both have a similar performance?

  • Can you wall mount this monitor?

  • WAAAY TOO CHEAP especially during corona. Had to get 1. Hope it goes well with my viewsonic :)

  • +1

    Nice post OP.
    Anyone know how much of an upgrade this monitor would be in terms of eye strain/extended computer use, compared to my current monitor (https://www.pccasegear.com/products/42739)??

  • +1

    Don’t exactly need a monitor now, planning to upgrade setup in a few months when zen 3 and 3000 series comes out.
    Is this deal good enough to buy now to use or is it likely better monitor deals will pop up?

    • Same boat here, I think I'm willing to risk it and bet on some good pricing come Black Friday sales - COVID second wave is an imminent threat on supplies though.

  • Would this be overkill or just decent future proofing for use with a Dell G3 1060 Gtx laptop? I'm expecting to only be able to get 100hz at full resolution for older games

  • Also has 12% cashback via Cash Rewards.

    Worked fine when I added it to my account just now.

    • +1

      It's only 6% for monitors if your lucky with cashback.

      • Hmm you are correct. Still better than 0%!

        • first time cash rewards user. how do you know its recorded? is it suppose to show in transactions or like 7 days later?

          • @Zacard: Can take a couple of days to show up in your records. Just check it over the next few days and make sure its there.

  • Noob here looking for a dual monitor setup. Can I use this as my main monitor then for my second monitor buy a budget 27 inch monitor.

    Second monitor will be for working from home purposes (spreadsheets, documents).

    If I move a spreadsheet from screen to screen I don't want to adjust the zoom. Should the second 27 inch monitor be QHD as well?

    • If you buy two different resolution monitors of the same size (both 27 inch in this case) you can set the higher resolution one to a higher scaling factor in Windows so everything looks the same size (same "zoom" level).

      Basically no you don't need the second one to be QHD.

  • +1

    Considering that this was apparently listed for $1.2k AUD 3 days ago and is currently listed on the US store for $570 USD, is there any chance this is a pricing error? Hope we don't all get cancelled orders on Monday 😔

    • Google says original price was $1029. I do find it odd though as the current sale on selected Dell monitors is only up to 30% off. Hope it’s not a price error


    • For these specs, it’s an error for sure. What matters now is how they’ll handle it. If they’ll honor it or do a mass refund.

      • Based on price errors they’ve had in the past (e.g WD Blue 250GB SSDs for $20 3 years ago), they won’t honour it and will just give a full refund.

        • Given the likely low stock globally and higher prices in other regions, refunds are pretty likely. Mine wasn’t even charged yet.

          • @cnut: Ordered mine this morning. I was charged straight away and it’s now ‘in production’ status. However anything can happen when they return to the office tomorrow

      • They have honoured monitor double discounts before

        • +1

          Stacking two discount codes is not the issue here. We are questioning whether $629 is in fact a price error.

          • @Ebaygiftcards: when I was googling about this monitor, 1 person in the uk quoted what he paid for it and the conversion was about $630. It was a sale price not normal price, so we're paying $120 less.. so not entirely sure if price is reasonable or not

  • Apart from the Hz 144 vs 60, what improvement would this be over a Dell u2711? Have the colours improved over the years?

    • +1

      Coming from 2x U2711's to a UP2716D - the backlight is much whiter, reds are more striking.

      Got the UP for an amazing price - then I made a 2mm scratch in the middle hitting it with a cable. so sad :\

      So replacing one of them with 1 of these. will report back!

      • Thanks. Couldn't resist bought one. Bad luck with your scratch, but worse things can happen :)

  • +1

    Thank you so very much. Bought 1. Got confirmation email after 7 minutes of Order received. Expected to arrive by 6 August 2020.

    • I think we all have the ETA for august 6. I hope the orders wont get cancelled :L

      • +1

        Yeah, between the significantly more expensive prices in other geographies, to everyone's orders supposedly arriving on the same date - something doesn't quite seem right here.

        • Yeah I guess we have to wait til tomorrow when their office hours open up but you are right. Something really doesn't add up. If it goes well then we scored a good deal if not then massive cancels on monday.

        • Mine is August 11.

      • +1

        I got 11 August. I'm in QLD.

        • Same here. Says 11 August for Brisbane

  • hey guys i have a xps 13 9360
    and from what i can tell it only has a usb-c port and a mini display port?
    * what would be the best cables to get to connect my laptop to ths monitor?

    • +1

      Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable.
      There is no guarantee that freesync will work on the HDMI ports. Also, USB-C/Alt-mode to HDMI converters / cables simply have too many variation and quality varies a lot. USB-C to DisplayPort cable is worth considering, but does freesync / g-sync work through that?

      • cheers!
        turns out i made a mistake and it doesnt even have a mini display port … so guess ill get a USB-C to DisplayPort cable… thanks again!

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