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75,000 Bonus Qantas Points with $2500 Spend/3 Mths on the ANZ Freq Flyer Platinum ($0 Annual Fee 1st Year) @ Point Hacks


Offer Ends Wednesday, AUG 19 - 2020

ANZ are offering an increased signup bonus of 75,000 Qantas Points. Plus, enjoy $0 annual card fee, in the first year. Saving you $295. This is an "Exclusive" offer that is only available through PointHacks.

The 75,000 bonus Qantas points & $0 first year fee offer is now live until Wednesday, August 19th 2020.

Details include:

  • 75,000 bonus Qantas Points when you spend $2,500 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months of approval.
  • Complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership.
  • Six complimentary insurances.
  • Access to Visa Platinum Concierge and Visa Platinum privileges.
  • Earn 0.75 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $3,000 per statement period, then 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases above.

  • Annual fee 1st Year: $0

  • Ends Wednesday, August 19th 2020

View the full offer details only at PointHacks.

This offer is only available exclusively through Point Hacks and not available through any other channel, including if you go to ANZ directly or use a referral link (the offer there remains no bonus points).

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  • Any deals on the black card?

  • The price protection insurance is good - not many cards offering it these days. Note - just read the PDS, they refund up to $300 if the price difference is more than $75.

    • Within 90 days, Coles Mastercard is 2 years (no longer available to the public)

      • Ooo ok good to know thanks

      • When did this become no longer available to the public? I am an existing Coles Mastercard customer - so we continue to get the 2 years?

        • No new policies. Only available to customers who already had the cover at the time of the policy change.

      • 21 days*

      • Do they still offer that price protection even though the card has been discontinued?

        • The card is still available but price protection is removed.

        • +1 vote

          yes they do. claimed something back this week. Up to $600 per item, 24 months. Have never had a claim knocked back, they happily take screenshots of websites as evidence.

          edit: i mean if you already have it activated - yes, they do.

    • +11 votes

      What we cover
      If within twenty one (21) consecutive days of you charging the full purchase price of a covered item that you purchase from
      a physical store, to the account holder’s card account:
      a) you receive a printed catalogue from a store with twenty five (25) kilometres of the store where you made your
      original purchase; and
      b) the catalogue advertises the covered item for a price more than seventy five dollars ($75) less than the price you charged to the accountholder’s card account for the covered item you purchased
      What we exclude
      We do not cover items that you purchase via the internet or that are only advertised by digital medium

      Yeah so insurance that is worth jack sh***.

      I claimed against my Commbank insurance last year for a $250 difference for a TV I bought, only to be excluded because of a similar caveat against the coverage. Worst part about it was the 55" variant was in a catalogue (PDF) online, but not the 65" I bought.

    • I found it terrible, they will only accept a printed catalog as proof which is very restrictive

  • +6 votes

    Platinum is good, but once you go Black…

    • Of course, they would. No different to when any other company has a partnership with a financial institution to promote its product.

        • Why do they need to disclose.
          They are a private org providing an exclusive deal to the benfit of people who accept it.

          • @w37hsyea: I see this as no different to mortgage brokers, they'll tell you that you're getting a good deal and push for outcomes that benefit themselves.

            So hence the disclosure.

          • @w37hsyea: (Mod: Removed name calling / Personal attack) work has finished for the day so I've just spent some time going through the PH website.

            Again, the question is to the OP, per their website "For all outbound links to credit card offer pages, we declare where a commission will be earned from an application close to that link on the page."


            I hope that answers your question on why "they need to disclose", because they said they'll do it.

        • It's in the product disclosure statement on Pointhacks site. Last time I looked they were getting close to the annual fee for every sign up.

          I tried getting a DJ Amex (pointhacks gets $150), for $75 off the annual if I didn't use pointhacks.. no dice!

      • It is disclosed. There is text and a link underneath the Apply Now button.

        Point Hacks may receive a commission from the card issuer for each applicant of this card. More about this

    • I read this as “point shack”… Point shack baby!

  • Do we get the 75000 bonus QFF point as soon as the minimum spending requirement is met?

    • I got this card 6 months ago. Points (both on purchases and the 75k bonus) are issued on statement day (i.e. end of the month). So from memory, I made the spending threshold towards the start of the third month, and I received the 75k points at the end of the month, when the credit card statement came through.

    • I believe the QFF points are only paid after the third month. It will be paid on top of the third period points.

      • I received mine in the first month, after hitting the spending limit during the same month

        • Took 3 months for me, and hit spend first month

          • @taoz: Sounds like this is manually triggered internally by anz, depending on individual staffs.

            Since I can't reply to an older thread, did anyone sign up for an earlier deal and receive more? I was supposed to get 60k (or 75k) but was credited with 150k. Not complaining about it of course.

            • @ddhar: Lucky you

              Never had any more than expected and often have to chase

            • @ddhar: I earned 150k too!

            • @ddhar: Had this as well with the ANZ rewards card - received 2x 100k about a week apart

            • @ddhar: That's amazing!

              When you log into your ANZ account online does it actually tell you 150k under the "Bonus Qantas Frequent Flyer points earned this period section"??

              I applied for the card when this deal was posted. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543158

              • @davohatcher: The ANZ app does not say anything about the bonus points (you have to call them to get a verbal confirmation).

                The 150k points appeared in my QFF account on top of the monthly point earn. I met my criteria either on the second or third billing period but only received the points after the third bill.

                • @ddhar: Oh ok thanks, when i log into my ANZ account on the computer it has the section to click on "Bonus Qantas Frequent Flyer points earned this period " and it states 60,000 as i just met the spending criteria. Fingers crossed i extra by accident too lol.

            • @ddhar: Yes, had exactly the same, 150k credited instead of 75k. Appeared as two separate 75k credits on the statement. I then swiftly closed my account! Fingers crossed no takebacks!!

    • Usually after the third statement.

  • Great deal, thanks

    FYI - standard 1 year restrictions apply

    Not available where you currently hold, or have closed, an ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card within the previous 12 months. Eligibility criteria, T&Cs, fees and charges apply

    • I'm currently holding ANZ black, I guess I won't be getting the points but I can still go for free credit card right? Because my black will be cancelled in a few months, it's almost 1 year now. Should I get this free card now even without the points?

  • Missed out the Black deal last month, wondering if it will happen again soon :(

  • Any idea how easy it is to close an account? Before the annual payment that is

  • Are you able to get supplementary cards for free? Couldn’t find any information on that.

  • Is this easy to cancel as soon as the points are received need to confirm before I apply as never dealt with ANZ bank.

    • easy… never heard it is diff. to close a credit card in Australia… the government will come down hard if they find out….

    • I cancelled mine online last time. I believe all credit cards companies require the ability to close online now to recent legalisation

  • ANZ service is horrendous. I applied for their recent card with 90k points - I answered about 5 calls in the first few days from an offshore call center who barely speak understandable english and provided over 7 payslips - and then they just went quiet. 2.5 weeks later - no response after 2 follow ups.

    Apparently their assessment team cannot be contacted - the customer service drop them emails to contact me back which they never do.

    I finally just told them to stick it and I don't want the card anymore. I went to St George bank and got approved in 1 day after providing 2 payslips online - no calls.

    What horrible service.

    • I got a phone call asking to confirm a few things. Somehow she started to believe I was doubling my mortgage repayments so she had to put it in. She then instantly denied it and said that it had to be that way. WORST!!!!

      • asked for slips OR 3 monthly bank statements

        statements sent

        got a call
        needed slips—-> sent
        got a call- needing Notice of Assessment—-> sent
        got a call- needing whole tax return—-> sent
        did not hear for them for a week

        what a joke
        hard to understand their English, no manners

        NB: I am well above their minimum earning limit

        • I've been going through the application process for almost 4 weeks now and it's been the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I've spoken to at least 8 different people and the concept of owning an issue doesn't exist in their call centre. And they never do what they say they will.

          I wonder if ANZ will go down Westpac's recent path and bring the offshore call centres back to Australia after all of the lost new business.

          If you're reading all of these reviews and are willing to spend about 5 hours of your time taking/waiting for phone calls and sending document after document - for a credit card - then go ahead and apply! It may also age you a little bit.

          • @enterspacecapsule: The same story here with ANZ overseas assesment team - fired a complaint with AFCA and was already offered a compensation for my time wasted from ANZ. I believe it worth submitting a group action against ANZ clueless consultants, happy to organize and share my positive experience in this regards

        • Applied last night and got the following email today.

          Funny thing is I have been banking with ANZ and my salary gets paid to it. I'm not sure what more I need to do at this stage?

          Hi XX,

          Thank you for your application.

          To assist with the review process please provide below documents:

          PAYG Income:
          If your income is not paid into an ANZ account, please provide one of the following:
          Payslip(s) covering 3 months of income
          1x recent payslip showing income for 3 months, which is found in the Year-to-Date section of your payslip. If your payslip does not show a 3 month Year-To-Date figure we require supporting documentation such as your previous payslips; most recent ATO Income Statement; OR your tax return and ATO Notice of Assessment.

          Statements showing 3 months of income
          The last 3 months of bank statements showing your income.
          If you can’t provide these documents, click on the link to find more options. www.anz.com/incomeverification

          Any questions?

          You’ll be hearing from us very soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, give us a call on 1800 076 113 and be sure to have your application number XXX handy.

          We’ll be in touch.

          ANZ Credit Cards Team

          • @DDTW: Just submit the required documentation. It’s the standard process. Use the online link and submit it and they will definitely get it to advance your application.

            • @cloudie9: Thanks! I've done as you've suggested.

              Previously I've applied for an ANZ CC after logging into the Internet Banking portal.

              That process was much easier and only took 60seconds to be approved lol…BUT no pointhacks deals :)

              • @DDTW: Update: Got a phone call today at about lunch time. Explained I was an existing ANZ customer and he accessed my account.

                Was approved on the spot and got an SMS confirmation that my card will arrive in approx 5 days.

                Glad I didn't have to go through the horror stories others experienced.

    • I applied for the last one.
      CSR was rude, process was a joke.
      They called me during a work meeting. They said they'd email me, never did and everything stopped.

      Crazy that they spend so much money advertising then have such shocking service

      • +3 votes

        too right :)

        The money had only gone to the marketing department to window dress, not to the service department. Who would have thought!.

      • Great timing. Just got a letter in the mail from last application (months ago "we asked for additional info that you didn't supply so we're cancelling the application" News to me. Sums up the experience really

    • Thanks for sharing the exp. Seeing your comment and others'.. not going with this one!

    • just like Qantas, sinking to the lowest in service and genuine value rank! I did the last deal, got stuffed around the same for months on the application process, then QFF took more than 8 months to accept points into the account from other programs, and took back the 75k points even after contacting them only 1 day later - they just don't give AS!
      Then my other program like Krisfly send a message as a valued customer to tell me they are extending my points expiry by 6 months, and as a flyer program customer of theirs they will review this based on covid and return to flying, without me even making any contact with them. Honour and value; but not in this deal.
      Won't waste my time with ANZ or QFF again, don't forget this is only the start of this process, theres the booking ticket nightmare, with so few available seats, and then so many flight cancellations over 50pc … if anyone here expects value and genuine deals, then stay right away from this pile of rotting tripe!
      Plenty of better programs without the ball-ache, and crap service … keeping frequently miles away from this type of deal, but I have plenty of time for pointhacks, next deal please.

    • Update; ANZ just called, some 3 weeks after the application. Even my request to cancel the application was not received by them - truly appalling. I might or might not have give them a piece of my mind about their service.

  • Usual story, Not available where you currently hold, or have closed, an ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card within the previous 12 months. Eligibility criteria, T&Cs, fees and charges apply

  • Thanks OP. Wow, 15k points up on the long running deal.

  • What is 75,000 points actually worth? Gift cards?

  • Mate tried to apply, but Equifax has him as "deceased". He's very much alive and has a current mortgage! Anyone had experience with this. A call to Equifax suggested they will "look into it" in 6 weeks. Is it an AFCA thing? Cheers.

    • +3 votes

      guess what, no need to pay mortgage anymore

      • Co signed mortgage with partner, so …dunno. Assume the bank would also be able to sell the house to recoup debt?
        Anyway, he just wants his credit file back..under a month and half.