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Ingham's Stuffed Chicken Breast (Pizza Flavour) 700g $5.50 @ Woolworths


Normally $9.50. Essentially Chicken Kievs @ $7.86/ Kg. Has never been this cheap in two years. Nice

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      Processed as in put in a package? Ingredients look fine to me. We're talking about 'PIZZA' stuffed chicken.

      Chicken (55%), Pizza Filling (14%) [Pizza Sauce (Tomato Paste (1.9%), Vinegar, Sugar, Water, Diced Tomato, Gelatine (Bovine), Dehydrated Vegetables (Onion, Garlic), Corn Starch, Salt, Lemon Juice, Spice, Vegetable Gum (415), Herbs and Herb Extracts, Flavourings, Natural Colour (160c)), Mozzarella Cheese (2.5%) (Milk), Cheese (1.2%) (Milk), Water, Corn Starch], Flours (Wheat, Rice, Soy), Water, Vegetable Oil, Potato Flakes, Salt, Sugar, Starch (Maize), Soy Protein, Thickeners (415, 1442), Yeast, Dextrose, Gluten (Wheat), Dehydrated Vegetables (Onion, Garlic), Vegetable Powders, Flavouring, Spices, Herb & Herb Extract, Mineral Salts (500, 451, 450), Emulsifier (481), Natural Colours (160c, 100, 160b).

      • Hmm I find it curious that there is only 55% chicken - not sure what that means?

        55% + 14% + 1.9% + 2.5% + 1.2% = 74.6%

        So what is the remaining 25.4% ?

        • The 1.9, 2.5 and 1.2 are part of the Pizza Filling 14% as they are in the square brackets immediately following.

          That leaves 31% for water, bread crumb etc on the outside and who knows what else.

        • 25.4% air bubble lol

      • Bovine

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    Misleading title: Not a pizza stuffed with chicken breast.

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      Yeah I see it now that you mention it. Have updated the title.

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        I was just making a joke!

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          Haha! But you were still right

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      Just wondering what you are basing that opinion on? Have you tried them? I have and found them pretty tasty for packaged food

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        My issue with these and other such products (nuggets etc) is the reconstituted chicken. The texture is just a bit blah.

  • Essentially Chicken Kievs

    Pizza Kiev…

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      All those ingredients have numbers next to it


      55%, 14%,1.9%….

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    This sounds terrible lol

    Kiev and pizza perfectly fine alone..

    Together is where I draw the line

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      They are compounds extracted from natural products - they are still natural in origin, but that aside, do you actually have a science-based explanation as to why they are harmful to someone who is not intolerant/allergic? Also, why do these conversations never come up when someone posts a deal on a packet of chips for example..

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      checked online, wasn't surprised

      Colour 160c is Capsanthin, a natural extract from red pepper
      Colour 160B is a natural yellow-orange colour derived from annatto seeds which come from the achiote tree

      Thanks for the recommendation though, didn't realise Pete Evans browsed Ozbargain

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    Low-carb pizza pocket

  • I love these. Usually only buy if discounted because close to use by but this deal is truly an ozbargain. Nom Nom for me tonight!

    • I bought some today in SA, expiry date was 14 August 20. They are just a special on this flavour only WW told me today, as other flavour(‘s) aren’t on sale, just pizza.

  • How can you cook these if you can’t bake them in an oven? Pan fry?

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      Pan fry or air fryer I've tried both and both work well.

    • I like mine medium rare, it really brings out the salmonella taste.

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    Keen to try!

    Don’t understand why some people have to point out every single ingredient on a bargain website. Not up to your health standard? Then it’s not for you. Simple!

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      They are good and an easy meal.

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    But which came first? The chicken or the pizza?

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    Formed product. It'll taste like chicken meat balls instead of chicken breast.

    This is below cost price. Good deal but the taste might not be for everyone.

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      The balls should be more salty than if it were breasts yeah.

      • depends which ones were exercising in the ocean most recently.

    • Used to really like their chicken tenders until they changed them to a formed product.

      Switched to some sold at Aldi that tasted similar but they ended up changing them as well and haven't been able to find a decent replacement since.

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        FYI - Aldi, Coles, Woolies & Inghams formed meat products all come from the same factory. Sometimes it could be from Baida.

    • I wish Betty would take a lesson from you on how to put forth constructive criticism.

  • Is the chicken reconstituted?

    • Is it even constituted?

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      no, it is fresh chicken breast, minced up with skin and seasoning and pushed through a forming machine that inserts the sauce in the center.

      • Thanks..

        • Klingons….

          Do not say 'Thanks'.

  • pizza flavoured chicken? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaht

    • unfortunately the 2 showing stock for me is respectively 5.7km and 6.4km away travelling

      • My local was also showing out of stock and the shelf was empty, but decided to check again on the way out and there was some there which felt recently thawed.

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