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Toplift 100kg Folding Hand Trolley $39.99 (Was $75) @ Bunnings


Seems to be readily availible
100kg Load capacity
Single hand folding function
Soft foam handle
Only weighs 5.5kg
The Toplift 100kg Folding Hand Trolley has a simple folding design and comes with a soft foam handle. It is lightweight and compact for easy storage. With a steel frame and aluminium toe plate it is a great general use trolley.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Can this be used to move a 470 litre fridge ?

  • A 471L Top Mount Refrigerator - SR470WTC
    weighs 74kg

  • Bunnings doing it to price match with Aldi I guess.

  • Waiting for amazon price match

    • Don't be a stinge and support an Australian business.

      • I can only laugh when I hear someone saying, support Australian businesses. You are so naive my child. Do you think if Instead of Jeff Bezos, Amazon was owned by Kerry Packer, it would be different? At the end of the day, whether it be an Australian or some far away galaxy business, they are all pretty much the same. Get the most with putting in the least. Look at 7-Eleven, what they did and yet, no shortage of deals on ozbargain.

        If you want to support a business, then support one that supports you, an ordinary person, not one that just looks to get away with everything, maximizing the profit, while taking as much as possible. Why do you think Bunnings has a deal on a hand trolley? Because they care about you? Sure, as much as about that water on Mars. They only cared when Masters was around. Now they only care when Aldi puts a deal on something.

        P.S. I am sure you wouldn't be any different if you happened to be one owning a business. That's how capitalism works. It is money-driven and as long as it stays like that it will have a little regard for the world. Capitalism has only one friend. Money.

        And look at you. A business posts a good bargain and the next thing is… go to Officeworks and get it even cheaper, instead of supporting the company that gave you the deal in the first place. Capitalism at its finest.

        • Especially when supporting Australians means supporting people/businesses like Gerry Harvey/Harvey Norman.

      • No need to support Australian businesses. Support Australian made. That is what really matters.

  • Hi OP, do you have any platform trolley deals?

  • Anyone have one of these and know how the wheels hold up?

    My current trolleys wheels dont lock at 90 degrees and just arent that great.

    • I've had one of these for about a year. I haven't had any issues with the wheels and the baseplate locks them in well when down.

    • I've had a few. Where they fold back eventually jams up. My last one I wont fold the wheels down and it still good.

  • Absolute junk. My work bought these for guys to have in car, year or two later all that had seen any use had one wheel stuck crooked (all exact same wheel same angle stuck) and wouldn’t pop oit wheels any longer.

    Just buy a full sized trolley not these.

    • Yeah I looked at these in Bunnings and they're definitely "lightweight". It's handy that they're foldable and portable, but they don't feel very sturdy. I think you could probably put 100kg on these once before something gets bent out of shape.

  • When I saw the one Aldi had, I noticed it didn't have that foot bar thing running across the bottom (forgot the proper name for it) and this one doesn't have it either. Is that a noticeable thing missing too?

    • if you need a foot bar this will probably be no good.

      I have the smaller version of this just for an esky, and thats probably at its limit.

  • I own one and can't really recommend this be used for anything other than boxes of things. Came in handy when moving house but it's not sturdy enough for moving white goods etc. Suggest spending a bit more if you are hoping to remove large white goods.

  • These aren’t meant to replace a good trolley, they are meant to help you bring stuff in from the shops if you don’t have a lot of upper body strength.

  • I used the 70 kg for a roadtrip up north.

    Easy to put the boxes, esky etc on the trolley instead of carrying it.

    BUT, I have to admit I brought most things on the trip but left the fridge at home :-)

  • I have one of these and only paid $18.00 from bunnings(price match officeworks).

    They key benefit to this is that it's portable and easily stored.

    I moved a 2 Seater couch with it the other day and it handled it will. Even over grass no less.

    The folding aspect is a little clunky at times but for the price it's not too bad.

  • I have a $20 trolley from ebay which is rated for 80kg and looks cheaper than this, and I've used it to move my 450L fridge and 7kg washer multiple times with no issues.

    Just don't be stupid and handle it as if it's a $200 trolley. Go nice and slow.

    To paraphrase Archimedes, leverage is your friend.

  • Do these break with heavy-duty items e.g. washing machine/stacked luggage.

  • I have 2 of these at work from Bunnings. Don't expect to carry 90kg on them. We use to them to carry a few SFF PC's and toolboxes and they work great for that kind of weight.

  • These are great for awkward loads, rather than heavy loads.

    My company often loads up 40x 1.8kg laptops onto one of these.

    The flex is real!

    But it works a-ok.

  • I have the 200KG version. Biggest issue is the hard tyres. No good for steps etc with heavy loads as you can't bounce lift, use momentum etc when going up / down stairs. Ok for smooth surfaces and lighter loads

  • Looked at buying this last week but when we saw the cheapness of it, hard pass. Best trolleys are the old school ones.

  • Good for office business / home to move boxes around but not for removalist or courier.

  • Thanks. Bought one! Click and Collect. Not sure if I need one though.

  • Buyer be aware! If you buy it for moving 40KG stuff, it is absolutely fine. If you want to move 100KG, no chance. The locking mech of the wheels are plastic!

  • I would just carry the 100kg need higher capacity to see value.

  • Wouldn't buy one even at this price; due to poor quality construction, the reinforcing bracket on mine cracked in half under only half load.

    The Toplift Folding Trunk Trolleys are much better quality with all metal parts, but it looks like Bunnings doesn't sell them anymore.

    • Just checked from my local bunnings, have to agree it is plastic feeling don't think it it will last long.

  • We have one of these. Handy to have for moving small things around. Bags of soil from Bunnings, pots etc. May uses. No issues with it.

    There is a 70Kg version at office works for slightly cheaper, but for the extra capacity of the Bunnings ones you might as well get that one. '

  • I bought one full price 3 months ago and they are very good. highly recommend. great price now.

  • If someone needs a sturdier folding hand trolley & have a Costco card (or knows who has), maybe look at Costco's Toolmaster Aluminum/Steel Handtruck, it's rated for 159Kg load for $55, so $15 for 59Kg more.

    I have nothing to do with Costco, just a member.
    As this is what I've been looking at for myself.

    Anyone have feedback on the Toolmaster?

  • For anyone still reading this do not get this trolley. The quality is not good at all, I've had 3 of them and a 3 of them had issues.

    Go to Sydney tools and get it from there.

    • Wait so you baught 3 of them when they are bad? Then you mention sydney tools?

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