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[eBay Plus] Ubiquiti Unifi AC Lite $136.80, Ubiquiti Unifi AC LR $161.10, Unifi AC Pro V2 $233 Delivered @ Futu_Online eBay


Decent enough price for these popular units.
AC Lite is the sweet spot for me - I am aware the wifi 6 units (not 6E) have been announced and are still unavailable. Up to you if you think the wait and the extra $$$ are worth it for your situation.

AC Lite:
AC Pro V2:

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  • Decent price. Thanks OP

  • Which one is recommended for a home user? What's the difference between the different models?

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      Dont use LR - its just like yelling in a noise concert…..
      LR is wonderful out the farm though….

      Anything more that 5 continous stream clients (not random packets - like web browsing) but continous streams - like netflixHD or bittorrent - go for the pro.

      That said - we have a AC Lite in the office and its doing 20 laptops and maybe 10 phones and no complaints.

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        If only someone had mentioned this last deal there was on these…
        I bought a few LR for in home usage and the signal in adjacent rooms is pretty shocking…

        Can I add a Lite to the LR that's already setup as I am needing 1 more unit?

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          Yep you can mix & match APs.

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        Would the AC lite handle like 50-100 puny clients? I have heaps of smart home devices…

        • You might be someone who finds it worthwhile waiting for the new wifi 6 units if you truly have that many devices

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            @jsjc: Most home smart devices are still running WiFi 4 (802.11n), so won't benefit at all from WiFi 6 features. They'll perform equally on current gen AC range as they would on next gen WiFi 6.

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      For home users, I'd go with the AC Lite. Almost always, 2 x AC Lite will be better than 1 x NanoHD or AC Pro.

      The reason is that most home users are range limited, not bandwidth limited. If you're bandwidth limited, you should be moving some of your heavier clients to Ethernet instead.

      The AC LR isn't bad either - for an extra $20, it might be worth it. I have one and it works fine, maybe it's the same as the Lite and I paid for nothing, but it's fine.

      • How does the nanoHD compare with the AC Lite? Is the nanoHD the prosumer version?

        Is the range the same?

        • nanoHD is their entry level "HD" router, which supports AC Wave2 features (mainly MU-MIMO). It's superior to the AC Lite in nearly every way (some would argue the nanoHD has weaker 2.4GHz performance, which is true, but I think vs the AC Lite, it may not really matter). Overall, if you have to pick between those two, the nanoHD is the better buy.

          • @joshau:

            Overall, if you have to pick between those two, the nanoHD is the better buy.

            Well you would seriously hope so given it's twice as much as the Lite.

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            @joshau: Access point, not router

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      I replaced an old phone point on the wall in the kitchen with one of these Works great in that section of our house, looks better than a dinner plate on the ceiling plus it has ethernet connections (1x normal & 1 POE pass through) if required.

      • how good is the Wifi range you get from In wall AP? And can it be just hooked to LAN port on Netgear router

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          Range is fairly good, I use 4 in a double brick house. 2.4 works best. You need to power it with Poe switch so not directly to net gear, but can work in conjunction with existing routers. I use an Asus rt68 as my router.
          Will need to run the ubiquiti controller software.

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            @Flattop: Not sure why you're getting downvoted. I've got one of the in wall APs and two AC Pros running off a cheap POE switch. It all works really well. I'm running the controller on my NAS but before I set that up I just ran it on a Windows laptop only when I needed to change the config.

            • @banana365: Maybe because i forgot to mention you can use a POE injector instead of a switch, they are relatively cheap.
              I have 2x poe injectors under the house powering 2 IW units.
              My house has internal brick walls so signal penetration is more difficult, I can get 2.4ghz anywhere but 5ghz is difficult to maintain.

          • @Flattop: Don't need to use a Poe switch, can use an injector as well.

      • Awesome idea! I have a spare AC pro that doesn't quite cut the mustard with range or mounting location so I will investigate one of these instead with your installation suggestion in mind. Thanks

    • Unless you have 1000Mbs NBN, the limit will always be your internet connection and not the AP.
      AC Lite is more than what most home internet connections can handle.

  • I'm so out of router technology. Anyone care to share their experience with AC Pro router would very much appreciated. Thanks

    • These are all wifi access points and they need to be connected to a router or PoE switch.

      • How do it compare to a router + Wifi AP like Asus AC3200?

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    I use 2 AC Lite at home connected to the EdgeRouter X SFP (which supplies POE power to both the AP)
    One AP upstairs and one AP downstairs.
    Performed faultlessly for 2 years now. Only reboot is when firmware is updated.
    Highly recommended setup.

    • Do you find you get issues with clients roaming between APs? Have heard that UBNT not the best for that?

      • I've got the older AC and 2x AP and sometimes it takes a while to switch AP's but generally it's fine

      • We have a concrete slab between the floors so all upstairs devices use the upstairs AP and all downstairs devices use the downstairs AP. Only time it handovers is when we go up or down the stairs whilst using our phone.

    • That’s the setup I’m going for but with the standard edgerouter x with only pass through PoE…
      Any reason to upgrade to the SFP rather than just getting another power injector?

      • +1

        I just didn't want to use the power injectors as I already have lots of electronics to plug into my powerboard. Otherwise, normal Edgerouter X will be perfectly fine.

    • This one right?

      Looking to do similar and like you, I'd rather not have injectors adding to the mess.

  • Anyone know if there's issues running 2 AC lites if I want to make one for iot devices and one for regular devices?

    Aiming on running them off an edgerouter X or something. Already have a single AC lite for the home wifi but want to move the increasing number of iot stuff onto its own network

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      No issues … just set up 2 VLANs - configured via the Unify app (I run it on a windows machine)
      I run 2 VLANs … one for our home network and the other for IOT and visitors.
      Even 1 AC Lite can run 2 VLANs and do what you want.

      • Even 1 AC Lite can run 2 VLANs and do what you want.

        it can?
        mind blown

        might have to reset the existing AC Lite and see (cant remember what machine I initially set it up on and dont remember the AP login details..)

      • Can the AC Lite do it by itself or do you need an USG/Edgerouter to set the VLANs up?

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          You'll need the router + controller.

          • @Rumbaar: know if there's a dummys guide anywhere on the net :)

            though im thinking just using the 'guest' wifi on the AP might be sufficient..

          • @Rumbaar: The controller can just be an application running on a Windows or Linux machine. I think I saw a Mac version when I was on the Ubiquiti web site this morning. It's only needed when setting up or making changes.

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      Setup an IoT VLAN.

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      I'd just have the separate VLAN's for the IoT and Regular, but go through the same AP's. Should be no need to separate the AP for specific VLAN/SSID's. If you want to segregate to a new network for security, that's fine and shouldn't need a separate AP for. Also having them on separate AP's will not help with the 2.4Ghz cross-talk within the home.

  • Haven't seen a nano on sale in ages.

  • purchased, thanks

  • +2
    • Yep fair enough. In my defence that other deal wasn’t available when I posted 🙄

  • any deals about the gateway as well? Thanks

  • Anyone have a setup with either:
    1. 2xunifi ap or more + wifi router
    2. 2xunifi ap

    If so, do your devices roam seamlessly between the aps?

    • Yes to 2x aps, I had a little trouble getting them to roam seamlessly when making phone calls over wifi and moving between APs, but changing some of the config they work fine now. Apparently they are fine out of the box for most people.

    • +1

      I have 3 Unifi APs, no problem with handover with phones or laptops. I turned off the WiFi on the router when I got the Unifi kit as it's no longer needed.

      • I have 4 Ap's and i do have issues with Handover, there are numerous settings to tweak and i can never get the balance between handover and weak signal, mostly probably due to single and double brick walls internally and a concrete slab between floors. That said, even when still attached to a downstairs AP when upstairs signal strength is often good enough for videochat, Or turning wifi off and on will usually grab the nearest spot.

  • Purchased, thanks OP was in the market for a new AP to match my recently acquired USG

  • Sorry if noob question, is this a wifi repeater/booster? or straight on router? How do you connect to NBN FTTP connection? Is it like Netgear Orbi or Google Mesh?

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      It is an access point only - it needs to connect to a router. To connect to NBN the connection needs to go to the NBN signal box, then a router, then to one of these access points.

      The access points are ideally used wired, but they can also operate as a mesh network if you have more than one. If you’re looking for a mesh system consider their amplifi line instead.

  • i purchased a lite for upstairs and a LR for downstairs (larger areas and want to cover the backyard)

  • bought it on sunday still on pick status still not shipped should i contact them?