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Herbert Adams Pies 400-420g Selected Varieties $4.00 (Save $3.80) @ IGA


Herbert Adams Pies 400g - 420g $4.00 (save $3.80)
Selected Varieties

These were popular last time I posted them at half price. This deal is only $0.25 more.

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    Aldi have 2 flavours (Chicken & Leek/Sous Vide Beef) of the Herbert Adams rebranded as their home brand everyday for $4.50 for those who don't want to stock up on special cycles.

    • My aldi rarely has the beef in stock so the do pleases the masses! Managed to snag some a few weeks ago, quite good for frozen pies!

    • How do you know it's the same but rebranded?

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        They have the same ingredients and same nutrition content as well as nearly the same packaging basically

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          This is not necessarily true, even if they were made in the same factory using the same basic recipe and method Herbert adams might make it using one set of BOM while aldi might pay slightly less or slightly more depending on the quality they might want i.e. different priced quality for meat and or flour.

          • @BumbaT: At this price point it would be worth while doing a comparative assessment. Cooking of both pies at the same time and then doing a blind sampling (having your wife control which is which) and then seeing if you can taste any differences.

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              @Bold Eagle: We've tried both and they seem identical. The numbers match too.

              Lets face it, Aldi have tremendous buying power so can afford to sell at a lower price.

              • @freddofrog42: In this example the HA pies are an excellent buy and if I didn't already have 2 packets of the Adli pies I would be on it - looks like lunch is going to be pies…

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        lots of aldi products are rebranded of popular brand, usually Australian one not imported one that Colesworths brag about, Sakata rice snacks, Connoiseur are a few

  • These pies used to have much more meat and better quality meat (at that).

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      Drought and bushfires have affected stock and feed.

      Spend an hour each weekend and watch landline on abc.

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      Lol @ buying frozen pies and complaining about the meat quality

      • Most bakeries are worse quality than these ones. Most likely frozen and just baked anyway

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          Bakeries make there own. Find a good one, and they'll make great fresh pies

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            @lonepine: I used to own a bakery. The pie fillings come on a poly bag - made in another factory somewhere. It was way to expensive to make fillings from scratch each day - especially when you have 10+ flavours. The secret to bakery pies is to add more filling - gives the impression they are better. You ever eat a bakery pie and have to slurp up the filling before it drops off the pie :-)

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              @ticket65: Well there are bakeries and bakeries.
              The 2 I get mine from make outstanding Pies, one has won many state awards,
              Most are very average, and likely do what you did.

              • @lonepine: TBH, if you travel through regional areas, it's difficult to find a bakery that doesn't have some sort of award for its pies. It's a running joke in our family.

      • If you read the statement again, you may understand it better. Give it a try.

    • @Redmarz When was that? No change in quality since I've been buying them. ALDI doesn't have the range but their beef sous vide is just as good imo.

      • Been buying these on/off for some years. I've been disappointed with the quality for about 6-8 months.

        • Ditto. Haven't noticed any difference myself - apart from price rises.

  • do IGA stock the sous vide beef with peppercorn? haha

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      Your local is rubbish. Mine is 20 x better.

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    Best frozen pies ever!
    Top quality!

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      Best frozen pie imo is Garlo's, but I have only ever seen them on special once.

      • Garlo's ones are technically not frozen. They have them in the fridge rather than the freezer section

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          I used to work in the chilled section of Coles. They are sent to Coles frozen and we would take out a few each day to defrost. Those then go out the next day in the chilled section.

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      I won't buy any other brand :)

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    These are elite pies

  • Never had these before. How do the compare with other frozen pies like four n twenty and mrs macs for example?

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      These are heaps better. These are the only frozen pies I buy now.

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      Best way I can describe is that the meat actually tastes and feels like meat, rather than slurry. Tried heaps of pies over the years and these are by far the best frozen ones I've ever had Better than many bakeries too.

      • Thanks guys I’ll give them a try :)

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      First time i tried them was a week or two ago, quality is much better than four'n'twenty. FnT tastes like really processed food compared to these

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    bad pies TBH.

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      bad pies TBH IMO

      Might be more suitable :)

  • That's a ripper of a price

  • I picked up a couple of packs today. I actually had three in my trolley but one scanned at $6, so it is selected varieties.

  • My 8 year old daughter will only eat pies if they are 'premium '…what do you reckon. Tbh I've not found a frozen pie better than Aldi sous vide beef.

  • For those that don't shop at IGA, Herbert Adams Artisan pies 440g are $4.75 from this Wednesday at Woolworths. I haven't actually tried them before but now they are more accessible I might give them a go.

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    I personally don’t like these pies. I would avoid.

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