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ASUS TUF Gaming X3 Radeon RX 5700 XT EVO OC 8GB $599 + Delivery @ PC Byte


This seems to be the cheapest currently at $599, even cheaper than the previous Computer Alliance deal with Afterpay earlier this month.

SaveOnIT $609
Amazon AU $659
Centre Com $679
Umart $689
Scorptec $699
Mwave $699

Not sure exactly how it compares, but is also cheaper than Amazon AU's $605.52 for the Gigabyte RX 5700XT Gaming OC (slightly more expensive if including shipping).

EDIT: Note this is the revised model with improved thermals. Easiest way to identify it is by the fan sizes (85mm, 75mm, 85mm). Previous HOT model was 75mm x 3

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  • Just wait for nVidia 3000 series

    • There's no chance a mid/high tier card will be $599 for a 3000 series, when you factor in this card performs like an OC'd 2070… for $350 less and less power consumption.. it's a winner!

      • At the same time there's not harm in waiting… it's unlikely they'll go up in pricing and AMD might have something in this price bracket but better performance as well to counter Nvidia… worst case you can buy these when they want to clear them out…

        • I'm more inclined to wait too. RDNA2 will probably have better performance than the 5700XT at this price point and feature next gen features (ray-tracing, DX12 Ultimate, some form of DLSS?).

        • Being 1 week away, agree may as well just wait very unlikely these increase in price anytime soon.

          If you want to wait for RDNA2 you'll prob be waiting till end of year to get your hands on a card.

          • @Osiris: Yeh agree with you on that… That's looking more likely but then again amd have been super tight lipped compared to the mountains of leaks from nvidia…. I wouldn't be surprised if they announce something a month after or at the latest when consoles are released.

      • Need to wait to be 100% sure but there is talk of 35-40% performance increase. That's without the tech maturing and being refined.
        If that's the case because it's new architecture, then it may be worth it.

      • Not quite, aren't there 2070S cards that regularly goes to $750, and 2070 cards about $650, or were you referring to the 3070 with the ever increasing prices of $599USD RRP?

      • Keep in mind expectations for a 3060 is that it will be a serious 'high end' competitor due to the current leaks that hint at a 30% delta to the previous gen (albeit with thermal and power draw concerns). That being said buying any card now when 3000 is literally 4 days away from being announced is downright stupid, it's like claiming macca's is cheaper and better than hungry jacks without ever eating or seeing a hungry jacks burger meal.

      • Just because you can't get a "70" in the name for $599 doesn't mean there won't be anything good. Who knows? The RTX 3060 could crush the 2070 Super at a lower cost, ~$600. Forget about names, think about performance.

    • Mid range cards won't be in until end of the year if not next year


    Isn’t this card very similar to a 1070ti?

  • Are the drivers for these stabilised? always see people mention they have issues with it.

    • Apparently they were mostly fixed a few months back.

    • I personally own the Sapphire Pulse 5700xt. Never had any issues with it. Everything runs well. Although i did wait until others said the drivers which was back in September last year. However, i dont know how this model performs, might want to do some research before jumping on it.

    • I've used two 5700xt cards personally and helped my housemate with his 5700 and all three cards had no issue. All driver issues has been fixed since earlier this year.

      It's unfortunate that the effed up the release because these mid range cards are really good value and would easily beat GeForce's current lineup

    • Most of the people who had issues were not technically minded and mostly 'gamers'

      Just check some of the tech youtube channel comments

      "I got rid of my nvidia card and installed this but I'm getting artifcats and black screens"

      "Did you uninstall your Nvidia drivers?"

      "How do I do that?"

      Most people who are technically minded and not just gamers have never had issues.

      Myself included.

      Full disclosure: I did a clean install when I got the 5700XT

      Hadrware Unboxed also mentions they have never had issues with the 5700XT

      • Steve (from HUB) even set his daughter's systems up with 5700 XTs with no issues.

      • Dismissive comment not reflective of the actual situation at all. The issues people were experiencing had nothing to do with their lack of technical proficiency. It was a consequence of typical half-baked AMD drivers.

        When I purchased a RX 5700 XT, I tried various chipset and video card driver versions (utilising DDU in safe mode in between), a clean Windows installation, different monitor configurations (single with freesync enabled/disabled, triple with freesync enabled/disabled), and still the infamous black screen would eventuate. Yet, the RX Vega 56 I was upgrading from worked fine before and after, as did the RTX 2070 (which I purchased after returning the RX 5700 XT).

        Maybe AMD has fixed the issues by now (and if they haven't, that's a big concern with the launch of the RDNA2 video cards fast approaching). However, the horse has already bolted. The products are irrelevant by the time AMD actually resolves the issues. It was a shame with the RX 5700 XT, as it was cheaper and faster than the RTX 2070, but the stability was severely lacking.

    • I can vouch for the 5700. No issues short of thermals, that's an MSI problem though.

    • Are the drivers for these stabilised? always see people mention they have issues with it.

      I've had a 5700 XT since launch. Things have improved drastically on the driver front. When it first launched, the drivers were definitely buggy. Certain games would cause it to black screen randomly, it also seemed to have issues with multi-monitor setups where when a game went into full-screen mode on one screen with a multi-monitor setup, it would intermittently crash if you alt-tab'ed out of the game, e.g. to reply to a chat message or something.

      It got to a stage where I had to relegate my 5700 XT to my HTPC and I bought a 2080 Super to use on my workstation.

      Successive driver updates have remedied all of the problems I've had. However, it's clear that AMD didn't do sufficient testing prior to release and shipped an undercooked product given that they were already a year behind Nvidia's Turing launch. This isn't the first time this happened for AMD either. Same thing happened with the R9 290X launch. Exact same problems with the drivers.

      Of all the cards I've owned over the years, probably much more than 10, I've never had issues with Nvidia cards whereas it's a regular occurrence for modern AMD cards. The 5700 XT is fine now, but I wouldn't touch a new release AMD card until at least 6 months after launch just to make sure no issues are reported.

  • I would highly recommend viewing the online reviews for this store before making a purchase. Just a PSA.

  • As an owner of two 5700xt, in different system, I never had the issues that others were supposedly experiencing. Maybe it's because I a bought a decent version, compared to the ones getting bad press.

  • I would rather go with Gigabyte's 5700XT. The ASUS TUF is known to have issues with the cooler not mounting properly, leading to particularly high memory temperatures.


    I have the Gigabyte 5700XT Windforce OC, and it's a nice card that runs pretty cool.

    • As mentioned in the post, this is the revised version with fixed thermals. Temps are much better, but, seems like at a cost in terms of noise levels (higher fan rpms).

    • This one is EVO which is a good version now


      • That's true, but after watching the video, the graph at 6;04 (https://youtu.be/LpW1gku2Kc4?t=364) is still concerning.

        The Gigabyte 5700 XT Gaming OC, which is the same price (https://www.amazon.com.au/Gigabyte-7680x4320-4xDisplays-Free...), is one of the best 5700 XT's, hitting 66 degrees under load, whereas this ASUS TUF EVO hits 82 degrees (and is quite literally one of the worst 5700 XT's).

        Given they're the same price, I'd go with the Gigabyte 5700 XT Gaming OC.

        Yes, you could just let the ASUS card rip and run its fans higher which will yield 64 degrees, but you could make exactly the same case with the Gigabyte card too, so at the same noise levels, the Gigabyte is better.

        • I agree with the Gaming OC. That's my pick of the bunch too at current pricing.

          Just of course possibly slower delivery and not local warranty. It's Amazon though at least..

        • I don't think the Gaming OC is running 1300rpm there either. Look at the operating volumes, both are at 47 dBa. The ASUS is better.

  • i have one of these got at 609. performs ok, gets warm needs airflow
    but no issues thus far.

    • It improves a lot if you're bother to UV it and tweak the fan curves

      • any tips on the voltage? 1030 is what im doing at 2050 and ive adjusted the fan curve a fair bit

        • 1030 seems very low at 2050 are you getting any crashes in-game? ( as long as it's stable ) I'm currently at 1950 1040 with my red devil less than 5% slower but way better temp > 70'C GPU temp / > 80'C Junction and 150 ~ 160W TDP ( in-game RDR2 )

          https://imgur.com/MPVcKPt ( fan curve temp is based on Junction in case you don't know )

  • Bought one as an interim card as I'm currently building a PC.
    I doubt the 3080 will be available for a reasonable price this year so figured it's worth it at this price.

    Plus you get a $50 Steam card through Asus

    Plus the AMD promotion for 2 free games.

    Hardware unboxed reviewed this Evo update and seems to be one of the best cooled cards now.

    • Damn that $50 Steam card makes the deal a lot better. Wonder if PCByte have the games promo though, can't find anything on their page.

    • I am trying to hold out at least for the Nvidia announcement next week but you are tempting me with your clever promotions and sly mentions of positive hardware unboxed review.

  • Right now there is a promotion with Asus where you receive a $50 Steam gift card if you purchase this card.

  • Unless you are in desparate need, I wouldn't buy it just yet. The RTX 3000 series is going to release in a month or so. Best to wait and see what happens. AMD will actually be a threat to their entire product stack and the consoles should have around rtx 2080 performance. There's more incentive for Nvidia to not price it ridiculously at least on the low-mid range cards.

    • RTX 3060/3070 are apparently releasing late this year or early next year from the rumour mill? If you dont have a card i'd say these are pretty good prices

  • Whats everyones thought… i bit the bullet on the MSI 5700XT Gaming X for $692 delivered - should i cancel and just get this???

    Just heard the MSI is the bees knees.

    • Probably not worth the hassle to cancel but if given the choice I would've gone this as it's hard to justify $92 for a slightly better model (although the EVO does do quite well, it's just a bit louder doing it).

  • For anyone buying, claim a $50 Steam gift card with this promotion:

  • Strongly suggest waiting, good option if you can't though.

    T minus 459300 seconds ヽ( •_)ᕗ

    Obey. Product. Cycles.

  • Decided to pull the trigger on the 5700XT EVO. I figured with the $50 Steam gift card and the two games it'll theoretically bring the price down to $500 which was too hard to resist. Will next gen cards have 5700XT performance at $500? Maybe. But it is a lot of GPU for the dollar and I don't have to wait 6 months for prices/stock to stabilise and AIB coolers to come out.