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Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT $599, Acer V277 27" Full HD IPS Monitor $239 + Delivery @ Shopping Express

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    Good price on a solid 5700xt, buy now or wait for rdna2… tough decision

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      A) Buy now, have fun

      B) Wait for announcement… wait for release of reference cards… wait for release of AIBs… wait for stock supply to stabilize… wait for prices to stabilize… rumours of next gen's "big gains…" (and the cycle repeats).

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        This pretty much. Everyone thinking 'just wait' will be waiting till q2 next year for below inflated MSRRP prices and stock to flow into australia. By then, might as well wait for next gen, etc… rince and repeat.

        IF your current card is on its way out, just buy this and be happy for the next 12 months.

      • Yep.. this is a great card regardless and as long as your not trying to push 4K 60 with EVERY game, you’ll be just fine.

        • suggestion for a card that can push 4k 60 with EVERY game?

          • @Jazza2400: 2080 ti gets damn close

          • +4

            @Jazza2400: There isn’t any… that’s the stupidest part. Even at over $2,000 for a card and you can’t push 4K 60 maxed with every game. PC gpu race and optimisation has been dragging way too long. Don’t get me wrong, I’m PC primarily, recently built another one… but I must say, Nvidia and AMD know how to milk their customers.

            • @DisabledUser214631: Is 4K60 or higher achievable on older games? On the RX 5700 XT?

              I was going to buy a 4K monitor so I guess there's no point getting anything over 60hz since nothing can run it, right?

        • Can I at least expect 4K 30+ FPS in every game with Ultra/Max quality?

          • @mohaymens: Most, yes.

      • -2

        How long does option B typically take? Would we be looking at end of Q1 2021?

      • +1

        or wait and just buy this card at a lower price …. since Nvidia is releasing their cards first, AMD will drop prices in retaliation and stock will not be impacted until AMD launch their cards … it's not always about waiting and BUYING the new cards it's also their impact on the last gen card pricing :)

        • +4


          I find outgoing gen GPUs tend to dry up fast in terms of stock. I think production is turned off well in advance of next gen announcement, and retailers push stock out in the lead-up.

          This is a great bargain now. Another even better hypothetical bargain in a few months time might not materialize…

          • @miracle: Is it a great bargain though? I looked up and it is at MSRP (although I don't know how accurate that is).

        • It wouldn't surprise me if the 5700XT hits $500 in the next couple of months. Already below $400 USD in the US.

          • @Yuri Lowell: yep agreed,

            looking at it logically, it's not AMD releasing a card in a few days its Nvidia, and if you are the competitor your only option is to drop pricing to clear stock for when you announce your own products and by then AMD will have a good idea what nvidia will be charging/performing after they release and how to position their next card… if this was 6 months ago i'd 100% agree with @miracle but seriously we are talking a matter of days not even weeks or months.

        • +2

          Even though the announcement of the 30-series is just around the corner, it'll be months before most of us will even be able to get our hands on one at MSRP. It'll take a while for stock to be available here in Australia, then you'll have the first few weeks of inflated prices and low stock. It'll take at least 2 months for prices to settle and stock to be readily available.

          But even then, AMD's next generation cards are probably almost about to be announced/launched, so you might as well wait for that. Again, you wait for them to come out, wait for them to be tested…etc. And by the time that's done, Nvidia will probably have some response…etc. The cycle just continues and before you know it, the rumour mill of the 40 series launch will just be around the corner.

          Same thing happened last time. Turing launched in October 2018, wasn't really available until after a few months. But obviously Navi was just around the corner, so it made sense to wait (especially if you were looking for a 2060/2070). 5700 XT came out in July 2019. Then you might as well have waited for the Super series from Nvidia. By the time that settles in, we're already in late 2019.

      • +2

        I don't understand this Internet compulsion to refer to non-reference cards as "AIBs"

      • rumours of next gen's "big gains…"

        Aged like milk.

    • tough decision

      Not a touch decision for you, honestly… you waited this long (so you don't really need one) and you cannot wait anymore?

      • Sold my GPU a couple weeks ago because I got a really good price for it, and so the cash is burning a hole in my pocket. Using a cheap 1060 as a place holder but still itching to get a new card. So for me, it is still a tough decision

        • No + vote from you yet so can't be that tough. It's not even a bargain for you yet.
          We are talking about 4 more days before nVidia's announcement. You believe fire sale has already started on GPUs?

  • +4

    This or the ASUS 5700XT EVO with $50 steam gift card? :? I believe they are the same price ish.

    • -1

      This has better cooling and is quieter

      • +1

        I would say they are on par.. the EVO has revised cooling over the base model. Personally I would go with ASUS but everyone has their preferred manufacturer

    • -1

      I'd pick this, it seems ASUS 5700XT EVO has faster fan speed and louder noise.

      • +2

        If you look at HUBs review of the EVO it has lower temps at the same noise level. The Gaming OC looks a lot nicer though.

        • -1

          but I thought EVO's lower temps was based on higher fan speed.

          • @jhao: Idk why HUB did a 1300rpm test because if you look at their operation volumes they're the same.

            • @Void: you are correct, I think HUB did a 1300rpm test to compare ASUS 5700XT EVO with the premium model like Sapphire Radeon Nitro+, to Gaming OC, they are head to head.

              • @jhao: is the verdict still Gaming OC is the better card?

    • +1

      This one is the better card overall.

      However if you have any use of the Steam gift card the Asus one is not a bad card.

  • So… dilemma again haha

    Ordered the MSI Gaming X 5700XT for $692 to the door..

    This is $611… argh - the MSI will resale better wont it ? Generally higher tier board?

    • +1

      I'd have trouble picking between the two cards (Gigabyte Gaming OC vs. MSI Gaming X) without doing some in-depth research (my research was focused on Red Devil vs Nitro+).

      But $692 vs. $611 is a pretty decent cost saving. I say jump ship…

    • +1

      Get rid of it; you definitely won't be able to pocket the $80 difference especially when the new cards drop.

      • Hmmm decided to just wait it out… got the MSI in the post should be here Mon/Tues… NVidia announcement might shake things up and we see some fire sales on the 2070Super and 2080Super.

        Bought on ebay so have 30 day free returns… i just have to accept i wont have a GPU haha, I think ill survive a few weeks if i have to.

  • +3

    If you have Prime, Amazon has the Gigabyte 5700XT Gaming OC for $599.58 delivered.

  • Was wondering if there is a market to sell those two free games, but it looks like it is somewhat restricted.
    From AMD's page: Following purchase, product must be installed on system where coupon code will be redeemed.

    • It does check, but I seem to recall I did redeem a code on an Intel PC, even though it is a code from AMD for a Ryzen CPU. Thing is, that offer is also applicable for AMD GPUs, but that particular card has already been redeemed from a previous offer.

    • +1

      In previous Raise the Game promos you were given a Steam key that you could potentially sell. You do need to install the card to get the Steam key though.

      • Not sure how the free wow expansion would work…?

        I assume just link your bnet to it, because AFAIK blizzard dont do battle net keys very often.

  • For my build im going to use a 1600 af, do I get this or a rx 5600 xt? Which card would be the good to use regardless of the price of both cards.

    • +1

      In my opinion if you're using a 1080p monitor the 5600XT is probably plenty, 1440p or higher I'd be going 5700XT

      • agreed, this card is perfect for 1440p, 120fps

    • If you're getting the rx5600xt for $400 it's probably better value than a rx5700xt for $600 when pairing with a 1600af. But if you're looking at the $500 mark you're approaching the 5700xt price point..

  • anyone tested multiGPU / crossfire setup for these rx 5700 XT yet? been looking to get a 2nd one to power my 144hz 1440p LG to get some games stable at above 144fps

    • Sell it once the next gen cards are out. Get a next gen card.

    • +1

      Crossfire works in very few games and even then it's not very good.

      • Crossfire hasn't existed since vega

        • The only game I know of in recent memory that has crossfire support and great scaling is Strange Brigade which isn't exactly worth investing into a second GPU for.

  • +2

    Had one of these Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT OC for the past year, been a great card. Very quiet too.

    Feels like my $650 for the card + claimable 512GB NVMe SSD was a pretty great deal back then!

    • Yep good deal

    • Wasn't it $560 from FTC? I'm still kicking myself for not buying it

  • +1

    Asus TUF EVO is also $599 (at PCByte) and has a $50 Steam gift card promo.

    • Is the EVO the fixed version?

    • Is pcbyte part of the rise promotion?

      if so this might be the better deal IMO

  • Been tossing and turning over getting a 2070 Super or this. At this price its a no-brainer. Ordered and cannot wait!

    I've ordered a few components from this store recently and the delivery speed is decent - within 5 days.

  • Das a really good 5700xt price. Bought a sapphire pulse about 3 weeks ago for 640 and they're solid cards.

    • Is it a really good price? Isn't it MSRP? Or do GPUs tend to always price above MSRP?

      • Not sure - but i've never seen a 5700xt below 600 this year.

  • Any idea on how this would compare to the XFX RX 5700XT Thicc III Ultra? $631.90 on Amazon AU (through US). About 40 bucks more, but with Prime its free shipping? I know the earlier Thicc II cards had heating issues, which were updated and resolved, and doesn't seem the Thicc III has the same heating issues.

    • I reckon Gigabyte over XFX for sure in 5700XT !

      • +2

        pre sure thicc 3 is a top teir card along the likes of sapphire nitro+ and red devil.

        Gigabyte OC is like just below those on par (maybe slightly better) than the sapphire pulse etc.

  • Any comments on the monitor quality? Price seems ok, and I need a 27" as the second monitor for my new budget gaming machine purchased from this deal:


    Any feedback appreciated :)

    • +1

      Cannot comment on the Acer to be honest. I don't have that particular monitor. From past experience, Acer monitors are generally cost effective, but the menu and design could be better. Not sure whether Acer changed it recently for later models, but my old Acer monitors operate on auto probing mode when the current input source is absent. I am fine with that, but my brother really dislikes it. He prefers a monitor with both Auto and Manual input source modes (and when a particular input source is selected manually, don't probe or auto switch). However, I don't have this particular monitor.

      For GTX 1660, 1080p is a sensible choice.

  • +2

    Any recommendation for a card that can do 144 on 1440p ultra quality?

    • RTX 3090. None of the current gen cards can do that for every game.

      • Sad. I thought so. Thanks.

        • +1

          RX 5700XT can do 120 fps @ 1440p Ultra for Forza Horizon 4.

  • If my monitor is 1080p and 60hz and I get an rx 5700 xt, am I just going to get screen tearing assuming the monitor doesn't have g sync or free sync?

    • +1

      You can frame lock to 60 FPS or V-Sync to get rid of tearing.

    • +1

      5700XT is overkill for 1080p at 60hz imho.

      Only get the 5700XT now if you're planning to upgrade your monitor to at least 1080p 144hz. I can recommend the AOC 24G2 or PLE is doing a promo on the Zowie XL2411P

      • 5700XT is overkill for 1080p at 60hz imho.

        Depends what you're playing. If you're playing games like Metro Exodus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Assasin's Creed Odyssey…etc. then the 5700 XT for 1080p isn't unreasonable. Also leaves room for an upgrade to 1440p.

  • Shadowlands and godfall no longer on that page?

    Some sketchy shit

  • +2

    does purchasing it from shoppingexpress allow us to redeem the 2 games from AMD?

    • It should, and they have it on different parts of the page.

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