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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi 34" Curved Gaming Monitor $575.91 Delivered @ Mi Store eBay


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For any one that doesn't have one yet

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  • If you're after one, I recommend waiting until September 12th for the $499 eBay Promo

    • +19 votes

      Thats more like a competition, might have a chance at getting one if there is enough units

      • I doubt 300 units being sold at $499 will sell out in seconds.

        • still might

        • +6 votes

          You're going to be very surprised.

          • @Orico: This is specific to a particular ethnicity and/or cultural background?

              • +7 votes

                @Orico: But what does race or location have to do with this..?

                • @jjsu: Find me one PC parts or computer repair shop in Sydney that's not owned by Asians.

                  • @Orico: Then you don't need to mention the race? You could've just say PC shop owners?

                  • @Orico: Well… ever thought the problem may not be about race/cultural background but rather their business strategy that makes them successful? They can put whatever price they want but if it is unreasonable no one would buy anyway. If you think 'these guys' buy stuff from the channel to resell at a higher price, you're just scratching the surface. They 'own' the supply chain and they were smart to have thought 10 steps ahead every single time. That's business right? Didn't 'you guys' preach about the free market?

                    Sometimes if a particular group is successful in a particular type of business, it has nothing to do with their race. Every group of the community are doing what they do best in the market. Together these successes form the larger micro economies and in turn the macro domestic market.

                    You can wipe them off if you don't like them and what? Be happy with paying Officework's everyday low price? LOL!

              • +3 votes

                @Orico: You mean a lot of your mates are doing it. Why not say so?

              • @Orico: Chinese would buy them from China at cny ¥1799 (regular sale price, aud $361). Plus import fees and gst still cheaper than $499. I buy camera and lens from Japan directly and they are MUCH cheaper than all the bargains here. Please stop blaming Asians in general unless you can name and blame their resale shops directly. I feel really sorry and disappointed for "all your Chinese mates".

                • @tedzozb: but i am Asian

                  I feel really sorry and disappointed for "all your Chinese mates".


                • @tedzozb: I would like to know where you find these cheap Japanese cameras and lenses. My G.A.S is insatiable!

                  • @chartparker: For new ones, check kakaku and trace the price history. For used ones, check yafuoku (auctions.yahoo). I usually buy used lens. Even the B rated lens may be equal to like new in Australia. But you'll need to have a valid account with some history. Many of the sellers refuse new account. Then I usually use tenso to ship them. Or simply fetch them when I get back to Japan.

                • @tedzozb: I found the new iPhone Se price is the most ridiculous.
                  570aud in chinese app pingduoduo, 749 in Apple Australia.(13%GST in china, 10% GST here)

            • @gimmifreeshiz: Because Chinese are famous for trading?

              ala Silk Road.

              AND Not that silk road, you drug-addled perverts.

              Both educational & insulting. I really should get upvoted for that :-).

        • Broden is now a verb FYI.

        • they will sell out in less than 3 min

        • (And in fact they sold in 1m 48s as it turned out!)

    • I think there going to be sold out before you even add to checkout :(
      need to code up a F4 refresh bot :)

    • Regardless, if you in the market for one, you should buy this one now, and if you can score them for $499 then simply return this one back for free

      To you, there is only harm if you don't order now

      • In my opinion, it not worth the headache to return it.

        It will most likely be cheaper in the near future, based on the price trends in recent months.

        • well for me, I receive parcel almost daily from my post office, so the return process is pretty easy

          But yeah, this definitely is not a good price anymore considering all the Catch promo recently, think it was $510 at one point two weeks back

    • is the $499 sold on Xiaomi ebay page? or is it via other resellers too?

  • Would this work with ps5? Or Xbox X?

    Might cancel me October 19th Dell monitor for this or wait?

    • Keep the Dell or send it to me

    • +6 votes

      It would work, but with letterboxing black bars cutting off the sides since the Series X and PS5 support 16:9 and this screen is 21:9. Also, this screen is far below 4K so they would be running at 1440p rather than the 2160p (4K) most games are expected to be.

      Basically, this isn't a great choice for a games console because the ultrawide aspect ratio (the entire selling point of this screen) would not be used.

      • jinx

      • Do they run at 1440p? Wouldn't it be 1080p if 21:9 not supported?

        My PS4 Pro runs at 1080p on any screen that is lower res than 4K

        But anyway, ultrawide will work for consoles, but it isn't recommended.

      • This isn't true. I have this particular monitor and it works without letterbox. Mind you its not 21:9 and its a little stretched but I don't notice it the majority of the time. For reference, I'm using it for an Xbox One X and I played through Red dead 2 without any issues. It also supports 4k.

        • hahaha… u dont notice a 30% stretch…? ummmm i think its pretty bad

          • @iDrownFish: Do you have the monitor?

            • @mullman: I have an ultrawide, and I have tried stretch mode.. looks like a joke

              • @iDrownFish: Must be different specs then. Because I know both the ps4 pro and xbx support 2160p. I personally don't mind the stretching and its not to a point where it looks ugly or affects how I play games.

                • @mullman: Gonna have to agree with idrownfish here. I too have an ultrawide and trying to watch/play anything stretched out to 21:9 sucks donkey 'blank'.
                  Im not saying this to argue with you, more so if anyone else reading here was wondering what its like. To show there are several people that hate it.

                  • @thearbiter117: Fair enough. I suppose it depends on your situation. Because I mainly play on PC, I'm willing to sacrifice what it looks like on a console like the xbox one x. It's worth noting that this only happens with the xbox, I've tried getting black bars with it but I was unsuccessful mainly because the xbox auto detect the aspect ratio and only allows you to choose between different resolutions (1440p, 4k etc). With my nintendo switch it has black bars and works perfectly. Also, its probably safe to say that the next gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X) will support ultrawide monitors if not on release then further down the line.

    • It will certainly work but you're most likely going to have 2 black bars on each side due to the 21:9 ratio that I doubt they'll provide support for.

      If your main purpose for this monitor is console gaming I'd recommend against purchasing this or any ultrawide monitor

    • I have used my PS4 pro with Xiaomi 34, it displays 2160p RGB stretched out of the box. No letterboxing.

      • thanks bro - does it look weird while gaming or? is it ok to upload pic of a game? if thats ok with u - Thanks :)

      • Shouldnt you be able to change aspect ratio when using HDMI?

        Also, since the monitor doesnt support 4k, it will just display 1080p (can have supersampling enabled)

        • For this monitor with the PS4 Pro, there are two options now, you can either:

          1) Output 2160p - RGB, stretched (see picture link).


          2) Output 1080p, keep correct aspect ratio 16:9, but with letterboxing.

          • @crunch: Is this based on your testing?

            Cause this monitor (UWQHD) should be detected as WQHD by PS4 Pro which it doesnt support…

            It should actually only support 1080p

      • Made an account on Imgur just to demonstrate to you guys how it looks on a PS4 Pro.

        Ghost of Tsushima on Xiaomi 34" Ultrawide

        • Hmm. Jin looks a little fat. But it's not horrible. Then again. Hard to say without actually playing.

  • I ended up choosing to buy in the official store as the delivery is fast. For reference, I am in metropolitan Melbourne and it arrived the next day from Sydney. Insane. Think it worth the extra bucks.

    • Hey is this the same model as the Xiaomi Mi Surface? I realise this has the word "surface" so probably a different model, but the specs appear to be identical.


      • I don’t see “surface” mentioned in this post. But yeah, I don’t think mine has any difference to any others. Plus I dont think there is another 34’ Xiaomi display. Hope that answer your question though

        • Yeah it does look like Xiaomi have only made the one monitor so far; this one! Just weird that youtube has a lot of people reviewing a "Xiaomi Mi Surface 34". Maybe that's the America name for it, is all I can think of.

          Thanks for the reply!

  • It's a bit cheaper at Ninja Buy with the same coupon for $568.78. They're an eBay store for PC Byte and are AU Stock.

  • Anyone who's got this, can you please go to the following to links and report the results?


    • Look up the testing for the Nixeus model on Hardware Unboxed, uses the same panel. Typical VA

    • Motion blur is minimal. Smearing slightly better than average for VA, but not by much. I also have a 144hz 1ms IPS, and I don't notice the difference unless I look carefully (but I'm not super picky).

    • Got one - both results the same but I can only run 120hz max on my laptop until I get my PC build completed.

      120 fps
      120 Hz
      Per Frame
      Per Sec

  • Someone talk me out of this. VA is shit right. I don't want this coming from an 24" Dell IPS.

    • +15 votes

      You don't want this - VA is shit.

    • Sorry to be the bearer of good news but I swapped from an absolutely beautiful Dell U2713H and forgot about the worse colours and viewing angles in due time. The aspect ratio and refresh rate are just too good. I have an AOC CU34G2X for the record but it's the exact same panel as this Xiaomi.

  • Can anyone tell me what's the height of the monitor with the stand at the minimum height? I have a shelf over my desk that I cannot remove so the space is a bit limited. I can fit a 27" but I'm not sure about this one. Thanks!

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/491373 - waiting for another sale of this badass.

  • Would it be an upgrade from my Acer Predator XB241YU 23.8" G-Sync 144Hz 2560 x 1440? I'm using Nvidia rtx 2080.

    Thank you

    • Yes. I upgraded from an Acer Predator 27" (1440p / 144hz).

      This deal is for a 34" screen (also 1440p resolution / also 144hz). So in summary, you get a lot more pixel width, and and an extra 10" of diagonal screen space.

      • How do the colours compare?

      • I bought it and sold it, my predator is 1 to 4 ms and the xiaomi is 4 ms. If I was coming from 60hz I'd keep it but because I have the predator one and I can tell the difference I've decided to sell my xiaomi.

  • Does anybody buy the Comprehensive Computer Cover from XCover.com - AU $67.67 ?

  • Here we go again.

  • I heard this model has compatibility issue with macOS.

  • Might get one eventually for a racing sim set up

    • Gonna do my research for this purpose too. Do you think the size is large/wide enough for sim racing rig like Trakracer and has it got VESA mount? I can't find these infos on xiaomi webpage.

      • I feel it should be fine, the FOV on sims is recommended at like 70-90 anyway so it won't increase with a larger display too much, so i'd imagine it being fine, but not 100%

  • From a previous post, not sure what seller and no association with anyone - just my take as someone who was on the fence and took the plunge:

    I was hesitant with this monitor - bought from Gearbite for $599 - got delayed in shipment, so asked for a $20 refund since their latest offer was $579. They happily did, and after it shipped it arrived next day.

    So far I'm beyond pleased with it. Came with no defects/dead pixels etc. (hooray). Mounted straight onto an arm, but the base is solid and looks good if you need to use it. Someone mentioned text clarity isnt great, I have no idea WTF they're talking about, this thing is crisp. And the brightness is fine; I've got mine on 65 and its plently bright. Overall, for a productivity/work monitor, I'm stoked. Nearly was going to spend double but thought I'll give it a shot. Yes, I'm sure they're better (IPS, G-sync etc. etc.) but for my somewhat untrained eye looking for a good 85% work monitor and 15% gaming, it fits the bill perfectly, and paying double the price for me personally wouldn't have gotten double the performenace. Highly recommend.