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Asus GeForce RTX 2070 Super ROG Strix Gaming Advanced Edition 8G GPU $699 + Shipping / CC @ Umart


As anyone who has frequented OZB over the last few days would know, GPU’s are a’droppin’.

This still is a decent deal if someone needs a pretty solid gpu to tide them over until 30xx’s are in stock.

Plenty of other ok’ish deals here too - https://www.umart.com.au/hotdeals.html?cid=610&brand=&sort=s...

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  • You brave, brave man.

    • Seems like my fate is sealed almost immediately!

      • I wouldn't neg you for the deal, but was tempted to for the misuse of the phrase 'tide over' :) —

        tide (one) over. To maintain, sustain, or support someone through a lean or difficult time until more of something is acquired, typically food or money.

        • Hey thank you for the clarification! I really should’ve known better, I understand the frustration especially when people use ‘in one foul swoop’ instead of ‘one fell swoop’.

          Mistake has been corrected :)

  • +29 votes

    This is less of a deal and more a retailer barely making an effort to offload their trash. Can't in good conscience suggest this is a good deal.

    • A little overly dramatic , It's hardly trash .

      I'm waiting in anticipation as much as the next guy for availability of the 3000 Series but wait I will .

      • It’s hilarious that many of the people that are commenting these over the top responses likely use 960+ Or 1060+. Now suddenly a previously top-tier card is trash haha

        • Worse still they think that there is going to be a huge supply of the new cards at RRP. Have they already forgot what happened when the RTX 2000 series launched? They were above RRP until at least 6 months later.

        • Buuuut epeen!

  • someone needs a pretty solid gpu to tie them over until 30xx’s are in stock

    Who's dropping $700 on a GPU to tie them over?

    • Me building a new pc, need something powerful, but fear there won't be stock for 3080 or 3070

      And it's not $700, at worst the resale of this would be $400 so about $100 a month if I sell in 3 months, reasonable price to pay to hedge my risk

      Also pay with credit card to get reimburse if price continues to drop post 3080 launch though unlikely

      So this in itself is a double hedge, my happiness is guaranteed

  • The 3070 will be $700-1200 in Australia depending on stock. The performance of RTX 3070 will be around the power of 2080 super/Ti. Might be worth it to wait but the demand will also be super high and would be hard to find stock.

    • On the nvidia site the 3070 is priced from $809. But yes, I agree with all other points 100%.

  • This is good negotiation materials for getting a good deal on used card, you should thanks OP

    • Agreed! Makes a very compelling argument when negotiating with someone on the likes of gumtree etc. second hand 2070S should be sub $500.

  • +10 votes

    Should be around 450.

  • Nope, just one more week.

  • noo

  • The 'correct' price is closer to $400. They should just give these out already

  • $700 seriously?

  • This is great for price protection claims :)

  • I come here for the comments

  • Stop trollin

  • Tell him, he's dreaming.

  • $69.90 would be a better price

  • I think one neg was enough…

    • It only takes one neg for all the tools to come out of the shed so to speak. The "Let's all gang up on OP" mentality has certainly made this website worse over the years.

      • And none of those negging have been able to actually articulate the reason for their negs, resorting to Neanderthal grunts like "no", "come on" or "seriously?".

        • Years ago the mods would have removed them for being invalid due to no reason stated but now they'll only do it if you use an exact phrase listed in the guidelines. A great way to bully an OP.

          • @Clear: you forgot to mention facts are bullying these days

            • @Braggs: Oh a negative vote can't be used for bullying? Big difference between that and a valid negative vote.

              But hey the mods have already removed those invalid votes so my point was correct.

              • @Clear: unfortunately what defines bullying has gone off the rails ….
                just because a mod has removed a comment doesn't mean it means it was bullying snap out of it ….its not a constant personal attack ….
                the deal itself is what people are focused on not the individual posting it … you seem to be one of those people if a neg is made its bullying ,its hatting …..or whatever else you want to make up in your head

                • @Braggs: What I was saying is that the more lax rules regarding negative votes now has resulted in it being abused to bully people. Is this not the case?

                  • @Clear: no 7 people have negged this …is that bullying?
                    im still responding to you original statement "It only takes one neg for all the tools to come out of the shed so to speak. The "Let's all gang up on OP"

                    where exactly is all this ganging up? because in your head you are trying to make out a neg is bullying
                    you also think a neg is a direct attack on the OP ….when its just a response to whats posted as a deal

                    people have negged this(not me) because they generally think with the current facts available and in there opinion its a bad deal
                    if mod has removed some than that means its because it didnt fall within the scope of the rules on giving a neg

                    what you are referring to is a very small amount of people that get weeded out but you use a blanket term and demonized everyone that negged the sale.

                  • @Clear: what on earth are you talking about, this is a site dedicated to bargains. The OP knew when he posted this it would probably get negatively voted for good reason. Negging a bad deal is no more a form of bullying then giving a film you didn't enjoy a low score.

                    And it works in reverse, how many people have up voted this purely because they don't like it being negged? Bringing any emotion into this process distorts the actual intent.

                    • @Osiris: Negging in general can be used as a tool for bullying. Plain and simple. How hard is that to understand? In general. Not specific to this deal but in general. Do I need to say it a few more times?

                      Your vote is valid however and there is no issue with it. Unlike this pointless one.

            • @Braggs: Haven't seen anyone negging this deal post an actual fact yet. Most of them can't even muster up a complete sentence

  • Not a good deal, offloading stock. Negged

  • Stunning and Brave post 💝

  • ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄███░░░░░

  • Courageous move OP.

  • How far are prices expected to go down on current RTX cards as well as best GTX cards with the release of 30xx?

  • Where is the dude who bought his 2060 super Strix recently for almost 800 lol.

  • Getting my popcorn ready

  • $800 for RTX 2080ti performance with RTX3080

  • This is how much I bought it for new back in Feb this year lol

  • I don't want to look at anything below a 2080ti anymore.

  • Can we return this after 2 weeks of use?

    • No to Umart, but same card for $719.10 on ebay plus from Computer Alliance might give you a chance? Technically terms specifies the return must be in the condition you received it so no guarantees