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[eBay Plus] Samsung 1TB Samsung 2.5" 860 EVO SATA 6GB/s SSD $166.50 Delivered ($137.50 after CB) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Another SSD deal.

1TB, Samsung V-NAND, 2.5". 7mm, SATA III 6GB/s, R/W(Max) 550MB/s/520MB/s, 98K/90K IOPS, 600TBW, 5 Years Warranty

Link to Samsung Cashback Promotion

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  • Also the same price at Futu Online eBay

  • yeah my receipt says Kai Seng Computer Solution Pty Ltd T/A Futu_Online

    lets see if it works. should arrive today (2 days late thanks auspost)

    • How did you get the receipt? I only have ebay confirmation email.

      I ordered from them last week and it arrived yesterday with no invoice in the box.

      I've messaged them to ask for an invoice but no response yet.

    • In fact Kai Seng Computer Solution Pty Ltd = Futu_Online = Shopping Express, which samsung has listed as a approved seller on their website

      • Not Shopping Express, this time. Even though it has the same parent company, it has its own ABN.

        Who knows if Samsung will reject the claim based on this. better be safe than sorry.

        EDIT: looks like KS is issuing new invoices for those who bought from Shopping Express. Just been issued a new invoice from SE, under KS Pty Ltd. This particular order, I have returned and bought from Futu.

      • I purchased 1TB 860 EVO from SE couple days ago but the invoice they sent through the email shows Shopping Express rather than KS or anything else. Should I be worried that I might not be able to get cashback then? First time buying SSD and hope to keep the spirit of ozbargain going!

    • arrived just now

      in a shopping express box hahaha

      now to see of samsung will honor it

  • I need a 2tb or 4tb disk :(

  • 6Gb/s not 6GB/s. This is the maximum that the SATA bus can transfer and works out to roughly 600MB/s.

  • Hi Guys, is there a big difference between a M.2 NVME and this SATA as a boot drive with windows 10, can you feel it in real world usage?

    • not really for most tasks. I would recommend a m2 NVME for OS and maybe games drive
      benefit of m2 is 2 less cables and routing and somewhere to put the drive.

    • For booting and gaming, you can't feel it at all. IMHO, the only benefit NVMe is data - intensive tasks like video editing, importing or exporting a lot of big files.
      There are a lot videos on Youtube comparing them.

      • I went from an older SSD to the A2000 and I feel like I can feel a bit of difference - but my PC was never slow to begin with. It's possible that I just think it feels faster because I'm used to using my corporate laptop which sits on nearly 100% CPU all the time because of all the corporate bloatware..

      • the only benefit NVMe is data - intensive tasks like video editing, importing or exporting a lot of big files.

        Be aware that not all NVMes are created equal. For writing large files, compare sustained write speeds on review websites. This parameter isn't published by the OEM.

    • The comments above are spot on. I've gone from a (very old) basic Sandisk SATA3 drive to a Kingston A2000 and didn't really notice any difference in speed.

      The main benefit of an SSD for the "snappy" feel is the access time, rather than maximum throughput. That's obviously independent of the interface.

  • Finally getting back down to the after cashback price of nearly 2 years ago!

  • I had a brief look but couldn't find any information as to how you redeem the cashback. Does anyone know or have the link handy?

    *NVM, found it - click "submit a claim" on samsung's banner page

  • I want to buy, but no ebayplus

    • 30-day trial?

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  • Anyone had issues getting cashback from Samsung? I seem to remember some issues on the previous threads.

    • I had S/N not found issue. Had to contact Samsung support and they investigated it and then told me it should be okay to lodge a claim after a few days.

      So, lodged the claim and eventually got my CB. Bought SSD from PLE.

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one.

  • Finally the ssd prices are coming down. They’ve been super expensive lately.

  • futu has it a dollar or two cheaper here

  • Not bad not bad

  • Decent price

  • Bought on Sunday night, shipped on Monday and received today with express postage.

  • I am having trouble submitting the cashback claim. The cashback claim requires a 15 digit S/N. The SSD I received only has a 14 digit S/N. Is there something I have done wrongly? I found the S/N on the sticker of the box, have not yet open the box, just in case if there is anything wrong with cashback, ready to return it. Thank you.

  • Even though its not an M.2 drive as i have a free 2nd M.2 sata speed slot thinking the price is great too get one of these drives too use through one of my spare sata connections, well especially since this is a Samsung drive πŸ˜€

    • well especially since this is a Samsung drive

      I bought the WD blue before I saw this deal πŸ˜‘

      • Yours for Win10 main drive? though which then you don't have the luxury of waiting, my Samsung 970 EVO cost me $119 for 500gb,,.. 2 years back after a Samsung cashback deal so this is my benchmark for a 2TB non mechanical drive, dont think im going care much about brand as like I mentioned above its a M.2 slot only capable of sata speeds, though this deal is very tempting @ $137.50 - $20 = $117.50 voucher below my $119 benchmark and its another Samsung too my collectionπŸ‘

  • Have a problem here. I ordered a 870 QVO from computer alliance on ebay yesterday and received today. But when I type every info correctly, the claim page showing "Invalid Serial Number". Can anyone help me out?

    • I had a similiar issue a few months back - turns out I had to wait a few days for the serial number to be entered into their system and then they processed it (I did call them directly and they did confirm the ssd was authentic and to email the details to : [email protected])

      A few days later I received a confirmation saying it's been submitted and payment occurred a month later.


  • Looks like out ov stock πŸ€•