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PlayStation 5 $449 ($749.85 without) /W PS4 Pro Trade-in, Digital Edition $349 with PS4 Slim Trade-in @ EB Games


Edit - deal is back though console will be available post launch. Appears that EB Games are releasing stock every now and then. Note - next batch has a release date of "TBC 2021".

Update: Playstation 5 (with Disk) is now sold out. Digital only edition is still available for pre orders but available post launch.

EB games have just announced this deal on Twitter

Digital edition is $349 when you trade in a PS4 Slim ($599.95 without).

Pre-orders are now open. $200 pre-order deposit. One per person. Console will be available November 12.

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    • They probably weren’t certain how many they’ll get in so they’re just using that as a back up so people can’t kick up a stink about it

      In other words, you are not guaranteed to get one on the day so expect cancellations if need be

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    Man i saw this deal too late lol. I missed the first pre order for launch then missed the post launch one as well.

    Just placed the order for the 2021 shipment :(

    Does anyone know if the trade in deals still apply for the later shipments? I noticed the deposit has now changed from $200 to $50 so unsure if they will honour the trade in prices for the PS4 slim/pro.

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      According to the image on twitter, the trade in value price is valid for trade ins before 21st of Jan 2021.


      • Ok cool, thanks for the info.

      • Thanks. I assume this also applies to the pro version?

        Also i wonder why they changed the deposit required from $200 down to $50.

    • Yeah this is what i want to know, i feel like they might make you trade in now in Nov, which would suck but it is good value.

    • According to their twitter and website the trade in value price is valid before 31st of January 2021 .. let's just hope the order doesn't arrive before then

      • Before then or after then?

        • my bad after i mean :(

  • This is prob the best deal for me, I paid $330 for my PS4 PRO.

    These Consoles are expensive, not sure if it's even worth upgrading yet.

    • Been watching these PS5 news since 7am today and still tossing to trade in my white Ps4 pro that I got on a trade in deal a few months back with EB.

      Kinda helps when you don't have a 4k TV yet hah

  • Managed to secure a 2021 console order. Hopefully in time before trade in value changes!

    • There is a note the $450 if you traded in PS4 Pro will stand until 31/01/2021

      EDIT: Somebody probably wants to take that screenshot of that page.

      • It’s literally written on the eb games picture for the trade in deals.

  • They changed the deposit to $50 now… so whoever preorder earlier can get $150 back?

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      But these orders are for a unknown date in 21.
      The $200 in theory are for launch or late 20.

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      $200 for launch day
      $200 for shipment 2 (2020)
      $50 for shipment 3 (2021)

  • Does anyone know if we can trade the xbox one x/ normal ps4 for the ps5 disc version?

    • Yes, but for a different price off.

  • If it's already sold out, the UNITS available were not very high.

    The economy isn't in a good state at the moment, unemployment is quite high and JobSeeker is slowly winding down. I don't think Christmas is going to be good for Retail at all, slowly slowly I'm seeing more sales come throught.

    Saying that, most people sitting on the Dole are richer than ever this year and wouldn't be surprised if they all own consoles bahaha

    I'm in no rush, 2020, or 2021 doesn't bother me.

    Anyone recall in-regards to P4 PRO how the pricing changed after the release? $450 with a Trade in seems solid to me. PS4 PRO RRP kept high the whole time.

    • "Anyone recall in-regards to P4 PRO how the pricing changed after the release?"

      It was $559 RRP on release in 2016 and is still $559 RRP today. What happened though is we saw deals along the way. Some people getting consoles for $350ish.

      I paid $430 for mine one month after release… but there weren't any supply issues like we are seeing with the PS5.

      • Are there supply issues?

        What do we know? Sony's plan? Suddenly in 3-4 months, more stock arrives. I spose we'll see what happens.

  • Thanks OP. Just pre-ordered mine and got screenshot for the trade-in ad. I paid $350 for my PS4 pro. So it is a solid deal to me.Now just need to check online and see how I can keep my game files(I heard Sony claimed that users can continue their PS4 game journey on PS5) and transit my PS store account across.

    • Just checked my receipt. That is a huge waiting time…and not sure whether they will keep the trade-in value if not increase it.
      Estimated release: Fri 31st Dec 2021

      • 2021?!?!?

        • I read that too. What the F??? Dec 2021 Surely that's a mistake right?

          • @Monty1089: Saying 31/12 is the default date they set when they don't know the date of release as theoretically 31/12 is the latest possible date for 2021. Just like my post-launch (expected 2020) preorder says 31/12/2020 because that's the last day of 2020 but it will most likely be earlier. Yours will certainly be earlier than 31/12/2021

      • You need to trade the console in before 31/01/2021 to get the credits.

        31/12/2021 is just that they don't know the exact date yet.

        • I am more worried that the console will be available after that date, at which the trade in price might differ.

    • I'd say any compatible games that you own will just be listed in the PS store downloads.

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    Can trade in your PS4 Pro at Cex for > $300

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      If you are an EB world member L2 or above, you'll need to add the bonus into the calculation. OP hasn't updated the info.

      Below is a copy from the message from an EB rep. The rep posted the info earlier.

      PS4 Pro Trade value
      Level 1: $300
      Level 2: $330
      Level 3: $345
      Level 4: $360

      PS4 Slim Trade value
      Level 1: $250
      Level 2: $275
      Level 3: $287.50
      Level 4: $300

      But CeX gives you cash, which is better.

      • I bought my PS4 Pro for 350, you are telling me I can sell it higher? (my EB is level 4)

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          For EB credit, cash take 20% off.

  • Is the trade in still apply if I pre-order now, Perth time 12:57pm?

  • Sorry, this may seem dumb question. But why 2 PS5 Consoles, what is the difference between them?

    • The higher priced model supports discs + digital games.
      The lower priced model supports digital games only.

      Digital games don't tend to go on sale as often as disc-based games and even when they do, it takes a long time for popular games to come down in price. Sony has a monopoly on digital game sales, so they don't really have much of an incentive to cut prices.

      With physical disc games, you have the choice to re-sell/trade/lend games.

      The only other difference (if it's a factor for you) is that the higher priced model supports UHD/4K Blu-ray discs.

  • is PS5 backward compatible? can I use the PS4 game disc in PS5?

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      sure can! your PS5 will just download a software update and play as normal! :)

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    Remember Suncorp rewards etc have EB Games gift cards for 6% off so you can save a few bucks when it comes time to pay your balance.
    Not sure about all the services but Suncorp allows you to buy a specific amount up to $500 per week and the card is delivered to you instantly.

  • Lucky i woke up at 5:30 am watched the announcement and pre-ordered from eb games for store pick up at 9am.

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    Really don't know how this stuff sells out.. Did they only secure 100 units for the first drop?

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    For those who have to wait for the 2021 shipment like me, EB games told me when I spoke to them that the trade in value for ps4 pro at least is valid until January 21st. So if it doesn't ship by then you'll need to trade your console in by then.

  • "Shut up and take my money!" Seriously low stock allocation happening here.

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    Some stock at gamesmen, but they are bundling it with a second controller

    • 140 extra for the extra controller plus shipping plus no trade in VS having to wait 3 or more months to get it with trade in. Very tough decision. Not a lot of games ready at launch is telling me to wait

      • Seems like a good idea to get this even with the extra shipping and when we get more info from eb games can always cancel it

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    I've had two different EB Games staff confirm that if your Pre Ordered PS5 doesn't arrive by the 31st of Jan 2021, you will have to trade in on the 31st to receive the $300 Trade value for your PS4 Pro, and risk waiting until the end of Apr 2021 without a console to use in the meantime.

    Surely if this was the case, they would have enough brains to extend the grace period for customers who pre ordered, seeing as they are the only hold up.

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      Maybe. But then again if they think they will lose too much on the trade in, there will be someone in line right behind you to take that PS5 without trading anything in.

  • I was up in time for the first pre order, saw the deal, thought yeah I'll probably do that. Came back a few hours later and now I'm in the 2021 batch. Rookie error 😔

    • Will they still give us $300 trade in for 2021 batch? Bah I'll just preorder for 2021 anyway, I can just cancel it if I want later.

  • guys I need some help and got some silly questions:
    1) I pre-ordered PS5 disc version and plan to trade my PS4 pro 1TB console. There seems to be a lot of debate on various PS4 versions and disc size plus you have to be EB Games LX member. I am L2 EB Games member and I want to trade my console what trade price am I meant to get and how much do I need to pay ? If I understand correctly the price for PS5 disc version is $750 (rounding up here) for trade in PS4 Pro is $450 .. I should just have to pay EBgames $300, right ?
    What if someone has PS4 Pro 500GB instead ?
    2) I paid $50 deposit which I was told is fully refundable but there's a disclaimer that trade in for PS4 Pro needs to happen by 31st Jan 2021. If I do not do a trade in by that day cause PS5 hasn't arrive are they going to extend the deadline ?

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      From now until Jan 31, you will receive $300 for your PS4 Pro, leaving you a balance of $449 to pay.

      If you pre order a PS5 whilst the link is still available, you will need to pay a $50 deposit, and if the PS5 has not arrived for pickup by Jan 31, you will need to trade your PS4 to get the $300 for it.

      You may be without a console for weeks or months, according to EB.

      If you were to simply keep your PS4 Pro until your PS5 arrived, you would get whatever trade price was current at the time.

      • Hey dude.

        Do you know where EB has said the 3rd shipment could take weeks or months into 2021 to get more stock?

        I am in the 3rd shipment and want to trade in my ps4 pro to get the lower price but i cannot go weeks or months without a playstation.

        I might need to either sell it myself to recoup the money or trade it in EB and convert to cash or something which will obviously lose me some money.

        • Hey mate..

          I spoke to two of the staff at different stores, and they verbally confirmed that.

          Maybe give your local store a buzz and see if you they say anything different

          • @Sh3nanigans: Thanks for that. I will call two of my local stores tomorrow and see what they say.

            But it's not looking good. We don't even know when the 2nd shipment will come in. It could be delayed so 3rd shipment could be delayed as well.

      • Oh damn!! I read that the other way in EB Games store. I thought I would be getting $450 and only pay $300. Thanks for clarifying this. The $50 deposit is fully refundable according to EB games staff. If I decide not to pursue PS5 I do not have to trade in my PS4. I can just get the refund back.
        Let me know if I am correct or the guy at the store gave me an incorrect information.

        • I haven’t heard anything about the $50 being refundable, but I can’t see why they would t give it back, considering that the PS5 is going to be a huge seller

  • I bought my ps4 pro for 250 2nd hand though with no controller. Can't complain having to wait till 2021 to make profit.

    • A $68 (if you are level 4, assuming you have all cables and did not purchase a controller) profit?

      Yeah, I would definitely wait too…

  • wonder what the trade in value currently is. I.e. is 300 +EB level really higher than what it is now? I seem to remember ps4 pro trading for much more than that even without promo.

    • It was $350 about a month or two back? There was a deal posted here about trade-in bonus week or something, brought it up to $400+ for those with Level 4.

      I was hoping it would stick to that, so I'd only pay $399 for the upgrade. Oh well.

      • Well you would be paying less than that if you are currently level 4, or close to that if you are at level 3.

        If I knew it would drop in trade in value, would have definitely jumped on that deal back then. Oh well, time to hit up the tree.

  • when do you have to give them your PS4 Pro? Is it when the PS5 releases or in advance?

    I'm in VIC so all the EBs are closed due to lockdown.

    • +1

      When you pick up the PS5 or January 31st. Whichever comes first.

  • Do you think it's worth keeping a PS4 Pro as a backup just in case PS5 BC is not perfect or is missing some things that a real PS5 has?

    I'm worried about my PS3 dying because it can't be replaced, even though I haven't used it in years.

    • No.

      UHD Blu-Ray, PS4 games are backwards compatible, faster storage. Only thing is if games that use external hardware might not be compatible.

      • they've been wishy washy with their BC claims. At first it was most of the top 100 PS4 games will be supported, and then they corrected it to the vast majority of 4000 titles. Sounds to me they haven't got BC down pat yet.

        • +1

          CEO stated recently the PS5 99% backward compatible with the PS4 games, PS1, PS2 and PS3 aren't backward compatible though.

          Also with the PS5 launch, anyone with PlayStation Plus gets 18 PS4 games included, which shows how backwards compatible it will be. Games are:
          - God of War
          - Bloodborne
          - Monster Hunter World
          - Final Fantasy XV
          - Fallout 4
          - Mortal Kombat X
          - Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
          - Ratchet and Clank
          - Days Gone
          - Until Dawn
          - Detroit: Become Human
          - Battlefield 1
          - Infamous Second Son
          - Batman Arkham Knight
          - The Last Guardian
          - The Last of Us Remastered.
          - Persona 5
          - Resident Evil Biohazard.

          • +1

            @FabMan: MS is putting pressure on them. Love it.

            I think I'll do it, once I can confirm what i/o ports the PS5 has. There needs to be optical out via mini toslink so I can continue to use my Mixamp, and enough USB ports to power the mix amp, PSVR box, and the camera.

            • @lostn: I thought it has no optical out, third-party hardware stated as such. You'll need a HDMI to HDMI + Optical Audio out, something like this:


              • +1

                @FabMan: Dammit, another box I need to add. :(

                3 little boxes hanging off the console now, and it complicates things with VR because the breakout box is already being used as a HDMI passthrough and now I'll need a second passthrough. They make it so hard for us to get good audio. I don't intend to use BT audio.

                • @lostn: Yeah, flipping dongles make it look ugly, a few extra ports would be nice.

                • -3

                  @lostn: Lol ever heard of hdmi? Toslink is ancient tech now.

                  • @Patchy01: my HDMI cable is going into the TV. They're only providing you with one HDMI port.

                    Audio mix amps rarely ever use HDMI. They use optical.

                    You telling me that because every headset maker is using "ancient" tech, we should all buy new sound equipment and throw out the perfectly good gear we have?

                    • -2

                      @lostn: Most modern headsets use USB. I use a good quality home theatre amp and have enough USB and hdmi for a lifetime of connections. Even has a toslink. And yes, eventually your "perfectly good" audio gear will become obsolete, making it effectively useless. They call it progress.

                      • +1

                        @Patchy01: Do you mean that the headset plugs straight into a USB port, or do you mean that its receiver is USB based? What headset do you have?

                        If it's USB, the console has to have drivers for them in order to support it, which is doubtful. Worse news, USB ports on consoles are limited in quantity.

                        And yes, eventually your "perfectly good" audio gear will become obsolete, making it effectively useless. They call it progress.

                        That's not progress. That's just them forcing you to buy things you don't need because they wouldn't get your money otherwise.

                        You've offered zero justification for how your 'progress' is an improvement over the current system. You have not explained how HDMI or USB is better.

                        Your console has one HDMI output port. How are you going to get audio to your headphones and video to the TV at the same time? Spend extra on a splitter? Thanks so much.

                        • @lostn: I send hdmi out from console to hdmi in on amp which is connected to my 4K tv with high speed hdmi cable via the arc which will send and receive high definition audio to my speakers or headphones, which I can connect to amp either with cable or Bluetooth, depending on what quality sound I need. Considering my amp has 6 hdmi in and 4 out, 2 USB in, toslink port, Bluetooth, and every analog connection known, I never have a problem finding the right hole for any cable. BTW, I didn't say it was progress, I said THEY call it progress. My headphones are Sennheisser momentum 3. As for justification, I don't need to justify anything, especially to you, I was simply attempting to explain to you how tech has changed. Wether or not you take advice or not is of absolutely no consequence to me.

                          • +1

                            @Patchy01: so you had to buy some kind of hub to do this, and Sony expects us to do the same? That's a high barrier to entry for someone to use wired headphones (without BT).

                            And you are amping bluetooth? How does that work?

                            As an audio enthusiast, as soon as I resort to Bluetooth, I've lost.

                            BTW, I didn't say it was progress, I said THEY call it progress.

                            From your tone, you seem to be very much agreeing with them.

                            As for justification, I don't need to justify anything, especially to you

                            Because you can't.

                            I was simply attempting to explain to you how tech has changed.

                            So the hole that you plug things into has changed, but nothing else has.

                            Wether or not you take advice or not is of absolutely no consequence to me.

                            You don't have a very convincing argument for anyone to take it seriously. Your arguments amounts to no more than 'because I said so'. You don't win arguments by not backing up your claims.

                            • -3

                              @lostn: Reported. I don't appreciate having my advice turned into a personal attack. You have serious anger management issues and need professional help.

                              • @Patchy01: Where was the personal attack or anger management issues?

  • questions….. Do you have to trade the PS4 in prior to getting the PS5? I wouldn't want to not have a console for 3,4,6 months
    Are they doing any trade in for a PS4 slim for the PS5 disc version or is it digital only

    • At payment, or at least before the 31/01/2021 to guarantee the price.

      Let's say your PS5 is available in Feb 2021, you'll have to trade in your PS4 before 31/01/2021 to get the price advertised, or you'll get the trade-in value of whatever it is after, you'll then be without a console until PS5 is available. You can wait until Jan to make the final decision, you'll just have to leave the $50 deposit with them until you make the decision. If you cancel, you'll get your deposit back.

  • +1

    Can I play my ps4 games on it and transfer the save data?

    • +2

      99% of PS4 games supported and some upgraded. Last year Sony said PS4 saves are transferable, but I've not seen recent confirmation of that.

      • Cool, guess I will keep my games then.

    • +1

      If your saves are in the Sony cloud it will automatically retrieve it just like it does now.

      • My saves are uploaded onto the PlayStation Network which I can download anytime, is it the Sony cloud you were referring to? Cheers.

        Just can't give up my new game plus God of war saves, been grinding too hard for that.

        • Yep that's it as long as you have psplus they are always there for download.

  • Preorders sold out

  • +1

    I think you'll get more than $300 for a used PS4 Pro even next year, they'll hold their value.

    Not everyone can afford $750 for a PS5, you'd be surprised but I know alot of people who don't even own a laptop :/

    • Agreed.

  • +1

    Sony tweet:

    “Let’s be honest: PS5 preorders could have been a lot smoother. We truly apologize for that.

    Over the next few days, we will release more PS5 consoles for preorder – retailers will share more details.

    And more PS5s will be available through the end of the year.”

    • GG to those selling on ebay for double the price

  • Can someone please link me to anything on the EB games website that talks about the trade in value of a 1tb PS4 Pro?