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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 (Disk) $749, (Digital) $599 & Get $50 Cashback with Zip Pay Payment @ Amazon AU


PS5 is now available to pre order from Amazon.

Also available is a $50 cashback using zip pay and $30 amazon credit with ps5 preorder
Details on cashback can be found here

Edit: Digital version is not yet listed for sale.
Edit: PS5 Sold Out. PS5 Digital Edition now available

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    • exactly, they didnt get the whole point of pre ordering and excitement to pre order -_-

  • Mine is on the truck for delivery today! Can't wait. Guess I will be playing a lot of Bugsnax and cod since my other games haven't shipped yet. Can't decide between Godfall and Spiderman to use my $30 credit on.

    EDIT: Aaaaaaaaaand delivered. Box is huge

    • which suburb ?

      • Gungahlin, Canberra :)

        • Sydney got nothing =(

          • @anthony1106: Damn! Mine came from NSW so would have thought Sydney orders would have been delivered first. Weird.

  • Soooooo whats going on?
    express shipping, not been charged yet for zip, not been sent yet
    Says arriving today by 8pm..

    So I am not getting it today?
    I try ask chat support they just copy and past same shat with no support or help.

    • Free PS5?

  • Arriving today when it said Monday yesterday! Although Spider-Man isn’t coming today, so I guess I’ll have to play Bugsnax

    • +1

      Don't forget Astro's Playroom that comes preloaded.

  • same bullshit?

    Hello, my name is Shiva.
    The stock for your order has been secured. As we continue to adhere to guidance from local health authorities, some of our delivery times may be longer than usual and you might not receive your item on the release day. Your order should start shipping shortly before the console release date.
    You will be receiving an update via email once the order gets shipped.

    • same as you updated to express delivery..

      Regret updating it now

  • Zip account has charge for PS5 as pending.
    I chose expedited delivery and now xant change to express option.
    Mate of mine just got delivery of their PS5 digital edition today from EB games.

  • So I paid for expedited delivery and mine has just shipped and expected to arrive next Wednesday… Through Australia Post?! I thought I would get Amazon delivering it same/next day like they usually do paying for expedited delivery?!

    • Expedited or express (home)? Expedited is the slower one with priority faster and express fastest.

      • Expedited. I'm with Amazon Prime and Priority was Free so I assumed Expedited would be faster.. That's such a silly system.

    • +1

      I just had expedited and it got sent at 5:30 yesterday got to me at 9 this morning even though yesterday it said I would be getting it Monday. So the usual amazon times applied for me, hopefully same for you.

      • Was yours through Australia Post? I've already received the tracking details through Australia Post…

        • +1

          Sure was. Yeah my auspost app updated and sent me a notification saying it was on board for delivery today.

          • @Dingus: Nice! Mine was sent 10:30 this morning so here's hoping. I'm in Victoria though and not sure if Australia Post delivery times have started improving. Also was yours Parcel Post or Express Post?

            • +1

              @kittymtd: Just parcel post, if it was sent today you can hope for tomorrow!

  • Anyone that used Zip pay got their credit of $50 ? Mine shipped but nothing from Zip yet.

    • +1

      Normally it takes a few days before Zip credits it back into your account. Just keep an eye out for it in your recent activity page.

  • Got charged by Zip and received a shipment notification from Amazon with delivery by 8pm tomorrow. I chose the standard (free) shipping option.

    Anyone know how the $30 Prime credit gets provided? Does it go to Your Account › Gift Card Balance?

    • I just got an email from Amazon saying the credit has been added to my account and will automatically be applied next eligible purchase.

  • Merged from Amazon Pre Order PS5 Not Shipping Console

    I paid with zip and they have not charged me or sent my console which is meant to come today it even says
    Arriving today by 8 PM
    and i had an email saying We have secured stock for your console order.

    Is it because i changed my shipping to express or was this going to happen? I have tried to contract support in chat and phone and they just say wait more and copy and past the same thing over and over.
    Getting super annoyed like not sure what to do I guess I have to wait and do nothing but stress over this. Legit no support.

    Im in VIC

    • How can it be

      Arriving today by 8 PM


      they have not sent your console?

      • No clue

        • The drivers haven't picked it up, wait 7 more hours. It's going to be by express courier.

          • @brokenglish: if they have secured stock for my console order. why have they not sent it is the real question

    • I'm in the exact same boat, heard that with express delivery they don't deliver til the afternoon? Not sure, it's all I can hope for to get a console soon but if I don't hear anything by this arvo I'll be chasing it up and at least getting the express postage refunded.

      • I got mine refunded on chat without even asking. So complain on there , also hope they stop keeping us in the dark and let us know wtf is going on, im scared they messed up my order and dont have it or something..
        if any news let me know, thanks

    • Legit in the same boat they just say the same things over and over until i finally got one support agent that stated they have no updates in regards to the PS5 which is why they are giving the same one liners, amazon and their support are rubbish

    • Mine was sent this morning and will arrive tomorrow. I had "Priority Shipping" as delivery method and I'm in Sydney.

    • FYI some of their support staff always say wait and it will arrive. Maybe they get a lot of people asking about shipping when it's not really an issue that they don't pay attention to the particular case they're currently handling.

      I had an item from the US that said it was arriving by 8pm that day and at 5pm I asked and the person was like "just wait for your order to update, it will definitely arrive by that time." I said "You know that's impossible, right?" and they just kept saying wait for the order to update.

      It wasn't urgent so I waited another week. It never shipped until I contacted again and urged them to actually check what's going on with the order.

      I don't think you should expect your PS5 to arrive today but it would be a good idea to chase them up tomorrow or the day after if it still hasn't shipped.

    • -1

      wait till 8pm?

    • Mine is yet to be sent either, even though I bought the priority shipping. Quite odd.

    • I have expedited delivery and have gotten an email confirming stock but still don't have an estimated delivery date, it's been stuck at "preparing for shipment" since yesterday, anyone else in the same situation?

    • i changed mine to priority (in melb) and although it is now paid (via zip) and has been been shipped, it isnt due until monday with auspost. Thinking i might try to get my priority money refunded. Not exactly speedy…actually slower then my normal amazon deliveries!

      • That’s so weird, I’m also in Melbourne and paid for Priority too, and mine got sent via some random courier company. Would’ve preferred AusPost as at least they deliver on weekends!

        Actually wishing I left it as Expedited as it would’ve more than likely been delivered tomorrow by Amazon. Don’t have high expectations for the courier company after reading reviews online..

        • Thats the weird part about monday delivery - why not Saturday or Sunday!

          • @JuryWheel: I’m hoping they just put the ‘worst case’ delivery option so you don’t get your hopes up, and then surprise there it is Friday morning. Fingers crossed!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • I’m in Melbourne. Paid for priority postage and it just got shipped with some company called Couriers Please this afternoon. Never heard of them but hopefully it’s here tomorrow, even though ETA on Amazon is still Tuesday 🤦🏼‍♂️ Would’ve preferred Amazon themselves deliver it to be honest, they’re always quite quick. Hopefully they’re not as incompetent as Toll, the worst courier company in Australia.

    • what time afternoon?
      still nothing at all on mine im getting pissed off

      • You still have a chance it arrives on time. It could be worse. Mine was shipped already, but it is going from Perth and Sydney, and the expected delivery is the 23rd.

        • better than nothing, I hope they dont tell me they dont have stock now or something.

      • Got the email notifying it was sent at about 12:45pm. Money came out of Zip last night though.

  • +5

    My order hasn't been charged yet and the delivery is for today 8PM - Express delivery (Home only)

  • Mine has not been charged or shipped (standard shipping)…

  • Damn it, chose expedited option and delivery is for 13th-16th but says arriving Monday😭

    • Expedited delivery arriving today with Auspost🙂

  • Anyone from WA that's received a shipping confirmation for their PS5 or have had their ZIP charged?

    • Yeah mine has shipped and been charged.

      • when did you get charged? i still don't have anything but it says it's arriving today.

        • Haven't been charged for WA order either. Still kinda hoping that it will ship this arvo and arrive this evening but that's fading fast

        • Got charged yesterday.

    • I was charged Tuesday and finally received shipping confirmation 15 minutes ago. ETA 16th to Perth

    • +1

      From WA Perth, mine arrived an hour ago

    • Mine just changed to: We will email you when we have an estimated delivery date. Great.

  • Sydney here - mine shipped today and Aus Post says will arrive either tomorrow or Monday. Given its only coming from Chullora - I'm guessing tomorrow

    • Same… I was hoping it was going to arrive yesterday. That 8PM tease had me going.

  • Adelaide here. Pre-ordered as soon as it was available. Got the email saying my stock was secured a few weeks ago. Charged yestery. Order still stuck at "order received, preparing for shipment".

    Really annoying tbh.

    • Just got the notification it was shipped today, Delivery for 20th of November. Kind of annoyed because I paid extra for Expedited delivery yet still will wait over a week?

  • +6

    My express Amazon order just changed from delivery by 8pm tonight to “order received” with no projected delivery date

    Looks like im not getting it at all.

    • thanks for flagging

      just checked and mine did the same..

      time will tell sigh

    • same here

      • +2

        least im not alone, we all can hide in a corner and pull our hairs out from stress

        • same here

    • Ditto, will see what pans out after today but leaning towards cancelling and going for a gaming pc instead now.

    • same here, and they changed my shipping from express to priority. I just changed it back to free shipping.

      • when you changed it back did it change from no delivery date?

        • yes, it's Not Yet Shipped now with We will email you when we have an estimated delivery date.

          • @fire23: The same as here, should arrive today by 8PM. WTF

    • Same here…they just told me estimated delivery date has been changed to 2020-11-24.

      • What's your amazon order say ?

        Did you contact them ?

        • yes, this is what they told me. still on the live chat with them

        • I've checked the details and fulfilment centre is assigned and can ship any time from now.

          • @anthony1106: Thanks for the update.

            Fingers crossed it's dispatched Soon.

            • @am: "This means that the we got your item packed at our inventories and can be shipped any item.
              The order is being prepared to ship and has already entered final shipping stage and should be assigned to carrier team anytime from now." - Amazon Live chat

            • @am: "Thank you for providing the details.I'll forward this to my team. However we can issue promotional certificate of AU$ 20.00 to your Amazon account, which will automatically apply for the items sold and fulfilled by Amazon AU." - Offered $20 compensation.

              • @anthony1106: I don't understand how your ETA can be 24/11 if it's due to be shipped.

                Did the cs rep escalate your case?

                • @am: not sure, at the end rep said it is being packed and ready to ship. So hopefully tomorrow?
                  Anyway, talk to them and get the $20 !!!

                  • @anthony1106: Thanks for the help.

                    Have a good night

              • @anthony1106: I got $20 too, they said my order is going to be delivered on Monday, but it's still without date

                • @rgame: rip i only got 5 dollars but they finally took the money from my account

                  • +1

                    @KuckCar: i only got $5, and they won't give me a date. Says that the item needs be santised. SMH.

                    • @fire23: yeh Ive got no date either mate mine states 'Preparing for Shipment'

                      • @KuckCar: Mine just changed for "preparing for shipment" too

                        749 - 30 (pre order) - 20 (gift due delay) = 699

                        Not bad if they send it asap

                        • @rgame: Did you guys have your ps5 shipped today? Mines still preparing for shipment, but it's charged.

  • Really stressed out that they dont have stock left.
    Order was meant to be sent by now by amazon and was meant to come today by 8pm yet now it shows We will email you when we have an estimated delivery date.
    like it did day one when i ordered..
    im guessing I wont be getting it at all anytime soon. their support has been useless

    • Finally got charged in zip and now order says Preparing for Shipment
      now to wait another whole day or Monday just for them to ship it, thanks amazon.

  • Finally charged for the ps5

    Note never change delivery so close to release date..

    • It is mostly the case that you are put at the back of the queue if you edit an order on Amazon.

    • I agree. A few days before today I changed shipment to Priority. It’s being sent - from Brisbane, to VIC. ETA of Tuesday. I blame changing postage late for the random stock in another state!

      • Same, I got the AusPost tracking number, I hope Amazon won't cancel the order now.
        "AusPost says : it's being prepared while on Amazon website it shows :shipped"

        Fingers crossed

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