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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 (Disk) $749, (Digital) $599 & Get $50 Cashback with Zip Pay Payment @ Amazon AU


PS5 is now available to pre order from Amazon.

Also available is a $50 cashback using zip pay and $30 amazon credit with ps5 preorder
Details on cashback can be found here

Edit: Digital version is not yet listed for sale.
Edit: PS5 Sold Out. PS5 Digital Edition now available

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        • If you got an Auspost tracking number you’re probably fine.

          • @damienpang: Yep, shipment finally got picked by Auspost. I am probably in the green.

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    Arrived this morning - could be worse

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    I received my PS5 this morning and it looks like the $30 credit came through fine from Amazon but the $50 cashback from Zip hasn't hit my Zipay account. Has anyone actually received their $50 cashback from Zip yet? It didn't say in the terms and conditions how long the cashback would take so just curious whether I should wait till next week before contacting Amazon or Zip

    • same situation - it said to expect up to 14 days.
      This is my first ZIP purchase. How many weeks does it pay out at again…?

      • if this is your first ZIP purchase. you should be able to pay the minimum weekly payment until the end of next month.

        • Yep, first ZIP purchase and didnt really look into it too much. I see they want $20 tomorrow, which i assume will be direct debited automatically, but how do the remainder of the payments work if i want ZERO fees?

          • @JuryWheel: pay the minimum weekly payment until the end of next month. and on the last day of next month, pay the remainder.

            • @PissLUR: Cool - i assume you can set this to just happen by auto, or do they not want that…want you to forget about it and slug you with fees?

              • @JuryWheel: yes its on auto right now. at the end of your first month, you will get a statement for your account. it will tell you when it needs to be paid off.

    • how do we see the $30 credit?

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    Mine arrived this morning. The Amazon shipping box was 3x the size of the console lol

    • +1

      i thought it wasn't for me at first because of the size of the box, but at least the cat had fun until i took it out for recycling

  • Perth WA

    Arriving by 8pm tonight…

    it was originally Arriving on Monday.

    • Where are you located? I'm in Vic but for whatever reason it's coming from WA…

      • Perth

      • I'm in Carnegie and it came from Dandenong, got picked up late last night and arrived around 1.30pm

  • Still nothing here in Melbourne.

    Ordered via ZIP on 17/09 and changed the shipping option to express home delivery recently - no charge or shipping notification yet.. disappointed with Amazon.

    • i've seen with other pre orders it said not to select express or priority as shipping as it may cause delays as they prioritise expiated instead

    • weird, where ab0uts are you?

      • Near Chadstone Melbourne..

        • very bizarre - im near there and my digital one placed on preorder day came this morning and one that i ordered a couple of days ago is already marked as shipped! These are both digital.

        • I'm near chadstone also and my disc version arrived today

        • I’m not far from Chadstone and mines being shipped from Brisbane, ETA Tuesday. I don’t understand the Amazon logic here!

  • out for delivery since this morning…still waiting

    • have you received it yet?

      • received around 4:30

  • +1

    Still "preparing for shipment" ☹️

  • PS5 still not here, will be asking for a refund on my priority shipping

    the 2 games i ordered did arrive today so i guess ill just lick the disks or something

  • Customer service told me they're out of PS5's and will need to source more.


    • Surely not haha, some people that ordered yesterday have already had theirs shipped.

      • Unless they (profanity) up and shipped those before preorders…

  • I just got a revised shipping date from my September pre-order. It was supposed to be delivered on Monday 16/11 and now its been shipped with an expected delivery date for the end of next week - Friday 20/11. Unlucky I guess.

    • +1

      That doesn't bode well for me. Mine has been saying Monday 16/11 for about 3 days now, and still hasn't actually shipped…

      I'm very annoyed that Amazon has shipped orders from yesterday before fulfilling all the pre-orders.

      • I ended up contacting them over chat like another member suggested and they gave me a $10 voucher and escalated the delivery date. It still says it will be delivered next friday but I'm guessing that'll change by next week. Fingers crossed.

        On another note, it may be targeted but there's an additional $10 off some Playstation 4 & 5 titles if you order through the Amazon app.

        • Which one? I couldnt find any game with discount

          • @rgame: I apologise, It must've been targeted then.

          • @rgame: live chat with them, they will offer some coupon

  • They charged me yesterday around 7pm, priority delivery and it's still "preparing shipment". How long to pack a product and send? I'm really sad about that

    • +2

      I'm in the same situation, i spoke to Amazon late today and they told me that that the shipping batch is packaged and awaiting pickup from delivery vehicles. Apparently it's scheduled to leave over the weekend.

      • i am talking to them as well. same bullshit

        • and they offered my another $10

      • any updates?

  • 11:23PM AEST
    Sirigiri:Let me check with my lead.
    My lead has approved for $40 promo, We actually never provide promo of this much.

  • Ordered 17/09 in the afternoon, estimated delivery date 1st of December…

    • Did you change the shipping speed on your order? My 17/09 order still doesn’t have a date.

      • No, I've used a prime free trial for priority shipping the whole time.

  • "Preparing for Shipment
    We'll e-mail you when available."

    Ordered on 17th or September, priority delivery and charged Thursday night. Melbourne

    Is there any chance to delivery soon?

    I'm afraid of them running out of stock ☹️

  • what are people spending their $30 amazon credit on?

    • Pre-order for Cyberpunk 2077 when it eventually comes out. How about you?

    • where do we see the credit?

      • It’s automatically applied when you checkout with an eligible item (an item shipped and sent by Amazon basically).

        I’m also using it towards Cyberpunk. Wanted to use it on the new Black Ops but it went up from $68 to $94 before I had the chance.

    • Anything that's sold by Amazon AU.

  • I think the lesson to be learned here - don’t pay for ‘priority’ postage. It clearly means nothing. Just stick with the trusty expedited shipping! Still won’t be preordering something I want on the day of release through then again though..

    • Even amazon.com.au says don't select priority for pre orders as expedited is done 1st

      • My pre order has always been expedited. It still hasn't shipped…

        • +1

          When you look at your order are you able to cancel or edit it still?
          Once those options disappear it means they have packaged the item and it is just awaiting a courier pickup.

          • +1

            @swimmingtoad: Those options disappeared yesterday morning. So that's encouraging, thank you!

      • Where does it say that?

  • +3

    FYI, I had the issue where a few days before delivery I changed my expedited delivery to express, and the console is delayed. Console is stuck in Perth (I am in Melbourne). With a bit of persistence, I managed to get amazon to give me a 15% refund on the full $750 (~$100 refund). Suggest you guys try it, had more luck over live chat.

    • Where do you find live chat I only have options for email or phone. I did email first got a standard cut paste response then tried phone got an overseas call centre and was refunded my shipping and no answers as to why my console is being delayed.

      • I went to Customer Service > Where's My Stuff > Contact Us and then filled in the forms. I then had an option on the left, after selecting the product and issue, to start a live chat. It also said live chat was "recommended"

    • what did you say for that to happen. All i got was $20 promo credit

      • I initially asked for a refund of shipping fees, and because he could not give me that he offered 15% discount. All in the context of pressing for an answer as to which fulfillment centre my order was stuck at. Maybe only an option when shipping refund is not available? Hope you can get it too

  • Oh wow, got $60 credits instead of $30. How did that happen. Thanks Amazon! <3 <3

  • +3

    auspost delivered on sunday, nice got the rig

    • Did you get a shipping notification? I feel like I'm the last person without my Amazon preorder.

      • Mine still "preparing for shipment" since Thursday night, the attendant said they are waiting for the courier pick up the product.

  • Wheres the zip credit??

  • Anyone not get the $30 credit? I got a Benefit Confirmation e-mail saying I got it but there doesn't seem to be anything in my account. I've gone through checkout and it never shows up. I suppose I'll have to get in touch with them.

    • the item must be sold by amazon au

  • +1

    Well my shipping eta suddenly just jumped from Nov 30 to today…

    • Do you know where your ps5 was shipped out from?

      Mine’s still stuck in their Perth warehouse since last Thursday with an ETA of Dec 1st to Melbourne.

      • +2

        From WA too. Mine arrived this morning. They didn't update the parcel until it was out for delivery so it was a bit unexpected.

        • I'm in WA and it hasn't even shipped. Quite pissed with them atm.

  • Mine had an ETA of about the 20th but actually changed to today and arrived just before COB. Just finished setting it up.

  • I'm really sad about this, ordered on 17th of September, charged and "preparing for shipment" since Thursday and no dates until now.

    I will give up, I cannot stand anymore this store

    • I still don't have a shipment update. It's getting ridiculous.

  • Update - my expedited to express order was just shipped. Expected date 4th Dec.

    At least it's coming….

    • I just got the same! I cannot believe! Woo hoo

      • Same. They just gave me a 15% refund this morning for the inconvenience.
        Looks for be coming from Perth

        • This make your ps5 dirt cheap

        • I tried to get 15% off on live chat as well, they were adamant it didn't happen and was unavailable, what exactly did you say to get it?

      • Oh how our expectations are lowered, lol.

    • +1

      Just to give you a bit of hope - my pre-order ps5 was shipped out from WA on the 12th with an ETA of 1st Dec from Amazon.

      It's now arrived in VIC with an ETA for delivery by tomorrow with Auspost tracking.

      • Cheers mate, appreciate it <3

        • +1

          Just got mine! Hope yours isn’t too far off

          • @ntodt: I was in the same boat (est. Dec 1st) which is quite annoying since people who bought on launch day have gotten theirs already, to make things worse Australia Post sent it to the wrong place so it went from delivered around the 19th - 20th to between the 23rd and 24th of November lol.

  • anyone got Zip credit yet?

    • No Zip credit yet!

    • No, not yet. I am wondering if the amazon gift card balance I used during purchase has now made me ineligible for zippay credit. I, unfortunately, had "use gift card balance ticked" when completing the order initially. I was unable to change this afterward.

  • +1

    Mine was also delivered today. Went from "We've got it" to "onboard for delivery" and then it was delivered within 10 minutes!
    PS5 sent from Perth to Melbourne.

    • Also had mine ship from Perth recently. How long did it take?

  • +3

    Still no zip credit here….

    • +1

      same, just checked account is fully paid and no credit - give it another week and hopefully we get the credit.

  • +1

    Just saw in the zip offer terms - it says 14 days after shipment date we will get the zip credit applied. So for most of us still a week or two away

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