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[Pre Order] eVGA GeForce RTX3080 XC3 Black 10GB $1139, eVGA GeForce RTX3080 XC3 10GB $1169 + Shipping @ PLE


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      • @nomoneynoproblems Not happy ha, I'm waiting for the ftw3 ultra. If you were to calculate by po numbers then I'm nearly 14k away ha that doesn't seem right, are the po numbers generated only for gpus or po numbers is for all items sold who knows. I will buy my Ryzen 9 5900x in a few days then will see if my little red square moves which it hasn't budged, that indicator system is useless you cannot calculate anything from it. Maybe a photoshop troll lol.

        • (8718xx) I can confirm I've moved up in que 1 slot (3rd>2nd) hope it comes soon.

          • @High: what card?

          • @High: Good to know, I am about 400 orders from you, hope you get eta soon, mine should be 1-2 weeks from you hopefully

  • im in 2nd square. order no 8714XX thats a few hundred per square ? :S

    • How come you're in second square while @high's order number is higher than yours and he is in 1st square, did you also ordered ftw3 ultra?

      • I'm in 2nd

        • Sorry my bad, misread your comment, how long did it took for you to move from 3rd to 2nd?

          • @ozbdude: When they released this stock level thing I was in 3rd box. When I checked today I was in 2nd

            • @High: Not bad, they email about stock check on 29/10/2020, so 1 row per week 🤔, so you're 1 to 2 weeks away

            • @High: Hey I moved to 2nd box when checked today, did you moved to 1st?

  • XC3 Black SO-872XX

    I ordered the Ultra on the night of the launch but changed to the black on 13/10

    Queue Location
    Front [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ X ] [ ] [ ] Back

    That's how far back I am now in the queue.. :(

    • @cray I ordered very start of Oct for ultra and I'm same position as you lol and I never changed my mind

      • Wow that's pretty crap. I couldn't help it but sent them a contact form message today to see if they could give me any ballpark ETA but received the below reply pretty quickly.
        - -

        Please wait to hear from our operations team with the weekly update email on Thursday.

        We cannot provide you any ETA information from the branch.

        • @cray they won't even tell you queue number or anything plus generic weekly updates that inform you of nothing along with a visible queue gui which also tells you nothing haha that's useless of useless information. Awesome customer service though atleast they respond ha.

  • Apparently my card is on the way?

    • Mine too - tracking number doesn't check out yet… Just wish ebay/shallothead hadn't screwed me on the ebay plus sale order of the CPU…. No more ebay plus for me!

  • Look on the bright side - if you're not getting the card until later this month you have the option to see how AMD cards perform and cancel the order if you secure one. I'd rather have that option than being locked to my card.

    • AMD's offering did tempt me but the drivers still seem to be their weak point (ATI's drivers back in the day were notoriously bad)

      • @BargainKen that will always be the case no matter AMD or Nvidia, when something is released things need ironing out. Sometimes the ironing out process goes for longer than it should. Put Windows updates as an example haha 😀

        • Historically detonator drivers (Nvidia) were never as bad as the Catalyst (ATI) drivers. Whilst things have moved on since, traits of ATI still reside in AMD.

          • @BargainKen: @BargainKen I remember those days clearly 😝 getting old I say…

            • @atleeit: LOL Yup, back when $500 was considered "High End" for graphics cards… todays prices are…. simply unbelievable.

  • Man there weekly update email is bollocks and useless apart from them hyping up the AMD cpu/gpu topic.

    • and their updates are getting later and later, not sure what is up with that.

    • Your card does not currently have a confirmed ETA. We're working on it and will continue to provide weekly commentary to help you make your own decisions.

      Love it!!!

      • "Things are moving. As mentioned last week EVGA (and now MSI) have more allocation by tomorrow close of business - so if you don't have an ETA in this email, remember to check your MyPLE for one tomorrow evening."

        I assume we may get an ETA tonight as email was sent yesterday.

  • I ordered a zotac 3080 trinity the following morning of launch night at 9am. It arrived today. Pretty happy with everything. I feel like one of the lucky ones

  • Hopefully I will have my card by AMD'S gfx launch date of 18th November but looking at the queue doesn't seem that way. Hopefully I don't have to swap to an 6800 XT, I really wanted a 3080 but don't want to wait forever to build my new machine. Already ordered AMD 5900x elsewhere need to also wait for this. I'm hoping a few weeks for that one.

  • @PLE here's a question regarding AMD's 6000 series GFX launch date i.e. 18th November, for current customers who already have valid orders and are waiting.

    Will your card swap feature work during the launch i.e. do the swap straight away after the product launches?

    That way we wouldn't have to waste time adding products to the shopping cart and making payments. It would allow existing customers the chance to get first-hand launch stock.

    Will the waiting customers have privilege over non-waiting customers by using the card swap feature?

    If the card swap feature is not going to work during launch, will PLE contact existing customers before launch to ask if they wish to swap to AMD 6000 series stock before the launch so existing customers have a chance?

  • https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Graphics-Cards/NVIDIA/85...

    Delivery IN STOCK

    here you go boys, good luck!
    i wont buy this brand again after being (profanity) hard by their issue, but if your willing god bless! haha :)

    • -2

      No point posting if not instock loll waste. Zotac are ok well they used to back in the day not 100% how they are now.

  • was up for 40min, so that makes it the longest time a 3080 has been listed in aus ;)

  • was up for 40min, so that makes it the longest time a 3080 has been listed in aus ;)

    • -2

      @Odz a product being instock at night time ha nice try. Majority of brands won't be instock till mid November, end of November.

  • more & more people getting cards by checking stock levels :)


    1 hour ago
    Just bought a RTX 3080 Trinity OC from scorptec that says its in stock, not sure I believe it though so not gonna cancel my ple order just yet, any one else get a email that just says "Awaiting Warehouse Allocation"

    1 hour ago
    Managed to get a gigabyte rtx3080 from computer alliance yesterday Shipped this afternoon

    I cancelled my order with scorptec due to no communication The order was a rtx3080 asus tuf oc, hopefully someone just moved up in the queue

  • Oh well maybe people are lucky and other resellers have no queues very hard to believe. My ple queue position hasn't moved still at the back. 5 weeks already.

    MSI, Gigabyte, Leadtek end of November.

    Inno3D, ASUS, EVGA no eta, just says on order.

    So snagging stock right now is near to none unless the little resellers have super skills moving through massive queues along with gaining access to stock.

    The wait is such a drag, once I get my 5900x then will make serious consideration towards my ple order.

  • gigabyte end of November? dcomp just sold a few cards yesterday (about 8 according to reddit, i posted the link on discord and 2 of my friends say their cards got shipped) and there is a new listing of stock going online today at a different shop….

    nfi where you get your info from, but all of your posts have been fake news thus far….

    1 minute ago
    Gigabyte Gaming OC back in stock at Bendigo Centrecom - $1499 - https://www.centrecom.com.au/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-3080-gamin...

    level 1
    2 points
    18 minutes ago
    Just talked with BPC Tech, they just recieved a shipment of the 3080 Gigabyte Gaming OC which will be loaded into the system today. Good luck peoples.


  • Both out of stock loll I bet stores are putting them in systems, buy a whole new system to get a 3080 no thank you.. I'm just looking at quite a few suppliers eta that's all not fake news. Lucky for those resellers that got them. Maybe stock coming in its changing not sure. Wouldn't purchase a gigabyte anyway for the life of me.

  • So I've recently been advised by another IT shop in WA that they can fulfil my 3080 Black in 3 weeks if I place an order through them, with EVGA Australia distributor warranty.

    He explains that each retailer gets an allocated amount and obviously PLE has not been able to keep up to all the preorders and they've snagged 3 customers so far.

    My PLE order queue is still 3rd box from the back so I highly doubt I'll be able to get it until early next year.

    Should I put a deposit down??

    • Is it at msrp or gouged?

      • MSRP

        • +1

          Dude 100% go for the store you've talked about. If you can get a black for $1139 within 3 weeks thats the best you're gonna get for any 3080.

    • -1

      @cray really 3 weeks, so they guarantee it? If major us retailers are out how can little resellers in Oz get hold of evga models? Has me puzzled. I guess deposit wouldn't hurt you but we already gave ple the full amount so depends how much spare $ you can afford. Quite sad how hard it is to get Nvidia 30 series cards and AMD 5900+ CPUs.

      • we already gave ple the full amount

        Paypal? same… it wouldn't take my debit card on the night… so I'm a little bit salty…

      • Seller is checking with evga, but office was already shut when the question was asked, should hear back tomorrow. I've got pay on collection with PLE so I'll keep the preorder until I can confirm with this other shop.

    • Do they ship to NSW? What's the stores name?

      • I'll ask the question when they confirm the eta with me tomorrow. Will PM you the shops name but you don't accept messages.

  • anyone else hate that little queue thing? I looked at it on the thursday night they announced it in the email…. that Friday morning it moved! Not sure how many weeks ago that was but it hasn't moved since… I know they gonna ship my card when they can and not any earlier, i think i was happier not knowing…

  • I cancelled my ftw3 ultra with ple, queue never moved in 5 weeks! I will swap to AMD 6800xt on launch if 3rd parties are out. 5 weeks is just sad with no movement at all.

  • +1

    Not sure why everyone is saying the queue never moves.
    Mine just moved….backwards. -_-

    • haha how does that happen :D

      I am stuck on block 5 for 2 weeks now

      • I was on block 5 yesterday and 6 today. Before that i had not moved at all since ordering.

  • Finally got an ETA :) SO-8718**

    • -1

      Nice! I'm expecting there's going to be a high number of people cancelling their 3080 orders from tomorrow onwards once amd's new cards are out.

      • Well… let's see. Personally I don't think they're exactly in the same league but we'll see

        • Honestly, if all you're doing is gaming on these cards - they're pretty neck and neck. And judging by the stock issue that the rtx 30s cards are having, I don't see why people won't flock to amd.

    • That's great im still at 2nd row

    • That's great im still at 2nd row

    • Did you receive any further update, I've also got eta now and same as yours

    • which card did you get? im in the so-8720** and still havent gotten an eta

  • +1

    You can now check more info on the graphics cards. Its more clear now on how many orders have actually been fulfilled for each card. They also provide the oldest order without an ETA (i.e where they are in the queue for fulfilling orders). Looks like 3070s and 3090s have the best availabilities currently.


    At this rate I'm pretty sure I won't get my card till late Q1 2021!

  • I moved to block 4 today, so maybe another month for me

  • My order SO-872xxx placed on 18/9 was just dispatched today. The ETA on their website up until yesterday was still 21/12.

    I should get my GPU just in time for Cyberpunk 2077 shenanigans.

    • Which model did you order?

      • eVGA GeForce RTX3080 XC3 Ultra Gaming 10GB

        • That is same model I ordered but no movement for me

          • @GerrardLFC: When did you order?

            • @SmileSydney: Friday September 18th

            • +1

              @SmileSydney: Did your card arrive in the end?

              How is it so far?

              • @GerrardLFC: Yep arrived Monday. Very basic packaging but I knew EVGA wasn’t gonna do fancy. My last GPU (ASUS Strix 1080) had much nicer unboxing experience.

                Playing Cyberpunk 2077 on Ultra + RT Quality is pretty smooth ~ 50-60fps. I’m old school gamer so >30fps is amazing.

                Have u moved in the queue?

                • @SmileSydney: Still no ETA.

                  I am waiting for mine to arrive before playing cyber punk properly

  • +1

    So I called and turns out PLE doesn't have one queue for all their orders. It's by store and it looks like some online orders were allocated to WA stores which has a faster queue as there are 4 stores vs the one VIC store responsible for all orders on the East coast.

    My friend and I are in VIC. He ordered the EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra (8769xx) 3 days after me and got allocated to a WA store instead of VIC one so he just got a 21/12 ETA. I ordered the same card and still have no ETA (8743xx).

    Pretty salty atm coz now I'm wondering if people who ordered days after me are getting cards before me too

  • 873***, just got my FTW3 Ultra, really happy with it.

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