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[Pre Order] eVGA GeForce RTX3080 XC3 Black 10GB $1139, eVGA GeForce RTX3080 XC3 10GB $1169 + Shipping @ PLE


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    • Oh how the turntables. Basically rrp is fine but full rrp? Noooooooo.

      PLE and EVGA have always been good. No denying that one.

    • Expect other local retailers will come to the party very soon.

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    Buying in honour of PLE. The true legends who didn't price hack. They earned themselves a customer!

  • Hey whens Black Friday date?, I noticed sale mentioned here

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      I’d get it now

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    XC3 Black = Base clock, no backplate.
    XC3 = Base clock.
    XC3 Ultra = +45Mhz base clock (and tested).
    FTW3 = +45Mhz base clock (and tested), Dual Bios, THICC cooler, per-fan temperature sensors, extra 8-pin power port to allow additional power demand.
    FTW3 Ultra = +90Mhz base clock (and tested), Dual Bios, THICC cooler, per-fan temperature sensors, extra 8-pin power port to allow additional power demand.

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      The real MVP

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        FTW3 Ultra =1800MHz= second-highest Freq in 3080s by far, just behind Trio's 1815MHz

        • I'd say second highest frequency but I don't think it will stay like that for long nor is it by far at the moment anyway (a few cards share that speed like EMTEK and Gigabyte's Gaming OC). Higher tier cards aren't out yet, but possibly room for higher numbers like Gigabyte with their Master and Xtreme (to be announced).

    • Ftw3 should overclock similar to the ultra right? Just not factory tested.

    • Do you know if this can run on 2 x 8 pins as my PSU only has this (obviously it would limit overclock) though gives greater flexibility if upgrading PSU later?

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    Well, PLE have a customer in me, if they have reasonable pricing for 3070 :). The 3080 ever so slightly too power hungry for my liking.

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    Thanks! Got the FTW3 Ultra!

  • I preordered one, but if i am honest, I don't think this was intentional and I think they wont be able to honor it. I'm crossing my fingers that's not the case though.

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      This is MSRP though, what do you mean not intentional

    • Yeah I'm also a bit worried.

    • When the prices are so jacked everywhere else that MSRP looks too good to be true

    • PLE are solid honest retailers right from the day I was going to the owners place to buy monitors off of his living room floor, yes he started selling from his house in Perth way way back probably before many here were even born.

  • Saw the Corsair rm1000x for $299 on amazon au a few weeks ago. It’s rated a rare 10/10 by Johnny guru.

    I think the 3090 will retail at around $2300-2500 which may not be worth it.

  • Cheers OP. Snagged one up. Will have to wait and see how long it comes in. Fingers crossed I can snag a refund if the wait is too long

  • Well I'm in trouble. Mine kept feezing during checkout processing I waited over 2 minutes before i hit refresh and nothing. So I tried another card. One finally went through and i got a confirmation email. 30 seconds later I got another email. I checked my bank account and I was charged 4 separate times across 3 diffrent cards and I only received email confirmation on two of them. I hope their customer service is good I really would like a quick refund on the other 3 cards I was charged for. :/

    • Damn, that'd get the adrenaline going when you realized :/ But I really wouldn't worry - I doubt they'll mind giving refunds cos they'll just resell em immediately! and even if they did, clearly you won't have trouble offloading them for the price you paid (or more). If you do have em spare/end up needing to sell, please PM me? :)

    • didnt even get charged yet lol

      i had to go through the process twice, 2nd time it went through and got SMS+Email

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    I purchased the eVGA GeForce RTX3080 FTW3 Ultra 10GB with the cashback which is fantastic!

    Something that I was offered, was the free anti-sag bracket which is great!
    In their livestream, they said that only the first 100 orders gets one, which hopefully means that I am in the first 100! Based on the amount of comments here, I doubt it. But either way, PLE has earned me as a permanent customer for not price hiking (just like many others here).
    In the market for a 240hz QHD (not-curved) or a 144hz+ 4k monitor so will probably buy it from them just to really support a company doing great work and not price hiking - all the other stores did because they knew they could.
    They mentioned in the livestream they had more stock available for this launch than their last launches, so I'm curious just how many they actually got. It wasn't "in stock" on their website for me when I went to purchase it at 4:30am Brissy time, so I'm presuming I would be in the coming weeks for it to be sent.

    I have sat refreshing websites for hours the past 24 hours and of course the 3 hours I decide to actually turn of the PC to clean out the fans with dust and move my desk around they launch! Either way, excited for the new card!
    Sorry for the long comment lol

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    You can really tell just how bad Ampere is when it comes to trying to fill up those ALUs. There's just too many SPs that cannot be fed data fast enough at lower resolutions making this generation bad value for money. It's pretty much the FURY X situation all over again, but this time amplified significantly. I can already see how bad gaming laptops will be with these Amepere Chips. For Nvidia to stick with TSMC at the prosumer level and cheap out with Samsung on the consumer level is just plain disgusting. I feel sorry for those that don't enough research nor have any knowledge on Wafer Fabrication in a little in-depth.

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    (profanity) me! order one even though i got 2080 super not long ago. i guess they going to marketplace/gumtree.

    boi or boi these prices on ple are so good compare to the others (profanity)'em all

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      Don't worry, I'm sure most are in the same boat.

      Bought 2070 super in April for just under 800.

      My plan is get 3080 early and enjoy, to make up for the loss on the 2070 s :)

  • I would be securing a purchase before the crypto mining boom v2.0 begins, jus sayin'

  • Spent 2 hours last night trying to order these cards and it never went through. Wake up this morning and it looks like it's still not working.

    Edit: Nvm, cart finally loaded and there was 10 cards in there. Had to remove most. Fortunately the original one with the anti-sag bracket was still in there from last night and the order worked.

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    Upvoting simply because PLE is awesome for selling at roughly RRP. I'm waiting out the storm.

    • Most people said they would be way above RRP, is this just not the case then or is PLE an exception? If they really are RRP I can't wait to grab a 3070 for $800 odd.

    • Yep totally agree. Upvoted on the basis that PLE didn't go nuts like Mwave etc. Ordered the basic/Black version. Would love an October delivery, but hey who knows.

  • Ordered one! Fair price for launch price considering there is probably going to be a shortage for a few months after launch.

    Cashback tracked straight away too!

  • Do we have any estimate on how long till shipping if they take money now?

    • 29/9 was the word last night but they removed the ETA just after I ordered at midnight. I think they hit their allocation then and these extra squillion they've sold since then are going to be shipping for a time to come.

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    This s the same thing that happened when 2080ti came out except this time its about 100x worse. No store in USA, Canada, UK or Germany had it on the screen for any amount of time that you could actually see/click/put it in the cart (founders edition)…..also seeing lots on eBay for around AUD$2000 so we know what happened with the ones which actually got sold!

    I put an order with PLE back when 2080ti was released originally, I waited weeks and weeks, then I gave up with the PLE order since I was able to get one elsewhere…. I think they will do the same here, if you dont mind waiting weeks or maybe months or maybe till 2021, you will get one..but you will be waiting on it thats for sure as this is much worse than back when 2000's cards were released.'

    If you cant wait, there's always the AIB cards if you can find one as they come into stock.

    Noticing lots of Aussie retailers arent too good with prices and charging up to $1700 or so for one of these 2080's…eBay not far behind with $2000 3080's….

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    But that guy at Titan Tech and the other guy who once worked at a computer store said it would be $1600? How gullible can you be.

    • CentreCom had the TUF for $1650

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        Which is an absolute travesty by them.
        They have proven with this launch they are genuinely scum and I'll be avoiding them at all cost.

  • Will I need to upgrade my i7 6700k to make purchasing a 3080 worthwhile?

    • At 4k with effects turned up no.

      Anything else, especially 1080p, likely a difference

    • only if CPU bound. Test the games you want to play

      • Okay thanks. Microsoft Flight Sim performance is important

        • Flight sim doesnt use most CPUs properly so until it gets fixed its heavily bottlenecked by the CPU

    • I'm in the same situation and use ultrawide 1440p, it will bottleneck on some, but not enough for you to run out and buy something that's about to be replaced

    • Here is the answer:

      How Much CPU Does the GeForce RTX 3080 Need?

      The article says the i7-6700K has about the same level of performance as the Core i3-10100
      The Core i3-10100 is included in all of the charts. Look up the monitor resolution you play at.

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    Anyone had experience with pre-order at PLE before? Is CC charged straight away? Can you cancel a pre-order if they don't get any stock within a reasonable amount of time?

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      CC was charged immediately

    • I ordered a Vega64 blower at launch and I had to wait a month before I got the card. On the website it says you can cancel and refund anytime.
      Also when I had to get my Vega64 RMA'd they sent a return label covering shipping costs. This was 8 months after I bought it but the refunds process may have changed.

      Great experience with PLE.

  • Ewh the morning after….

    Managed to score one of these orders last night and glad its on OzBargain. PLE and other websites where crazy.

    Yep glad I could get a Black close to nvidia msrp.

    Good game PLE.

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      You'll probably want a backplate, Black doesn't come with one AFAIK

  • I order one what is their ETA? now waiting for AMD Zen 3 announcement and motherboard for Xmas PC build

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      Initial batch was October. But if you've ordered this morning, could be 2021.

      • Wow talk about waiting lolz, good old days of waiting on an Apple II PC,.. slogan popup while OS loaded up from one of those big floppy disks,..

        ""patience is a virtue"" 🤑🤪🤪

  • Damn wanted to order and ftw3 ultra. No stock now

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      Wasn't ozbargained, it was universallybargained.

      • +1


  • I put the pre-order through but only got charged $1.03!

    Anyone else get that?

    • Nah, full price charged.

    • that's just the placeholder to validate the card. They'll charge full price as the order gets processed.

      • I got charged the full amount straight away, maybe cuz I used PayPal?

        • Nah, they charged my credit card the full amount.

          I assume they stopped taking payments as they'd be sitting on several millions of customers money whilst waiting for inventory otherwise.

  • +1

    For anyone like me worried about looks, JayzTwoCents put out a video with the XC3 Ultra where he says EVGA will be providing a free cover for the ugly red bit on the end.

    Don't hate, I know this seems trivial, but it's important to some.

  • Beware guys - if you ordered when the website rebounded last night (after midnight) you may be waiting until late this year/early next year. Looking at some order numbers, there has been over 2000 sold. No way PLE will get that many soon.
    They did the same thing with the 2080Ti launch. Someone waited 4 months for their card.

    • -1

      You're pretty much in a bind though, there's no where else locally with comparable pricing.

      Unless you import from overseas (stock issues in of itself) you don't have much choice unless you're prepared to pay more.

      • The price is what I'm afraid off, with how much demand there is sure you might be able to get stock but at what price? Least this way I'll pay what I think is a reasonable price, yes may take months for me to get but who knows what will happen in a few months price could go down and if that happens I just cancel the order or up which I at least have the price locked and won't have to wait even more months for the prices to come down again.

        AMD is also a wild card but I doubt we'll see stock till late this year or next year, it will be the same shit show as NVIDIA, but if AMD looks good then again I can cancel the order.

        I wasn't across the 2000 launch but have read on a few other forums that prices didn't really stabilise until 12-18 months after launch.

    • Is cancellation possible? Not waiting until 2021.

    • I ordered at 12:05am does it mean I have to wait 2 months ?

    • Wow, how do you know they sold over 2000?

      • By the order number. Someone ordered 2 cards some time apart and noticed the number jumped about 2000.

        • Haha holy crap. Obviously the order number is for all orders in stores but I don't see anyone else up past midnight buying something other than a 3080

          • @cille745: As many ordered multiple time to check out, and even reported getting charged 4 times, we can say there may be a large degree of discrepancy from this inferred 2000.

        • what were the numbers? want to see where mine fits in

    • Pretty sure they'd have more stock for a 3080 over a 2080ti, They will be getting stock weekly so I wouldn't be freaking out too much.
      Not like we have any other option at this price anyways.

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    For "pre-orders" with no eta given such as this, how long would be considered a "reasonable time" for shipment?

    From the ACCC website:

    Under the Australian Consumer Law, businesses must not accept payment for products or services if:
    they know, or should have known, they would not be able to supply the products or services within the timeframe indicated or if no timeframe was provided, within a reasonable time.

    • They have taken the money so I give them 2 months if they dont have it I will cancel or lodge a Paypal dispute and get your money back in no time

      • +2

        In my experience at least, PLE have been really good at supporting order cancelling - I've done this a number of times with them in the past with payments via paypal.

        • Yes I purchased many times from PLE before never had problems .

      • Not like cancelling an order actually needs a dispute to be raised or some paypal protection.

  • -1

    Thanks for posting OP. After persevering until 1am I gave up. Happy to pay for a pre-order and just wait it out (and $100 cheaper at PLE).

  • Why are they selling it cheaper than everyone else?

    • +3

      Not cheaper.. these are RRP.. every other retailer is charging premium knowing people will happily pay it.

      • +1

        Okay. I thought the $1139 price was just for the founders reference cards.

      • A top end AIB card for only $100 more in this price range is pretty uncommon, it's a good price

  • +1

    Good on PLE for not jacking up prices like every other retailer here. I have spent thousands of dollars at Scorptec over the years, always appreciated their service.

    I'm so disappointed they are charging premium on these cards.

    eVGA GeForce RTX3080 FTW3 Ultra 10GB GDDR6X at PLE is $1259…… Scorptec wants $1499…!!!!

  • -1

    They need to give people a time estimate. I ordered at 12:05 am and I'm still worried it will take a month to arrive

    • These cards are not in yet, and I believe when they get into their shops this morning, they will then map how many cards they have against the number or orders in the system.

      • How do you know they get them this morning are you
        just assuming that ?

    • +1

      If you ordered at 12:05 AM, that will definitely take over a month to arrive, even within the first orders the estimated delivery date given was October 2nd, have to be either quicker or more patient my friend. I ordered mine during the site crashes and I still think it will take quite a while.

      • I ordered 11:14 pm just checked was wrong about 12:05am. What time you ordered ?

        • That's a solid 15 minutes before me, I ordered at 11:30pm is when I got my email. What order number did you get around (high 869000s I'm hoping), I'm quite worried since a whole lot of orders were placed in the 15 minute time period after my order, I got low 870000s

          • @Jasonissm: Correct order number 869XXX .. so do I have a chance on getting my order anytime soon. ?

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