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Gigabyte AORUS Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G Graphics Card $639 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


I think I will be flamed for this because of big Navi but this appears to be a good deal. It comes with Godfall & World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Gigabyte AORUS Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G RGB LED Graphics Card

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  • lol. I paid $599 for a msi gaming x Nearly 1 year ago.

  • I reckon it would be better to get a 2070 super at this price, the capability of dlss and other nvidia-only software makes it a better buy. For $10 more you can get a 2070super and 16gb ram (see second link)
    See below:

    If you really want to go with the 5700xt the red dragon might be a better buy:

    • Yeah was about to link those. 2070S is faster and it has RT/DLSS

      • If you're only interested in ray tracing for Minecraft then it is possible with the 5700xt. Using seus shaders, my 5700xt averaged around 60-80fps for 3440x1440 with 8chunks / optifine. Now I'm tempted to get the 3080 so that I can play other games with ray-tracing.

        • RT is shite on both 2000 and AMD but the big thing that the 2070s does so well is DLSS. That is the true game changer between them, well that and the superior drivers from NVIDIA.

          • @Where's_That_Cake: DLSS is definitely one of the best thing's Nvidia offers. I'm curious about radeon image sharpening (AMD's equivalent) but haven't researched it as much. I'm gonna have a look at it later today.

            • @MattTheCat: It's the same sharpening techniques as Reshade/Freestyle, and is nothing like DLSS 2.0 (and up).

              Any comparison that suggests otherwise is delusional, or only looking at selected screenshots. DLSS performance mode doubles frame rates at 4K, and looks identical.

              Even at 1080p you're getting 50-80% boosts.

    • $584 for 2070 Super, not $10 difference.

  • Stunning and brave of you to post any 5000/2000 GPUs right now that aren't 50% off.

  • I'm not going to downvote, but I would not recommend to anyone, even if this deal is a low price for this particular SKU.

    Three excellent reasons:
    1. The 2070 Super is an objectively better card (same or better performance with less heat, less power usage and much better drivers) and is currently available at a similar or lower price;
    2. RTX 3000 series cards are about to be available, and early signs show significantly better performance per dollar;
    3. Radeon 6000 series cards are expected soon, and also expected to be significantly better performance per dollar.

    For this to be a bargain, it would need to be less than $450.

    • Yes but what of people who are running Ryzen + have a FreeSync monitor <—— me :(

      • Wait for AMD 6000 next month, it's going to be 50% or more performance with same price or cheaper to compete with Nvidia. You won't regret to hold your gun for one more month.

      • All nvidia do freesync now. most of them I'm pretty sure.

        • I have MAG27CQ and it has brightness flickering with Gsync compatible (GTX 1080). There are in fact quite a lot of freesync monitors that don't fully work with Gsync compatible (NVIDIA freesync).

      • Running Ryzen (CPU) makes no difference at all. I assume you mean Radeon?

        I've been happily using Freesync screens with Nvidia and AMD GPUs alike. I have no interest in paying the Nvidia tax for G-Sync modules, as the benefits are marginal at best IMO.

        If you want to go all-AMD for fanboy reasons (a dumb reason but whatever), you should still wait for Radeon 6000 GPUs as they will almost certainly be significantly better. Even if you can't afford the new model, the old models (like this product) will be cheaper as they will become obsolete.

  • lmao

  • I've heard the AMD 5000 series cards have issues. Have they been resolved?

    • All resolved now.

      • Took so long though, I was so close to buying a new card and selling my 5700xt

        • I still have a few random flickers with my 5700XT, and the software for temp controls etc is still trash-tier.

          I'm jumping to Nvidia as soon as the 3000 series are available - never had a single issue with their drivers and ShadowPlay for recording clips is on a whole different level.

    • Not sure how many were affected, and which modelks - but I have a Asus ROG-STRIX-RX5700-O8G-GAMING getting fixed under warranty - or at least waiting for it to be picked up.

      It was given to me, so not going to complain for a freeby.

      tis is the reply I got when I asked about the warranty

      Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Care.

      My name is Sunil and I will be helping you with your query. Before I start, your feedback is really important to us, once I have solved your query we'd like to ask a few questions about your experience. You may be selected to receive an email asking for your feedback, and we promise it'll only take around 60 seconds of your time. Your answers will help us make our Service offer even better for you and other customers.

      Firstly, we would like to apologise for the disappointment that you experienced with our ROG Strix RX 5700 XT graphics card. ASUS is committed to creating the highest-quality products and the best user experiences for our ROG family of products. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers in this case.

      The main cause of the ROG Strix RX 5700 XT cooling issue that we identified was the direct use of the AMD recommended Pounds per Square Inch (psi) setting of 40 ± 10 psi for the heatsink fitting. We acknowledge the fact that we have not done enough validation to rule out the possibility of different heights of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) across different batches of the graphics card, which may result in poor contact. This could lead to an inadequate experience for our customers.

      After investigation our solution is to replace all six screws to the most suitable psi, securing the card:

      • The GPU mounting screws are changed from the 40 ± 10 psi to 60 ± 10 psi

      • The VRM mounting screws are now tightened all the way in to balance this change

      This will ensure good contact with the GPU and an optimal cooling result.

      We would like to offer affected owners in Australia a priority repair service with two-way shipment to and from the Service Centre at no cost to you. Estimated service turnaround time is Five Workings Days; courier transit time excluded. Owners of a Parallel Import device will need to seek assistance from your place of purchase, they will be able to assist in obtaining service from their local Service Centre.

      You can lodge a case now to have the faulty card collected and delivered to our Silverwater Service Centre. To help ensure your parcel gets to its destination safely, it is important to protect your item against damage while it is being transported and delivered. ASUS will not be held liable for any damages to your ASUS product during transit caused by the inadequate packaging of your parcel.

      Once lodged you will receive a Consignment Label from the courier StarTrack, please stick the Consignment Label on to your packaged parcel. When you receive the Consignment, the Collection will have been booked for the Next Business Day (excluding Public Holidays) between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm in your local time. If you would like to nominate another future Business Day please provide the date when lodging the case. If StarTrack advises you that your address is in a non-serviced area, you can lodge the unit at a StarTrack Depot or Australia Post Office. The box must have the Consignment Label attached.

      Problem: I would like to book a service for my ROG Strix RX 5700 XT for a screw adjustment.

  • If you count the free games then this comes out at roughly $539 which is not too shabby.

  • There is no value in paying 500+ for a GPU without hardware accelerated ray tracing at this point in time in my opinion.
    Every console this generation will support ray tracing and thus game engines will switch to hardware RT instead of the ghetto implementations that have been used previously.
    You might as well get a 200 dollar card to tide you over the next year or so and then grab a decent newer gpu that has parity with future gaming requirements.
    the RX5xxx might as well be dead on arrival for gaming at this point.

    • DLSS or equivalent is more important than RT hardware IMO.

    • yep buy a 1k graphics card every year, and a 48" 8k monitor every couple of years when it pfts, or buy a new console and get an 8k telly every 3 or 4 year and enjoy the huge screen, which you cannot do on pc setups.

      • 8k telly? You'll need like 100 inch tv. Also are you like sitting 10 inches away from the TV? Renewal every 4 years? I think my 75 inch Sony 4k is good for at least another 20 years.

  • Good for Macintosh, isn’t it?

    • yeah this and the linux driver support is great. I jumped sidewise-ish from a gtx1080 to a 5700xt as i wanted to run hackintosh and the nvidia/apple driver drama wasn't getting anywhere

  • The 2070 supers for less than this are better value (unless you specifically want the included games)

    • or Linux (open)/Macintosh support and maybe voltage tuning because IIRC NVIDIA cards have locked voltage sliders.

  • Bad deal when the faster 2070S is $599-699. Also considering AMD's Navi 22/23/ general competition from Nvidia should tank the value of this card soon

  • hold your money for 40 days. Give this one a pass and decide by xmas if you can wait.