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St George $4000 Refinance Rebate + $2000 Per Extra Property (> $250K)


St George $4000 refinance rebate + $2000 per extra property (> $250K)

Apply by 31 January 2021 and settled by 31 March 2021.

St George Basic Product
No annual fees, free online redraw, no offset.
2.64% (CPR 2.66%) owner occ variable P&I (further -0.05% for <60% LVR = 2.59%)
3.09% (CPR 3.11%) investor variable P&I (further -0.05% for <60% LVR = 3.04%)

St George Package
$395 annual fees, offset account, free redraw, premium credit card.
Rates from below (variable rates subject to approval)

2.24% (CPR 3.45%) fixed 1-3 years owner occ P&I. (further -0.05% for <60% LVR = 2.19%)
2.64% (CPR 3.99%) fixed 2-3 years investor P&I. (further -0.05% for <60% LVR = 2.59%)
from 2.74% (CPR 3.67%) owner occ variable P&I. (further -0.05% for <60% LVR)
from 3.09% (CPR 4.13%) investor variable P&I (+0.2% for investor interest only) (further -0.05% for <60% LVR)

*Excludes refinances from within Westpac Group.

I've just refinanced 5 of my properties over from CBA to St George Bank which resulted in me getting a total cashback of $12K from St George Bank. My interest rates also reduced when I switched to St George Bank which I had been trying to get CBA to do for a while with no luck as apparently banks don't value existing customers as much as they do new customers.

Anyone can access this deal directly from St George Bank. I personally used a Mortgage broker to help me do this as I am extremely time poor and the Mortgage Broker pretty much did everything for me. I was extremely happy with his service and would highly recommend him to any fellow Ozbargainer needing someone who is honest, reliable, efficient, available at all hours, quick to respond to emails/sms/phone calls etc. His name is Tony from Pagoda Finance and can be reached on 0403 828 880 and/or [email protected]. Full disclosure - I do not get anything for this referral. I am simply providing this information to fellow Ozbargainers who may be looking for a good mortgage broker to help with their refinance as I can vouch for him from personal experience. I understand good service is hard to find these days and I figured there may be people out there like myself who are simply too time poor to go through the refinance process themselves directly with the bank.

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    • +1

      Lots of reasons…

      You assume all banks have the same appetite for your business. Not the case at all

    • +1

      I understand. I guess I was happy with the cashback I was receiving from the St George and felt the service provided to me by my mortgage broker warranted him earning his full commission. He literally made the process quick, painless and took up very little of my personal time (which I lack).

      And to answer the second part of your question, I guess it was just a personal preference on my behalf. I prefer only dealing with the one bank at a time. But thanks for your suggestion! :)

      • +2

        My thinking was since you use a broker you can just give the broker everything (application materials would be the same I assume) then tell the broker to maximise your portfolio by choose several best interests rate/cashback together. It will be the broker to deal with several banks.

        On the other hand, I didn't realise this will mean you need to have several bank accounts and have multiple credit enquires. So your points are strong, I didn't see the big pic.

        This is a deal so thanks for sharing, although I neg this due to you added that broker's detail and ask for mention your name feels like a grey area of the "no referral link" of the site.

        • +1

          Haha fair enough. I shall remove my name as I genuinely am not receiving anything from the referral.

    • +11

      That’s like negging a deal because they didn’t mention cashrewards. You can still go to a broker, it doesn’t make this less of a deal. Also why would you want the hassle of 5 seperate applications and 5 credit enquires on your file, likely reducing the chances of being approved for all 5.

      You’ve been a member for 9 years and have a 50% neg rate. C’mon seriously.

      • ^ This +1

      • I agree with you in the application part, indeed it will be 5 enquires. I missed that part.

        To clarify, the reason I neg this is not about the deal-it is a great one.

        I just feel op shared a deal but also highly recommend everyone use that exact broker and mention "Tell him that Peter referred you and he'll look after you!" is not that transparent, to me it feels like a referral/affiliate without telling the community, thus I negged it. And now it has been marked as marketing, so it is clearer.

        I didn't realise you actually checked my neg rate, I agree this neg is not a good one, but you need to look at "unreasonable neg rate" rather than neg rate. In my case this is my first neg that received complaints and I do admitted my thoughts were partially wrong, but this doesn't mean I am not serious about this and neg everything.

  • how does this compare to the bank of melb deal?

    • It would be exactly the same deal as St George.

      The relaunched Bank of Melbourne replaced the St. George Bank brand completely throughout Victoria but theyre still the same.

      • And Bank of SA in SA.

  • +4

    . Excludes refinances from within Westpac Group.

    Just fyi

    • Original post updated. Thanks!

    • I'm already with Bank of Melb and ready to refinance, so I guess I'm excluded from this deal. What's the next best rebate deal at another institution?

      • +1

        My broker did mention to me that other refinance cashback offers were available with ANZ (up to $3K), NAB ($2K), CBA ($2K), Virginia Money ($2.5K), Citibank ($2K). So not as good as the current St George/BOM promotion but better than nothing and you could also refinance back to St George/BOM next time they run the promotion again.

        • +2

          Last year, NAB increased cashback to $4k not long after St George's $4k offer.

        • So basically as long as you aren't fixed you can jump between lenders and keep the rebates paying only discharge fees while possibly lowering your credit score? As long as the lender doesn't require a minimum term to keep the rebate I'm guessing…

          • +3

            @Dontreadthis: Correct. But I'd be pretty careful jumping too often as the extra credit enquiries may have negative impacts on your credit score.

            • @carva848: Thanks, just one more question. If the app was made end of Jan and needs to be settled end of March and the bank took longer than 2 months, does that mean no rebate?

              • +2

                @Dontreadthis: According to the terms and conditions, that may very well be the case. However, in my experience, this is one of the reasons why I would recommend going through a mortgage broker, as a good one would have a good relationship with the lending managers of each lender and may be able to request for 'favours' in situations like these.

        • +4

          "My broker did mention to me that other refinance cashback offers were available with ANZ (up to $3K), NAB ($2K), CBA ($2K), Virginia Money ($2.5K), Citibank ($2K)"

          Feels like you are the broker 🤔

    • This is always the case for any bonus offer, even to open an account for $50. If you are with Westpac, just hope NAB or ANZ will offer $4k cashback soon.

      • +1

        I refinanced with Anz for $4K cash back two months ago

        • +1

          Sweet. So would you jump over to this deal now for another 4k ?

  • +4

    St George is the worse customer service and fraud from the bank that takes ages to resolve the issue and even so it takes long time after you close account still bulling from the bank even no faults from your side
    I would be very cautious to do anything with such unstable unpredictable and low reputation institution

  • Oh man, too bad I just refinanced to Anz two months ago. Guess I’ll have to wait until a bit later.

    • +1

      Why? Unless you fixed you can refinance straight away.

  • Is this the best bank for house loans?

    • +1

      I believe the best bank is the one that offers you the best deal at a point in time. So it would be ever changing haha. But yes, the current cashback offer with St George is quite enticing.

      I've personally found that its good practise to review your loans regularly as the market offers are always changing. Take me for example, I had been with CBA for 2 years and when I noticed my interest rates were not as competitive as what is currently be offered to new customers at the moment by other lenders, I contacted CBA to give them a chance to retain me as a customer. Unfortunately they weren't able to match the rates being offered hence why I reached out to my mortgage broker to start shopping around for me. In doing so, not only have I received a total of $12,000 in cashback, but my interest rates for my loans have decreased hence saving me $$ each year.

      • +2

        That's really awesome, well done with the 12k mate !

      • I'm a first home buyer and got a pre-approval from CBA for 3.02% variable interest rate. I went directly to the bank without a broker.
        Is the interest rate good enough or I should talk to a broker? Thanks

        • Depends on the LVR… if it’s under 80% and the property is owner occupier then 3.02% isn’t great. You should be able to get 50bps cheaper by going elsewhere.

  • +1

    +1 from me. I switched earlier this year on the same deal and it has been pretty good. Saved some $$ on both cash back and lower interest rates which has been great.

    I went with an offset account, but it adds to the interest rate

    • I’m assuming that’s a variable product with $395 fee ?

  • That's great, going to go with equivalent deal from bank of Melbourne.. will pay the break costs for my loan I fixed in January.

  • Question on the 'negative credit score due to additional enquiry' - say you did move to ANZ 3-4 months ago for cashback, and now move to St George for more cash back.

    In 3-4 months time, if you decide to move your loan again to Lender X and this time say it's for pre-approval for a purchase, how would the earlier 2 moves be a negative?

    Wouldn't Lender X totally understand about moving for the cash backs, and if not, what actual negative outcome could result from Lender X ?

    • +3

      This would be a difficult question to answer. As it really depends on Lender X and how linient they are. Some lenders are pretty relaxed, whilst others are pretty uptight and would not see the credit enquiries being so close to each other as a real negative and not have the appetite to deal with you.

      I guess if you look at it this way, they're making their money by having you as a long term customer and charging you interest on your loans. If they see you're the kind of customer who bounces around (for cashbacks), they may not see value in having a customer like yourself.

      Again, this is where having a mortgage broker on your side may be advantageous as in situations like these, they would be able to speak directly to the lending managers and provide the context to your recent refinance (for the cashback) and help reassure them that it was a once off event and that you'll be looking to stay as a long term customer for this final refinance/purchase. Try doing that yourself and telling a bank customer service support staff over the phone (if you even manage to get through to one haha)

  • One of the worst banks to deal with regarding application for a home loan. I tried and couldn't even get to talk to a person willing to proceed with my application. After leaving my details with them and that someone will supposedly call you, I got a call from someone in Perth who said the line was bad at her end, she called a second time on my desk phone and said the line was still bad. And I asked to her give me her number so that I can call her but she said it was against their policy and the whole application process lasted that very brief phone call. Remember the line was fine for that brief conversation. She was absolutely not interested is what I got from the calls.

    I called customer service and they said someone will call me back but they never did.

    That was my experience with this wonderful bank.

    • Wow. Sorry to hear about your poor experience. I must admit I didn't have the same experience myself. I guess its just another reason to consider going through a mortgage broker.

  • I am wondering why did this post attracted 50 likes and the other similar post on 17th had only 12?


    • +4

      Probably because the OP actually bothered to answer everyone's questions in detail for a start.

    • +5

      This one is $4k refinance.
      The other one is was only $2k refinance, which is what the big 4 are already doing. Although the description has been updated to $4k, the header isn't updated

    • Plus that was via a broker.

    • Depends on the time that it was posted and who posted mostly.

    • +2

      Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  • +1

    My fixed term ends this month. How is the premium credit card? I'm assuming amplify platinum counts… How is there online portal also? I had BOQ worst online system. Currently with ANZ and their online portal is awesome!

    • I got the Amplify Signature credit card with my package.

      I think the online portal is fantastic. Very user friendly. I've used CBA, NAB, ANZ and I think St George's online portal is one of the better ones I've experienced. But this could also be personal preference. Haha

  • +8

    Gee this guy is really working hard for his broker

    • -1

      Either that or hes happy with what his broker has done.
      Bit like bragging about a service or bargain.

    • Haha I've been a long term Ozbargainer and rarely post deals. So just wanted to ensure I help answer any questions that came up in my post.

      Plus I genuinely was very happy with the service my broker provided me with so really would have no trouble recommending him to anyone who may be looking for one.

  • +5

    makes a post and diligently responds to questions, knows the various banks cash backs, incentive schemes

    • +1

      OP is marked as marketing…

  • Can you get this deal if you are currently with Westpac? Any other banks offering the $4k with low interest rates?

    • Unfortunately not.

    • ANZ, NAB and Suncorp offering cashback

  • St george is shithouse. They can't even get basic stuff right.

    Seriously considering moving.

    The last few times I've had to do anything other then what you can do online yourself i had to raise complaints to get the it over the line.

    I still have a complaint from mid August I am waiting for a call back.

    • What sort of complaints

      • +1

        Wanted to change a loan to fixed rate, had to make an appointment, made an appointment showed up, was told they couldn't find the appointment in the system and to come back again next week. Went into another branch they did it on the spot in under 10mintues.

        Wanted to combine two loans the loans specialist said it's alot of work ( i assume for him) and basically refused to do it.

        Coin deposit machine broke instore and said i only deposited $3 despite having deposited over $100. Was told by the person in the branch the machine is never wrong - didn't even get an apology after they reviewed the security cameras!

        Interest incorrectly calculated for a month on one of my loans (offset account). Took 2 months and 4-5 phone calls to finally resolve (each promising a call back which never happened).

        Branch opening times are limited and inconvenient although i imagine this is the similar for all the banks now.

        • That is definitely an example of a downside for dealing directly with the bank. Without sounding like a broken record, dealing with a mortgage broker for changes to your loan structure etc would be alot easier for you as it saves you doing the running around, making appointments, showing up only to be told, they are unable to find your appointment.

          However, unfortunately the broker wouldn't be able to help you with the coins issue haha.

          • @carva848: Sooo what you're saying is if you have a loan with st George make sure you have a broker as well?

            • @titium: haha not necessarily! But it definitely would've helped in the situation you described.

        • +1

          We tried to refinance with BOM 18 months ago (already a customer) and they were uninterested and downright unprofessional too. We weren't even asking for anything special. It seems in everything now - internet, phones, loans, energy companies, all types of insurance - companies only care about new customers and hope their current ones are too lazy to change.

          But 4K is a big carrot…

  • If i switch two properties. One 50% lvr the other 95%
    Do they count as one thus below <80% if i tie them together?or are they deemed separate properties valuations even if tied together (say the two properties are worth the same)

    • You will be calculated based on total LVR

      • really so i'd still quality for the cashback on both properties?

        • Definitely. One of my properties were >80% LVR and I was able to have it rebalanced across the rest of my properties to bring everything <80% LVR and be eligible for the cashback.

  • I'm currently trying to negotiate my rates with St George as they aren't giving me the best rates available - they've lowered my rate but not enough. Any suggestions on how to take advantage of this being an existing customer?

    • Unfortunately I had experienced the same thing - but with CBA. In the end, my best option was to refinance to another lender to access a better rate. The cashbacks were the cream on top.

    • +1

      Go to ANZ, come back later… Give the gov coughers a few $$ in mortgage registration along the way.

  • OP, I just refinanced away from St George in May this year, shall I take advantages of this offer and refinance back? I have heard banks have 1 year 'pending' period to be re-considered as a new customer.

    • Doesn't mention anything about that in their T&C's. If you find out can you report back?

    • I don't believe you have to wait 12 months to refinance back to them. So technically you would be able to refinance back to St George now and take advantage of this offer.

  • +1

    4k rebate on refinance? Very good, going to the bank tomorrow

  • +3

    Take a drink everytime OP mentions "my broker"

    • Haha Point taken!

      Will keep the focus on the St George promotion.

  • Might be a dumb q -> But how long do you have to stay with them to get the $4k rebate?
    Say in 12 months time, can you jump ship to another lender with no penalty/exit fees?

    (Kinda like we all do with the Ozbargain FF credit cards.. lol)

    • I refinanced with NAB recently. Took 3 months to get the cashback. T&C's said I had to have an active account for 90 days. You'll have to check the TCs for this offer but I highly doubt it'd be as long as 12 months.

    • +1

      Found the following in the T&Cs - 'The cashback will be paid into a St.George transaction account within 60 days of settlement. The transaction account must be linked to the home loan at the time of settlement and kept open for 60 days after settlement'.

      If you jumped ship in 12 months time (assuming you haven't fixed any of your loans), then you would only be out of pocket the loan discharge costs which was about $750/property for me.

  • May help to point out where states "further -0.05% for <60% LVR = 2.59%"? Couldn't find it in website or document.Thanks.

    • This was part of my offer which I assume would be available to everyone.

  • +3

    Giving a neg based on my experience attempting to get the last offer from them.

    I submitted the paperwork and didn't hear back from them for 3 or 4 weeks - I figured they were slammed with applications, so waited 'til then to call. When I called the broker assigned my application, he never picked up despite me calling at different points in the day, over the course of a week or two and leaving voice messages each day.

    I even called their Mortgage department directly and asked if they could assign my application to someone else, but they said they couldn't, and they'd pass a message on to the broker - radio silence for the next week or two even as I continued to call each day.

    Finally, FOUR MONTHS later, I get a call asking if I wanted to proceed with my application - hell no I didn't. If they can't even manage their processing of applications properly, I didn't want to find out what their customer service would be like once they signed me on.

    Obviously, YMMV, but I'm very salty at how shitty they were to deal with, and actively avoid them now.

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