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X1 Carbon G6 14" WQHD / Intel i5-8250U / 512GB SSD / 8GB RAM / LTE / F'Print / Backlit / W10 Pro / $1399 Shipped 2 Days @ Lenovo


This machine may be 2 years old, but check out the specs - at $1399 these will not last long. Very limited numbers and will be shipped in 2 days from Sydney as this is local stock. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5pm daily) with any questions. Ends 11:59pm AEST 27/09/20, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. 150 units allocated to code sold out 4:30pm 23/09/20. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • Intel Core i5-8250U CPU
  • 14" WQHD (2560 x 1440)
  • 512GB SSD M.2 PCIe / 8GB RAM
  • Integrated LTE 4G Mobile Broadband
  • Backlit KB / Fingerprint Reader / Win10 Pro
  • 323mm x 217mm x 15.9mm (1.13kg)

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  • +47 votes

    8gb Ram non-replaceable really sucks for such a robust thin and light machine.

    • thnx for headsup

    • I have only 8GB and with 3x browsers Chrome, Chromium and Edge, with about 5 tabs each. They are all technically Chromium project so take it as 15 pages in one Chrome. Trading program which is pretty heavy, MS Teams which is another hog, but I don't feel it's burdened is slow at all. Yes it's at 90% memory usage but that's better than paying for 16GB then only have it use 7.5GB 98% of the time.

      Like seriously, worst case it'll swap out the memory which means machine slows down a bit for that 2% of time you need it.

      Remember this is a word processing/browsing workhorse, not a gaming machine so it does fine.

      • Runnings ms teams, word docs, excel docs, pdf, and some internet browser (any kind) - 8Gb is not going to be a pleasant experience, with ram usage easily above 90% (slow down at best, crashes at worst). That is what my partner had on her Dell lattitude - luckily I could swap it out the 1x 8Gb for 1x 16Gb ram stick.

        With 16Gb ram, it barely ever reaches 70% ram usage - no issues now with using all the programs listed simultaneously. Next "bottleneck" to tackle is upping the internet upload speed >40Mbps.

        • Yeah but keep in mind that modern OS's are DESIGNED to cache. You cant look at ram usage like we did 10 years ago and make any conclusions. You just gotta ask yourself "is it slow".. (Which isn't as easy as it sounds, either)

          • @justtoreply: That's not caching, it's paging, which is moving of active RAM to 'virtual' memory, because you've run out of the resource. I have 128GB RAM and I've turned off the page file with no issues. Caching is when you're saving additional data to the RAM so it can be loaded faster.

        • I use the same on my Surface 8 gigs and dont have any problems

      • Yes it's at 90% memory usage but that's better than paying for 16GB then only have it use 7.5GB 98% of the time.

        It won't use 7.5GB 98% of the time. On an 8GB system, using that amount basically means it's out of RAM and started to use the swap file.

        You can't use more than 8GB if you only have that much. Browsers are very RAM intensive these days and if you want to be productive, it's better to have more than none, especially when the price difference is minimal. If you factor in the fact that you might need to get a new system if the old one feels to slow just because it's not upgradeable, then you've wasted money. Buy nice or buy twice is how the saying goes.

        The reason why these older model laptops are still available, but only at 8GB RAM, is because those configurations were the least popular due to the poorer utility of the lack of RAM.

      • Use firefox

    • Ouch, yes. For a moment there I thought I should have waited for this, but the RAM is a deal breaker.

      Biggest reason I upgraded from the last laptop was that it only had 10GB and was constantly swapping. New one had 8 with a free slot, added 16 to bring it to 24. Happy days!

  • 8gb ram really pushing, chrome with 10 tabs used up 50% of memory and the extensions(cashrewards, shopback). I always run my machine at 95% memory usage

  • Any dice on an X1 Yoga of similar vintage?

    • 2K for the X1 Yoga Gen 4 with 16Gb RAM but no WWAN and only 256GB disk, not bad but worse value than this IMO

  • Not the greatest price for this. About 2yrs old now and was previously cheaper for 16gb touch screen. In 2020 this isn't a deal at all

    • Really interested to know where you've seen this cheaper with WQHD screen & 4G. Can you please link it here. Thanks.

      • the real answer here is there is no need for such screen on a device with an 8GB RAM, what would be your use case here, photo editing?

        Also 4G was new tech a few years ago but it's pretty old now so not that hard to find an adapter for it

    • I also would be interested for a device with similar specs to even come close to the price. 512Gb Surface laptop 1 or 2 no 4g >$1800 (if you can get it lol).

  • This machine is too old and price is high for a 2 years old i5

    • The 2 years old 8th gen i5 is basically within 5% of a ton of 10th gens due to Intel naming shenanigans, Comet Lake (which is what is in EVERY business laptop because vPro, including the 8th gen Carbon X1) is still skylake cores. And the GPU is the same lol. Look it up if you don't believe me. All the business laptops are using gimped Comet Lake 10th gen (not Ice Lake 10th gen) so doesn't really matter compared to 8th gen.

      HOWEVER having said that, Tiger Lake 11th gen which is supposed to offer real CPU and GPU perf improvement, is due to come out in October, so probably why everyone is on sale ATM.

  • +13 votes

    Hi TA,
    Any chance to repeat this deal with 16GB RAM or offer a Ryzen 4000 series laptop?

    • +1 Would love this, or something like the X1 Carbon posted here but also with 16GB RAM. The Carbon’s specs are ideal except for the 8GB RAM…

  • likely a portion of that 8gb ram is dedicated to the onboard graphics, may only have 6 gigs available realisticaly, at least i would be checking before buying

  • TRS refundable? Oh, wait a minute…

    • Sure, just see how you go with your reason for exemption: "need to get GST back for my laptop" :-P

  • Hi TA

    Any chance of getting a deal on usb c monitor ?

  • Great computer for just casual users who want an ultra light laptop and with great build quality
    Personally picked up a g8 recently for 2k with 16gb ram, 256ssd and 10th gen i5 and touch screen

  • Currently using a lenovo laptop with these exact same specs bought two years.
    It is reallly starting to struggle with some tasks, and i'm wishing I went for the 16gb version now. Save yourself a lot of pain and pay for something more future proof.

    • My g3 with i7 and 8gb ram still going strong though a key factor (I presume) is that I’m on Linux.

      • Possibly linux, possibly your processor; do you have an "u" variant (ultralight), or something else? An i7 with 6 cores is going to cope a lot better then the relatively slow 8250u even with the same RAM (idk if it's ram or the cpu, but 1.6ghz is a bit painful)

  • I really don't understand soldered RAM even in 2018 like wtf Lenovo do better!

    • De-solder is easy

    • check out other new slim type laptops - I'e found a couple soldered as well "onboard" eg :https://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=1B8W4PA

    • It’s LPDDR RAM which is always soldered - this RAM is a lot more power efficient than standard DDR which is great for running on the battery… but agree that 8GB is too little.

  • LTE is why this machine is valued at this price point

  • Please TA some ryzen 4000 deals 🤗

  • Processor is still great, i5 8th gen vs 10th gen quite marginal especially for multi core (however do note that 10th gen graphics are substantially better, around 50 percent faster). What's more worrying is the quite slow and limited 2133mhz 8GB non expandable ram, I mean one of the few reasons I buy Windows laptops is because most of them have replaceable RAM and SSD, and this one only ticks one of those boxes. Screen is pretty good though, and 4G is an added bonus (although the 65whr battery will take a hit, I'd estimate around 15 percent loss in battery life vs wifi).

    • Not this 10th gen, business laptops basically all come with comet lake not ice lake so basically the same CPU perf as 8th gen with maybe 5% more oomph lol and the same iGPU as well.
      The 10th gen parts that do have the massively better iGPU are ice lake, and yes its confusing (deliberately so that they can continue to make money off old rope).

  • Why does this 2 year old laptop have a 14" WQHD (2560 x 1440) yet all the new ones are basically newsprint level of quality?

  • 8gb ram makes this machine about 5 years old due to the advancement of apps which are more resource heavy compared to 2-3 years ago

    • I've been looking for a laptop and about 75% of them come with 8gb ram, until you get into the high $1000s category - of course many can be upgraded buy buying separately

    • I have 8gn of ram in my phone, I'd say 16gb is minimum for modern computers.

  • With many midrange phones now boasting with 8Gb RAM and 256Gb storage, I find this laptop seriously under-specc'd for the price. I have a Lenovo T490s with a better CPU and 16Gb and it's just enough for all the business applications with Chrome and multiple tabs open.

  • Love Thinkpad X1, but I would buy Thinkpad X1 Extreme if I have the money.

  • Ryzen 4000 deals with 20% cashback, we are waiting for months TA :D

  • this is a gorgeous old laptop good for grannies, cheaper than chanel sunglasses this is a bargain

  • Needs 16GB ram and 1TB SSD for this price. A newer processor would have helped.

    Currently using the Yoga 460 WQHD i5-6200u from one of TA's deals which I upgraded to 16GB ram ($260) and 1TB SSD ($160). CPU is the bottle neck now. Wonder what it's worth now?

    • Had motherboard replaced under extended warranty after a BIOS update bricked it @ 1.5 Years
    • Had Battery replaced for $280 after 500 Cycles.
  • Really good laptops and good price, but with soldered RAM I would not go under 16GB personally just for future-proofing.

    Even at work they have now standardised on 16GB when previously it was always the “8gb is enough for office tasks argument” and you had to put in a special order to get more RAM.

  • @tightarse - Hey there, hope you are well! I was just wondering if you happen to know if there is going to be a yoga sale soon? I'm holding out for one LOL.

    Thanks heaps x

  • But can it run chrome with more than one tab? ;)

  • 8GB RAM soldered - dealbreaker

  • If 4g integrated is not a big deal to you, I dont see how this is better than other laptops. 8GB, no touch, old intel proccy etc.

  • DOS and Win95 will run fine on 8 GB RAM.

  • This spec but in an X1 Yoga for similar price would be amazing. I use an X1 Yoga 1st gen for work and absolutely love it. Onboard LTE is essential too (especially when in Court and need access to reliable internet to download a case or document).

    • Using a gen 3 x1 yoga with 8650u cpu, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVME SSD, HDR 500nit WQHD screen.

      I had to install the lte antenna and wwan card but its worth it.

  • Be warned that Lenovo use a soldered on USB-C port for charging - if this is damaged it cannot be easily or cheaply repaired and will not be covered under warranty. They will claim it is 'user damaged' as it costs them too much to repair (quoted price is $1300 for repair).

    This port damages very easily due to a bit of plastic holding the connecting pins together that falls off quite easily - which then results in pins being bent by inserting the plug. e.g see these posts:


    Again - It breaks easily, Lenovo will not cover this under warranty and it costs at least $1300 (and that's without labour costs) to fix. If it cannot be powered on via this port you are basically left with a brick.

    Learnt this the hard way and won't be buying Lenovo again.