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[Pre Order] Oculus Quest 2 64GB $479 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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I know this is RRP, however I was this close to pay $750 for the first gen Oculus Quest 2 months ago so why not.

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  • is there a black version? or only white

  • How does this work with non-Oculus games? Can I play Steam VR games with it? Cheers.

    • There are plenty of guides to getting it working with Steam VR.

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      You can with the original Quest over USB or wifi… Not sure if Remote Desktop is working on the Quest 2 for wifi play yet, it was a bit of a hack on the original quest as you had to use the sideloaded version but buy the official version, but works great.

      • Okay cool, so it's actually a thing. Thanks!

        • I actually use Vives unlimited thing most of all, there was a deal earlier in the year where it was $36 a year. A lot of top tier games not on it but I have found enough that are to be worthwhile. I loved Arizona Sunshine, which seems to have been removed from the unlimited package now for new subscribers but its still working in my one.

          Other than that the few Quest games I bought have all been either daily specials, and then using Canada store where they are cheaper. Or using free credit, got Vader Immortal for 99 cents yesterday that way.

          It does help to have a lot of room to play some games in, you will be punching walls if you play something like Gorn in a small area…

          • @Pobman: Sounds pretty tempting…

            Do you know if that service works well with something like ALVR or Remote Desktop through the Quest?

            If it hooks in with SteamVR pretty well I don't really see why it wouldn't I suppose.

            • @CornCorny: ALVR works fine, Remote Desktop is a tad easier though and perhaps a bit better. Picked up Remote Desktop with some free credit deal in the first few weeks of owning.

              Lots of people certainly have issues setting up ALVR, but can’t say it was overly complex.

              I have never tried running wifi direct from the PC, supposed to be good, but I do have a dedicated wifi network just for the VR using an old telstra cable modem configured as an access point. Works fine.

              • @Pobman: Do you know if the picture is compressed in ALVR and Remote Desktop?

                I know it is if you connect to PC via cable.

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                  @windwai: Yes its compressed. Perhaps with the Quest 2 and the official link cable they will come up with some other options, but I've really had no issues. The one thing I would of liked from Quest 2 is greater FOV and more comfort, two things it hasn't provided.

              • @Pobman: Thanks. So you can play the Vive unlimited games through your Quest wirelessly through this?

          • @Pobman: How do you get free credit? And with the Canadian account, will it be separate to your normal account? And would it be annoy inning to keep switching between the 2 accounts?

            • @kypermaster: They email me every few months with free credit offers, no idea why.

              Price is determined by IP, same Facebook account. Some Canadian IP show USA pricing though so have to make sure it's showing Canadian.

              • @Pobman: Okay, want to get free credit as well. Did you do something to get the free credit? Also did you use VPN on your phone to get Canadian prices? How much is vader immortal right now on Canadian store?

                • @kypermaster: Bought from the Oculus website using a PC, used free Windscribe VPN obtained via OzB.

                  Vader Immortal is C$11.99, so only a few dollars cheaper than Australia… discount changes depending on the game, but I have not seen one that is more expensive.

                  I am now idea if I did anything special to get free credit, joined the mailing list at least I would presume.

        • Yes I can confirm that streaming SteamVR over wifi works quite well if you have a good 5ghz connection. I use ALVR but I've heard Remote Desktop is also good. I don't really see why this wouldn't work on the Quest 2 but you might want to confirm first I suppose.

          It's pretty rad for me as I play in another room to my PC. I don't stream audio and just use a wireless headset straight from my PC. I have to use a usb extension to get the dongle closer but hey it works!

          There is a slight jank factor to the setup but the experience itself is very good.

  • Also am new to VR, what is the difference between this and oculus quest 1? since $300 diff?

    ty any tldr to all of this is welcomed :)

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      New one is better and they dropped the price.

      Better resolution screen and faster processor

      750 was probably the Quest 1, 128gb version

      • thanks legend, does size make a big difference? or will i be fine with 64gb

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          64 is enough

          • @snowl: Do you think with the new games coming they possibly being over 10Gb it could chew through the 64 within 10 bug games

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      Its mostly better, as in higher resolution screen and refresh rate… but a few negatives, mostly relating to build quality, supplied strap and some features like IPD adjustment downgraded. Personally I'd like a premium version of the Quest 2 as an upgrade to the original. As I mostly play SteamVR rather than Quest titles I am still very much of two minds on the 'upgrade' …

      • If you buy the elite strap it's more comfortable than quest 1 and also still cheaper

        • Its not cheaper if you already have a Quest 1 with the face pads… Im perhaps more interested to see what aftermarket straps come out, the aftermarkets for the original were all a bit rubbish.

      • Try hp reverb g2, $899 for now.

        • While I mostly use SteamVR I actually take it out to places from time to time. For instance during Scouts in Action month we were using it at the Scout hall with Ultrawings for a bit of flying. Taking the entire PC there would be a pain.

    • +1

      Higher resolution per eye (But LCD panel instead of OLED), faster processor, higher refresh rate (90Hz vs 72Hz) however not implemented on existing apps until updated, wider controller button pad (no real difference), option to add better headstrap (recommended), better battery life on controllers.

      Probably more but thats all I can remember :)

      • +1

        There's a 1:1 comparison for the visual difference of the displays

        • The best thing about that video is initially he said he used an unreleased beta firmware on the Quest 2 and that is was unfair on the other comparison headsets so for the video he wound it back to what's available now. Sounds like it's going to blow the other two out of the water once it's officially released.

          Looks great now in most comparisons.

        • Fantastic video!

  • This seems like an awesome price for a new release Oculus product - is this a sign of things to come for VR? With my new 3080 system coming soon I'm very keen to dip my toes in this brave new world but have always shirked at the near $1000 cost of the headsets.

    • Yeah I want to dip my toes into VR as well. Got the headset on it's way (Found a clearance, had to buy it for the price) Just need to upgrade my fecking PC to be able to run it.

    • The Oculus Quest is standalone by default - a PC isn't necessary

      • That makes sense - cheers

    • +2

      If you're getting a 3080 I'd recommend spending a bit more on the HP reverb g2

      • Ahh so $900 is pretty much what I should be expecting to drop then. Cheers.

        • +1

          The HP G2 will be higher quality than the Quest 2, as you would expect from twice the price. The reason I would recommend the Quest 2 over the G2 is for people who don't have the graphical horsepower to drive the G2 at native resolution and/or want a wireless experience. Your 3080 makes the G2 a no-brainer if you've got the money to spend and don't mind being tethered to a computer.

        • I wouldn't bother with top-end VR gear unless you're desperately targeting decent controllers and high refresh rate.

          As a result the Reverb G2 isn't worth the jump and the Valve Index is still a hard sell.

          If you're looking for a good entry point until the technology starts to solidify in 2-3 years, this is it. Refresh rates need to go up pretty dramatically, and eye-tracking needs to come in to feed higher frame rates via foveated rendering.

          • @jasswolf: Why is this negged lol, it's totally true. G2 is twice the price for not a whole lot more, Index is also expensive and not sold directly in Australia.

            The Quest 2 is the best entry point (but I'm still steering clear because of the IPD adjustment and Facebook).

    • Get the Reverb G2 so you can fully utilise your 3080 purchase. Oculus' compatibility with PC not as good as a dedicated PCVR

      • Not sure why this comment is getting downvotes.
        Yes, you can play games with your computer to the oculus but the original had reports of noticeable lag.
        So it really is best as a wireless device.
        Also, the speakers are nowhere near as good as the G2's.

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    Whens the Facebook stealing data chain going to start

  • Ordered this from the Oculus store on the day it came out, had an estimated delivery of 16 October (fell asleep during the 3am Facebook connect oof!), new orders now have estimated delivery of 26 October from the store.

    Wonder how the logistics of stock will be between Amazon and Oculus.

    • +1

      Also, I ordered the Elite Strap + Battery + Case from Amazon as the Oculus store has this as unavailable.

      Here's a link to the product page if you guys wanted this ($209 - release on November 17, 2020)

      • It is now $199

        • Sweet, thanks for the update, I hope Amazon honours the cheaper price by their preorder guarantee, even though it looks like this is from Amazon US, but it's via Amazon AU 🤔

          "The Pre-order Price Guarantee applies only to items sold by Amazon AU"

    • 64Gb or256Gb.

      I hear the new games that are coming could be upwards of 10Gb each.

      • +1

        256GB; money isn't an issue, and I rather be over-estimating than under. I am upgrading from my Oculus Rift CV1 I got when it came out in like 2016? Skipped original quest since I wasn't using my Rift enough to justify it.

        A lot of people say the 64gb was more than enough for the first quest, since I'd expect quests games are smaller and people are either streaming videos or games with ALVR/Virtual Desktop/Oculus Link, so the capacity is off loaded elsewhere.

        Other than gaming, I'll be bringing this to me on plane rides to watch videos, enjoying a spacious virtual environment over a cramped plane seat lol

        • Is if you weren't using it enough maybe 64GB would be ok? I dunno it's really annoying me which size to get.
          I think alot of games are 1GB and that could literally take 20 sec to DL if you needed to delete for room.
          I never had vr.

    • how was your experience? thinking about buying from occulus store

      • Shipping took a while because it went back and forth from Hong Kong > Japan > China > Singapore > Australia
        If Amazon has it in their warehouse here, it'd be Hella faster lol.

  • I know this is RRP, however I was this close to pay $750 for the first gen Oculus Quest 2 months ago so why not.

    You would be paying for it with the many add-ons. Especially the head strap from the many reviews I watched.

    • +2

      I noticed that when watching reviews as well. But there are always third patry cheap alternatives. I just bought a third party Oculus Link cable for $20 instead of $129.

  • Hey! the cool, post-cataclysmic grassroots rebellion against a tyrannical, information-harvesting, superpolitica set in a dystopian future has gotta start somewhere!

    Plus I wanna play Beatsaber…

  • If I bought Superhot VR for Rift back in the day to play on my Vive, will I be able to play that on Quest, or is it a seperate version?

    • +1

      You can check supported platforms on the Oculus store, Superhot is one that isnt cross platform. Though you could still play the Rift version when connected to a PC same as the original Rift, just not the custom version that runs local.

  • +1

    Until Scotty says otherwise, I am well within the site rules to downvote everything that gets posted at the highest price it's ever been.

    • Based

    • Paying RRP is the reality we live in. I don't expect to see discounts on this any time soon. They're likely losing money on it as is, and it's going to be heavily in demand, so there's no need to price cut any time soon.

    • This is the cheapest and best VR Headset you can buy in Oz, it's a bargain compared with all other headsets, just because it's RRP doesn't define whether it's a bargain.

      Bargain definition:
      A thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected.

      Therefore it is an Ozbargain by definition. 👏

  • +4

    Just an update which may help some. For those like me who recently purchased the original oculus quest from amazon US, only to experience buyers remorse on the new cheaper Potentially better model.

    I went straight to ebay and thought better sell this ASAP but then thought don’t really want to unload this on some poor sucker. I decided to contact amazon and ask for a refund even though it was used and the policy mentioned must be unopened. The guy on the phone immediately approved return and refund almost before I finished my request with no argument, but I had to pay post which came to $68. (I asked for the refund based on the oculus 1 not being good value.)

    It arrived on Monday at amazon us and my money is back on the card. To top it off they also sent me an email offering to pay postage back, $50 cash and rest was amazon credit.

    Already ordered v2.😀

    • Did you order 64GB or 256GB? I hear a fair few games coming at 10GB each.

      • For me 64 better value for money and with high speed Internet I can delete and download fast enough to keep me happy. If money was no object then I’d go 256.

        • Yer money is always an object but it's whether or not it benifits you.
          I think you will loose your save game file if you delete the game. I keep cancelling my order and changing it. I have yet once again changed back to 64GB due to the fact I won't have alot of time to play it so I don't want a bigger amount of money just sitting there.

          I play Xbox and don't have enough time with that. This will just be for some side fun.

          • @Jklaro: Hadn’t thought of that, having said that it’s a bit of a splurge for me even for 64

          • @Jklaro: Oculus has Cloud Saves, though many developers have never implemented it… a few games, Superhot VR springs to mind, have recently updated with Cloud Saves enabled.

            Other option is you can just go in and copy out the save files manually, or might be apps in Sidequest to do it for you.

  • Anyone upgrading from a Vive- EB games gives $320 cash for trade ins. not bad for something so old and soon to be totally obsolete.

    • Pretty sure you could get a lot more than that selling the parts on ebay. The cheapest controller I could see is $160 each and the lighthouses are probably a similar price each.

      • oh. dang it

  • Hey i came accross this deal on amazon which is selling 64gb at $299 sold by Clean inventory discount store, i've canceled my existing order and go for this instead, anyone have thoughts on this if its legit?

    • +1

      That is a scam. It was a new user account with no feedback.

      • maybe new seller trying to penetrate the market?

        • c'mon man

        • +1


  • Anyone got good deal for controller strap/ face cover / head strap?

  • No longer available..

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