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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Voucher + $10 Monthly Credit + 20GB Bonus Data with Telstra $69/Month 12 Month Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Receive a $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher plus $10 monthly credit for the first twelve months bringing the $69 plan to $59 a month.
While the promo says $400, the person on the phone line said the voucher amount is currently $500

Comes with a bonus 20gb bringing it to 80gb per month.

Works out to about $17.3 a month after the voucher.

Offer available by calling 13 52 44.

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  • I'm keen to transfer over from Optus. For those with Optus and use Optus Sports, how are you planning to watch the EPL going forward? Kayo? Pay for an Optus Sports annual pass? They all seem to work out to be about an extra $100+ annually.

    • Yeah, have the same dillema, will be missing out on EPL if I switch to Telstra.

      • I'd say your optus sport login will still work. Pretty dodgy system and idk if its links to your mobile services

  • Does anyone know the typical expiry period on JB gift vouchers?

    • +1

      I think it’s lifetime on most cards not sure for jb hifi
      Edit: yes they do not have an expiry date

    • +5

      pretty sure they introduced a law that gift cards must be min 3 year expiry

    • +1

      partner signed up to this plan yesterday and was told the gift card doesn't expire.

  • Daam it I moved from Optus to boost last week

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    I just rang the number above and the sales department said that this deal has to be done in store. Cause Victoria is in lockdown, I cant access the deal.

    • hmm, number is telling me they open at 9am and to leave a message :(

      • I also received the same message. Hoping 9am won’t be an issue.

        • Let me know if you are able to sign up. Thanks!

  • Excludes current Telstra, Belong & Boost customers :(

  • If I port out of Telstra, do I lose all my Telstra member rewards etc.? I currently have 93k points but don’t want to lose it if I port out.

    • +2

      Nope, just ported to Vodafone recently and I just logged into my plus account, points still there.

      Read T&C here https://www.telstra.com.au/plus/terms-and-conditions

      Suspending or ending your membership
      If you don’t have at least one active service or choose to leave Telstra Plus, your membership will be suspended until you sign up for another service or reactivate your membership. If your membership is suspended for 12 months, your points balance will expire.

      We may end or suspend your membership immediately if we reasonably believe you’re misusing Telstra Plus (including if your use is unacceptable, unreasonable, fraudulent, or illegal, or if you otherwise breach your obligations under the Telstra FairPlay Policy. If we end your membership, your Telstra Plus Points will expire.

      If the account holder passes away, a family member or a person who shares their home address can contact us and claim the remaining points within 12 months.

  • I went in and did this deal yesterday and they also offered me the $99 deal with $10 credit ($89 total monthly spend) which had a $700 gift card.

    I didn't want to spend the extra per month so just went with the $59p/m $500Gift card

    • Is there any deal on the $49 plan? Such as extra data or monthly credit?

      • nah, just the $69/$99 deals

    • You in VIC or another state?

      • This was in QLD

  • Does anyone know if it works if you upgrade your plan? I'm out of contract on the $49 a month plan.

    • Don’t believe so. Current Telstra/Belong/Boost customers are exempt from the deal.

  • +38

    To be clear, this deal is very much available to existing Telstra customers (with near zero port out/in downtime) , you just have to go through a few extra steps.

    Go in store, sign up for the deal and ask for a new number. Doesn't matter what it is. Get the gift card and be on your merry way.

    Later, jump on to Telstra support / chat and let them know that you want to combine two services (they should be on the same telstra account if you provided the same details to JB) . Be clear that you want to take the old number and combine it with the new service (plan) , so that you are cancelling the old service and the new number. They will do it for you, although it makes take a couple of days for the number transfer to complete.

    Have done this multiple times with these deals in the past with no issues. Telstra doesn't care what you do with your accounts and you already have the gift card so JB isn't going to block you either.

    • So there are no ETC fees with this method?

      • I can't speak to ETCs as I always try this after my plan has expired. I would think that the ETC is payable though, as you are effectively terminating one service in favour of another.

        • Yeah sorry, I just meant fees. If the old contract has expired then there should not be an ETC.

    • So I'm currently on a Tesltra plan in which the plan itself has expired (out of contract date) but I'm still paying for the device repayments. Do you think the above method would work fine for me?

      • I’m in the same boat. Did you work this one out?

        • Im in the same boat too, would be appreciated if there is any further comment before proceeding this

    • +1

      Its this possible with Boost prepaid and JB Telstra plan?

      • Yes, read my comment below.

    • Oh wow that’s awesome. Thanks for that. I’m with Telstra currently but will give this a go to take advantage of the deal. Really hope you’re right.

      • -2

        Dont think it works, as you are signing up for a 2nd service, which has nothing to do with your other line and they wont just combine two phone numbers into one and cancel the other.

        • Others have done so.

          • @mandelbrot: If thats the case, why are people porting out and signing up back. They can just keep the current service with telstra, get a new number and ask telstra to combine them!!!

            • +1

              @amshopping: Because previously the JB deals were for port ins only (and had to be out of Telstra for 30 days). JB changed the criteria in the last couple of months to port ins AND new Telstra services.

              • @mandelbrot: This answers all the questions. Thank you.

              • @mandelbrot: The offer has included new services for ages now. It wasn't just recently changed.

                • +1

                  @wellzi: Correct, it has always been for new services as well as port ins.

                  • @amshopping: also the reason people weren't doing this previously was simply that it wasn't a widely known approach. If your primary service number is not contracted, then I don't see why Telstra wouldn't let you move the number over to the new JB plan and cancel the old plan?

                • @wellzi: It hasn't always been like this. I'd say the policy changed from port ins only to include port ins and new Telstra services in the last 3-6 months.
                  However, people used to be always able to get a new Optus/voda sim, port into Telstra, and get their existing number to take over the new plan.

    • If JB ask you if you're an existing Telstra customer, what do you say? Yes or No?
      Does it matter if I say yes, but I want a new number? Does that still qualify as a "new customer"?

      If I say no, and they enter my address on their system, they may find out I am an existing customer…

      • +1

        In this case "new customers" means "new services".

        You can have an existing Telstra account / services and receive this offer on an additional service.

        • Correct, I have been asked if I am a Telstra customer and I just say yes, they mainly use it to scrape your details to make it easier for them. If you are setting up a new service they will give you the deal.

    • I'm on a current $65pm JB plan with Telstra, with etc about $300. If I wanted to take this deal up, would I ask for a new service on the same account, then transfer the new plan to the old number, and pay the ETC on the old plan?

      Or should I cancel the old plan first, pay for ETC, and presumably move the number to prepay? Then get the new service on the same account, and do the plan transfer?

    • Do you mention that you have other Telstra mobile services when signing up at JB?

    • Thanks anyone else has done this?

      I'm wondering what if it doesn't work what options do I have in that case..

    • +1

      thanks heaps for this! went into jbhifi they added a new phone number to my existing account, got the gift card and went home. got onto telstra live chat and they removed my old account in about 30 mins and merged my old number into the new account :D

      • but your old account is already unlocked from it's contract yes?

        • Yes I was out of contract just paying month to month

    • Thanks for this comment. Went into JB today, did exactly that, and it worked.

    • hi mate, got the plan today. when i was trying to swap the number.
      the operator keep telling me to talk to Jb hi fi to do so, is this what i suppose to hear?

    • @hybridex
      hi mate, got the plan today. when i was trying to swap the number online (tried to call but was diverted to online chat)
      the operator keep telling me to talk to Jb hi fi to do so, is this what i suppose to hear?
      then i hv talk to his manager, with the evidence that there are people have done it in the past (from the solved answer from Telstra crowd support few years ago)

      the only response that i got is they cant do it, i will have to serve with my contract / service number.

      • Sounds like a poor CS rep. I'd recommend trying this again with another rep. And I wouldn't frame it as "swapping" a number, as that's not quite what's happening - you are merging two services. That might help with getting them to do it.

        • all done with another rep, she immediately understands what i wanted. thanks mate

    • Thanks for the tip hybridex!

      Tried with the first CS via app, said can't swap numbers around, and claimed that having worked at Telstra for 7 years, he/she knows every process.

      Trying a new CS now. Is there a magic word that I'm suppose to say? Lol

      • Found on whirlpool, it's called change of fnn, "full national number". I'll asking the CS if they can do this now. Will report back.

        • The CS seems better trained for this work after asking for change of number with Codi (virtual assistant). They are helping me with this number swap now but he said it'll take a few hours for him to process this.

    • Hey, did you need to fill out an change of ownership form?

      • I did it and didn't have to fill out a change of ownership form. But both plans were under the same account in my name. Possibly different if you are trying to transfer the number between 2 different service accounts.

        • Ok thanks. Mine are also on the one account so looks like I need to find someone who knows what they're doing.

    • +5

      Can confirm this method works. Had a boost prepaid sim which I successfully ported over to Telstra using the plan (which i got a new number from).

      Process I did was:

      1. Logged into Telstra App on mobile and went to 'Get Help'.
      2. Spoke with chat about 'combining two services'. One on Boost and the new number I got yesterday.
      3. Telstra advised that I needed to port from Boost to Telstra by going into a Telstra shop and requesting a 'Blank Sim' which is free. You do not need to attach a plan to this blank sim (Telstra requested I do but I ignored it)
      4. Once I received sim and advised chat, they ported my number from Boost to Telstra and was showing up on my account.
      5. I then requested again that Telstra combine the two services by disconnecting my new number and process a 'change of number' to my primary number. Note the old number stays in 'Quarantine' for 30 days which can be recovered by Telstra in the event of anything going south.
      6. Telstra advised that the app will update in approximately 24-48 hours so be patient.
      7. Waited a bit and noticed my reception signal on phone is now cut. Put in new sim from the plan and tested calling and internet - all working for me.

      Hope this helps anyone who needs to combine two numbers together!

      • @ailist Thank you so much for this guide. To clarify, before step 1 I assume you've activated the new Telstra SIM with the new Telstra number? Then the steps are followed to combine that service with your old (formerly Boost) number?

      • @ailist FYI this doesn't work now. On step 3, I went in store and the guy told me it's illegal to give out a blank SIM.

        • so did it work for you? The way i see it, ailist says the blank sim was ignored, so i'm guessing he/she didn't go to the store, and activated the new sim from telstra (from the plan). logged onto the telstra app, spoke to support and got the accounts combined (boost + telstra)

          • @nicolascage: Ailist didn't say the blank sim was ignored, they said they ignored the request to put a plan on it.

            Not exactly. The store person told me to cancel my boost service, boost told me my number wouldn't be transferable if I did, but I took the risk and did it anyway. Then the live chat support told me it's Impossible to transfer because I was coming from boost prepaid. So I called the store on the next Monday and the lovely lady there transferred my number in 4 minutes.

    • @hybridex thanks for your advice, I can confirm this works for existing Telstra prepaid aswell

      Responding here incase someone may search this in future…

      I am an existing Telstra prepaid customer.
      Once signed up and new SIM is received, you go on Telstra mobile chat, and ask them to change the new post-paid number, to the existing pre-paid number.
      Be clear on this request. The Telstra rep may not understand. Be persistent and clear to them.
      Or close the chat, wait, and try asking again to another Telstra rep.
      You also need to activate the new sim prior, or while you are chatting. The activation took less than 5 mins.
      The Telstra rep then does the changeover on their end.
      I successfully moved my existing pre-paid number over to the new post-paid plan.

      This also means the existing pre-paid service is deactivated and you lose any data you still had left.

      Winning deal!!

  • If they allowed current Telstra customers I would buy this and use the voucher to order a pixle 4a. :( Once again disadvantaged for being a Telstra customer lol. Time to port out.

    • Was thinking of doing exactly this, did the port out hustle a few months ago and it was a mess. This sounds cleaner, but wasn’t sure about the process

    • You know you can add a $2 sim then port in? Once port in, swap out your old number to this plan

      • I did that

  • Is there anyway I could apply for this if I'm currently with Telstra for a Samsung S10 5G plan?

    • Current Telstra customers exempt.

      • If I’m on Telstra Max prepaid am I also exempt?

  • Damn i just bought the boost deal the other day for 245 :(

  • Anyone else on the phone wit them now? I've been on hold for almost 20 mins now.

    • +1

      Same story here. Called at 9am. Hoping VIC isn’t exempt from the deal.

      • +1

        Same, in VIC too.

    • 15 mins for me

      • +2

        But the joyful robotic voice of "We know your time is important" makes it all better.

    • 29 mins
      Got through. Had to give name and number for a agent to call back sometime today.

      “Due to a large volume of calls”

      $10 credit also not eligible for NSW residents he said

      • i called my local store (2560), gave me the $10 credit without me asking.

        • The guy called back and said it was Australia wide. So looks like I get the credit!

  • Damn, i'm already on this Telstra plan and have been for over a year. Any way I could take advantage of this?

    • +2

      hybridex, a few comments up from yours, said he managed to take up the offer on multiple occasions. I, too, am an existing Telstra customer and managed to get the deal this time last year by buying a $10 prepaid Optus sim, then porting that across to Telstra in-store. I then got onto the Telstra live chat and asked them to cancel my existing (expired) plan but keep the old number. I’m hoping to do the same again today 🤞

      • @omega595 Did you have to wait 30 days in between before porting ?

  • -3

    Meh. not that amazing. I pay Optus $39 a month gets me everything I need (who needs 80gb of data in current WFH?). This (with the bonus $10) is an extra $360 for the year - so the $500 voucher is really only a $140 saving.

    I'd rather wait to see what plans they do with new phones.

    • +1

      the saving would be $260? (39/month-17.3/month * 12 months = 260).

      and then youre on the telstra network.

      • +1

        Ahh yup you are right my maths was wrong

    • I use my mobile data as my internet connection, so 80GB of data is useful. I think a lot of people are starting to do the same now.

  • I got this for $55 per month with 60gb
    An additional 20gb for $14 is an acceptable increase

  • Just hopped off the phone. Need 100 points of ID and confirm 30 days ported out. Available to Victoria only.

    Stoked with that!

    • Just tried also. Says available to Vic only.

    • What do you mean available to Victoria only? As in the deal is only available for Victorians?

      • Correct.

        • Maybe to do it over the phone is just available for Victorians, but everyone else has to do it in store. Which I'm fine with as being in Melbourne I was tired of us being excluded from these JB Hifi deals!

      • I did it yesterday in Adelaide

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