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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 512GB 5G (Aura Glow) $999 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just saw this on the website. Great deal i think. Half price.

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    Time to whip out that $500 gift card.

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    Wow, 5g as well!

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      Yep, this is miles ahead of that iPhone 11 deal form the other day imo

  • Nice.

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    Is it dual sim?

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      It seems it's single SIM for 5G version, would have bought one if it's dual SIM though

      • Same here.

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    you can buy two $500 giftcards at 5% discount via Suncorp rewards. (its easy to open a $0-fee account)

    So a potential extra $50 in savings.

    • Has anyone used multiple giftcards for a single online purchase?

      • yeah, so they limit you to $1K p/month in JB gift cards via Suncorp app, bought mac airbook with $1000

    • How do you qualify to use this suncorp awards? Is a bank account enough

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        you get access to it straight away - I think it took 48 hrs though for the first gift card to process.

        So basically you sign up to the bank account they have on offer - then login online and you click rewards in the app.

        This redirects you to a page where you can purchase the giftcards.

        But some gifts take awhile to process - others are instant.

  • Can't seem to checkout.. "oops an error occured"
    Edit: Nevermind.. seems work network has some proxy restrictions.Works on phone.

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    No Snapdragon no deal

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      it's essentially on par with the 855 except for with games

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        the battery life too?

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          In standby and calls only.

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        20% worse batterylife, takes worse photos

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          Also CPU runs hotter

  • Although a good price it's an old phone and still $1k…

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      As long as people are still buying phones at 2k, this is the new normal.

      I'm keeping my s10+ for a while longer tbh.

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        Still keeping my S6 a while longer, but… probably not that much longer.

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          I have a back up s6 edge plus and the battery isn't holding up well.

          Well done on still using it!!

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          Here I was thinking my S8+ is getting old and finding every reason to upgrade. Your comment reminds me I don't really need to upgrade.

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      well 999, not 1K

      • Why the negs, this is OZbargain after all a $1 is $1 and pretty sure they were just having a joke.

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      'Old' phone with future proof tech: 5G, S-pen, etc. Can you get any close iPhone for that price?
      If you don't need S-pe then S20 FE 5G is perfect & more than new :)

      • Only support N78 band 5G

    • An old phone? It's literally the previous flagship. It's a heck of a phone!

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    This or S20+ 5G? It was around this price not long ago ($1150?)

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      I have read up about both and I think the nicest thing I can say, is both leave a lot of room for improvement. Exynos is a deal-breaker for me and the S20+ seems to have a lot of people complaining about the quality and the camera.I have been wanting to pull the trigger for a while, but the reviews have scared me off

      • Ooh that doesn't help my decision making lol

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        ya'll always complain about the Exynos but in reality for the average user it means shit all. Unless you are needing that extra performance for gaming, Exynos is completely fine. You also drop the fact that the local Exynos ones carry a full 2-year Samsung warranty which (if you ask me) is brilliant and priceless when it comes to the 'new' standard phone pricepoint for flagships.

        • -3

          Testing with the Exynos lineup with the Note 20 showed not only does it affect performance, but also runs hotter and also affects battery life. The Note 10 only has a 4300mAh, which is a concern

          • +5

            @Pharmacy: Here i am with the pixel 4 xl getting worse and worse battery life with every update, barely holding apps open in the background, and my little exynos s10e runs rings all around it. Each to their own, I'm no pro gamer so have never seen it heat up.

          • +3

            @Pharmacy: been using mine for over all year

            you wont notice any difference

            arguably the best phone ive ever used. i even chose not to upgrade to note 20 cause the note 10 looks better

            pics are fine

            ive been using mine heavily for work calls since WFH. hours of calls a day

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          I bought the s20 plus 5g during the vodafone deal. I use the phone a lot for web browsing, constant work calls, a bit of gaming here and there. The battery at 120hz is doing great, I am comfortably getting 5.5 to 6h screen on times most days.

          While I agree that the snapdragon version would be a bit better overall, I cannot fault the Exynos version that I have now. It is very smooth and totally worth the money I paid for it. And of course I am not trading in two year local warranty for a 5 to 10% better performance. Unless you have both phones side by side and do these crazy tests, you won't know you are missing out on those extra 10%.

          Also people have been complimenting the photos I took with the phone!

          • +3

            @zangvuong: Yeah same have s20 plus 5g, run at 120hz .. battery is good I dont game and sometimes go two days without charging, calls and browsing regularly!

            I'm usually a tech snob so I wanted SD, but I found a review that found for this phone the Exynos had slightly better battery. Either way the battery life seems very good.

            If only I can remove all the Samsung crapware ..

        • still quite fast for exynos. Negative only battery life but not much different anyway

      • I think S20 series was not that great, note 10 plus is a great phone and note 20 ultra too, but s20 series sucks.

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        S20 FE 5G 128GB is out now with SG 865, I believe for RRP$1149. That could be a good alternative after the inevitable price drop after launch.

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      I would say you should go with S20+ 5G, beautiful design, better battery life, fingers screen is smothier, and it takes better photos imo.

      • I'm getting an orange/yellow tint in my photos, have you found that?

        • Hmm i dont think i have it. Or maybe i dont really notice it…

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    Prices dropping like it's hot

    • +7

      The Note 7 surely was.

      • -1

        Prices went up for the note 7 actually.

        • -1

          As the temperature did too?

          • @pennypincher98: Only for a few. I think there are more expanding batteries in pixel than note 7s blew.

      • -2

        2016 called. It wants its joke back

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    1K is still too much for an old phone that's 60hz and used a big Exynos chip.

  • It's not bad, but my mi max 3's much better, on price, on power, on everything… And if it breaks $70 replacement, or buy another one.

    Sadly no mi max 4 (ノ`⌒´)ノ┫:・┻┻

    • -2

      i have mm3 too but i want NFC and wireless charging

    • -2

      Mi Max waterproof, wireless charging, nfc?

    • -3


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    My S8+ is still hanging on, phones too expensive. Just replaced the battery.

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      S7+ here. Cmon Google, don't stuff up the Pixel 5 this year…

      • -2

        They already did, 768g. It's worse than last gen exynos.

        • Not too fussed on the processor, the batt life killed the 4 for me.

          Otherwise I'll be waiting for Samsung models next year :(.

          • @Shard: Hopefully will be better than the 4a. Watching photos process after I take them is a drain. Give it a few months for the initial pixel bugs to be fixed and read as many reviews as you can.

      • shout out for s7 edge yow ! got my blue coral version, still love the phone even had a crack all over the body haha

      • S6. Been planning on upgrading for a long time now, but every phone seems to have problems and be stupid expensive at the same time, hard to bring myself to buy even though work salary sacrifice is a ~50% discount on top.

        • How do you get to the 50% figure ?
          I also have this option, but when I last did the numbers the savings were tiny !

          • @Nom: It's a ballpark number, depends on your income tax bracket - the more your maginal tax rate is, the more you'd save. I haven't actually done it, but I figure it's like this…

            You save GST, your marginal tax rate, the medicare levy, and the super contributions that you would have made on that income, so for someone with a post-super income of 90k-180k that's 10% off the price, then 37% of the ex-GST price, 2% of the ex-GST price, and 9.5% of the ex-GST price = ~54% discount.

            • +1

              @ely: Great, thanks for that breakdown, I completely forgot about the income tax saving part. LOL !

        • +1

          Note 5. Currently, the battery lasts till late afternoon and the USB died two years ago so charging is wireless only. Been planning on upgrading for a long time as well, but as you say, new phones all seem to have problems and/or be stupidly expensive. Classic case of letting the perfect get in the way of improvement though.

          • +1

            @gregsurname: Yeah, it seems easy to take a look around, go "they're all kind of sh1t", and just delay a bit longer… for a few years :D

  • This phone isn't great for the price. The speed & recognition of the finger print lock screen gives me the ** - just a warning if you're used to 1+

    • +5

      have you tried this? turn off the battery optimized for apps: com.samsung.android.biometric

      • Yeah, I tried a few different proposed solutions for improving finger print lock recognition. I didn't think it made a difference, or if it did it was negligible. Honestly, the oneplus is instant- I think I use that as the benchmark.

    • My note 10 is flawless since the latter updates.

  • The link goes to Aura glow not black. Can't seem to find Aura black on the website.

    • Updated title.

  • Pixel 5 comes in 2 days, if 4a is anything to go by the slower processor should still outmatch the new phones for most except hardcore gamers

    • The 768g is worse than exynos last gen though. Not sure how it outmatched new phones that are over double the speed. Also as we've seen with 4a, the photos take a noticeable time to process after taking. Worse than my old p2xl. Each to their own though, if you think that's outmatched….

      • Where did you see that review or do you own one? Care to share..Looking at most reviews, I am yet to find a single one saying the photos take time to process. or they cannot match flagships. Admittedly a slow processor is a slow processor software magic or not but my gen 1 S8 still handles my requirements quite well.. though I do not game on my phone. I would love to see the review where you saw processing an image is taking time because I was considering a pixel for photographic capability alone because clearly the s20 fe offers better value specially with the discounts currently on.

        • I have a 4a and yes you can see a second or two delay in the processing IF you want to view it immediately. The photo is taken instantly though.

          Can't really say it's a problem.

        • Yea own one. I notice it, but I'm pretty picky. Its faster than s8, but not by that much. Got it this morning.

  • Waiting for the Xperia 5 II … but have to import -_-

    • Any specific features?

      • +2

        GSMarena states the phone can do 120Hz with over 100 hours endurance rating. The following looks good to me:

        • headphone jack
        • flat screen
        • non-Exynos chip
        • good battery life
        • capable cameras
        • Looks impressive.
          Headphone jack is still very important to me, still not ready to give up. Sony had great market for smartphones few years back, and they still make almost same design which they've been making for years now.

        • I'll wait xperia 1 III. From lg v20 to note 10+ missed that quad DAC quality

          • @shortcircuit: Do you need to have some special headphones to take advantage of Lg DAC?

            • @Modesty: Nope… the DAC is just the digital to analogue converter circuit, so any wired headphones will use it. Obviously quality of the headphones will effect that sound quality too.

              • @nitens: Thanks for you reply. I heard many people are impressed with LG DAC. Is there any other smartphone which includes thay feature?

        • I want a Sony phone too for the camera. Xperia 1 ii seems nice but too expensive for my liking. Xperia 5 ii is more budget friendly? Thanks

  • Hi guys, I have below questions:

    Can the gift card from the Telstra deal to be used on the online purchase?

    Can the gift card to be used in the store after the price match instead of the full retailing price?

    I haven't had any experience with the JB HI FI gift card which was rewarded from signing with Telstra.


    • Yes to both questions. I've done this before.