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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Voucher + $10 Monthly Credit + 20GB Bonus Data with Telstra $69/Month 12 Month Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Update: Deal was supposed to end on Friday 2nd October, however due to a system outage nationwide, the deal has been extended till end of business day Saturday 3rd October Some stores however may not honor the deal: please call the store to confirm that the offer is still available before visiting.

Receive a $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher plus $10 monthly credit for the first twelve months bringing the $69 plan to $59 a month.

Comes with a bonus 20gb bringing it to 80gb per month.

One day in-store only.

Confirmed for all you doubting Thomas'

Mod note: Previous deals for this offer were deleted as they were posted by L-platers. Note that JB Hi-fi has been permanently banned for sockpuppeting, preventing store representatives from posting deals. This policy of not allowing phone deals posted by L-platers was adopted in recent months to prevent sockpuppeting and misinformation. As per the posting notes for JB Hi-Fi, staff members are instructed to pass on deals in the anonymous deal thread.

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  • Okay new update. Went back into JB today and spoke to them again. They check the system and one second it was "pending" and before our eyes it went to "complete" and I received texts from Telstra and my old SIM dropped out. So all is working now. Not sure what happened though.. maybe everyone was sick of seeing me?

    • you seem to have gone into alot of trouble with this! hope the Gc was worth it!

    • Glad you finally got it sorted. Telstra chat told me my plan was cancelled and I had to check with the store I signed up with. Called them up and they got onto it but the current version of it is now “pending”. I did manage to get a “thank you for your recent purchase” email from Telstra this afternoon though so fingers crossed it’ll get ported through by tonight or tomorrow …

      • I am too! I was also looking for another plan so I did want to get on this. Not just for the GC but that is definitely good.

        Going into Telstra store was also handy, you could actually see your account. Might be worth visiting JB or Telstra instore if you're around.

  • wondering if +61 3 9340 8171 is Telstra calling back for the deal?

  • +3

    Come on JB Hi-Fi and Telstra, bring back a similar or better deal than this one, as I had missed this deal…

  • I just received my confirmation email (finally), but my simcard hasn't arrived yet. I am wanting to "merge" my existing number with the new service. Can i do this before the simcard arrives or will that new simcard be the card where i merge my existing number to?

    • Any mention of the bonus 20gb per month in the emails?

      • Not that i can see. But that was the offer so I'm sure they will honour it

    • Is your existing provider Telstra? If the two numbers appear in your account, you can merge. If you want to do an FNN from another provider then you'll have to wait until you activate the new SIM.

  • +5

    For anyone with an existing number on Telstra/boost trying to move their number onto this deal, here are instructions you can give to the agent if they don't know what your talking about

    Disconnect [existing number]
    Then perform a change fnn (Full National Number) order on [JB hi Fi deal number]
    Go to number selection
    Bring up the old number
    It will come up as quarantined
    There's a field for quarantine override reason
    Select 'customer had number previously'
    Finish order

    Credit https://whrl.pl/RexnTj

    • Live chat told me it was impossible from a Boost prepaid. Incorrect. Boost also told me I wouldn't be able to transfer it once disconnected. Incorrect. Called my local Telstra shop and they did the transfer in 4 minutes flat.

      • Exactly, Boost and Telstra use the same systems, once the number is disconnected there is no difference

  • +1

    Left a message on 2/10 and called back at around 4PM on 6/10. Managed to get signed up in about twenty minutes over the phone. So for those of you who left a message, you will still be eligible for the deal as long as they registered your number when you left a message.

  • I'm not happy with JB / Telstra being in Victoria I signed up over the phone got my SIM card in about 5 days activated Sim online, still hasn't changed to Telstra after 3 days called JB they tell me to call Telstra and Telstra's customer service number just send you links that don't help. Got on the Telstra chat they said it would be activated after 24 hours still no good. If it wasn't for the gift voucher I'd be staying with amaysim..

    • Did you activate it on Telstra’s website? I did that and the number ported instantly, no issues.

  • Has anyone who filled out a paper form in store gotten a call back about picking up their sim yet?

    • Weird the place I signed up at everyone walked away with a sim

  • Received a call back - yay. But the agent told me that the offer was restricted to port ins only - I was after a new service and new number. He made it clear that this was not within the terms of the offer.

    • Tell him to call back tomorrow. Go get a $2 Aldi sim activate it and tell him to port it when he calls back

      • Hah I suggested that I was going to do just that and he said I’d need to port out for 30 days… next time!

        • I thought you would get the voucher once you activate your new telstra sim, why would you need to port out for 30 days?

          • +1

            @Bob Lou: his refering to the fact that they didnt let him apply

        • +1

          but its a new number so porting 30day rule doesn't apply. it will only apply if you were with telstra then you ported out and back in.

          • @Michaelz101: The agent I spoke to explicitly said that it is for port ins only and not for new services (with new numbers).

  • Got my SIM on Tuesday. Telstra port my number from Optus before I activate the SIM. But I haven't received the Gift card

  • Signed up on 1/10, got the SIM Monday but no GC yet.

  • Received my sim today. Swapped out Optus SIM card & activated through:


    Took about 5 mins. Awaiting my JB Gift Card.

  • Still not got a confirmation here…

  • Got my call back, processed in under 20 minutes.
    Offer still stood as I left a message last Friday.
    Happy with that.

    Ready for my iPhone 12 haha

    • +1

      Happy for you! I'm still waiting ahhhhhhhhh


      • nice one. glad to see we all made it :)
        my sim not arriving till monday -_-

        only now im reading about horror stories of issues of porting into telstra. i hope we have a good port experience :(

        • +1

          Yeah I was losing hope!

          Mine is expected on Tuesday, hopefully they learn from everyone's issues and we get it easy haha

  • I'm trying to get my new ported number/plan merged with my existing number but the telstra person I'm chatting to on the 24.7 app is absolutely useless. I've seen comments here but can anyone provide me with the exact script to explain to them what i want to do so that they understand?

    • Now they're saying "Since, the number 0404XXXXX is from the JB HI-FI & THE GOOD GUYS MOBILE BYO PLAN as $69.

      So it will be only changed through JB HI-FI store for your kind reference . Thank you ."

      This is soooooooo bad. They're escalating it to hopefully someone who knows what they're talking about.

      • I finally chatted to someone who knew what they were doing. For anyone chatting with a dud telstra person, just mark the chat as "Resolved" in the 24/7 app and you will be assigned to someone else. Instructions I gave were similar to the post above which was copy/pasted from whirlpool:

        Disconnect number you want to keep:
        Then perform a change fnn (Full National Number) order on number from the new order
        Go to number selection
        Bring up number you want to keep
        It will come up as “quarantined”
        There's a field for “quarantine override reason”
        Select 'customer had number previously'
        Finish order

      • Ask for change of fnn or number with Codi. You'll usually get someone who knows how to do the number swap.

  • -1

    Worst experience. Ported my old number across finally on Monday. Was working and suddenly stopped working yesterday. Got a new sim from Jbhifi and still says SOS only. Been really bad for work. The telstra chat people have no clue and no call centres open for Covid. I might have to try and save my number and port it out to aldi and just cop the exit fee

    • I had the same experience, the first two people I spoke to on 24/7 chat had no idea. Follow my instructions above. As i said, for anyone chatting with a dud telstra person, just mark the chat as "Resolved" in the 24/7 app and you will be assigned to someone else.

      I also had to wait 12 hours for the switch to take place. Make sure you have the new sim in your phone because that's the one you will be using moving forward.

      • Unfortunately not for me. Have spent the past 2 days chasing them. Finally got onto a lady from Australia who spent 3 hrs on the phone with me. Appernlty some glitch has happened and my number is "trapped" between 2 different systems so I can't even port it out to another carrier if I wanted to.

        Really disappointed

        • +1

          Wait have you lost the number you wanted to keep? I'm now having issues with not being able to access mobile data and sometimes not able to make calls out. The customer service on the 24/7 chat is abysmal. No idea what to do get this resolved in a timely way. The

          • @carpecrash: Finally, I just got everything resolved. The person who initially did the number merge (FNN) put restrictions (or something like that) on the account by accident so the Telstra agent fixed this up.

          • @carpecrash: I've lost evrything. The phone just says SOS only. What a shambles.

            • @PGee: Are you positive you have the right Sim card in the phone? The other thing is that if you were bringing your number across it should be in quarantine for 30 days, so all should not be lost. But then again I’m no expert. You just have to cycle through Telstra agents until you get one that knows what they’re talking about

          • @carpecrash: I was with Telstra for years. Finally got called back a week later to take up this deal after forgetting about it.

            I said I need a day to reconsider and started reading this thread including your issue.

            I started getting PTSD again about Telstra's offshored service.

            No more. Not even for a $500 gift card.

            • +1

              @arcticmonkey: I mean if you're in melbourne, it's probably not necessary to pay $60 a month for a plan anyway given how little we need our phones and data right now.

    • Had a seemless experience with eSim. Maybe worth a try if it happens again.

  • +1

    Sign up 1/10, gift card just came through.

  • Anyone else still waiting for the call back?

    • FYI I just got mine, and I believe he said today is the last day they're calling back so you should get it :)

    • Haven't got the call back yet. Probably they've forgotten me.

      • Tasmania the forgotten state

  • Signed up over the phone on Friday (one week ago). So far I have only received one email stating 'email billing activated', and nothing else.

    I get they are under the pump but a week without any confirmation is just bad. This will be my last year with Telstra. Porting in is always a drama with them.

    • +1

      i signed up yesterday and got the plan run down, estimation of next bill and ETA of sim card literally not even 10 min after phone call finished.
      SMS was received this morning saying sim has been shipped out of syd.

      • Wow, time for a follow up call then!

  • Those who got their sim delivered - did it need signature on delivery? Just realised they are sending to my home address which isnt always attended.

    • Yes signature on delivery or you have to collect it from your local post office.

      • Dangit

        • You might be able to redirect it to another address in the Aus Post app/website

  • I received my sim card today, Telstra automatically ported my number over and I'm all up and running! Just waiting on the JB Gift Card now

  • Still waiting for my gift card…

    • +1

      Yeah it's so annoying. It was meant to be sent between 48-72 hours from the time of simcard activation. I was hoping to get the gift card in time for iPhone pre-order which may well be happening tomorrow morning and the 72 hours is up.

      • It can take up to 30 days.

        • Mine finally arrived today. I called up last night and asked them to look into it and it seems like that pushed it through (not sure why you think it can take up to 30 days, they said 48-72 hours so it should be around that time period).

          • @carpecrash: Finally got mine today, had to call them yesterday to follow up.

    • I received my SIM and ported over on 9/10/20, still waiting for the JB gift card to arrive via email.

      • Just following up on this, received my $500 e-gift card via email today.

  • I've spent the last 3 days on the chat trying to get them to resend an email, because their original email was missing the attachment. It's like chatting with the Muppets.

    • +2

      Haha, Telstra. Have to chat to several persons before get the right one. Un-f-believeable.

      They really should check their recruitment process. Bring along a friend or the whole family/village as the candidate isn’t working really well now. ~Sigh~

  • Finally picked my sim up from post office.took 5 min to activate.

    Really happy with speed and coverage.

    Now to wait for that voucher…

  • Only given a $400 voucher. Anyone else had this?

    • Just got the voucher in my inbox now. The value was $500.

  • Activated the sim on the 9th, still no gift card received in email yet. Can anyone please advise what’s the subject line for the email? Thanks!

    • Jb hi-fi ecard

      • Thanks! Just got the card now!

  • Managed to do an fnn number swap after asking for another person who actually knows what to do. Process was completed in 30 mins and i was able to cancel mg old plan with a ETC waived off as well. Got to keep old number, happy days

    • Sounds like you had a seemless experience. I had to cycle through 5 people and the fifth person stuffed it but then rectified it the next day. Horrible experience

  • Is this deal back?