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Lenovo ZA6F0017AU IdeaPad Duet 10.1" 2-in-1 Chromebook $424.15 + Shipping/Free C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


Some people like this chromebook. This seems like a good price.

If you are interested in a chromebooks and timing is not critical it might be worth waiting for the Ryzen versions to go on sale.

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  • +7 votes

    Man.. I just bought this last week from jbhifi[ https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/569543 ] last week…effectively paid $55 dollars($479 jbdeal) more than current deal but using gift card.. but well no regrets since the gift card was earned via points in suncorp credit card..
    is a pretty good Chromebook and am very happy with the buy…

  • +3 votes

    Op, which Ryzen chromebooks do you recommend waiting for?

    • They announced the chips 2 weeks ago, so far only 1 product has been announced, but there will be others.

      • +8 votes

        The attraction for me in the ideapad duet would be that it more or less doubles as an Android 'tablet' in the same form factor as an iPad or a Surface Go, that you can detach the keyboard when not connected to a desk. (My main complaint is that Lenovo have cheapened out on a 32bit memory controller with a 4GB ceiling, when the Mediatek chip itself goes up to 8GB)

        If you're looking for a 14" laptop replacement then sure, a Ryzen will well and truly smoke an ARM64 Duet but they're a different category of Chrome OS device.

        • And then the old Intel brings Gen11 Tiger Lake processors to Chromebooks -
          Boasting 20% faster system performance & 19% faster web application performance compared to the Gen10.

          Chromebooks get more exciting Cloud computing (vs Apple, the last champion of the old-style fat-client desktop, while the Chromebook is at the forefront of the new cloud-based desktop)

  • I've been um'ing and ah'ing about this since it was originally at $479.
    Noticed the Good Guys 15% off last night so confirmed the price didn't change this morning and then bought it.

    Was going to post this but you beat me :)

  • Do they have any good deals for good quality non gaming laptops? Have not seen a lot in their range…

  • How hard is it to get linux on this thing so I can lesrn some coding?

    • Should be straightforward enough I'd imagine. Check out Crouton.

    • Depends how Linux-y you need it also. Out of the box it supports Linux inside Chrome OS which is probably enough for whatever coding you need to do. See here.

    • Linux apps are very easy to run alongside the main OS (Crostini), full Linux OS requires a little more fiddling (Crouton).

  • Was a rip off at $599, reasonably okay at $479 but at $424 it's actually now worth considering as it's cheaper than most high end Android tablet (like the Galaxy Tab S series) and the iPad 64GB.

    • Will also have 7 years of Chrome OS updates by comparison to the iffy Android Tablet updates

  • What do people think of the screen size of this? I'm thinking for my daughter for BYOD. 10inch screen and a cramped keyboard sound like a struggle for adults but what about kids?

    • U sacrifice a bit for that portability and to do basic tasks (word documents, surfing web, multimedia consumption etc etc). For a better typing experience than this is probably not an ideal device.

    • My 12 YO was given this to replace a wonky ChromeOS lappy with a loose screen panel. She's back home schooling this week and using the old one, she hated the soft keyboard on the Duet and thought the screen size limiting.

      YMM will V of course.

      • Since 9yo will be learning touch typing I think I'll go for a proper keyboard… Dont want to set her up to fail and be a two finger poker like her dad!!

    • 10inch screen and a cramped keyboard sound like a struggle for adults but what about kids?

      There is absolutely no way I would have used a 10" laptop for school, I just pulled out my old 10.1" Acer laptop and compared it with my other ones (12.5", 14", 15") and I feel that 12.5-13" devices are perfect for school, the keyboard isn't too big, the laptop isn't heavy and the screen is a reasonable size for multitasking.
      There's no way that I would touch a 10" anymore.

      Fold a piece of A4 paper in half. That's roughly 10"

      • Sounds like a mini ultrawide.

        • Fold a piece of A4 paper in half. That's roughly 10"

          I probably should have mentioned in this it's half horizontally, not vertically.

          Sounds like a mini ultrawide.

          Yeah having a mini ultrawide would be pretty cool

      • You can still do stuff on a 10 inch if you have a good KB. I use a iplay20 for travel and answer emails, edit word docs, etc. Works out good I feel.

        Sure no multitasking, but if you want 2 windows side by side you really need 16inch + tbh.

        Plus have the tablet playing youtube videos why working on 17inch.

        But school 13 inch would be very good.

  • Hows the keyboard on this?

    • Its really good.

    • +1 vote

      From most reviews it seems to be pretty good for the size and especially for a freebie; but don't expect it to be anywhere near as good as something like a $150 surface type cover.

  • What can I do on this that I can't do on a Samsung Note 10+

    • Full desktop browser for a start. Keyboard, bigger screen….just different devices for different things.

      Dex is good, but a bit hard to use if you have to carry a portable monitor etc.

    • By the time you utilise the full potential of wireless DeX (to TV/PC with 4K monitor) & convenience of Pocket PC~Note10+, the Chromebooks will advance with Ryzen performance, but that will be notebook level.
      I think you don't need to overlap with interim products - 1 solid phablet & 1 capable laptop/desktop should be enough.
      One UI 2.5 & later 3.0 (Android11) should improve the Note10+ useability.

  • Damn i bought 4 days before from jb hifi on $499. Can i return it or not? I've already opened it and using it. Really good Chromebook.

    • might be able to get a goodwill price difference refund but definitely not a refund due to change of mind, or cheaper elsewhere if you already used it…

  • Does Netflix work in HD?

  • Tried googling but get mixed results, can anyone confirm if you can install Minecraft from the google Play Store?

  • Guys sorry for this question but may I know if this one have Windows system on it or its just normal tablet?

    I mean can use it like laptops?


  • I think this device is good for Remote Login work using Teamviewer.

  • Are there ChromeOS apps or is everything from the Android play store? Do Android apps scale well on a tablet screen?

  • Will this run x265 files well?

  • Does anyone have experience running steam link, Parsec or moonlight or any other game streaming service on devices like this?

    • i tried ps remote play to a chromebook the other day and even though i have strong wifi it was lagging and unusable. I'll give steam a go and report back

      • i played hollow knight from a different room, balanced settings, xbox controller. worked really well with the steam app

  • There were some issues with these connecting to external monitors at FHD and above I seem to recall. This is only an issue if you intend to use it with an external monitor.

  • Code not working, is anyone having the same issue? I tried to a number of products but no luck. Was trying to buy the Samsung UA43TU8000WXXY 43" TU8000. Cheers

  • I could checkout, but then when selecting c&c it says qty not available after choosing marsden park, blacktown, auburn - all fail to checkout.
    Checkout with delivery still working.

    • You add the promo code in the "gift cards, voucher, coupons" right?


      same here, I couldn't do the click and collect option even though it was 'In stock', ended up paying the $8 lazy tax for shipping

      • I created a new ebay account and it works. For some reason my other account doesnt let me use any code

        • Did you ever live in another country? I had this issue a couple of years ago where my account was still listed as being a 'UK' account so Australian codes didn't work.

          It wasn't even something I could change myself, had to get Ebay support to fix it for me

      • Was your order successful? Mine has been cancelled 3 times now.

    • Yeah couldn't get c&c to work so ended up checking out with shipping. Hopefully there's actually enough stock…

  • My first checkout got cancelled for some reason - saying Payment did not go through.

    My second checkout is still under Payment Pending…

    Edit Second payment did not go through again…WTF…

    Edit Three times and it did not go through again. I'm guessing it just wasn't meant to be.

    Alright looks like it was Afterpay that wasn't getting processed for some reason. Went through without issues via Paypal.

    • yeah I was just going to say
      no issues on mine
      got a dispatch notification 50 minutes after the order

  • I can confirm with the most recent update from chrome os- netflix, stan, abc view, disney+ and prime video all appear to have HD streaming now.

    These apps run better on arm than x86 like intel and amd.

  • Can you please suggest between this chromebook and ipad 8th 32gb wifi model. Both price almost close where ipad is just $40 more to this one. Major purpose is media stream, social networking like Facebook, Twitter, insta etc. and to view pdfs, word documents.

    Lenova chromebook- $425
    Ipad 32gb wifi only - $460
    S6 lite around $520 with EPP offer

    Confused in deciding which one to pick among these.

    Please suggest if there are any other as well, mostly for media streaming

    • For what you need and for performance wise go the iPad. Most complete tablet. Apps just work better: much more mature marketplace. Faster etc etc.

      The others are better if you really want a keyboard included. Not sure if the S6 lite includes the keyboard.

      I have a Chromebook and an iPad. Different use cases for both.

    • +1 vote

      For just media streaming, you are probably better off with an iPad or an Android tablet. But this is good if you want a full desktop browsing experience or plan to use it for the occasional productivity tasks on the go.

    • Ipad- If you already own apple products.
      Chromebook - If you use chrome browser a lot and want to have same PC desktop like experience.
      Android tablet- If you use an android phone a lot and wish you can do same things on a bigger screen for eg: play games etc.

      I use chrome browser a lot and usually have 10 tabs open at time. So I would go for chromebook.

    • What do people think of the surface go compared to the duet?

  • Thanks, I was very interested when it first came out. Then no stock, then delays, then the AU tax, so on and so forth. I lost interest, and yeah, iPads are pretty great comparatively but 32gb is really low and this is 128gb with years of updates.

    Done. Bought it.

  • Any good to run Netflix for the TV and occasionally use as tablet for media on the road for kids?

    Can this run VPN and access oversea Netflix content? Having issues on my Vodafone TV box and VPN just won't work.


  • Do the good guys offer business account where you can buy now and pay invoice later?

  • Has anyone who ordered this received a shipping notification yet? I’m in VIC, bought on the 6th, mine is assigned to be fulfilled by a store that doesn’t have any stock according to TGG website. I checked few random stores in VIC from TGG website, but no one seem to have any stock. I wonder if this is a dud listing.

    • yes I got AusPost notification that it's on its way this morning

      • Thanks, Good to hear.
        Called the fulfilling store few minutes ago, they are out of stock and haven’t received my order. Not sure where it is, messaged TGG ebay store.

        • Update: No reply from TGG, but I got an item posted notification from Auspost Friday evening the tablet was delivered yesterday. All good.

  • hmm, not getting any option for Click and collect. Anyone else able to resolve this problem?

  • thanks OP, ordered

  • Thanks.
    Afterpay payment cancelled on first attempt.
    Successful checkout on second.