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[Prime] $10 Promo Credit with Purchase of $100 Amazon Gift Card


The first 5,000 Amazon Prime members who enter the promotional code ‘GIFTCARD2020’ in the ‘redeem a Gift Card or Promotional Code” box at checkout when you purchase at least $100 in Amazon.com.au Gift Cards in a single transaction will receive a $10 promotional credit that can be used on a future eligible order. Your promotional credit will be automatically applied to your account within 2 business days after your order is shipped (for physical gift cards) or the order being completed (for electronic gift cards). A confirmation email will be sent confirming that the promotional code has been applied to your account. Your promotional credit can only be used for purchases of eligible items shipped and sold by Amazon AU and will be applied during checkout. One promotional credit per account and promotional credit will expire on December 1st 2020. Offer available on October 13th 2020 date only and valid while stocks last. This offer is only available to Amazon Prime Members. See full terms and conditions below

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • +31

    Note: credit will expire on December 1st 2020

    • I thought gift cards had to be long expiry or no expiry in Australia?

      • It's a 'promotional credit'.

  • +5

    amazon making me want to spend more money on them, great

  • brought one, that's like 10% off with $100 card. why not

    • +3

      Plus 1000 amex points lol

      • Yep got that as well

    • +20

      $10 / $110 = 9.1% :)

  • is the gift card available for immediate use after purchase?

    • +1

      Yes, usually takes 5 to 10min to arrive

    • +1

      sure like 5 mins, mine is arrived

    • +1

      Ordered, still waiting for it to come through

  • +1

    Can't be applied to my $100 card order, all gone looks like. What a time to ask me to re verify my bank card Amazon…

    • +5

      doubt its gone. you need amazon prime

      • +2

        I have it, get error at checkout "the promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase"

        So annoying, why does it work for everyone else :(

        • Have you already applied the code? Do you see the qualifying offers message?

          • +1

            @tokyocalling: hoorah finally got it to work, had to use PC browser. seems my android app doesn't like codes or something :/

    • worked fine here, i ordered after seeing this.

    • I got the same error message when I tried for a 2nd purchase :)

  • Thanks got one

  • Still works. Thanks

  • Good find OP

  • +1

    Got one too, thanks! Amex points + 10% credit is great!

    • I agree! I was very happy to purchase. Thanks OP to heads up. :)

  • Anyone received the credit yet?

    • Nope. Generally only appears upon checkout, but nothing on my end.

  • Working

  • +1

    Got one. Hopefully the $10 credit comes while the Prime Day deals are still going.

  • missed the mouse, but got this………..oh well

  • Thanks. Got it. Might take 2 days to get the $10 ..

  • where do you enter the code? When i add the gift card to cart and go to check out i can seem to find anywhere to add in a code.

    • You have to proceed to check out. It's the screen that asks to confirm your address, and right below that is a box for you to enter the code.

  • Just bought one. Thanks OP

  • +8

    Just a heads up. You can't use it with the Amazon global store or your subscriptions.

    "This promotional credit entitles any customer to $10 off their future purchase of “eligible items” shipped and sold by Amazon AU. “Eligible items” excludes products sold by third party sellers including Amazon US (Amazon Global Store) even if “fulfilled by Amazon”, digital purchases such as e-books, products that are not in new condition such as renewed products, subscriptions such as Prime Video and Audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates."

  • Where will the credit show up? Your Payments?

  • got one thanks.
    Strange little message with the card 'not eligible for Amazon Prime' - not sure what they mean by that

    • +1

      probably means you can't use it for the subscription?

      • +1

        yeah I guess

        • +3

          no, that message is displayed when it's not a prime shipping item - you can't get free prime expedited shipping on it.

  • Thanks OP

  • Great deal.
    Got the card delivered to myself pretty quickly and used it to pick up the discounted Fitbit.

    • Can you pls share the link of cheapest fitbit ?

  • Thanks, got mine!

  • Thanks so much, just bought

  • Thanks OP!
    Anyone still waiting for theirs to arrive? It's been over 10 minutes for me…

    • Waiting too, also over 10 minutes. Just says "Processing" in my orders…

      • Yeh me too, 20 mins for me

        Edit: 35 mins later, finally processed

    • Mine just says 'scheduled' even though I didn't set a date.

      • Yeah mine is the same too. Waiting for it to come through so I can buy a couple things. :/

        EDIT: Just got mine too, took a damn long time though.

      • To save you guys the hassle, live chat said they're awaiting payment verification from my bank and will take 1-2 days. If the status says scheduled that's probably it. Probably still eligible for the credit since it accepted the code…

        • Ohh ok. Thanks!

      • Same here, hope it gets processed when I wake up later in the morning

  • Still working

  • Does anyone received the credit yet?

  • Prime member but code cannot be applied for me.

    • Same here

      • Worked for me

  • Bought $100 Egc… but it doesn't seem to have triggered the saved Amex Prime Day 10x bonus points offer as no Amex offer redemption email received promptly.

    • Maybe because of this T&C:

      Excludes Amazon Australia digital purchases (including, but not limited to, eBooks and Apps).

    • Shows for me as paid on the 12th of October

    • Triggered it for me

  • Got mine. Applied to my account with the email i received.

  • -1

    Looks expired for me

  • Thanks OP, get one :)

  • Still working as of 2 mins ago, just ordered and card arrived within minutes

  • Looks like targeted

    • Might just be sold out - was working a few mins ago. Haven't received my voucher though like the others

  • Code can't apply to your purchase.

  • Still works

  • Sweet! Got it

  • when does the $10 credit arrive? anyone could tell?

    • In deal description mate, will come soon :)

      Your promotional credit will be automatically applied to your account within 2 business days after your order is shipped (for physical gift cards) or the order being completed (for electronic gift cards).

  • Worked for me just now.

  • damn. Opened a new amazon and prime account recently preparing for Prime Day. First card rejected, order cancelled, cos payment couldn't go through for osme reason. So i put a new card, using my laptop this time. Second card rejected and account suspended for unusual activity >.< Might have to sit out prime day..

    Note I put the code successfully the first time. Then the second time I couldn't enter the code but it notified me that the purchase would give me $10 credit anyway.

    • My account is suspended too, might be due to fresh account.

      • I got three accounts suspended for buying their gift cards, finally found the reason

        • did they suspend one account and then the others immediately because they were linked? or were you getting suspended after every time?

          i really shouldn't have bought this GC last night.

        • interested to know the reason as mine got suspended as well last night.

          • @spk: Anyone managed to get suspended accounts released?

            • @nanoxz: Got mine released within 24 hours by submitting a statement PDF online

  • Thanks Op, got one.

  • Worked for me just now

  • Thankyou. Just got mine

  • Worked for me via app

  • Still working, got one, thanks OP

  • Thanks op

  • Thanks OP. As of 1:11AM AEST, still works.

    Update: Took a while to process, but received Gift Card email at 1:41AM AEST.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Code worked, gift card email hasn't arrived in about 10 mins now.
    This isn't usual.

    • Mine still says status scheduled…

    • Mine literally took an hour so don't stress.

  • Yeah, with amazon, I would not be too bothered, their customer service is top notch, if anything, can always chat to get this resolved.
    Current status: Scheduled

  • I refreshed the page after i entered the code and it says successful, and now I can't seems to enter them again

    • I think I'm having this issue too.

    • +1

      Yep, had successful on the app, then when I switched to another app and back it refreshed and I am not able to use the code again…

    • Update So I just created a new account again (the ozbargain way), be careful not to refresh unnecessarily and managed to checkout with the code. Good luck all !

      *Btw still waiting for the gc to arrive, their server are probably loaded with orders hence the delay. Will continue shopping tomorrow morning.

      • be careful, they suspend accounts that have unusual activity (apparently purchasing $100 gift card is unusual activity)

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